Meryl Dorey of and the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc. did 2 interviews on March 10th regarding the No Jab No Pay legislation. Below is the video from one of those. The other will be posted when it is live on the internet. Thank you so much to 108Morris108 for providing a venue to air these important issues. Please share this information widely.


  1. I am fairly new to this issue and have a question, and an observation:

    If there is a causal link between vaccines and autism, why are autism rates rising now, when vaccines have been administered for over 100 years? Is it a case of a certain ingredient in vaccines present now and not in the past? Or the number of vaccines administered now is greater than in the past, and this accounts for the additional cases? Is some of the increase in autism also due to misdiagnosis due to incentives that encourage this?

    It is interesting how we have this intense pre-occupation by the state with workplace health and safety for not only construction workers, but office workers, and engineering firms often ask for ‘a commitment to workplace health and safety practices’ in their selection criteria for new employees. Then when it comes to medicine and vaccines, it’s like the wild west – anything goes. Hundreds of children getting brain damage recently after a jab? The response is ‘meh, whatever, shit happens’. You’d think if they actually cared about our health and safety they’d look into vaccines, antidepressants, chemotherapy, fluoride etc.

    I also want to recommend a book by Dr William Walsh – ‘Nutrient Power’. It is about the power of biochemistry on the brain and how nutrient deficiencies and toxicity can cause mental illnesses, like bipolar, alzheimers, autism and depression, and how they can be cured naturally. At the back of the book is a list of practitioners throughout the world, including Australia, who specialise in this approach to health.

    1. 100 years ago, children received 1 vaccine-smallpox. And many children died or were injured, but trying to compare 1 vaccine given 1 time with 14-16 vaccines given nearly 70 times is definitely comparing apples with oranges.

      Vaccines have never been scientifically tested for safety using a true placebo. They have never been test AT ALL in the combinations in which they are administered for their cumulative and synergistic effects. Vaccinations are used based on faith and assumptions-not science.

      As for ingredients, vaccines contain many known neurotoxins, teratogens (products that are capable of causing genetic damage) and carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). For some reason, when these ingredients are found elsewhere, they are to be avoided, but once inserted into vaccines, they automatically become benign.

      It beggars belief that we have allowed out politicians to become our dictators and our medical doctors our masters.

      1. As I understand, (form what my Grandma told me) used to be given by scratching the skin and rubbing an ointment on the skin and then by drops given orally. I’m not sure when the injections started but my brother was born in 1979 and he had a server reaction to the DPT injection. My entire family saw the change in him. Aunts and uncles also.

        At the time the medical professionals denied it was the immunisation. At the time he could crawl sit and stand. He started to walk by holding onto something. Three days after the immunisation he couldn’t do any of those things. He became as my parents called it like a rag doll. He is now 37 and has the mental understanding of a three year old. None of my of my large European family ever had anything like that happen. So it was definitely not hereditary.

        Now I have a young son and I am told that yes actually that immunisation did cause retardation and autism but the vaccine has been modified and it’s now safe. But I am hearing stories of parents whose child has had the exact same response to what happened to my brother. I also have read on other countries CDC or equivalent government websites who list the same vaccinations we’re giving today with possible though rare severe reactions. To date no immunisation specialist has been able to explain this discrepancy. And others tell me well there are risks but they are rare. From my perspective not rare enough.

  2. Thank you for everything you do Meryl & for such an informative interview that I can pass on to those I know who are now just starting to question vaccines.

  3. A doctor who retired gave me an old textbook from his student days as there was some old but interesting facts regarding water treatment.

    Leafing thru the book years later I came across the following regarding vaccination. I spoke to his wife recently a former UK nurse in the 1935 era and asked about the item below an mismatched blood and anaphalaxis. It seems that these were intramuscular and acceptable! interesting.

    Addendum 2 (Typed verbatim from the original book)


    Convalescent and adult serum in prophylaxis of measles.

    “The intramuscular injection of such serum is the most promising method of preventing or modifying an attack of measles. Between 200cc and 300cc of blood may be withdrawn between the 7th and 14th days after defervescence from a patient who has suffered an attack of uncomplicated measles or had measles. In Birmingham, adult serum is obtained from volunteer donors among the public health staff. Sterility tests and Wassermann reactions should be done on each serum and 0.5% phenol added. Convalescent serum is twice as potent as pooled adult serum.

    The results of the prophylactic use of such serum vary according to the time of administration. Injected within 3 days of exposure, the serum usually confers protection lasting 2 to 4 weeks. This method is useful for the very young and for thise in ill-health, for those resident in hospital or exposed to other infections, or for pregnant women. Injected on the 3rd or 5th day after exposure, a modified attack follows as a rule, and this gives permanent immunity. This method is preferable, it is applicable in the case of healthy children over 2 years of age, and is especially useful in general practice.

    The dosage recommended is 5cc of convalescent serum in the case of children under 3 years; for children of 3 and over the dose may be reckoned by multiplying the age in years by 2. if adult serum is used these amounts should be doubled. A modified attack, with resulting economy of serum, may be produced by giving half the dose of serum recommended within the first 5 days following exposure. Sometimes whole blood obtained from a parent may be used, 30cc being injected immediately it has been drawn off.

    Schemes for the provision of serum have been adopted by various local authorities, such as the London City Council, Birmingham and Newcastle , and it is probable that considerable extension will be noted in the near future. Gunn states, however that this is difficult until immune serum is readily available at all times and until deliberate exposure is practiced so that non-immunes may have the benefit of attenuation. This, he says, can be justified only if the efficacy of the serum is proved beforehand and parents or guardians give their consent. The serum loses potency amounting to 25 – 50% in 1 to 2 years. Drying the serum appears to prevent such loss. An extract of the globulin fraction from human placentas has been shown to possess definite prophylactic properties.(BMA 1935, Lancet 2/Apr/1938).”

    (Synopsis of Hygiene by Jameson and Parkinson ed 7 p66 1942)

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