AUSTRALIAN Vaccination Network (AVN) spokesperson Meryl Dorey has challenged to publicly debate the benefits and risks of vaccination with Australian Medical Association’s vice-president, Dr Steve Hambleton.

Recently the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) decided the Bangalow-based AVN put lives at risk by providing ‘misleading, inaccurate and deceptive information’.

The AVN rejects the HCCC’s findings and believes that the HCCC overstepped its mandate when it initiated an investigation of a citizens’ group that provides a point of view on a controversial public issue.

The AVN feels that it is important for parents to make the best possible decision for their own families in regards to vaccination and all other health issues and that doctors are not providing enough information to allow them to do so.

“Let Dr Hambleton choose three statements the AVN makes which he feels are either misleading inaccurate or deceptive, gather his information and provide it in a public venue at which parents and other health professionals can attend,” Ms Dorey said.

“By allowing the Australian public an opportunity to hear both sides and judge this issue for themselves, we can advance not only the right to free and informed health choice, but the ability of families to decide for themselves about whether vaccination is right for their children.”

A date is yet to be set for the debate.