The following information was posted to the Fans of the AVN Facebook Page and is reprinted here with the permission of the original author. I am also trying to obtain a copy of the StatuCoerciontory Declaration this mother gave to the two doctors who refused to vaccinate her child and will post that here when/if I am able to get the text.
For those who oppose coercive vaccination policies and want to convince the government that their discriminatory legislation will backfire, this may just be a quick, inexpensive option.

If you do go ahead and do this, please let me know by sending an email to me here.

I have posted my letter today back to Centrelink I had an appointment with a lawyer about it last week… here it is if anyone wants to do the same….

Dear Service Centre Manager
Locked bag
7834 Canberra BC ACT 2610

To whom it may concern,

I recently received a letter from Centrelink dated 2 December, 2015, informing me that in order to qualify for the continuation of the Family Tax benefit and childcare fee assistance, i need to ensure that my child is fully vaccinated. I am unable to complete the vaccination requirements for my child because I cannot find a doctor who will vaccinate my child, knowing that I am being financially coerced.

To do so would breach informed consent and leave them liable for medical trespass.

Under section 2..1..3…/Handbook10-home…
consent must be valid. For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present:6,8

  • It must be given by a person with legal capacity, and of sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the implications of being vaccinated.
  • It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.
  • It must cover the specific procedure that is to be performed.
  • It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, risks of not having it and any alternative options have been explained to the individual

I am a conscientious objector to vaccination and so do not agree with my child being administered vaccines, due to much evidence regarding the toxicity of vaccines. Please watch and listen to this video if you can as there is much new evidence presented here by an immunologist who used to make vaccines.

Because of my precarious financial position as a single mother /teacher able to work only between school hours and/or the possibility of my child being disadvantaged by the denial of an early education, I am being put into the untenable and the coercive position of giving my child a medical intervention that I know is not in his best interests, against my will.

On Thursday, 17th December, 2015 my doctor refused to vaccinate my child against my will and has signed a statutory declaration acknowledging that my consent is not voluntary which I have attached. On Tuesday, the 22nd December, another Dr also refused to vaccinate my child against my will and Statuatory declaration is also included.

So I have fulfilled the vaccination requirements for my son to the best of my ability and it is from no fault of my own that the doctor refuses to vaccinate my child against my will.

If you cannot provide a doctor who is willing to sign a legal document stating that they are willing to administer vaccinations to my son without my consent by the 15th January 2016, then I will consider your contract as null and void and as such, the immunisation requirements for my son XXXXXX will be considered to be met.
Yours Sincerely…


  1. I will be going to a lawyer in 2016 as i am a single mum. I will take this letter. I will not be bullied into medical procedures.Thankyou. Jodie

    1. Good on you! We need lots of people to do what you and the letter-writer have done. Let’s show the government and the medical establishment that will NOT be pushed around and bullied. We are well-informed, articulate members of a free society who will fight for our rights against illegal and discriminatory government legislation!

  2. Good letter and tact, may save a few children from coercive vaccine injury. Even Gandhi said “Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time”. What is it that makes most of our current politicians so blinded by a medical/pharma mantra? Is it money or are they just so inept at looking for the truth and allowing freedom of choice to Australians?

  3. It is way past time to take back our government from this Corporation posing as our government , What they are doing is illegal and unlawful as stated in the letter above . These are Morons , Puppet Morons , who have no clue about the law and now want to MANDATE their will on we the people , They can mandate all they like , these rules only apply to their corporate employees , and they need our consent to enforce their rules on we the people . Stand Fast , their days are numbered .

  4. Fantastic approach, If we do not do something about this now then the government will think they can keep on coercing people into something they do not want. Next they will stop the age pension because you have not had a flu vaccination !!! Not on 🙁

  5. Excellent, most inspiring, brilliant letter. We need one like this in California. Is there an updated link for the video mentioned above in the article? the link

    is not working for me, and with no other information about it like a title, I could not search for it. Thank you for this excellent legal example!!!

  6. This is great – thankyou. I have printed it out and plan to see several Drs to get a stat dec on this point. Do you have a copy of the stat dec this woman wrote?
    Thanks for your vigilance.
    Eve Vennell

    1. Please read both this post and the newer one published yesterday,

      Between these two posts, you should have all the information you need to hold the government accountable for their discriminatory legislation. Please share this information with friends and family.

    1. Hi there, Thank you so much for all your hard work and for giving us all this information of how to keep our children safe. I was wondering if you heard back from Centrelink? And also if you know, will this ‘Stat Declare’ also help with no jab no play (for kinder- we live in Melbourne)

    2. Hi Polymumof8,
      There is a very good reason why you could not get a doctor to sign your letter or any other regarding Conscientious Objection, because as a profession the Doctors have already made it clear quote “No doctor has to sign the form, it’s at their discretion whether they sign it or not. Just say ‘No, I’m not signing that form’.” This I got from the website
      ( , that links to the Australian just4docsnetwork ( ) , where vaccinations are promoted. With that in mind why even bother going to a Doctor in the first place knowing you will be embarrassed and rejected anyway. The third comment from CM at the bottom of the webpage tells it all. I wonder if they even read the comments. My thought is showing the website to Centrelink could be enough to prove you had trouble finding a willing Doctor that will sign the form, as it is an openly discussed policy amongst Doctors to not to sign anything in the first place. Am I correct?.

      1. I got my form signed by a GP it was a lengthy process but with a very successful ending!

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