iStock_000017403892XSmallStop-the-AVN-type cyberbullying causes an ill man to commit suicide. Perpetrators given a 2-year caution.

These deaths and this misery will not stop until the authorities and the government take these criminals seriously. Bullying should not be tolerated! It doesn’t matter if you disagree with our science – you have no right to treat human beings this way. If you agree, please say so in the comments section.

Patient Committed Suicide After His Doctor Was Hounded By Dr Ben Goldacre’s Badscience Forum Internet Bullies – Perpetrator’s Mild Two Year Cautionary Sentence Only Just Ended December 2013 | ________________Child Health Safety_________________.


  1. No kind of bullying should ever be allowed. If you don’t agree with something, use debate and arguments. But obviously it’s accepted to lower yourself to the level of a 6-years old. Then again, when a 6 years old would bully another kid it can expect punishment. When you do the same as an adult you get away with it. What happened to common sense, justice and all those other things that make a society a pleasant place?

  2. The internet has certainly stripped away what was once seen as the niceties of a civilised society. We now get to see each other as we really are and often it is not pretty. There are a lot of broken moral compasses out there.

    Earlier this year I read an article written by Mike Adams of Natural News in which he discusses a simple way to quickly tell who’s likely to be “good” and who’s likely to be “evil” in any sort of situation. It involves looking at a person’s (or a group’s) actions in relation to the control or empowerment of others. It has shown itself to be remarkably accurate. Those interested can read it at:

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