Herd Immunity
Herd Immunity – Is it Real or is it a myth?


I am going to be hosting my first free fortnightly webinar on Wednesday, November 29th from 8 PM to 9 PM (NSW Time). I have chosen to run these on Zoom which is a free (for you  ) online platform that has good sound and video quality.

If you would like to attend, please contact me at this link so I can send you an invitation. Please do not share your invitation with others – just direct them to this page where they can register and I will be happy to send them an invitation of their own.

The format will be a discussion of one issue regarding vaccination (each Webinar will discuss a different issue – this one will be about Herd Immunity) following by a Q & A from the audience about issues that concern you.

There will be a bibliography available for all attendees with links to articles and other information regarding the topic of herd immunity so please do come along for an educational and (hopefully) fun hour of discussion on this topic.

Meryl Dorey

PS – feel free to share this with others.

PPS – if you would like to suggest topics for future webinars, please do so at this link. I look forward to seeing you at this event!

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  1. Immunity (in the sense “you only get a disease once”) doesn’t exist. It’s folklore, not science. Ask around and you will be surprised how many people had e.g. whooping cough, measles or chickenpox multiple times. It’s not even rare. My husband had rubella twice as a kid and a while ago I had whooping cough three times in 12 months. So that makes it simple: no immunity = no herd immunity = no vaccine derived herd immunity = vaccines are useless.

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