by Meryl Dorey

Dr Richard Kidd
Dr Richard Kidd, Council and Board Member of the Australian Medical Association, QLD

On Thursday, September 10th, I attended an inquiry that was held in the QLD Parliament regarding the possibility of excluding unvaccinated children from childcare. I was there as an observer and to support the AVN contingent who, I must say, did a masterful job under very difficult conditions. You can read more about that by clicking here.

I am starting this blog series with the speaker who I felt should have been the best-informed of the lot, but who unfortunately showed himself to be terribly ignorant of some basic vaccination facts.

If he were a neurosurgeon or a kidney specialist for example, one might almost understand his errors. But Dr Richard Kidd is a Council and Board Member of the Australian Medical Association, QLD and he is also a general practitioner – the sort of person who both administers vaccines and is meant to advise parents with up-to-date and accurate information.

During his testimony before the Committee, Dr Kidd was asked by the Committee Chair about boosters for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). She said that she had boosters when she gave birth to her young children but not the MMR. She asked the doctor if that was necessary.

His answer blew me away. And it should leave you with grave concerns about the competence of Australian doctors if such basic and egregious errors can be made by someone so high up in the medical fraternity.

Dr Kidd answered that, “…we do like to give people MMR preferably before they become pregnant but you can do it during pregnancy.”

Now, if Dr Kidd is giving his pregnant patients the MMR vaccine, he is not only putting their unborn children at risk, but he is also acting in direct contravention to the Australian Government’s guidelines on vaccination!

According to the Australian Immunisation Handbook which is published on the Australian Government Department of Health website:

“MMR-containing vaccines are contraindicated in pregnant women. Pregnancy should be avoided for 28 days after vaccination.”

Pregnancy VaccinesThere is no doubt about this; no controversy. The rubella portion of the MMR vaccine has been contraindicated in pregnancy since it was first manufactured in the 1960s. Rubella vaccines are meant to prevent congenital rubella syndrome, which it is thought can cause congenital malformations and death in a percentage of infants whose mothers contract it during pregnancy. Because the vaccine contains the live attenuated rubella virus, it is possible for it to cause the very same condition it’s meant to prevent if administered during pregnancy – especially during the first trimester. So Dr Kidd’s advice is deceptive, misleading and dangerous.

It is not the only error he made during his testimony. During the same answer to the Committee Chair, Dr Kidd stated that:

“We are routinely giving people boosters for tetanus in particular and attached to that is diphtheria. Maybe we should have the pertussis attached to that as well.” 

The mind boggles.

Dr Kidd was speaking about vaccination for adults (because that is what the question was about). There is only ONE vaccine that is recommended for adults who are seeking to have booster shots against diphtheria and tetanus. It is called Boostrix and it is a trivalent vaccine containing antigens for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Did the good doctor really not know that?

There is a vaccine that is only for diphtheria and tetanus – called ADT (Adult diphtheria and tetanus) but it is not recommended for boosters and is only used in rare instances. Most doctors’ offices would not even have this shot in the fridge.

There were several other instances where Dr Kidd made statements that were either verifiably incorrect or were riding the thin edge of what is provable. I don’t have time to deal with all of those here. But I will end with one of the more bold-faced incorrect statements he made, towards the end of his testimony.

One of the other committee members, a doctor himself, asked Dr Kidd about information that had been provided earlier in the day regarding the possibility of vaccines causing immune dysfunction. The AMA representative was asked if this was true.

His response was:

“There have been a couple of studies but they have been flawed.”

Oh, really?

The link between vaccinations and immune dysfunction/autoimmunity is so strong, it has been given a name in the medical literature – Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA). Adjuvants are extremely toxic ingredients intentionally added to vaccines to induce an immune response. ASIA is autoimmunity caused by these ingredients. Again, there is no controversy about this – it is an accepted phenomenon within medical circles. So why is Dr Kidd, a GP who deals with vaccinations in his own practice (a practice he claims has a 96% vaccination rate) ignorant of this?

For one thing, there is a textbook by THE world authority on autoimmunity, Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld (you can read his CV at this link – it is very impressive indeed!), called Vaccines and Autoimmunity. This book was co-authored by Nancy Agmon-Levin, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and Dr Lucija Tomljenovic, a PhD researcher at the Neural Dynamics Research Group at the University of British Columbia.

This text is used to teach advanced immunology to students at universities around the world. And it has not been found to be ‘flawed’. It was presented by one of the speakers representing the AVN but the AMA representative was not present in the room at the time so he would not have seen that. The Committee members should have, however.

Below is a small selection of other articles from peer-reviewed journals discussing the link between vaccines and immune system dysfunction – there are many more respected (not flawed) studies. If you are interested in seeing some of them, just click this link to go to a Google Scholar search for studies discussing whether or not vaccines cause autoimmunity. Interesting note – there are 33,000 results – so much for Dr Kidd’s “couple”:

Vaccination and autoimmunity-‘vaccinosis’: a dangerous liaison?; J Autoimmun. 2000 Feb;14(1):1-10.

Vaccination and autoimmune disease: what is the evidence?; THE LANCET; June 3, 2003

Vaccine-related Risk of Autoimmune Reactions; Rheumatology. 2011;50(8):1358-1365

Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity; 10.1371/journal.pone.0008382

I will be sending a copy of this blog to all sitting members of the QLD Parliament – including those who sat on the Committee that heard Dr Kidd’s testimony. They need to be aware that the information they consider to be sacrosanct because it comes from doctors isn’t necessarily so. I hope to receive appropriate responses in the near future and I will share any and all responses on this blog.

In conclusion, while it is not necessarily surprising (since I have spoken with many doctors over the years who were not well-informed about vaccination ingredients, safety or efficacy), it is disappointing that someone in such an esteemed and responsible position would not be better informed. Doesn’t Dr Kidd realise that as a doctor, he holds a sacred trust? Parents come to him anticipating that he is an expert because the government says he is. The government says all doctors are experts.

But if Dr Kidd has been giving MMR vaccines to pregnant women, he has seriously breached that trust and needs to be held accountable.

Once again, it is clear that when making a vaccination decision, though you should be speaking with your doctor, you should also be seeking independent information from other sources including doing your own research. Taking this responsibility and doing your own research is the only way to keep yourself and your children safe.



  1. “Once again, it is clear that when making a vaccination decision, though you should be speaking with your doctor, you should also be seeking independent information from other sources including doing your own research.”

    I know you guys are forced to say this and everything. But really, there is as much value in talking to a doctor about vaccinations as there is in talking to a group of monkeys about differential equations.

    Ask them this for example: “if the hepatitis B virus (or measles or varicella) can reside in our bodies for years, decades etc before exploding in an orgy of pathogenesis (which mainstream medicine claims), then how on earth could our immune systems ever learn how to fight such infections? Clearly no vaccine could possibly have made any difference could it?”

    And expect to receive an extremely blank stare.

    1. It is precisely BECAUSE Hepatitis B can become a chronic infection – especially if acquired during infancy – that vaccination is so important. Mounting an immune response to antigens or weakened organisms allows the body to develop natural immunity without having to acquire the disease.

      1. Sue Ieraci,

        There are several reasons why what you are saying is completely untrue.

        1- All women are tested for Hep B status prior to or during pregnancy. If we assume for the moment that the vaccine is effective (something which has never been proved – in fact, liver disease has only increased since vaccination was introduced) it can be offered to the babies of women who have a positive Hep B status. If the mother does not have Hep B, the baby will not be exposed to the illness and therefore, vaccinating that child will only expose it to risk without any benefit whatsoever.

        2- The antibodies from Hep B vaccination wane between 3 and 5 years after vaccination. (now again, we are assuming that antibodies equal immunity wnen you and I, Sue, know full well they don’t) and continued boosters last for even shorter periods of time. Since Hepatitis B is a disease if shared needles and promiscuous sex, that child could not be at risk of infection until much later in its life. Therefore, vaccinating will only expose it to risk without any benefit whatsoever.

        3- You never develop natural immunity from vaccines. Never. The idea is laughable. Your trying to equate vaccine-induced sensitisation with natural immunity is one of the worst abuses of medical knowledge I have seen yet. You should be ashamed.

        There are more reasons, but is it really necessary to go into them?

        Mass vaccination of infants against a disease like Hep B will only benefit doctors and drug companies – and only harm children.

        Since vaccines are given to healthy infants, and since they carry with them real risks of lifelong disability or death, they must be shown to be both safe and necessary. Hep B – like all other vaccines – has not be properly tested to show either.

  2. Well said Punter!!!
    Why should we (as a society) be surprised that we are getting sicker day by day. If a study was ever orchestrated to show the health status between the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated, it would clearly show the disadvantages associated with vaccination. But this will never happen.
    It’s sad that we (westerners) are fast losing our right to medical freedom.
    I am personally relieved that my children are of legal age and cannot be forced into vaccination, chemotherapy, radiation and the plethora of other so called medical treatments.
    Although slightly off topic, my 80 year old mother (who recently had a mastectomy) was recently accosted by her oncologist who was adamant that she should have (tax payer funded) breast implants. It’s beyond disturbing that there are so many medical practitioners (I use this word lightly) making money off the sick, elderly and disabled.

  3. Just a quick correction. ADT is used routinely and is the tetanus vaccine carried in “doctors bags” and in EDs not Boostrix.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jo. I have personally been involved with dozens of families who have tried to get ADT when they were injured (or TetTox which isn’t even licensed any more) at doctor’s surgeries and at hospital emergency departments and they were told it would need to be ordered in. In one case, the person was told they were being given ADT but after the vaccine was administered, they checked the box that had been discarded in the rubbish and it was actually DPT (this was before boostrix). As you’re probably aware, DPT was not licensed for adults and this person complained to the hospital but nothing was done.

      Also, when looking once again at the package insert of the ADT vaccine, I noticed that it contains 500mcg of Aluminium. Are you aware that in order to take that much aluminium at one time by injection, you would need to weigh over 225 kilos? I have to wonder how many Australians are in that weight category – even with our obesity problems?

      Lastly, I just ready about the doctor’s bag. Is that a euphemism for drugs that should be kept in the office or an actual bag (like the old black alligator bag our GP carried around when I was a little girl)? Just interested.

  4. Ms Dorey – your comments show a misunderstanding of this area.

    Firstly, neonatal Hep B vaccination is a public health measure, designed to minimise, and ideally elimiinate, vertical transmission. Women who attend ante-natal testing are routinely screened for Hepatitis B, but this can miss whose who are in the window period prior to sero-conversion, and those who have not attended antenatal care. Because Hep B acquired in infancy is highly likely to progress to chronic hepatitis and eventually cirrhosis and possibly liver cancer, this is a highly important aim.

    The reason that Hep B has risen in our community is mainly due to migration from endemic areas, where they lacked the benefit of the population health measures that we enjoy.

    You are incorrect about the duration of immunity. Hepatitis B vaccination is effective and produces long-term immunity. Even though antibodies may wane over time, immunity commonly lasts more than 20 years after vaccination. I know this is so for myself and most of the colleagues with whom I work in the acute hospital system. Since we are at high risk of blood-borne infections, it is in our interests to maintain our immunity.

    Here are some references to confirm what I have said:
    Clinical INfectious Diseases 2011: Hepatitis B and the need for a booster dose
    Vaccine 2012: Persistence of Long-term Immunity to Hepatitis B in Adolescents immunised at birth”

    Finally, you appear to misunderstand how immunity develops. Natural immunity is a natural reaction of the immune system in response to an antigen. That’s how vaccination works. The antigen may be modified (to avoid having to survive the infection) but the immune response and sero-conversion are entirely natural processes. How could they be otherwise?

    The mass vaccination of newborns for Hepatitis B is a valuable and cost-effective population health measure. Drug companies stand to profit much more for Hepatitis treatments than for prevention. Doctors earn nothing from this mass hospital-based vaccination – except perhaps having less chance of getting infected ourselves in the course of our work.

    1. You left out the part whereby male infants are at 4-5 times the risk of developing autism (peer reviewed study proves that). This injection is completely unnecessary for infants unless the mother has Hep B, of which she presumably is routinely screened for during pregnancy. Which would make a lot more sense that injecting a baby a few days old with a cocktail of unnecessary stress factors.

    1. Thanks for that. There is another response from Sue in the queue but I won’t be able to approve it until I have to time to read the articles she is referencing and format my response.

  5. “There have been a couple of studies but they have been flawed.” Lol. These rednoseless clowns are happy to refer to studies conducted by those bought and paid for by vaccine pushers, but whenever a study makes a conclusion that casts doubt on vaccines, its flawed?

    Surely one would have to be vaccine-damaged already to accept this logic? Perhaps that’s what they’re counting on.

  6. Good work! I must admit, like so many others I am so tired of the ignorance and propaganda behind the push to vaccinate. So called medical professionals not even knowing the basic facts, not exploring the other side to vaccines, yet pig headed enough to think they have more right over decisions over a child’s body than their own informed parents do. It amounts to medical tyranny. The totalitarian approach to vaccines chillingly echoes why the Nuremburg code of 1943 against enforced medical experimentation, was put in place. What gets me, is the constant parrokeet chirped line that is uttered in response to any claims that a vaccine may be dangerous or overhyped: “science shows…’ “vaccines are safe and protective”, when no, nothing has been proven at all. Quite the contary, no studies have been conducted on the LONG TERM effects of vaccines. Just the side effects of the first 48hrs, which is nothing if we consider the whole child’s life ahead of them. Nor have the accumulative effects been studied. Nor any studies comparing the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children (there are a couple which prove the latter group to be healther). So the debate rages on and on. It remains a bug bear and a sore point for not only the parents who have witnessed their children regress after vaccinations, but the parents who can see behind the flaws of the so-called vaccine science. There are many flaws and bias that exist in the current literature. Regardless of that, the science is ‘inconclusive’ at this point. Is that enough for parents? The broken record of vaccine pushers reminds me of the denialist propaganda campaign the tobacco companies enlisted back in the day, in which even after a decade of studies showing safety concerns, only one third of doctors thought that tobacco might be implicated in lung cancer. It took decades to finally convince the public and powers that be, and by this time many lives had been lost, and many lives destroyed by chronic illness. Vaccines are today’s new tobacco.

  7. What I find amazing is ( and its documented fact) that vaccines are NOT 100%. They may lessen the symptoms which means you may get fevers or flu like symptoms. One never suspects measles or the like so is never tested. To then solider on taking drugs as one may think it’s merely a cold. Spreading the disease to others. YES I have been personal witness to this happening a number of times.
    Don’t believe for one minute that vaccines stop you from getting a disease.

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