by Tasha David

21532137_sThe Australian just published an article stating that Dr Paul Willis from the Royal Institute of Australia (RiAus) believes that unvaccinated children should be isolated (segregated) in not only schools, but other public facilities as well. 

Yes, that is right. In 2015, Dr Willis is calling for the segregation of children!

You can be forgiven for thinking that we are actually talking about the 1950’s when segregation of children in schools and public was commonplace, even though that policy was based on the colour of one’s skin. This time however, the focus is on one’s vaccination status.

How would this be enforced? Will there be signs stating ‘No unvaccinated allowed’ or ‘Vaccinated only’? Or will our children wear a symbol of some kind to indicate whether they are indeed now untouchables?

It is absolutely inconceivable to me that any educated person would try to bring us back to a time when segregation and discrimination plagued our society. Has nothing been learned from the end of Apartheid in South Africa or the civil rights movement in the US?

What reason would any person have for calling for such draconian measures in Australia or any other developed country?

Dr Paul Willis, who is he?

Dr Paul WillisIs he an immunologist, infectious disease expert, a GP or a medically-trained expert? According to his bio on the RiAus website, he is a vertebrate palaeontologist whose specialty is in reptile fossils, rocks and dinosaurs. Yet his view about vaccination is being held up as something to take notice of.

Meanwhile, Dr Viera Scheibner, an Australian retired senior scientist and critic of vaccination who has an extensive and well-respected scientific background in a similar speciality, micropalaeontology, and has studied well over 100,000 pages of medical research data about vaccination, has been criticised for not being properly qualified to speak about vaccination. Go figure!

So what has changed?

Fast forward to 2015 and we are greeted with headlines in major newspapers like

No jab, no play: children face lockout from childcare

RiAus director Dr Paul Willis says children whose parents refuse to vaccinate them should be isolated from others

Jail ‘anti-vax’ parents: Column

You could not be blamed for thinking that they are talking about terrorists rather than healthy children and their loving parents. The fear and hatred that these media outlets are carelessly creating is having a horrific effect on parents. There is a line being drawn and families are being divided, friendships lost and politicians looking for ways to punish parents for not complying with supposedly ‘optional’ medical interventions.

Discrimination and segregation ideals that used to be abhorred in the post-apartheid era are now being called for vehemently by everyday Australian parents and scientists against other everyday Australian parents.

Why the hate and fear towards the non-vaccinated?

The Australian vaccination rates in 1995 were around 53% for fully vaccinated children under 6 and yet there were no epidemics of Whooping Cough and certainly no parents terrified of non-vaccinated children spreading deadly diseases. Nowadays the vaccination rate in Australia is around 92-93% so they are higher than they have ever been.


Routine childhood diseases are not worse than they were in the past, with the exception of Whooping Cough which has become more prevalent. The growth in Whooping Cough cases may actually have been caused by the pertussis vaccination itself. A recent study by the University of New South Wales has shown that the Pertussis bacteria has actually evolved, not only in Australia but simultaneously in other highly vaccinated countries, to avoid being affected by the vaccine. There are also animal studies showing the acellular pertussis vaccine actually inhibits the ability of the immune system to fight a similar bacteria, parapertussis, also inflating the number of pertussis cases. And as for vaccinating ‘for the herd’, animal studies have shown that vaccinated individuals pass on the disease to others. Even the FDA, an American health authority, has warned that vaccinated individuals pose an infection risk to infants.

In the 90’s when I was raising my eldest children, no one knew or cared whether I vaccinated them (even though I did) and I didn’t know or care if other parents at school or childcare did either. There was no media-fuelled hysteria instilling fear in us about these so called deadly diseases, we knew them as childhood diseases that we all went through and that afterwards, we would have lifetime immunity.

Fear…unsubstantiated fear…

34438386_sSo the only real difference I see between the 90’s and now is that we have a media, government and a medical machine that is whipping up fear, hysteria and persecution of innocent children and their parents.

I originally wrote a blog called Anti vaxxer: the new dirty word. In it, I said that the vilification and discrimination against unvaccinated children would lead to segregation and persecution. As the headlines here in Australia and over in the United States show, my warnings are coming to fruition.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

― Malcolm X

This quote rings especially loud right now….

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  1. It seems that Australia is heading in the same direction as the USA and that big Pharmaceutical companies are in bed with the politicians …. this is all about money!!

    No vaccine works 100%, and thats a fact that even the manufacturers make very clear and they cover themselves with working along the lines of that it may help protect one from such and such a disease.

    If those who are pushing vaccination believe that vaccination gives them and or their kids 100% protection then why are they so concerned that unvaccinated kids, at school, will make their vaccinated kids ill ? Surely if vaccinations work then those who are vaccinated will be protected and as such their parents wont have to worry about them being infected by an unvaccinated kid ? This does not make sense !!

    Clearly they think that the unvaccinated kids are spreading disease to the vaccinated kids … what a load of nonsense.

    And to then infringe on the rights of others ? By trying to force medical treatment and vaccination …. thats constitutionally against the law …. but then if big pharma is in bed with the government, and can grease the palms of a few politicians … then perhaps they will change the laws to make vaccinations compulsory ? Already they are poisoning our water with fluoride, after its been proven that it does not prevent tooth decay – again this is medication without consent and I have heard that a few city councils in the USA & Canada have been successfully sued in this regard.

    It will be a sad state of affairs if things like this become compulsory in Australia

  2. This is happening all over the West. I refused vaccinations for my newborn and was reported by the hospital for being ‘anti-government’. I had Social Workers crashing through my door like the SAS. The West is controlled by Marxist psychopaths who are behind this ‘slow kill’. They are coming at you from all angles now: Fluoride, Geo-Engineering, GMOs, Vaccinations, Genocidal War-mongering based on lies and deviance.

    Jurgen Schirmacher, there is no evidence apart from ‘official’ sources that any vaccinations work. The reason for disease eradication in the West is because of improved sanitation, hygiene, and diet, and those who recover from disease appear to be the ones who didn’t get their jabs. .

    The opposite is true, as vaccinated children shed to unvaccinated children. How can injecting shite, directly into the body cure disease? Have a think about. And don’t tell me the body attacks it, as it only attacks the adjuvants. This is why all the soldiers who died of Tetanus/Lockjaw during the war had all been vaccinated. The human body cannot make anti-bodies for Tetanus, only the the heavy metals added as adjuvants.

    During the 2nd World War, only 5 American soldiers died of tetanus, despite being up to their eyes in mud in the trenches. All five of these soldiers had been vaccinated against tetanus, one had received a full programme of shots, the others had been partially vaccinated.
    The British Army had 22 cases of tetanus in which 11 people died. All of the deaths were in tetanus vaccinated soldiers. The 11 survivors were unvaccinated.
    (Dittmann, S. Atypische Verlàufe nach Schutzimpfungen. Johan Ambrosius Barth Leipzig, 1981; 156).

    They are going to kill millions, if not billions. They will feed you at the same time as they cull you.

    Nowt wrong with that, perfectly normal sky:


  3. Harley, well written.

    In January 2014, my son went into High School [year 7] and the school [public one] tried to force us to give him a tetanus shot. I researched the ingredients [formaldehyde & aluminium I recall] as well as the side effects, and then refused to have him vaccinated.

    I told the school in no uncertain terms, that if they pushed the issue, and he fell ill after being vaccinated for tetanus, that I would take further action against them. I also made it very clear that Tetanus is not contagious and that if he got it, he would not spread it to the other kids.

    Then I asked them WHY they were pushing the issue and eventually it came out, and that was that if he stepped on a nail, on the playing field, and got Tetanus as a result, that they feared they would be sued !

    A few months later, they then did a Guardasil / HPV / Cervical Cancer vaccination drive at the school – all boys and girls were encouraged to get the shots and the school and local city council pushed the issue, and then said how safe the vaccinations were and how well they worked. And so again I did my research and discovered that they were not at all safe, that many girls and young women had not only fallen ill after the Guardasil shots, but had also died, and furthermore that it does not offer 100% protection from HPV and cervical cancer as the virus has many forms and mutates. And to give it to a 12 year old boy, and a 12 year old girl for that matter, whats it encouraging ? unsafe sex ? They should not be having sex at that age in any event!!

    And so I told them to take a hike and refused. Hours and days following the shots, several children at the school had nasty side effects and fell ill…….

  4. Wow! Harley, that video of the sky is one of the scariest things I have ever seen, that is almost apocalyptic. How can people deny this when their own eyes let them see this right in front of them?

    The BBC talk about this on their website:

    They tell us it hasn’t actually started yet though! Of course it hasn’t, and who would ever doubt the BBC?

    They are now saying one in two will get cancer in Britain. What with vaccinations, chemtrails, pesticides and Fukishima, is it any wonder?

    What can we do?

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