Chiropractor, Childhood Chiropractic, Healthy BabyWhen the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) began, way back in 1994, amongst the core group of 6 founders were 2 chiropractors. One was a local practitioner and another was from further away. They, like most chiropractors, fully supported the rights for all individuals to make free and informed health decisions without fear of coercion, financial penalty or government threats. One of those chiropractors went on to run a State branch of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), one of the 2 peak bodies governing the profession in this country.

Since its inception, the AVN has had a close, cooperative and friendly relationship with Australian chiropractors and the CAA. They had in excess of 10% of all Australian Chiropractors as Professional Members of the organisation when that level of membership was still available and I have personally spoken at many conferences and meetings hosted by both state and national branches of the CAA. Chiropractors who came to hear me have even been granted CE (continuing education) points.

Pressure brought to bear on chiropractors

Several years ago, things started to change. Chiropractors started to come under attack for supporting freedom of choice because many of them are sceptical about the benefits and safety of vaccination and were very supportive of their patients’ right to make informed choices about this issue. They were also being abused for daring to treat infants and children as well as adults, and for having the nerve to claim that chiropractic adjustments could treat more than back and neck pain.

The Chiropractic Board at that time deemed that chiropractors must not discuss any vaccination issues with patients. Chiropractors were not to have any information or books about vaccination in their offices and if a patient asked for their opinion on this topic, that patient was to be referred to the government health authorities or their local GP. In other words, chiropractors – health professionals who go through nearly the same training as medical doctors (without the emphasis on drugs and surgery) for the same number of years, were being told that they were not allowed to use their expertise to help their patients! Many of the chiropractors I spoke with at that time, including sitting Board members of the CAA, were furious about these moves!

Asking the hard questions

A few weeks ago, I was copied in on an email sent to a large list of Australian chiropractors by one of the top practitioners in this country. his question is below as well as my answer sent to him directly.

Q. should we get involved in this [vaccination] debate, as chiropractors, at this time ?

A. I’m not a chiropractor (as you well know, XXXXX :-), but Palmer went to jail (several times, from memory) for what he believed to be true regarding health. If he hadn’t done so, we most likely would not have chiropractic anywhere in the world!

If chiropractors allow themselves to be silenced, they are not doing right by themselves or by their patients. The only ones who will benefit from your silence are corporate government, corporate media and big pharma – all of whom want to see the end of chiropractic care, patient rights, the right to choose any and all forms of natural health. Do you really think that staying silent at this time will be a good thing?

The question is a good one: should chiropractors get involved in the vaccination debate or should they simply hide their own opinions, beliefs and the data their education has prepared them to analyse and just let their patients get information from one side only – the side that has been approved by the government?

On November 14, 2016, the CAA, a body that charges chiropractors for membership and purports to represent their interests with both the government and the general public, issued a statement you can read in its entirety at this link.

On the one hand, the CAA states, regarding best practice when caring for infants and children, that:

Best practice requires:

• placing the interests and wellbeing of the paediatric patient first;
• ensuring there is informed consent from the paediatric patient’s parent or guardian;
• carefully explaining the risks of care and alternatives to care to the parent or guardian; and
• identifying any ‘red flags’ particular to the paediatric patient and investigating, managing, co-managing or referring to an appropriate health practitioner.

All laudable goals when it comes to any form of treatment!

But then, they proceed to state that:

The CAA supports the Australian government’s view that immunisation is an important health care initiative. It is outside the scope of practice for chiropractors. When considering immunisation, patients should consult with either their GP or Maternal and Child Health Nurse for further information.

Now, this is a view that, I can comfortably state after personally speaking with many hundreds of chiropractors, represents a tiny minority of those in the profession.

CAA attacks the AVN-an organisation supported by many chiropractors

As if that were not bad enough, or disrespectful enough of the majority of their members’ informed and educated opinions, the CAA made a statement on their Facebook page:

Chiropractors Association Australia, Freedom of Choice, Chiropractic Care

I have spoken with the AVN Committee and to date, nobody from the CAA has contacted them about removing any link. In addition, since I was the one who set up the AVN’s web page and their links (medical, natural health and general), I can tell you that for many years, the CAA link has been reciprocal – in other words, they linked to the AVN and the AVN linked to the CAA.

Are the leaders of the chiropractic profession in Australia now guilty of cowardice? When their founder, Daniel David Palmer, felt so committed to the health of his patients that he spent time in prison in their defence, have his descendants strayed so far from their roots that their income has now become more important than their morals and knowledge?

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I revere the chiropractic profession. My family’s healthcare provider has been a chiropractor for the last 25 years. But when I see that profession so afraid to hold to the courage of their convictions that they are willing to allow their patients to make decisions based only on information they themselves disagree with, I have to ask whether their usefulness as a healing modality is in its last days?

I support chiropractic and want to know what you think

By writing this blog, I know that I am exposing chiropractors to attack. In fact, all natural health modalities are and have been under attack. There are no rocks big enough for them to hide under any longer. It is time to fight back. It is time to stand up for what you believe in. It is time to tell the government, organisations like Friends of Science in Medicine and others whose stated goal is to see your profession exterminated that you will not bow to government-approved health tyranny.

Please comment on this blog if you are a chiropractor or if you use chiropractors for your healthcare. Feel free to use an alias since you will be threatened with deregistration if you dare to become public about your beliefs. It is time to support each other!


  1. I have been using the services of a chiropractor and then an osteopath for decades as my own, then my family’s primary healthcare provider, and know firsthand that these professionals are eminently qualified to know the effects vaccines have on the human body – I believe more than any other branch of healthcare.
    With their depth of expertise and knowledge, I consider it to be a duty of care for chiropractors (and osteopaths obviously) to be involved in the vaccine debate.

    1. I happen to agree with you, SM. Chiropractors know more about good health, nutrition and the risks of toxins than most medical doctors ever will. And I know that many chiropractors are quietly continuing to help their patients access information about vaccination – but their peak bodies are not representing or protecting them and that needs to stop!

  2. The latest breed of Chiropractors seem to be getting their information on vaccines the same way that the general population in Australia is; via the corporate mass media. A recent encounter with two practitioners demonstrated to me, quite vividly, how woefully ignorant they were regarding vaccine adverse reactions and inefficacy. It appears that they are rapidly becoming as uninformed as qualified medical doctors. Chiropractor’s education has been hit with the pressure from the mainstream. This is a travesty to truth and informed consent, which is of course, exactly the way that the pharma based institutions and professions wants it. It is only predictable that the Chiropractor’s Association would grovel and dodge when threatened by the might of the mainstream, and their despicable and unethical bully tactics. Without a strong and clear character such as Palmer, it is inevitability.

    The fact is though, that darkness cannot abide the light. And no matter how much the medical establishment wishes to involve themselves with repression and coercion in order to force this “medicine” through the dermis of the public, the truth will prevail. There is a sea of giant anomaly to their paradigm in the form of autistic and other DD, autoimmune (etc. etc.) damaged recipients of vaccines. If they expect to keep increasing their profit-at-all-costs vaccine marketplace, then this swelling of casualties is just going to get bigger. And a natural result of this greed driven (and mafioso-like professional protectionism) madness is that the body count is going to rise. The more sentient in the population, and those who do not present as already cognitively destroyed (i.e., fully pre-programmed by the “disgusting” (to use Trump’s frequently used term) mass media), or those who have received a very stern wake up call through vaccine adverse reaction, will undoubtedly continue to speak up. And there is indeed a rising tide of rebellion to this ridiculous forced narrative of the purity and infallability of vaccines. It is not only the parents of vaccine injured children but also the pawns of the establishment, the practitioners themselves, who are waking to see the damage being done by vaccines, and some have the guts to speak out.

    It breaks my heart to see a humanity divided, where some amongst us would surrender any element of ethical behaviour in order to protect themselves professionally, to attempt to protect their deeply flawed paradigm and tightly held cognitive dissent, or simply their profits, by creating such harm (and mostly to the youngest and most vulnerable of us). These people must be considered for what they are: deeply sociopathological. It is high time that the profession and the industry was drawn out for its sociopathy. And this will occur, no matter how hard they fight against it, or how corrupt the educational and institutional entities are that are supposed to be the public’s first defence against such corruption.

    The medical profession itself once fell prey to the money of petrochemicals in the same manner as Chiropractors have, but it is a universal law that the pendulum must swing. I look forward to it’s return to the light side. And I thank you Meryl and all of the AVN for your ceaseless and resolute efforts to bring it back.

    1. I agree with everything you say and since publishing this blog, have received email messages from chiropractors who say that they left the CAA years ago due to their drifting towards repression and tyranny. What a shame that so many chiropractors are not well-informed about this vital issue. I do know that there has been a lot of pressure for Australian Universities to stop teaching chiropractic or other health-based modalities. So perhaps this was one of the results of that change? Thank goodness there are still so many great practitioners out there who still believe that nature needs no help, just no interference. May they not be a dying breed!

    2. No, the basic concerns of the chiropractors about vaccines have not changed. However it is now dangerous for these practitioners to risk talking about it. They face professional disciplinary proceedings.

  3. I have been an avid user and vocal supporter of 2 modalities for decades; chiropractic and homeopathic form the foundation of my and my family’s health care. I also haven’t vaccinated my children who, I’m delighted to report, are very healthy. No-one will convince me that the allopathic model has all the answers, or the right to dictate how I respond to health issues as they arise.

  4. As a mum with a vaccine damaged child, l wish my chiropractor or ANYONE had warned me back in 1980 how dangerous these toxic substances are to our bodies and how their effects can last a lifetime.
    So many people in health care know and don’t vaccinate their own children. It is criminal for our government representatives to stop them telling their patients who rely on them for advice, the truth about the long term risks vaccination exposes their children to.

    1. You are absolutely right about that and I am so sorry that your child was adversely affected by their vaccines. Every parent deserves to have both sides of this issue shown to them clearly and without any pressure before they make a decision. And YES, despite what the bought politicians, the ignorant medicos and the pharma-media claim, there ARE definitely 2 sides to this and every issue.

  5. I have been to a chiro once, not again! I am sorry but health care is not about opinions or beliefs, it should be based on evidence. the problem with much chiro treatment is that it is about beliefs not facts. I am so bored with everyone banging on about conspiracy theories – big govt, big pharma – blah, blah, blah. Obviously you anti vax mob have not had to live with the effects of polio, smallpox, diptheria and more. What we need is a good epidemic to sharpen the minds.

    1. Hi Lizzy,
      I used to go to medical doctors all the time, but never again. I’m sorry but after 25 years of medical research, I have come to the conclusion that healthcare is not about opinions or beliefs and most of mainstream medicine is based on just that,making it more like a religion and less like a science.
      It is obvious that some of you in the vaccine-apologist cadre have never had to live with the effects of vaccine injury. You don’t spend day in, day out caring for children who are autistic, have severe food allergies, diabetes, cancer, seizures or permanent brain damage.
      What we need is a good education about health and scientific information that hasn’t been funded by those with a vested interests in outcomes in order to sharpen the minds.
      See what I did there?

    2. Hi Lizzy, the medical profession (along with the drugs they mistakenly prescribe with horrific side effects from big pharma) are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US… That’s no conspiracy theory, that’s fact! Chiropractors done kill anyone!
      Surely you believe in medical freedom and people having the right to choose. When we lose the right to choose what happens to our own bodies we’re into medical tyranny and fascism. My Grandfather is Bill Werner one of the founder’s of chiropractic in New York in the 1930’s and he went to jail fighting for your right to use other modalities of health care, such as chiropractic when the medical board saw him as a threat and tried to shut him down. So please don’t speak to us about no conspiracy theories…
      I would recommend some informed reading on the polio and small pox epidemics and you’ll note that Jenner’s small pox vaccine was ineffective (in fact we never even had it in Australia) and the polio vaccine was brought out after the polio epidemics were diminishing. Then the medical professional re-named the virus to Guillane Barre Syndrome (now a side effect of the flu vaccine… probably because the multi-dose ones still contains Thimerisol which is mercury) to say that the polio vaccine had been effective. In fact if you research the Cutter Incident (article written by Paul Offitt MD & CDC) you’ll see that in fact the polio vaccine from the Cutter company was not inactivated correctly and in fact caused 40,000 extra cases resulting in 200 cases of paralysis and 10 deaths.
      You also might like to check out the ingredients of vaccines such as aluminium which is a known neurotoxin and formaldehyde (carcinogen), Polysorbate 80 (detergent) Sodium Borate/ Borax (carcinogen and causes fertility issues ) and ask yourself why so many children have allergies (peanut oil used as a preservative in vaccines directly correlates to the rise in allergies), asthma, eczema, autism and auto-immune diseases, which by the way their are now text books written on the connection to Auto-immune diseases and vaccines. AND if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories check out Dr Judy Michovitz’s book Plague and Dr Judy Wilyman’s thesis from the University of Wolongong on the connection between the Australian government and big pharma and the mandatory programs for vaccines… it’s all there, we’re not making this stuff up! If the University approved her doctorate it had to based IN FACT. And while you’re there check out the latest video on the Washington press conference where Robert Kennedy Jnr exposes the corruption in the CDC who promote the vaccine schedules.
      Please open your eyes and research… unfortunately the Australian general public take their medical advice from pharma advertisements instead of checking the facts for themselves and the journo’s wont tell you because Murdoch owns them all and owns a large portion of shares in Merck (make 90% of the childhood vaccines and GSK). Connect the dots and follow the money trail!

      1. I understand that Fox News ( Murdoch press) in the US makes about 70% of its advertising revenues from pharmaceutical direct to consumer advertising. That has to bias their reporting.
        Also, the pharmaceutical industry has now outstripped the armaments industry as the biggest spending lobby group in Washington.

  6. Lizzy, what do you say to parents whose child is now severely brain damaged after a flu ‘shot’, [they don’t call it a ‘shot’ for no reason]? I refer to a beautiful little girl in Perth who was healthy before her flu ‘shot’ years ago, tell her parents it is a conspiracy theory that she became a vaccine ‘statistic’. What do you tell Kathy Watson Jones in Melbourne that she is a conspiracy theorist following her ‘flu’ shot, a news report said she became paralysed almost immediately with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Sounds like you research extensively, so do not believe me, check the 10th Edition of the Australian Immunisation Handbook pages 94, 166, 229, 258 & 302 to name a few. GBS may be a side effect of the influenza vaccine. What would you tell Ben Hammond who who is now wheelchair bound after a DTaP [i think!] ‘shot’? He was told to have it before a hospital employee would allow him to see his new born baby in hospital. Before that he was a healthy worker supporting his family. If you say that severe vaccine injury only affect a very small minority, tell me precisely who & how many people it is OK to be vaccine ‘collateral damage’. If you reckon the good from vaccines outweighs the adverse effects, see the last question again. Why does the 10th Edition have as a possible side effect, anaphalyxis, see pages 189, 197, 207, 229, 242, 258 to name just a few? A possible side effect of this may be DEATH. An aluminium- containing placebo may have been used in any testing done, see pages 242 & 270. I thought a placebo contained no active ingredients! Don’t believe me, do your own research please. leigh hutton

  7. This is very much a political decision. There has been an active process, largely driven by the deceptively named group “The Friends of Science in Medicine”. They have been able to effectively split the chiropractic profession and see that a subgroup easily controlled by them takes the helm of the CAA.
    Both government and the higher levels of the medical profession like the model that ties health workers to a particular professional association because that hierarchical structure makes it easy to capture and control opinion within the professions- which is what has happened here.
    I suspect that chiropractors will have to resort to things like signs in their office stating “The CAA forbids me from discussing vaccines”. That would be enough to flag their concern to their patients. At this stage the most useful thing to do is to keep gathering the evidence that is there of lower than claimed effectiveness levels for vaccines, and inadequate studies of side effects until a more complete response can be made. That is not that far off- and many people are working on it now.
    In the meantime, if you are not a healthcare worker (and potentially at risk of disciplinary proceedings) one useful approach is to go on provaccine websites and complain. This is one of the main players:

  8. Hi Leigh, you’re absolutely right… Ben did get the pertussis (DTap) shot just to be able to see his new born… when in fact he would have then been shedding it on to his newborn and creating more risk according to recent baboon studies of the new acellular pertussis vaccine.

    “Recent studies have shown that immunity from the acellular vaccine wanes relatively quickly. In 2012, for instance, a New England Journal of Medicine study determined that children’s odds of catching pertussis rose by 42 percent each year after receiving the final dose of DTaP, usually given between ages four and six, in the childhood vaccine series.

    Tod Merkel and his colleagues at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suspected another weakness lurked in the acellular vaccine—that it might not block the spread of the disease. To test their hypothesis, Merkel’s team members infected baboons with pertussis. Some of the animals had been vaccinated, and some had acquired natural immunity from a past bout of the illness. None of the vaccinated or naturally immune baboons fell ill, but the bacterium lingered for 35 days in the throats of the baboons that had received the acellular vaccine. Animals that had received the whole-cell vaccine cleared the infection nearly twice as fast.

    During their infections, acellular-vaccinated baboons were able to pass the bacterium to unprotected animals, Merkel’s team recently reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. The study, says Eric Harvill, a professor of microbiology and infectious disease at Pennsylvania State University, “explains a lot of the observations about the circulation of pertussis in highly vaccinated populations.”

    Also yes, you are right about aluminium being used in vaccine research because this hides the adverse reactions to the vaccines which has occurred in the Gardasil case. They used Aluminium and now have the high rate of emergency room visits and deaths from any vaccine…(check out lectures and interviews with dr Deidre Little and many others). It’s no wonder countries such as Japan have banned HPV/Gardasil and other’s have removed it from their schedules… and yet our government persists to push it… wait maybe it’s because Mrs Turnbull has shares in Pfizer which went up exponentially when the Gardasil vaccine was listed on the childhood schedule??? But journo’s don’t report this to keep their jobs as they’re owned by Murdoch who by the way is also on the boards of Merck (make 90% of childhood vaccines and GSK!
    When you have ingredients such as aluminium (known neuro-toxin), formaldehyde (FDA states is a carcinogen), polysorbate 80 (detergent), sodium borate or Borax (known carcinogen and causes fertility problems) is their any wonder these vaccines cause autoimmune diseases? Especially when there is a direct correlation in the use of peanut oil as a preservative in vaccine and peanut allergies… also inflammatory conditions on children such as asthma, eczema and other allergies from over stimulated immune systems and an increasing rate of autism. There are even text books now linking vaccines to auto-immune diseases.
    I no longer support the Sids and Kids organisation because Sids has been listed on the vaccine inserts of dTap for a long time and yet they continue to say they don’t know what the causes are but continue to raise money for it! When babies get 23 vaccines in 12 shots in their first year of life, and it affects only healthy 0-4 year olds, it’s not a coincidence that these are the years that every child gets their vaccines and this is when the deaths occur…within days of these shots after their raging fever and encephalitic shock. Join the dots… and follow the money trail…

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