Junk FoodTOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Court of Appeals says a food manufacturer can deny unemployment benefits to a former employee who objected to eating the company’s junk food products.

The appeals panel affirmed a lower court ruling dismissing the case of Jane Doe who had been a front-office staffer at the XYZ Food Services Corporation for the last 3 years.

In 2013, Jane objected to eating the junk foods manufactured by XYZ, claiming that they made her ill.

She was later fired and applied for unemployment benefits, which XYZ fought, saying she wasn’t eligible.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the appeals panel said Doe had a duty to her company to either eat their foods or stop working there. The ruling said Doe’s failure to comply amounted to job-related misconduct “and thus disqualified her for unemployment benefits.”

Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Then read the original article at this link to see how crazy the situation really is:

Court OK’s denial of benefits to worker who objected to vaccine

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  1. So in essence , one does not have the right to have a say in what one puts into ones own body , ie the food one eats ? Talk about violation of basic human rights.

    The very same goes with forced vaccinations. Medication without consent. If you don’t allow us to inject you /your children, with the potentially toxic, chemically laden vaccinations that we (the government you elected ) have decided to object you with, then we will punish you by withholding benefits that your taxes pay towards. Oh and if you have an adverse reaction to what we have injected you with, well you won’t be able to hold us responsible !! Sickening

    I am in VIC. How can I help ?

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