Your ability to sail through flu infections (as most of the population seems to) has nothing to do with:

1- Your diet;

2- Your lifestyle choices (do you drink to excess, smoke, take pharmaceutical drugs);

3- Exercise status;

4- Living conditions.

No, none of this really matters so don’t even worry about them. New anti-viral$ will be developed by Big Pharma to help ‘treat’ your flu infection$. I’m $ure they will be every bit a$ $afe a$ Tamiflu was. Ohwait a minute…

So pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Don’t be concerned with the choices you make regarding your health – there is nothing you can do to improve it outside of the needles and pills your doctor pushes at and into you. 

Western medical practitioners and researchers – the Calvinists of ‘science’!

Findings show that the severity of infection can be partially governed by a person’s genetic make-up, and opens the door to new types of anti-viral drugs

Source: Serious flu risk could be identified with genetic test | Science | The Guardian