BowditchAs you have read on this page, the deadline for someone to come forward and debate me is coming up. It is this Friday, the 9th of May.

After writing my blog article, The Great Vaccination Non-Debate, Peter Bowditch of the NSW Skeptics and a very active ‘contributor’ to their splinter group, Stop the AVN, posted the following comment to the AVN’s blog:

“Please notify the organisers of the Healthy Lifestyles Expo that I was serious when I offered to debate you. Now that you are aware of this you can no longer claim that nobody from the sanity side of the non-debate is prepared to step up to the plate.

“In case this comment doesn’t manage to get through moderation, a screen shot will be published on Twitter and Facebook.”

I instantly wrote back to Mr Bowditch, informing him that, as it said in the blog post, anyone who wanted to be involved in the debate should contact the organisers and let them know.

I did inform the organisers about Mr Bowditch’s offer to debate me and they sent him 2 invitations without getting any response. Let me repeat – as of this weekend, despite 2 written invitations in response to his offer to debate me at the You Can Heal Yourself Expo at the end of this month, Peter Bowditch, who made the offer of his own free will, has not responded.

What’s worse, he now appears to be trying to blame me for his failure to follow through on his promise to debate me. Yesterday, he sent the following tweet out to his followers:

Bowditch Debate

Apparently, he wants to make it appear that he was unaware of the venue of this debate and, now knowing it, he will no longer debate me.

But the truth is that the venue and all debate details were freely advertised and Mr Bowditch is the one who contacted me to say he wanted to debate.

Come on, Peter! I’m calling on you to either accept the invitation (which was sent at your request) or admit that you are too scared to debate me on this issue. You can’t have it both ways.

You are the one who accepted the challenge – and you are the one who has to follow through or admit that you are afraid to debate.


  1. Hold on a minute. Weren’t you so scared of Mr Bowditch that you tried to take out an AVO against him? And yet here you are goading and taunting him to try and get him to debate you. Watch out that you don’t trip over your hypocrisy.

    1. Thanks Linda Hilton. It seems that so many of you SAVN members are concerned about my wellbeing. I’m really grateful for your concern. If you read my answer to John Cunningham, above, I think you’ll see that I have nothing to fear from Mr Bowditch because security guards will be present.

    2. Do you not understand, sparkle moppet, Mr Bowditch foolishly made the initial offer to debate Meryl and then chickened out. He approached her, not the other way round! After reading all these comments and replies I can come to no other conclusion that most pseudo skeptics are very thick.

  2. So you’re not encouraging someone who you were so terrified of you took out an AVO on, to now stand on a stage with you? “You can’t have it both ways.”

    1. It’s kind of you to be concerned for my safety, John. The organsers were too. For that reason, they have arranged for a separate venue for the debate and have provided security for this debate. I did not ask for this, but they are very well aware of the history of Mr Bowditch and his associates and felt that it would be prudent to be ready. Amazingly, nobody has ever felt the need to provide security because someone from the AVN was going to be speaking somewhere or attending an event. It is only the so-called Skeptics and members of Stop the AVN who have that effect.

      1. I love how all the pretend sceptics are trying to change the subject and move away from the fact that their comrade in arms is not going to attend the debate, even though he sent out the challenge, because he has choked! He doesn’t have the knowledge about vaccinations to go toe to toe with Meryl Dorey. Peter Bowdich will now try to find all sorts of reasons why he cant and wont debate Meryl Dorey. So we can expect more comments from his fellow pseudo sceptics trying to divert the conversation away from Peter Bowditchs huff and puff and bluff!

    1. Kelly, I think you might be a bit confused. Mr Bowditch has commented here. And he doesn’t need to answer me. He needs to do what he said – agree to debate me and contact the organisers to make the arrangements. Amazing how you sceptics like to deflect attention from the fact that Mr Bowditch said he wanted to debate me and then, when he was contacted to follow through, he went strangely silent. Perhaps, since you’re obviously so concerned with this, you should contact him and ask why he appears to be backing away from his challenge?

      1. Yes but Meryl, he may still be banned from something or other which means something or other and hence…

        You are a liar and he is very brave.


        Signed a skeptic.

    2. Kelly, did you not read this post? It includes a comment made previously by Peter Bowditch on this very blog! So how is he banned from this forum?

      1. But he hasn’t commented on this particular post because he apparently has been banned. Basically the author has accused him of doing something but he can’t defend himself here because he’s banned. So… Straight answer please.. Can Peter comment here or not?

      2. The only thing the skeptics hate more than people making their own health decisions is the idea that words actually have meaning.

    3. He’s probably not blocked/banned from this forum, but whether or not his comments will be approved is another story. He of course won’t be unblocked from Facebook. Heaven forbid.

      1. He determines whether or not his comments are approved on this forum. It is totally up to him. If he behaves in a rational and respectful manner, his comments are welcome. But those comments can’t make personal attacks, be abusive or any of the other things we’ve come to expect from the man. They also have to be on-topic.

  3. Peter Bowditch will not debate you. He is smart enough to know that he is not smart enough to debate you.

    Some years ago, I heard one medico, Dr Greg Wilcox (pro vaccines) debate the subject with Dr David Ritchie and then- medical doctor Giselle Cook (both opposing vaccines), and the crowd was appalled at the pro doctor’s doctor’s ignorance on the subject. His whole argument was that the Health Department’s would not do anything that would hurt us. After realizing he was punching way above his weight, Dr Wilcox actually apologized and stated to the audience he was not qualified to talk on vaccinations and would never debate the subject again. There were hundreds of people there and we still discuss the incident with many people to this day.

    Maybe another of the SAVN team will take up the offer- maybe John Cunningham or Danielle Raffaele – two of their main protagonists, but that just won’t happen. They are also smart enough to know they’re not smart enough to debate the issue. They are all talk, and hate talk at that!

  4. Here is the link to our debate page & we will debate this man no worries. I have directly asked our Health Ministers, MP’s, leader of the Greens, Murdoch newspapers & many many trolls & pro vaxxers to come onto our show & debate us. This debate will also stream in the U.S. & i will put it up as one of our podcast shows & share it on social media. Our podcast show has been heard in over 60 countries & last week we talked with Dr Sherri Tenpenny. I have never heard of Mr Bowditch & i really couldn’t care less who he is but if this man or any pro vaxxer want to come on to our shows & debate us then please let us know.

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