Reject BigotryPolitical correctness will be the death of us all. We’re so afraid to say what we think for fear of being judged, that we stay silent rather than starting a storm. But I say, if our words are going to create a storm, let’s make it the best and biggest storm we possibly can. Let the winds blow and the rains wash away this shameful era of world history.

Those who support No Jab / No Pay / No Play are bigots – pure and simple.

Whether they are members of parliament, media representatives or your next door neighbours – if they believe it is OK to discriminate against you and your family or to treat you with anything less than the respect all citizens of a democratic nation should expect, they are bigots.

Definition: Bigot: a person who has strong, unreasonable ideas, esp. about race or religion, and who thinks anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong.

Our government – elected and funded by US – is comprised of bigots.

Many within mainstream medicine are bigots.

And members of the hate groups, Friends of Science in Medicine, Stop the AVN and the Australian Skeptics are all bigots.

Watch this powerful short video about a woman who has decided that she is not going to put up with vaccine bigotry any longer. Like Rosa Parks did over 60 years ago when she was arrested for not moving to the back of a bus due to the colour of her skin, Sheila Ealey has decided to ‘get off the bus’. She will hopefully be joined by a lot more of us, standing in solidarity against discrimination of any kind – racial, sexual, religious or medical.

“Get off the bus!” Sheila Lewis Ealey unites Compton! from Francesca Alesse on Vimeo.

Bigotry must be stamped out. It is the sort of thing that you would have seen in many countries 50 or more years ago; the sort of thing we were taught about in school history classes as an object lesson in wrong-headedness and injustice; the sort of thing that we look back on now and think – that would never happen today!

Except that it has. And it has been government-approved.

When we see the leader of the Australian Greens party standing up in Parliament to thank people who have abused and threatened parents whose only ‘crime’ was wanting to care for their children as they feel is best – we know that vaccine bigotry has institutional support.

When we see someone who has made a name for themselves by publicly shaming or abusing those who think differently about vaccination, receiving government awards instead of jail sentences, we know that vaccine bigotry is systemic in our society.

And when we read media articles written by journalists who are functional illiterates yet feel that they have the right to tell the government how they should punish anyone who disagrees with them on scientific or medical health issues, we know that vaccine bigotry has pervaded the very fabric of Australian life today.

Let’s fight against this by first and foremost, calling these people what their words and their actions have defined them as – bigots. The language is powerful, so let’s use this weapon to defeat bigotry.

If we can be called anti-vaxxers for asking valid, scientific questions about medical procedures that are capable of killing or injuring us or our children (let’s not even think about the fact that vaccines don’t work as promised – or at all), then we can use a more appropriate name for those who are responsible for this sociopathic and discriminatory behaviour – BIGOTS.

Let’s wipe out bigotry in Australia today. By naming it. By shaming it. By not standing for it any longer.



  1. Omg This woman stirred my blood! I started off like most of
    us, polite and asking for choice and saying if you want to jab
    your child go and do it ! But do these innocent children deserve
    to have their lives taken or ruined because the parents have
    been brainwashed ? We need to call a spade a spade and MAKE
    them see what lies have been told ! I woke up in 1992 and
    once you’ve seen the truth you can’t UNSEE it !
    I don’t have young children any more but am living in fear of
    losing my old age pension if this diabolical system continues
    and believe me it will reach out for us all!
    Thank you Meryl and team for sticking your necks out! I know
    you’ve gone through hell and back and I admire you all!
    For my part so far it’s only been FB posts and letters to my local
    MP! Fat lot of good that did! But I feel a shift in the air and
    with more and more exposure we will win this fight!

  2. I cant agree more. I have had 5 children, one of my twins was hospitalized 15 mins after the triple antigen. She has huge health problems now and severe asthma. this prompted me to start investigating what was in this stuff. I was only 19 at the time. I will never vaccinate again and because of this I am being threatened with losing my family tax benefit next month and the top up we usually get at tax time. I am on a disability pension for a very nasty Nursing Injury, my youngest was given an exemption from the specialist at birth as he was born very sick and allergic to so much. I am over governments inflicting their greed on people and using money to manipulate. I will not risk his life or health for any amount of money, taking this money of us will take away my ability to pay for his regular natural therapies that keep his stomach issues in line. thanks control freaks that earn way to much money. I bet you they have not vaccinated their children.

    1. CL have been cutting off fortnightly FTB payments incorrectly. The ONLY FTB payment affected is the FTB A Supplement. Other payments cut are CCB & CCR. If they are threatening to stop your fortnightly FTB benefits, lodge a complaint immediately.

      1. One must wonder if they are stopping the full FTB payments “incorrectly” or just plain deliberately. When a scheduled action doesn’t occur, there’s no human sitting there waiting to press the cancel payments button. The computer program merely actions the next step it has been programed to do. If it happens once then yeah the programmer stuffed up, if it happens twice then typical social security just being slack, third time incompetence, fourth time, well either the programmer didn’t stuff up and the computer is doing exactly what it was programmed to do or yes there is a human sitting there picking and choosing when to press the cancel payments button. I say choosing because this has not been happening to everyone, as you would expect to occur through programing. Is there a third alternative I haven’t thought of?

  3. A local swimming instructor has banned non-vaccinated from entering her swimming sessions. When I attempted to discuss the matter with her, I was berated and abused. Bigotry indeed!

    1. One would have to wonder how legal that is. Imagine if that same instructor were to ban anyone who is black. Or Muslim. There would be an uproar and rightly so. I believe they are acting outside of the law, but how terrible that the fear based Murdoch-government campaign has been so successful!

      1. I think the difference here is that one has no choice about being born black. But you guys choose to deny the overwhelming tsunami of science supporting vaccination in favour of a bit of conspiracy theories and stuff u read on the web.

        1. Your post illustrates perfectly what I was saying. Your comment is an unfortunate combination of hatred and ignorance – which is bigotry. If you had read ANYTHING on this blog, you would see that there are mountains of peer-reviewed references backing up the concerns of intelligent adults regarding vaccination. But of course, you didn’t let intelligence or information ruin your attack. Like the bigot you are, you simply spewed a lot of garbage that has shown everyone what is wrong with the anti-choice, bigoted argument. I hope you’re proud.

    2. Someone needs to request her medical records to make sure she is fully vaccinated.

  4. I am in NZ now after the new laws came in..I have essentially been pushed out of Australia due to the need to fight poverty as a sole parent. If I want to work I have to move, vaccines are not an option for us. So therefore we have been discriminated against…. I will be seeking compensation in the long run due to breaking up a family. The bigots need to stop burying their heads in the sand.

  5. All politicians should be made to declare conflicts of interest in the vaccination issue. Prime Minister Turnbulls wife is CEO of Bio Med company which designs and produces Vax’s.
    Pollies should open up their children’s vax records. I think we would soon find out that, like Tony Abbott, their children have missed out on a number of vaxes for safety reasons. Neither I know will ever happen.

    1. No. All politicians with any conflicts of interest should be removed from their positions. For this is something that cannot be tolerated in a democracy. But I agree, that won’t easily happen as there would be few politicians left.

      1. The double standard is, we have had 3 politicians in very recent times who had to divest themselves of investments or (in the case of the NSW Premiere) leave government due to perceived conflicts. But with vaccination, the conflict that is so obvious to anyone who is able to think, is not considered to be a problem by the public. It’s vaccines, right? Anything regarding vaccines is AOK. Very frustrating!

      2. Yep, I agree. The conflicts they have is far reaching. Even with the vaccinations Pollies access. A number of years ago my wife was friendly with the wife of the Premier of Western Australia. Our eldest boy had been diagnosed autistic, in general discussion she asked us about what vaccinations we used? Being innocent young working class people we were confused by her question. To cut along story short, she and her peers paid for better quality vaccinations but only used them on the children after a series of tests were conducted on blood samples to see if any allergic reactions occurred. There’s more to the story but that’s the nuts and bolts. So I guess there are different types of conflicts of interest.

  6. I love the courage and the ability to speak out the truth by Sheila Lewis Ealy in the USA. Over many years there have been those trying to get our freedom of choice back again, but being ignored and persecuted by the Murdoch press, our politicians, ABC and SBS, all being controlled by the medical mafia and Big Pharma in charge of it all. Let us hope that this is the time ( like Martin Luther’s thesis nailed on the door of the Roman Catholic church) where this evil empire controlled by Big Pharma will come tumbling down, and like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be put back together again.

  7. I fully support Shiela Lewis Ealy. Let us hope this is a turning point where more will wake up and we get our freedom of choice back. Our whole system is being controlled by Big Pharma and those who benefit financially by the continuation and expansion of vaccination. Let us hope the vaccine industry collapses, and just like Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together agian.

  8. Thanks for the comment Meryl. Ironic that you should mention Muslims, as the instructor mentioned also refused them access. While I understand that some are genuinely ignorant (as I once was), far too many are (willfully) ignorant which is inexcusable!

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