Meryl Dorey, past-president and founder of the AVN, Australia’s national vaccine-safety consumer health lobby group, has called upon Jill Hennessy, Victoria’s Health Minister, to demonstrate that, “There are no risks in vaccinating your children”.

“I am asking the Minister to do voluntarily what she is forcing upon children – to take the entire vaccination schedule over the next 4 years, starting with the birth dose of Hepatitis B, and continuing on to the 4-year old dose of DTPa-IPV.”

In her role with the AVN, Ms Dorey has spoken with thousands of Australian men and women whose children or loved ones have either died or been permanently and profoundly injured by vaccination.

“There are currently 41 vaccinations administered to children in Australia between birth and 4 years of age – more if you are of Aboriginal or Torres-Strait Islander descent. Ms Hennessy needs to take all of these vaccines and also receive an annual flu shot as recommended for all children over the age of 6 months to show her faith in the safety of this medical procedure.

“If she agrees to this, and completes the schedule without any evidence of harm, I will resign from the AVN, retire from this issue and never speak publicly about vaccination again.”, Ms Dorey stated.

The terms are as follows:

  1. Minister Hennessy must undergo a complete physical from an ACNEM-trained physician who will assess her health status, do a full analysis of her bloodwork and refer her for an MRI scan to show a baseline level of her overall condition so that any vaccine-injuries can be noted should they occur. These tests must be repeated at the conclusion of the 4-year period.
  2. A small amount of each vaccine vial is to be drawn out just prior to injection to be assessed at an independent laboratory.
  3. As required for children, Ms Hennessy must be vaccinated on schedule even if she is suffering from minor infections, currently undergoing a course of antibiotics or suffering from seizure disorders, allergies or any other acute or chronic conditions. The only contraindication will be if she has an anaphylactic reaction to a dose of any vaccine and if that does occur, she will only be exempted from that particular vaccination; all other shots will continue to be administered.
  4. If Ms Hennessy has already received some of these injections as boosters, she will still be required to stick to the schedule since many of our children are getting vaccinated and revaccinated multiple times. After all, according to the Minister, there are no risks to any vaccine.

“Ms Hennessy has played fast and loose with the truth of vaccine injury; she has insulted and denigrated loving, well-informed Australian families by claiming that there is no such thing as vaccine injury, and it is time for her to roll up her sleeve.

“Will she show her faith in childhood vaccinations by putting her own health on the line?”


  1. I think we all know the likely outcome of this but good on you. One thing I would add is the Minister must use the same vaxes as the general population. No “safer” more expensive alternatives that some in the community are able to buy and use.

    1. Very good point. Thank you. Sure all the cheap ones are all used up. Sorry.

  2. Brilliant…lets see Jill Hennessy do this haha…. she won’t! But maybe this should be sent to every single newspaper and see if they actually share this. Also every FB page related to the media 😀

    1. If you can help out by sharing this to facebook media pages Jamie, I would be very grateful! Please share the post that is on the page – that would be wonderful. And any local media that I may not have contact info for as well. Thanks! 🙂

      1. DONE…Total Jedi Move on your Part….Intelligent Combat….very much looking forward to the outcome….hope that the Media picks this up and runs with it…..

  3. The contraindication for anaphylactic reaction should be removed as they now have plenty of resusitation units for that purpose in hospitals, for this purpose.

    1. I agree – but only for government officials, medical professionals and media representatives who have been pushing compulsory or coercive vaccination policies. For the rest of us, bring back conscientious objection and the full list of contraindications!

    1. I have sent this information to Jill Hennessy today by mail and by email. I will let everyone know what response – if any – I receive.

  4. A good post. Of course the minister will not comply nor “put her money where her mouth is” .

    I once did something similar to a bunch of municipal & local government officials, including representatives of the Dept of Agriculture.

    They maintained that a certain pesticide was safe for humans, in its diluted form. And so , at the public meeting, I presented them with a jug of water in which I had allegedly mixed the diluted product. I poured several glasses , including one for myself. I invited them to drink some after which we would have blood tests. They refused .

    I then passed around the product label leaflet. I had rubbed some sticky honey on it. I asked them to read the warnings re adverse side effects.

    After I had done that I asked them if they had noticed the stickyness of the leaflet. They replied yes. I told them it was the pesticide that had leaked onto it.

    They got up and ran to wash their hands, accusing me of poisoning them. The press stood up and clapped as I had demonstrated my point very well.

    1. What a great lesson in hypocrisy – a trait that seems to be required for those holding public office!

    2. You have given me the heartiest laugh I’ve had in a long time.Congrats. What brilliant moves!

  5. Well done Meryl.. you have laid down the challenge but there is no way this Minister, or any other, will take you up on this.. far different when ones own health is put on the line than that of countless numbers of innocent babies and children.

  6. Her dose should be adjusted to weight, renal and liver function otherwise she is getting a dose anywhere from 1/20-1/4 of what a child is getting.

    1. I had considered asking for weight-adjusted doses, but I didn’t want the responsibility of killing another human being and that would be death for Jill without a doubt. What a shame she doesn’t give our children the same consideration!

      1. Can this be highlighted so that if by chance she doesn’t have a reaction, she can’t come back and say “see I told you so”?

        1. Then why would she possibly do this? What’s the point if she does it, has no adverse reaction and every goes “Well of course not, you had an infant dose” Sounds like a lose-lose scenario for her.

          1. If that is the case, why hasn’t she agreed? She is the one who has said there are no risks to vaccination and that everyone MUST vaccinate. so let her be the first person to step forward and roll up her sleeve.

      2. Anyone who disregards the safety of children and willingly puts them in harms way is a prime candidate for their own medicine at no less than a fair and proportionate dose, especially if lethal. I’d sleep like a baby if it were up to me and the dummy died because my son has autism and its heartbreaking.

        1. I’m so sorry for the harm caused to your son by vaccination! It is my fervent wish that he be able to make a complete recovery – something that will happen if the amount of money now spent suppressing science is instead invested in real research!

          I cannot however agree with your opinion about Minister Hennessy’s death. I personally would never want to be responsible for the death or for harming another person. If Minister Hennessy agrees to take this challenge, it is my fervent wish that she will not be hurt by it. I don’t believe that is possible, but if she does get hurt, she will have made a choice as an adult – something that is denied to our children by No Jab No Pay and No jab No Play.

  7. “There are no risks when vaccinating your children “is a disgraceful lie. It is insulting to the families and children that have had their lives destroyed as a result of a vaccine injury or death. I absolutely agree that Jill Hennessy should at the very least have all of the vaccines on the Australian Schedule . The Australian vaccination schedule is NOT evidence based , the health of Australian children is not being evaluated by this government. The child mortality rate in Australia is appalling out of the developed countries . The government should be investigating this statistic and the reasons behind it, not measuring our children’s health by the rate of immunisation as they are foolishly doing at present. Vaccines have been classified ‘Unavoidably Unsafe ‘ by the Supreme Court of America. This woman is not qualified to be a Health Minister.

  8. You make it very easy. The real challenge should be that she takes the vaccinations adjusted for her body weight. But we all know that she won’t even accept this challenge, as she knows darn well that that’s way too dangerous. The woman is not dumb. She knows how dangerous vaccinations are, but she just doesn’t care.

    1. I agree with everything you say Rixta. I’m just not convinced about the “not dumb” part…

  9. An excellent challenge. I suspect that Meryl Dorey will retain her AVN position for a good many years yet. These politicians love to dictate to everyone else, time for them to put their money where their mouth is.

    1. You’re probably right, but exposing their double standards is worthwhile and if she does agree to the challenge according to these terms, I don’t believe she would complete it unscathed – just like our children don’t.

  10. Wow! Terrific challenge – should be a walk in the park for Hennessy, if she truly believes in the efficacy of vaccinations. Pls keep us posted.

  11. Good on you, I think we all know the response (or lack of one).
    Also. The doses should be body weight related.

  12. Has the challenge been made public to any media (not that they will publish)?

  13. I’m amazed at my bodies reaction to this post!
    I’ve had to stay a little distant recently as my blood pressure is on the rise with the blatant coercion
    and lies and I need to stay well to keep fighting.
    This challenge made me shake and I can’t tell
    you how much a admire your guts and devotion
    over many years! Would I love to see this challenge
    taken up! I’ll share plenty !!! Go Meryl !!

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara! we are going to win – never doubt that for a minute!

  14. Wow…good job Meryl, what a brilliant idea, very logical and straight to the point!! God bless you and your tireless work for the greater good. X

  15. Well,the good news is that Meryl will stay on with the AVN,but what a great challenge!
    Jill should agree, as her childhood vaccines and boosters would have worn off by now and some of the current ones,she would not have had!
    Maybe,all ministers and senior health people and doctors who agree with forced vaccinations should do the same!!!
    Well,I for one,will be passing the message and phoning Jill’s office to see if she will be accepting the challenge so she can avoid getting or passing on any diseases.After all not only are they ” safe” but she is only required to take infant dosage.
    I wish some media will take up the story,but of course they won’t.
    Brian and Susan Cook

  16. Thank you Meryl. As Vic Minister for Health Jill Hennessey must support her claim that “There are no risks in vaccinating your children”. Hennessey must be held accountable and if she does not come forward, then we know that she has negligently put our children at risk of harm.

    Requests for evidence of vaccine safety from the public have been ignored. This is unacceptable behaviour from an AUS elected politician.

    Step up Jill Hennessey and roll-up your sleeve.

  17. Brilliant ! …..The NSW ministers can be next in line … then ALL POLITICIANS … then..and only then, will Australian parents believe anything these people say in regard to vaccines and damaged kids….😃👍

  18. This should be required of all health ministers, politicians, physicians and media who advocate for mandatory vaccinations. Time to show by example what they demand of others.

    1. Agreed! And if politicians, doctors and journalists all had to take the vaccination schedule, there would be NO pressure on anyone to vaccinate either their children or themselves.

  19. I would think this is something Jill should jump on! If she is right, then she can prove this to all those diligent pro-vaxxers while at the same time show the anti-vaxxers that their theories may be wrong, with the added bonus of having Meryl retire! Come on Jill Hennessy!! Put your body where your (big) mouth is!!

  20. What I want is this woman to take the weight adjusted dosage of all the infant and childhood vaccines in the next years ie. you simply get the average weight of children at the ages on the schedule and figure out what she weighs and there you have it – it might be quite a few more than she expects

  21. This is Brilliant. All the Ministers that are for Vaccines and saying that they are “Safe and Effective ” need to be taking this challenge to prove their point. If they truly believe what they are saying this will not be a problem for them. This would be really good to get out to the main stream media and let the people of Australia hear these Ministers response’s.

  22. Totally agree with you Meryl. I would also prefer it be according to weight. I understand that a similar challenge has been posted in the US for the heads of pharmaceutical companies with a prize of $2-300,000 if they drink the concoction. No-one has taken up the challenge for several years.

    1. No – in fact, I believe the public will be far safer for vaccinating the health ministers! 🙂

  23. Fantastic way to retire☺ and the turnballs too. They should do it publicly like the tv show hosts do😉.

  24. Great challenge! I will spread it further on my fb in Sweden and suggest this challenge should be put forth to all swedish vaccine pushers in high places too. I just want to change one thing – to adjust the dose according to weight otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.

    1. Thanks Ronny and I really did consider making my challenge weight-adjusted, because that WOULD be fair – but I couldn’t have anyone’s death – not even this particular Minister’s – on my conscience. Though she is an adult making an adult decision…

  25. It’s time the Politicians “put their money where their is”… If she declines, who will vote for her at the next election? Her days are coming to an end in politics..bye-bye. I look forward to the outcome.

  26. Meryl is well educated on this subject. I trust her with her knowledge and i thank her for her support for so many families for so many years. I wish her well in her retirement. It will be I ntresting if the minister goes though with it. My only enuireyis childrens weigh and their ammunity is not as strong as a healthy adult so the effects will be so lessoned due to thes facts

  27. i think the only the sound you hear…. is the silence of deep space…. same as the minister’s upper realm….no that’s very very deep space, no gears working there…

  28. Don’t forget the HPV shots! If it is good for our teenagers it is good for her too.

    1. Not even a whisper, Julie. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long… I’ll follow up with a call next week and keep everyone informed of the outcome 🙂

  29. Fantastic idea. I think that this should go global. And all the the people in charge that are so ‘pro’s should complete the programme.

  30. The amount of the vaccine should also be proportional by weight. If she weighs ten times a child’s weight there should be ten shots each time.

  31. If a health minister is able to say ridiculous statements like “there is no risk to vaccines” and still keep her role, then this country has really just completely embarrassed itself. (but other countries won’t notice because they are just as bad).We can’t rely on “leaders”. It is mothers and fathers that need to wake up. And speak up.

  32. Fantastic idea! However, all of those vaccines must be exactly the products you will find at the GP or any clinic and not ones that have been privately organised by the govt. Plus all before and after blood testing must be conducted by independant laboratories with valid accreditation and reputation, no testing can be permitted by govt. paid laboratories due to the potential corruption of results based on govt. invested interest. If all this is done then there will be no retirement from the AVN but actually far more work in having the hundreds of thousands of families injured by vaccines acknowledged and compensated generously.

    1. I agree with you which is why the challenge states that a small amount from each vial needs to be sent to an independent lab (of my choosing) for testing. We must make sure that real vaccines are used and not saline solution which is the real placebo that is almost never used in vaccine trials.

      And I also agree with you in that the AVN will be able to show that vaccines can and do cause actual, verifiable, quantifiable harm. Something we know to be true but a fact that vaccine-harm denialists like Minister Hennessy refuses to believe.

  33. When considering the fact that; the minister has already amply demonstrated her intend to forcibly vaccinate innocent children, against their will, why should she be given any choice in the matter.

    Accordingly, one could objectively argue that, in the current circumstances, it would be just for her to be forcibly vaccinated with the appropriate adult dosages for her weight, her children and the rest of her extended family should be also included.

    “An eye for an eye” in these circumstances serves natural justice which these innocent victims have in fact been denied.

    However if one wishes to display any humanitarian sentiment, which one could objectively argue she does not deserve, she could be provided with the option of instead immediately removing all the toxic substances and legislation from her jurisdiction, instead of suffering the real and just consequences of the toxic vaccines.

    1. Well, just or not, we can’t feel that we’re taking a moral position if we fight forced vaccination with forced vaccination. I can understand the anger, but I don’t think that sort of tactic would solve anything and harming another person is NEVER justified.

  34. Non- vaccination kills too, and far more frequently. When I grew up, in the 50s, kids died all the time, and most people knew where there was someone in an iron lung.

    1. Please do some research into this issue. Australia lags behind many developing countries now in terms of infant mortality and an excellent study was done comparing the rates of infant mortality in countries with high and low vaccination and found that the more vaccines given in the first 12-months of life, the higher the number of children dying in that period. Vaccines TAKE lives – there is no evidence they save them.

      MillerNZ,GoldmanGS.Infantmortality rates regressedagainst number of vaccine doses routinely given:
      is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?Human andExperimentalToxicology 2011; 30(9): 1420-1428

  35. Has anyone suggested Hennessy be required to receive proportionately larger vaccine doses? After all, babies and small children are repeatedly injected with single doses and they are physically so very much smaller than her?

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