Doctor Rhianna Miles, a woman who has publicly described both myself and several other supporters of the AVN as c*nts on more than one occasion (please see one instance below), and whose online behaviour is far from what would be expected from a member of the medical profession, has kindly placed an offer of a free registration to the 13th International Immunisation Conference in Darwin to myself on the Stop the AVN Facebook page. I normally don’t read that page – though I have several helpers who take daily screenshots. One of those members told me about this post.

Whilst I appreciate her ‘generosity’ in making this offer, I have to wonder if she would still have made it were it not for the fact that I would be putting on seminars in Byron Bay and Lismore on the same nights (the 19th and 20th of June – tomorrow night and the night after) so couldn’t possibly attend?

Thanks for nothing Rhianna – and here is my offer to you. Agree to take weight-adjusted doses of all childhood vaccinations – administered by the doctor of your choice and overseen by a doctor we choose – and I will agree with you that vaccines are perfectly safe and effective. Since you are so busy pushing vaccines for every man, woman and child in Australia – let’s see you prove how safe they are by taking them yourself in weight-adjusted dosages.

I wait for your response in the affirmative to this proposal. Oh and Rhianna – I will personally pay for all vaccines and for the doctors to administer them as well.

Below is her offer along with a few of the SAVN comments:

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