by Tasha David

Not vaccinating your child is not something you take lightly as a parent. The bombardment of vaccine propaganda is in your face everywhere you look and some are scared to even let others know that they don’t vaccinate because they don’t want their children to face the stigma of going against the crowd. Going to the doctors can be a battleground where you are berated and belittled for not conforming to the status quo.  The simple act of going to the emergency room because your child broke their arm always starts with the question “Is your child up to date on their immunisations?” and you think to yourself – here we go again!

So there really is nothing trendy about not vaccinating your child…

little-rock-segregationBut do you want to know what IS really trendy right now? It is the demonising and current witch-hunt against parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

The world has become a bully’s wonderland right now. You can harass and be hateful towards ‘anti vax’ parents and no one will even consider it to be bullying.

You can tell them how crap they are as parents!

You can tell them to go and take their disease-ridden brats away from your [fully-vaccinated] children!

You can tell them how they are stupid, selfish, moronic, irresponsible, tin foil hat wearing, rabid ‘anti vaxxers’ who are child abusers and whose children should be taken away from them!

You can even tell them that you hope that they and their children die to clean out the stupid from the gene pool!

No one will even pull you up for those cruel and despicable comments because ‘anti vaxxers’ deserve it, right?


No loving parent and especially their children, deserves to be treated like lepers and outcasts. Whether they vaccinate or not is irrelevant, and frankly I am astounded at the hate speech that has been allowed to flow freely since the Disneyland measles outbreak. (for example, Jail ‘anti-vax’ parents and Measles Can Kill, And It’s Spreading. Sue Parents Who Didn’t Vaccinate? Absolutely

You cannot shame a parent in to harming their child and yet, that is what you are asking us (especially the parents of vaccine injured children) to do.

All the bullying, vilifying, suing, incarcerating or (completely illegally) making their names and addresses publicly available to the world, will not change a thing.  By the way Joe Matthews (the author of the afore-mentioned article), the whole sticker idea to show who the outcasts of society are? That’s already been done before. The last time, they were made to wear yellow stars. I guess tyrannical minds think alike.

It also shows how very little you know about parents who choose not to vaccinate. Let’s get one thing straight. I do not choose to inject pharmaceutical products in to my children’s bodies anymore because vaccines hurt them and caused not just “a week of hell”, but a lifetime of hellish challenges.

I don’t blame others for my children’s health issues, I realise that we are all just trying to do the best we can for our children. Anyway I am too busy trying to heal my children’s bodies to run around pointing fingers.

My choice to not be informed about what I was injecting in to my babies caused them numerous health issues and robbed three of my children of ever being able to live an independent life, of being able to fall in love or able to have a family of their own and those facts will haunt me for the rest of my days.

6579263459_f7437cede5_zThere is nothing in this world you could do to me to make me forget this no matter how much I want to, because you cannot unsee the damage done to your child.

I cannot unsee having to search for my child when she absconded from my parent’s back yard and then find her running down the middle of a busy street surrounded by cars beeping their horns and yelling at her to get off the road, because she has no sense of danger.

I cannot unsee waking up in the early hours of the morning to see my other daughter covered head to toe in her own faeces that she ate while smearing it all over the walls.

I cannot unsee my son trying so hard to speak so that he could play with the other children in the playground but all he could do was scream, till they ran away.

I cannot unsee the vast difference in health between my vaccinated and unvaccinated children and not know that it is my fault.

There is nothing you could do that would ever make me vaccinate them again. I would rather die than see them be hurt. Luckily I have found that there is a better way to raise healthy children and my children have thrived because of it. It is called taking responsibility for the health of your own children. Learning how to naturally support and boost their immune systems and not expect other parents to put their healthy children at risk of injury or death just because you believe that that will protect yours.

You want to know the most important reason why I and many other parents don’t vaccinate their child? We do it because we love them, just like you love your child and no amount of legislation or shaming tactics will ever overcome that.

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces which represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the AVN National Committee. The AVN is a forum, support and information organisation and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice but believe that everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from government, your health care provider and/or other medical source material to assist you in developing the knowledge required to make informed health choices.


  1. Thank you for expressing my reasons for no longer vaccinating my son. The damage from the first vaccine was enough. Its because I love him that I will no longer subject him to this uncontrolled experiment.

  2. Your story is so sad and unfortunately there are so many, way too many, similar stories. Why do the parents of vaccine injured children never get any attention in the media? Why does nobody listen to their stories? I can’t even imagine how hurtful the hate campaigns must be for all these parents who just wish they could undo their decision to vaccinate their children.
    It’s not too far away till the world will see the truth, but till then it’s still going to be a very tough time for everyone who, for whatever reasons, does not want any needles to be stuck into them, or into their children.

    1. They are not listened to because their stories are not the party line and therefore must be quashed, because they are anecdotal and not “studies” (how many anecdotes make up a study anyway?), because they are the marginal damage statistic and not somebody’s children, and because they simply have no concept that health freedom include preserving the freedom to do things in the health arena that they may disagree with in order to be able to do the things they do agree with (to paraphrase Thomas Paine).

      It’s sad, really, that they treat everyone else’s kids as less than theirs, and that everyone else has to give up their freedoms to satisfy their irrational fears.

      1. And, also they don’t believe us when we say that we or our children have been damaged. I can’t tell you how many times the “you were born with bad health” card has been dealt during an online conversation with others because they don’t want to believe that modern medicine can damage. What really boggles my mind is their indifference or ignorance of the warnings on all meds that clearly state what reactions they can cause in some individuals. Common knowledge, I would think, but maybe only among us who have been harmed and continue to be harmed. Ignorance is one thing, but there is just no fixing stupid. It drives me wild!

  3. From Diane Drayton Buckland
    I was at one time menaced and ridiculed and tormented on line about my child and the story of the effects of his violent vaccination reaction, by a crazed mainstream medicine person – from the Pro-Vaccination Lobby (also he was from the Pro-Fluoridation lobby) – an Anaesthetist in major Hospital; and others – it was disgraceful.
    This is what he thought so amusing to ridicule and abuse me about and post on his own sites to revel in other derogatory comments from his ‘sheep’ followers – he being ‘the lead sheep’.
    Our only child had been affected as a result of neurotoxic (and carcinogenic) vaccination reaction/damage, neurotoxic pesticides exposures (and neurotoxic water fluoridation chemicals in everything we eat, drink and bathe in since December, 2008) – I at the time of his vaccinations, had no knowledge of the neurotoxic chemical cocktail which were injected into my baby.
    He had a violent reaction and he became desperately ill, he stopped breathing a lot, we had a monitor on him but the screaming and jerking were so bad that after he was continuing to stop breathing, we walked the floors with him day and night to ensure he wasn’t a SIDS statistic – his whole body was jerking, jumping, arched back, high pitched screaming, convulsions, vaccine induced encephalitis, vomiting, gastric, later started head banging (we believe violent headpain/headaches) he developed lots of sickness, including chronic asthma, eczema, allergies, gastric reflux, gastric, severe tonsillitis and ear infections constantly and horrendous disorders of behaviour, including violent and destructive uncontrollable outbursts, mood, temperament, emotional etc.. with numerous diagnoses over the years (labels for neurotoxic chemical brain injury etc..) such as Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Parental Child Conflict Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Speech & Language Disorder, Panic Attacks, chronic fatigue, insomnia, as well as the asthma, allergies, Skin problems, Infections, Immune Dysfunction, gut and intestinal disorders/Leaking gut, Chemical Injury/Chemical Sensitivity/MCS & ors. (from the toxic, neurotoxic chemicals (& carcinogenic compounds) in the vaccines and other neurotoxic chemical exposures (such as pesticide exposures (also potent neurotoxins & carcinogens ) and water fluoridation chemicals (potent neurotoxins & carcinogens ) later in life when we were ‘fluoridated’ in Dec. 2008) – his life and our’s has been very difficult because of all his problems especially severe behavioural/emotional/temperant/moods….. Vaccination is Vaccination Russian Roulette which I will forever regret.
    Just about every mainstream doctor (and there were many), that we went to with our child to seek help for all the problems, when we told them about the very serious vaccinations reaction just about all of them said “no it wouldn’t have been that”. Well we know they were and are wrong.
    We are seeing a Society of the most terrible behavioural disorders, anti-social behaviour, street violence and crime, general violence and criminality, learning disorders, ever increasing mental health issues, crises of alzheimer’s disease, bone diseases, kidney diseases, thyroid disease, cancers etc..
    The warnings also are relevant about toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic water fluoridation chemicals in particular in this Report, represent a clear and definitive threat. The Precautionary Principle in any advanced society particularly, must be enacted. DDB > See next article
    Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers
    Christina England

    1. so in your world its ok not to vaccinate, and your child can carry the measles virus for ten days before you find out that he or she has it and in those ten days your child could come into contact with someone like me with a compromised immune system, pass the virus onto me which for me would be fatal, are you for real? the amount of information supporting vaccination is overwhelming, nothing is perfect not even medicine yes there will be a allergic reaction, but children die from bee stings, should we kill all the bees? some children will die from reaction to peanuts, so we should ban peanuts? for goodness sake, the risks are tiny, the benefits are overwhelming.

  4. Everyone who doesn’t vax, delays vaxes, has no intention of getting the adult vaxes, and everyone who thinks people need to retain the right to make those decisions need to sign this (& click the link in the email ) and share with everyone they know who feels the same. Then they need to call & write their legislators at state & federal levels. It’s time to stand up before we’re run over .

  5. Of those parents who either don’t vaccinate or who no longer vaccinate, I wonder what percentage made that decision from birth and what percentage, similar to Tasha, turned away because of their child’s reactions and health outcomes from vaccine exposures. If a survey were done I think we would find many vaccine refusing parents were once “true believers” who trusted the information provided by government and medical bodies rather than that from the so-called antivax camp. They went ahead and gave their children the shots knowing full well some of the concerns being discussed but not wanting to believe them.

    During my working week I see a lot of parents who vaccinated and who now have a child who is chronically sick (digestive complaints and food intolerances, recurring middle ear infections and allergies, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders – you know the drill). Many of these once true-believers now lay the blame squarely at the feet of the vaccines they willingly allowed their child to be given. This is a significant group that now refuses to further vaccinate that child or any others they have.

    If what I am seeing is representative of the majority of the “antivax” community, and I think it is, there is no way their vaccine concerns or refusal will be reversed by more “education” and social pressure. Their decision not to vaccinate was not from “fear-mongering” but personal experience. These parents may be in grief but they are also very angry, and as they tell the authorities they once trusted, there is no way they will place their child in jeopardy again just to satisfy the demand of a public policy.
    Fran Sheffield

  6. I never vaccinated my children, and this was forty years ago, I remember the Doctor, who was ever so busy that I had to wait hours in his office to see him, taking up an inordinate amount of time, trying to convince me to do it. And I must confess this was pure intuitive, “divine animal right” coming from my Mommy guts saying :”NO” No reading, research,or studies, pure intuition. Not like today where Dr. Google tells crazy sh&t from both sides. I feel sorry for the parents today that choose not to vaccinate, it will continue to get harder and harder to just say NO! Fight the good fight brave mommies and Daddies, don’t let the stae take your babies from you, use reason, research and that “divine animal right” it’s yours!

  7. Amen! Beautifully written. I am so incredibly sorry your fanily has been negatively affected by vaccines. I know we’ve made the right choice in not vaccinating and sometimes it’s difficult to see that in today’s world. But thank you for sharing your story, it honestly helps reassure me, unfortunately and fortunately. Wishing your family well.

  8. After two of my children were harmed by the MMR and DPT vaccines, I stopped and the rest of my children remained nonvaxxed. When one of my children was bitten by a Black Widow, I took her to the ER. Fortunately, either the spider had not injected any venom or had none to inject. The end result was a large welt on her neck. But, the attending physician’s first question was whether or not the child was up on her vaccines, especially Tetanus. Tetanus? Of what value is that for a Black Widow bite? What an idiot? When i replied that they no longer received vaccines and tried to explain why, he shut me down with the statement they would not be able to attend school. Well, this child was already 8 years old, so what was he thinking, by making that statement? When I replied the children were home schooled he no longer wanted to have anything to do with us. Thank God, my daughter was not horribly sick from the spider bite, what with his attitude. When we arrived back home, I received a call from my children’s Pediatrician worried about my daughter. She had received a phone call from the ER doctor and had to put up with his ranting about this negligent mother who doesn’t vaccinate and home schools. He wanted our Pediatrician to notify Child Services because I was an unfit mother. Now, our Pediatrican was and still is a fabulous woman, friend and doctor. She is originally from France, and never had any problem with our not vaccinating. Her response to the ER doctor made my heart sing. She told him that “this mother”, that he was referring to, she had known for 7 years and that “this mother” was one of the best mothers she had ever known and that “this mother’s” children were intelligent, confident, respectful and healthy individuals and that if everyone of her little patients had mothers like me, she would no longer have a practice because her services would not be needed. How is that for a recommendation on any parent who is trying to do the very best they can by their children? I’m sure my story does not stand alone; I’m sure there are plenty more out there just like mine. My parents, too, made mistakes and learned from them. Back in 1963, I contracted Polio after our family lined up, with everyone else, for the “new” oral vaccine. My parents never vaccinated any of us again. I didn’t find out about this until years later after I had made my mistakes, with some of my own children. Wish they had informed me of the details of my illness, earlier.

  9. I’m very sorry about your children, and it really bothers me how hateful this topic has become. If you haven’t already heard of her Dr. Amy Yasko has devoted her career to working with autistic kids and other neurological diseases. She has had amazing success with a lot of autistic children because her approach is unique. It is based off of each child’s DNA and their mutations that cause their diseases/ disorders. I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m a hairstylist and one of my clients told me about it. She uses the treatment for her son who is schizophrenic and for herself because she had severe MS. She no longer has symptoms and her son is no longer hearing voices. Anybody who has any chronic disease/ disorder should check it out, just look up her name.

  10. One child injured, one child dead. The child which died had a confirmed (her pediatrician) severe reaction…she had continuous symptoms for 33 days when she was found, not breathing. Pathological tests were requested but not done and the samples were disposed of…written off as a SIDS. Spoke before the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices at the CDC within 3 months whom acknowledged that her symptoms were consistent with a severe vaccine reaction and not with a Sudden Infant Death scenario…they did however, verify that SIDS death were not considered in vaccination reactions/deaths…..perhaps why there are very few deaths in their reaction statistics?

    Within 6 months, our youngest child required vaccinations to enter school…went to a pediatrician I had never met, described the symptoms of our first child and those of the second, which died, whom wanted to exempt this child from all vaccines….I did my research and I CHOSE to allow certain vaccines…..yet I would be considered one of those deplorable anti-vaxxers.

    I challenge ANY reasonable parent to stand in my shoes and tell me how they would continue to vaccinate and why we should all be mandated to use vaccines….pretty easy to run your mouth when you haven’t suffered any consequences.

    1. I can’t even imagine how awful it must be for you. The massive thing that seems to go straight over their heads is that the most vehement anti vaxers are the ones whose children have been hurt or killed by vaccines. People who had no reason to be against vaccines until after they vaccinated. These are the voices that should be listened to most carefully. Many of us ARE listening but so many people just don’t get it.

  11. The thing about parents of vaccine damaged kids, is that no amount of propaganda will ever get them to vaccinate again. And the same thing goes for many friends of those parents, and their friends. Vaccine pushers, all of who similarly have friends and family who profit from vaccine pushing, are in a sheer clusterf*ck panic right now, hence the nazi-ish ramp up lately. Sales (and ‘compliance’) are down, and even worse, so will be the diseases that make them just as much or more money on the back end. We all feel for these parents, and that is what drives our sound decision making:

  12. Thank you to everyone in this forum for sharing their stories and my heart felt condolences for your sufferings… I, much like you, chose not to vaccinate because of research I had done about vaccines. Aside from that, my time in the military pushed me to say no to vaccinating my kids because I felt like I was a guinea pig, and i got sick most of the time after a booster.
    Regardless, my choice was one that was difficult. My children are relatively healthy children and bounce back from a cold. We get flak from the doctors and even our friends are turning their backs to us saying to keep our germ bags away from their kids. Since when did making a decision become so wrong in the eyes of others?
    Recently, our 2 year old got Pertussis. We later found that she got it from a newborn friend of the family who had gotten her shot. Some “friends” found out and said we shouldve vaccinated our kid because that wouldnt have happened… Well, one thing I know, is our 2 year old bounced back faster than most kids. I also challenge that if the vaccine were so effective why do people still get the illness they are trying to protect themselves from?
    My apologies for being all over the place… this is a subject that has had my wife and i talking a lot and it has made us wonder if we made the right choice. Personally, I feel we did… She feels we did also but it sounds like she is reneging her decision as the media hypes all the illnesses being spread.
    Keep fighting the fight and remember, if someone wants to vaccinate that’s Their choice… You choosing not to vaccinate is Your choice. No one is wrong either way. You are doing what you feel is best for your child and that is that.

  13. I am having such a hard time with this topic. My fiance broached the conversation with me, because he knew that I would be opposed to vaccinating our children (once we have them). Since the Disney debacle, he’s jumped ship and is convinced that the best thing for our future kids is to have them vaccinated.

    I was raised without being vaccinated, and so was he. However, he’s been reading all the wrong articles, and can’t (or won’t) see that the risks far outweigh the perceived benefits. He’s concerned that if we don’t vaccinate, our children will get very sick very easily. But I stand by the notion that if our child does get sick, it will be because of a fully vaccinated child who is carrying the disease in their body. But if we feed them well, keep them away from processed foods and keep them healthy without pharmaceuticals, they’ll bounce back much more easily than a vaccinated kid.

    It terrifies me that this has reached violent controversy. It’s horribly unfair that I have to endure the wrongly informed rantings of my close friends, while I feel that I have to withhold my side of the case for fear of further bombardment, ridicule and hate.

    I have researched this thoroughly. I am grateful to my parents for not pumping me full of chemicals. I feel alone in a sea full of sharks, waiting for a show of weakness to attack: but your article has strengthened my resolve, and it’s going to accompany the numerous articles I’ve stockpiled when I state my case once and for all to my future husband.

    Here’s hoping he changes his mind.

  14. I like how you say ‘treated like lepers’ when there’s a vaccine for that…

  15. Medical Tyrany Coming to Australia

    I am not a believer in compulsory vaccinations – being dictated to in having pharmaceuticals injected into my children – essentially being at the mercy of the medical establishment.

    The moral of the linked story is not to be reliant on the government for any handouts. The frightening thing though is how far will they push the penalties and punishments for not vaccinating your (not their) child?

  16. so, all you clowns who vote down these gut wrenching stories of people’s children being damaged PERMANENTLY by this eugenics program can go straight to helL. YOU are complicit in the destruction of childrens lives and murder of countless children who are sacrificed on your altar of MEDICAL TYRANNY. At least have the guts to defend your pile of SHIT fairy tale punks, but thats what you are right? little statist cowards who would barbeque your own children if the government told you to. This is what you want??? this is what you will get you freak supporters of eugenics.

    1. Hello, Ms/Sir, It is thanks to vaccination that humans have protection from many EXCEEDINGLY HARMFUL diseases. So it is collectively beneficial to support vaccination. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the vote down! haha no Dondarion, it is thanks to severe corruption and the refusal of vaccine apologists to understand what is going on that is “collectively” in Gates’ own words reducing the population and causing untold misery.
        There is nothing beneficial in contaminating vaccines with brain damaging substances. But like Mr Russel once said, you can’t have people thinking too much so we should use injections to create the kind of character that is desirable to the authorities ( so yea some people do benefit without doubt) yes and we must socially engineer everyone so they will hen peck those that question authority just like in the “collective” utopias of the 20th century. Mark my words well, you will never succeed in forcing people to conform to your clone world view, you will never succeed in forcing people to take dangerous untested drugs without informed consent. and if you put your kids in danger even tho you know there is a reason why there is such a controversy then you deserve to be woken up the hard way.
        FYI there is no evidence that vaccines prevent disease.
        oh and did you know Dr Andrew Wakefield was COMPLETELY EXONERATED by the British court? what does that mean you ask?

      2. Firstly, Vaccines prevent disease, Period. While the success rate is not necessarily 100%, good vaccines are in the >90% range.

        I do agree that there have been some cases in which takers of vaccination have befallen unfortunate side effects, however the risk of contracting the disease vehemently decreases for both the individual, and the population as a whole when taking vaccines (see “herd immunity”).
        Due to this herd immunity, vaccination on a global scale has resulted in deadly diseases such as smallpox being virtually eradicated from the world.

        I suspect, that you have been indoctrinated with series of pro-anti-vaccination articles. Do not simply succumb to others merely claiming the ineffectiveness, or the effectiveness of vaccination. You must endeavor to obtain a decent level of knowledge on the topic before you seek to either support or disagree to a side of an issue – only then can you have a deep and genuine opinion on the issue.

        Before you continue to argue how vaccination is apparently ineffective, I suggest you take the time to study what exactly vaccines do, and how they work.

        Here is a nice article which contains charts from legitimate studies conducted around the world which help provide evidence that vaccines have indeed been successful, effective and useful:

        Also, if you are keen to see what science says about several anti-vaccination ideas, you might want to check this out:

        Good Day, and have fun Sir!

        1. Firstly, please provide proof of your claims (hint for you – don’t cite mamamia – it ruins any chance you might have of credibility).

          Vaccines don’t save lives – the evidence is clear. Vaccines were introduced at a time when deaths from infectious diseases (in developed countries) had declined by 90% and more.

          Vaccines don’t prevent disease – since the majority of those contracting these illnesses are nearly always fully vaccinated.

          Herd immunity doesn’t exist. Please read the blog post on this subject at this link –

          Would love to hear back from you with your evidence.

      3. Indoctrination only works one way right? what makes you think anything uncovering corruption is propaganda? I am not anti vaccine, artificial immunity has a provable history, and your attempt to make me out to be some science luddite fool is disingenuous garbage ….i am against the obvious corruption and manipulation of lab results by immoral manufacturers who have been CAUGHT over and over again but are not punished. Why is it that certain “elites” get clean vaccines? why is it so hard for you to realize that what is going on is criminal plain and simple?

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