By Meryl Dorey

Hi there, and hasn’t it been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog? That’s because I’ve been on a sabbatical in the U.S. with my sisters since the middle of August this year. I got back into Australia on December 18th and am settling back in, happy to be home (though not happy about the heat!).

I want to thank Stop the AVN (SAVN) and their mates at the Australian (Pseudo) Skeptics for waiting until my return to stir up trouble – it would have been terrible to have missed all the fun!

Now, I have a front-row seat to view the excitement and am enjoying seeing them lather themselves into a frenzy of terror at the idea that – shock, horror – parents may be able to hear a medical doctor provide referenced, scientific information demonstrating that vaccines don’t always work as expected and may cause harm and even death in an unknown number of those who take them.

The truth is being told”, says Jack Skeptic – “we can’t have that!”

No worries”, replies Jill Skeptic; “I believe in science, so we will pull in our tame pollies and journos and handle this situation quick smart!”

Giving Pinocchio a run for his money

13760385_sBut I have to say that there are a LOT of long noses appearing in SAVN’s camp.

As you probably have already heard, Dr Sherri Tenpenny is coming out from the U.S. to speak to parents about the risks and ineffectiveness of vaccines. (And if you support the right to free and open communication about this issue, I urge you to click this link and book your tickets to the seminar nearest you as well as the dinner with Dr Tenpenny.) These seminars will, according to SAVN, cause the end of the world as we know it and they must be stopped! SAVN have even gone so far as to approach the Minister for Immigration to demand that he cancel the travel visas of Dr Tenpenny and other speakers coming in from overseas. Incredible, I know; but these are the same people who approached the Minister for Immigration to try to get me deported a couple of years back because I question the medical mantra regarding vaccination. Unfortunately for them, I’m an Australian citizen, so things didn’t quite go as well as they had expected.

Bad publicity is good publicity

Publicity like this – even if most of it is negative – can’t be bought. And the constant shrill cries of “Cancel her visa – and off with her head!” from that lovely gang of terrorists has gotten even the most pro-vaccination among us scratching their heads and asking, “Why?”.

The truth hurts

First, I was approached by a producer at The Project – a programme with a long history of not reporting fairly on this subject. His name was James Pattison, and he said that he wanted to interview me regarding Dr Tenpenny’s speaking tour. I explained that neither I nor the AVN were organisers of these events, and that I could not comment on what would be covered at the seminars, but I would be happy to discuss the freedom-of-speech aspects. The only stipulations I had were that they devote more than the 2 minutes planned for the piece (since this is a serious issue and deserves more time to do it justice) and that the interview be live so that they couldn’t quote me or any of the other speakers out of context.

James checked with his higher-ups, and approval was given. In addition, we agreed, that he would get his supervisor to send me the list of questions prior to the crew arriving. A camera crew would be out just after 5:30PM to go live to air at 6:30 PM.

At 4:31 that afternoon, James left a message on my answering machine saying that they couldn’t go ahead with the interview. When I called him back, he said that because I was in regional NSW, they were unable to get a camera crew here. They were, however, able to get a crew out to Allison Gaylard’s house in Mullimbimby, 20 minutes away.  I guess there must be some kind of territory for these things, and that I am right outside of it. So sad!

For those who have never heard of Ms Gaylard, she is a founding member of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporter Group – an organisation set up to help increase the vaccination rate on the Far North Coast of NSW because the tens of millions of dollars spent by Federal and State governments on vaccine promotion apparently aren’t working!

Ms Gaylard has two fully vaccinated children who contracted whooping cough several years ago. Despite this evidence of vaccine failure, Ms Gaylard lays the blame for her children’s illness at the door of some imaginary unvaccinated children, stating that the ‘low’ vaccination rate in this area meant that there wasn’t herd immunity and that, according to her, herd immunity would have stopped the bugs, germs and viruses from “penetrating in”.

But back to The Project

Members of SAVN were reporting that The Project had a blanket policy to never interview anyone with an opposing viewpoint on the vaccination issue – freedom of speech at its finest – and that poor James, being new on the show, had been unaware of that policy.

Word to the wise, Jimmy, me boy-o: if you have to compromise your word over this issue, how many more times will you be asked to do so, and how far are you willing to go to keep that job?

But, then again, James may have felt justified if he’d listened to the lying liars at SAVN. Liars like the brave, anonymous Ancient Illyria (cited below) who told him at 1:54 PM on the 7th of January that I was ”…telling people that she [I] refused to go on the show.”

James Pattison

The ridiculous thing is, Illyria linked to the post below where I specifically stated that I had been asked to go on the show but The Project had not followed through.

The Project

Whoopsies, Illyria, I smell something burning! Could it possibly be your pants?

Then, I was interviewed on Canberra Radio, 2CC along with Ken McLeod, one of the founding members of SAVN.

Ken uttered some real corkers! He claims that Dr Tenpenny had stated that vaccinations were the cause of many mass murders in the U.S., including the Sandy Hook shooting.

His ‘evidence’ for this is a Facebook posting Dr Tenpenny made back in 2012:

Sherri Tenpenny

The article Dr Tenpenny referred to can be found at this link. It was written by the mother of a violent child who posed the question – why is my son like this? Why are so many children in America like this and who is going to take care of them and prevent them from committing the tragic mass murders that are becoming so much more common of late?

Did Dr Tenpenny say that vaccinations caused the Sandy Hook shootings? Of course not! Anyone with a brain (which apparently excludes many of SAVN’s most prominent voices) knows that she didn’t. She posited that vaccinations, antibiotics, fluoride, GMOs, and environmental chemicals – all of which are known to be able to adversely affect the brain – could have contributed to the increase in mental illness and violence in the U.S.

Is this a controversial statement? Not at all – it is based in science. It is simply not considered to be politically correct.

So Ken McLeod – no stranger to quoting things out of context in order to make it appear that vaccine sceptics are wrong or worse – has done that again on the radio. No big surprise there. Just another shameful exaggeration to advance his aim of suppressing our right to discuss health issues in Australia.

A case of mistaken identity

Lastly, and most amusingly, a SAVN member posted on the SAVN’s Facebook page, “Banned from the AVN: Celebrate it Here”.


He claims to have been right next to me and my family at Sydney Airport this morning whilst I was returning from a trip overseas. Apparently, I am very sick and spreading germs, and he announced who I was at the top of his lungs in the terminal, loudly enough so that I and my family were able to hear it. Unfortunately for him however, I was up in Bangalow at the time and haven’t been at Sydney Airport since December 18th!

My deepest sympathy to that poor woman who must bear some sort of resemblance to me. It can’t be easy to have to go through life being mistaken for someone so hated by so many lunatics!

Speak up or be judged by the company you keep

It is obvious that some SAVN members are complete strangers to the truth. I don’t judge them all on the behaviour of their ‘leaders’, but I do judge them for being members of a hate group that is actively trying to suppress and censor debate on a scientific issue. And I judge them for not speaking up and opposing the hatred being spewed by the group they have joined. Their silence speaks volumes.

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces that represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the AVN National Committee. The AVN is a forum, support and information organisation, and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice, but believe that all have the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from government, your health-care provider, and/or other medical source material, to assist you in developing the knowledge necessary to make informed health choices.


  1. I would just like to point out that “Banned from the AVN” is not SAVN’s Facebook page. SAVN’s Facebook page is SAVN’s Facebook page. I’m not sure how the two can be mixed up.

    In fact, Banned from the AVN is not a page at all, it is a Closed Group, of which you are not a member.

    In the interests of truth and transparency, would you care to share how you became privy to the quotes you included in this post?

  2. OMG I just clicked on your link for Allison on The Project. She is a very uneducated and misinformed mother. I can’t even say anything more about her and those hosts. Oh except was wondering if the pregnant host had popped along and gotten her flu shot last year?

  3. It’s so great to have you home Meryl!! I hope you enjoyed your time with your sister. Looking forward to listening to Dr Tenpenny and hopefully seeing you soon. x
    Great blog piece too xx

  4. I was unlucky enough to watch the Project with the segment about the Dr Tenpenny speaking tour. I was totally disgusted at the obvious bias and total disregard for any possible opposing informed view and any regard for vaccine injured victims. The Project Panel should be ashamed of themselves. I’m glad they didn’t subject you to their corrupt editing techniques because their bias was evident and their arrogant behavior totally unprofessional. James Pattison should definitely consider saving his reputation before he is tarred with the Project Look. It was helpful that Ms Gayland was able to provide evidence of how ineffective the Pertussis vaccine is. The SAVN group have decided Australians should not be allowed to hear Dr Tenpenny speak by sabotaging her tour. I therefore intend to make it my business to go. I will listen to whom ever I like, when ever I like, especially when the person in question has an exemplary reputation as a US law abiding citizen, with numerous medical qualifications, 30 years experience and her own vaccine research library. Yes, she disagrees with the mainstream mantra, that vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread but all her information is sourced from official sources such as the CDC. She is not the only Doctor that has issues with the justifying science behind vaccination.
    I do not believe in vaccination but I definitely expect and demand Freedom of Speech in Australia 2015. I think French citizens expected the same until today. Thanks for the blog it was just the therapy I needed after watching the trashy propaganda on The Project.

  5. Well written article. As more people become enlightened to the real dangers posed by vaccinations, the truth will come out. This is all about money that the big pharmaceutical make

  6. Well, they claimed on the mumbie mamamia site (without any evidence) that the tour was “sold out”. I think they might have turned that into a self-fulfilling prophesy with all their hysteria.

    One of those “banned from” posters appears to be saying that “Joe” should have started a major security scare in the middle of a busy airport. Wonder what the penalty for that would be in the paranoid climate of today?

    1. You are right! And the pseudo-skeptics never seem to learn. They did this a few years ago with a talk I was doing in Perth. The venue cancelled at the last minute and I had to find a new venue. We got a LOT of publicity and ended up with standing room only. Let’s hope the same thing happens with these seminars. People will want to know what the government and vested interests are trying to hide.

  7. I watched Ten on Ten (unfortunate choice but I turned on the TV one morning – why ? ) and happened to hear the hysterical ravings of all the women including Isa Buttrose regarding the tour. (You’d think she’d have enough intelligence to READ!!!!!) The only word of sanity was the man who said he could not agree with banning the tour because so far we are still supposedly a democracy!
    Go young man !
    Good on you, don’t know your name but it mad me happy to see one out of five display a bit of common sense.

  8. I have had experiences on sites relating to vaccines. When ever the Stop,Stop,Stop people see my name they sometimes refer to me as the one who thinks that germs don’t exist. This reference came about when I commented that i believed that the germ theory was faulty. Not false, or that it doesn’t exist, but FAULTY. The misquoting and twisting of words to suit an agenda(in this case an attempt to discredit) seems a common theme when some commenters have little to offer in a debate. Verbal abuse comes in right at the top.
    I have encountered some pro vax people who are passionate about their beliefs but keep their integrity by conducting themselves in a reasonable manner. I applaud them for that.
    My assumption is that when someone resorts to abuse and misquoting, then it’s more than likely that you are well on top.
    I’m not in this as a contest, but to keep the awareness going, and to have a reasonable debate so we can all learn and grow.

  9. I’m trying to find the 2CC interview. Does anyone have it? Or know where it is? I’m a bit disappointed that the skeptic community hasn’t posted it – they post everything else!

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