UrgentYesterday afternoon, the No Jab, No Pay legislation was introduced in Federal Parliament. Please note – it was introduced – not passed.

You can (and should) read the Bill here:

Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015

If we do nothing, this bill will pass. If we wait for someone else to take the actions needed, this bill will pass. If we think that once this Bill passes we can somehow get it rescinded, we are living in a fool’s paradise.

We need to act – and we need to act NOW!


Thanks to the excellent work of a delegation of individuals that included representatives from the AVN. The Senate will be convening an inquiry looking into No Jab No Pay. I have no terms of reference for this inquiry as of yet but will find this information shortly. In addition to sending the letters to your State and Federal representatives, everyone needs to put together a short submission, explaining why you are opposed to this legislation and it needs to be received by the committee no later than October 16th so time is very short! I will be putting some talking points and details up about this over the weekend but be prepared to do some writing in the very near future. We need hundreds of submissions in order to show the Senators that there is a real grass-roots interest in health freedom. Be ready!

Here are 5 things you can do today to help ensure that this bill will never be enacted:

1- Send out the My Will letter to your local MP and State Senators should you have them.

2- Do the same for your federal pollies.

3- Write to Malcolm Turnbull and tell him why you oppose No Jab No Pay. Use the info from the My Will letter or use your own words. If you have a vaccine injured child – send him a picture. Make sure you use the words – “it is my will” in there somewhere so a reply will be required.

4- Join the AVN. Honestly, this is a no-brainer. For $25 a year, you will be supporting an organisation that is supporting you. Now that I am no longer President or on the Committee, I can say this – if you are not a member of the AVN, you are really not looking to the future. If you really can’t afford the $25, I believe there is a way to get a sponsored membership (but only do this if there is a real need). Contact the AVN and ask them about it. Whatever you do, join the AVN today!

5- Share this information with everyone you know – your children’s and grandchildren’s future may very well depend on what you do today. So be strong – be forthright – and be vocal. 271 new vaccines are in the pipeline. You and your family are the targets. So step forward and own your decisions. You are not alone. You are loved, supported and part of a growing community of freedom-loving men and women – speak your truth.

That’s it – a handful of steps you can take to help your family and your country. Will you please do this today?

Love to you all,



  1. Hi Meryl,
    are you suppose to send all letters to Pacific Paradise first or directly to your political representatives ?

    1. Do you mean a right of reply for this legislation? If so, you need to contact your members as suggested. You may also want to suggest a parliamentary inquiry. I would like to know who is behind this legislation since even the NCIRS is opposed.

      If you meant something else, sorry – please let me know.

        1. Hi, I’m not sure about submissions, but I am asking everyone to write letters so by all means, please do. Write to your local and federal members and senators and also to the new Prime Minister.

        1. Absolutely! We need hundreds of submissions (thousands would be even better :-). I am contacting the department of community affairs this afternoon to ask them for the terms of reference. Strange that this was not posted.

  2. Meryl, it is the address on the bottom of the My will form letter you gave the link to.
    Please sign and post to P.O. Box 9023 Pacific Paradise Qld 4564

    1. Ah – sorry, I didn’t realise. That was specifically for people in QLD – please send it to your own MP/Senator, Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal reps as well. Thanks for asking Jane.

  3. Hi there, When I print the letter it has some sort of menu / coding over the top of it making it not legible. Is it something you can take a look at? Thanks for all your efforts, I really appreciate them.

    1. Hi Bron,
      Please copy and paste the text from the web page. There was a site that had this as a downloadable document but that site appears to have been taken down for some reason. If you can’t make this work, let me know and I’ll copy and paste the text here and you can grab it.

  4. Hi again Meryl,
    I copied and pasted the My Will letter to a word document and then pasted it into the emails to the PM at http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian_Search_Results?q=&sta=QLD&sen=1&par=-1&gen=0&ps=12,
    Then to all the Queensland Senators at http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian_Search_Results?q=&sta=QLD&sen=1&par=-1&gen=0&ps=12
    I changed each Senate letter to read Dear Senator ……,
    I also faxed the My Will letter to my local federal MP. It didn’t take too long to get all those letter off.
    Maybe half hour in total. I hope other people can do the same.
    Do you have a form letter for a submission?

    1. I’m not sure about submissions, Jane. It is my understanding that the only time you send a submission is when submissions are called for. But otherwise, you just send letters of will. When we convince the senate to hold a hearing looking into this corruption, then there will be calls for submission 🙂 I’m sorry if this is not the correct advice? And thank you so much for taking the time to make your voice heard.

  5. Hi the legislation that was introduced was the no jab no play one in victoria.

    Love your work thankyou for all you do


  6. Hi Meryl,

    Additional to sending letters, is there any way to obtain sign off on the concious objection form based on the potential adverse events linked to vaccine ingredients? This is possibly a separate topic but I would appreciate your thoughts on this. I have the current form signed by a Gp but I expect the new form (Victoria) will be much more difficult.

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