Freedom-of-Speech-Lost-by-Ahdieh-AshrafiFreedom of speech is being squashed in Australia. If what you have to say runs counter to what mainstream medicine and its lackey, the government, want promulgated, then dissenting views are being suppressed.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), an organization that promotes actually thinking about the issue of vaccines, was recently ordered by the Australian government to change its name. They claim that it’s “misleading”.

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The Australian Vaccination Network Must Go: Sayeth the GovernmentGaia Health.


  1. The down-time on your website was not caused by a DDOS attack. Several IT professionals have offered you some free advice on the SAVN Facebook page to help you with this. When SAVN people aren’t trying to destroy the universe, they’re really rather nice.

    1. Oh Shelly, how could I have been so remiss? Instead of contacting my web host or checking the log files which showed quite clearly the thousands and thousands of hits from several IP addresses in less than 2 minutes, I could have asked you for your opinion and just believed what you said because after all, even though you have never been involved with our website and can only see the page that was thrown up when our site was taken down (a different page because our site was in the cloud rather than on a server), you obviously had the inside track on this issue. You’re so right – the host was wrong when they told me it was a DDoS and the log files were also lying. You, Shelly, had the truth of the matter. I’ll remember that for next time, OK?

      1. It wasn’t my opinion, it was that of people who work in IT and have some expertise. As I mentioned, you can read their analyses on the SAVN page if you like. If your web host knows of some way that a DDOS can return a 403 error in seconds, then no doubt they’re worth every cent. I’m glad it all seems to be fixed now.
        I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

        1. Very nice Shelly. You didn’t say – I’m confused because as far as some people I’ve spoken with are concerned, a DDoS attack should not throw up a 403 error so I am curious as to why you feel that it was a DDoS. That would have been the nice way to handle it. But you are a pseudo-skeptic so you know everything, don’t you? You didn’t approach this as a question (and why something like this should concern you, I have no idea?) No, you came here and said straight out that it was not a DDoS – something which neither you nor your mates at SAVN could possibly know no matter what expertise they claim to possess. Oh, an have a happy christmas too – strange you should say that since I am Jewish and you are an atheist, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

          1. I apologise if I have offended you. I really was trying to be polite. I’m sorry that I didn’t choose the words that you had in mind.

          2. Apology accepted – though honestly, it is one of the least sincere apologies I’ve ever heard. Perhaps instead of trying to criticise the AVN or myself for things like whether or not our website was attacked – an issue that has nothing to do with vaccination, you’d like to start respectfully discussing the benefits and pros of vaccination? That would be a refreshing change for someone who is a long-time member of stop the AVN? Just a suggestion…

  2. Meryl the likelihood of the Minister being successful in executing the name is about a likely as Bowditch Telling the truth.

  3. OK, Ive got something to say here. For mine your entire branding is misleading. BTW, I am strongly anti vaccination, and from a context of having done 20 years of research, just so you know I am not a new age flunky. This issue is not about vaccination, it is about natural immunity. Also your sub title statement “Because every issue has two sides” is also inaccurate. Every issue does not have two sides, some issues have two sides like a marital breakup and some are very clear, and seemingly having one foot in each camp dilutes your message. So to get to the point. This issue does not have two sides, vaccines and their entire premise is flawed, and based on junk ‘shareholder’ science, so ditch it IMHO. And as for your name, ditch that too, because the real issue is about natural immunity, something that immunologists know little about, so just change the name to Australian Immunity Network and be done with it. Your name will then be congruent entirely with the issue that is central to AVNs reason for being. Also BTW, this is not a personal attack or criticism, just my humble opinion, That’s my share in love and compassion. Peter.

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