If you do nothing else today, please watch and share this video of Lissa Weckert speaking at the No Jab, No Pay rally in Brisbane on June 21, 2015. There is another march scheduled for September this year. Please be sure to subscribe to this blog as we will keep you informed of all future actions to protect health rights and prevent compulsory vaccination.


  1. We have been complacent for far too long regarding the issues surrounding vaccines; bring on as many rallies as possible; each one will have wider coverage and will be better attended as parents wake up to what the Government is planning; we have seen what has happened in California just this week with families now leaving homes, schools, jobs to live elsewhere.. do we have to change countries when the same thing happens in Australia? I attended the Sydney rally and look forward to many more.

    1. Good for you, Jan! And I agree – we will make mainstream media irrelevant (they already are, actually) and will form our own networks to spread the word. The government will be surprised by how many Australian strongly support freedom of choice and how powerfully that support will manifest itself. The next election could be very interesting…

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