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Vaccination – yikes!

This surely must be one of the most heated debates in existence. For any parent, who honestly and objectively looks at both sides of the issue it is so unbelievably confusing. Google ‘child vaccination’ and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean (as you probably have already done!)

I’m neither for vaccine nor against it. I’m also certainly not an expert on the subject. My view with this issue is about simply protecting my child the best way I can. I have never been one to just go along with the crowd however, and so I have had many serious questions about vaccination. I wanted to find out particularly why some people are so very against it.

Unfortunately as everything is so PRO vaccination, one of the most particularly challenging things I found as a parent with questions about it, was the hard hitting criticism I received simply by asking! All I wanted to do is make an informed decision.

This judgement (or fear) from people comes from the deep beliefs in the decision that they have made to protect themselves and their child’s health. The thought of finding out that you may have possibly seriously harmed your child is devastating for a parent. Often for many people, this fear will present itself as an outburst of abuse. You have probably noticed how heated the issue becomes on the forums and message boards online which really is such a waste of energy on both sides.

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Vaccination – The Most Heated Debate In History.