by Meryl Dorey

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For the last few weeks, both myself and the AVN have been receiving a steady stream of emails and phone calls from parents who are in panic mode because they have received letters from Centrelink implying they would be losing their fortnightly Family Tax Benefit payments because their children are not vaccinated according to schedule. The wording of these letters is, to my way of thinking, intentionally deceptive and misleading.

Of course, the two payments that are at risk are the Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement (a once-a-year payment for low-income families) and the Childcare Benefit. The regular fortnightly Tax Benefit is not at risk regardless of whether a person vaccinates fully, selectively or not at all.

The email I received today (below), however, brings the level of deception described in the Centrelink letters to a new and previously unplumbed low.


My son and his wife had decided not to vaccinate  their children.  They now have a 4 year old and 5 year old. Even when the no jab no pay came in, they stuck to their decision. 

My daughter in law was talking to Centrelink Qld and was told if she didn’t have the children vaccinated that as from July this year, they will loose all benefits and will have to pay back everything, back to the children’s birth – even the baby bonus. Also, they would be fined according to their income.  

As they are now separated, (friendly separation) this would created a big financial burden on them. They are feeling very trapped and were frightened into having the first round of injections. They were also being pushed into having all the missed vaccinations done in the next 2 months which even their doctor questioned.  

They have not followed this suggestion. 

Is this information correct or was it just a Centrelink employee using scare tactics and giving false information?
I hope you can throw some light on this, it seems rather brutal and controlling but then blackmail is, isn’t it?

Of course, the Centrelink staffer told these parents an amazing number of lies.

  • Parents will NOT have to pay Centrelink back benefits from the birth of their child – or at all.
  • They do NOT have to return the baby bonus and,
  • There is NO fine in the legislation for those who don’t vaccinate.

This is just a petty bureaucrat who wants to use their power to intimidate and scare innocent parents. They should lose their job at the very least – be subject to prosecution or fines themselves in a fair and just system.

Has this happened to you?

Has anyone else has a similar situation with Centrelink or any other government departments lying to them about their rights surrounding No Jab, No Pay or any other vaccine-related issues?

If so, please send me an email relating what happened. It is also very important to file an official complaint (every department has their own complaints resolution office – if you need help finding this information, I will be happy to assist you) about your experience. This is for your sake as much as for the sake of others who will be faced with the same misinformation and may be forced to do something they would not otherwise have considered – with potentially tragic results.

Hold the government and their minions to account. They have no right nor any mandate to lie to anyone – especially not if those lies may cause harm to an innocent child.

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  1. The “state” is practicing medicine without a license. There is no state of emergency and there is no direct doctor patient interaction.

  2. Yes I received the letter telling me they would cease FTB part whatever, payment for my daughter. She turns 18 in March next year and so I thought this is not fair, but I decided not to do anything, I certainly won’t be a vaccination prostitute for this Government or any other one.

  3. yes this has happened to me as well ,and I’m not on part A anymore because i won’t vaccinate my child after my first child nearly died after being vaccinated ,she had adverse reactions to it so from then on i wouldn’t vaccinate

  4. I have had my only payment from the government removed- my child care rebate has been stopped because I didn’t vaccinate my children fully. I was entitled to 50%, now I have to pay full price. A difference in my fees went from $120. Per week for one child plus 2 children for before school care for two days a week to $240. Not to mention my school fees. I’m better off not working. I’m being bullied by the government to do something I’m against. Consequently we are moving our family back to Canada. Sad.

  5. Blackmail to force consent is contravening human rights. We let too many Nazis come to Australia after WWII

  6. Surely everybody in the nation must know by now that the sole purpose of Centrelink is to put as many hurdles as possible in your way to claim what you are entitled to in any given situation.A past acquaintance of mine was most reluctant to admit who he actually worked for,such was his embarrassment with this govt department.

  7. yes, apparently I’m to vaccinate ALL of my five children (who are happily non-vaccinated), including my 15yr old who I can’t even access her medical records to check her history! Cos apparently 14-15yr olds are sensible enough to manage their own medical history. At that age they still can’t even decide what to wear! And yet I’m supposed to vaccinate her up until she’s 19. :O Ridiculous!

  8. If money governs the decision to give vaccination there is a problem. I do believe it could be worth a class action against the government for discrimination. A serious allergy or anaphylaxis from vaccine is not seen as a good enough reason for medical exemption since January 2016. This is clear-cut discrimination. A family should not be financially penalised for not exposing their children to known allergens. Who would risk their kids lives for a centerlink payment… not me..

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