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Glaxo Said to Have Paid $1 Billion in Paxil Suits

Glaxo Said to Have Paid $1 Billion in Paxil Suits (Update2) –

Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) — GlaxoSmithKline Plc has paid almost $1 billion to resolve lawsuits over Paxil since it introduced the antidepressant in 1993, including about $390 million for suicides or attempted suicides said to be linked to the drug, according to court records and people familiar with the cases.

As part of the total, Glaxo, the U.K.’s largest drugmaker, so far has paid $200 million to settle Paxil addiction and birth-defect cases and $400 million to end antitrust, fraud and design claims, according to the people and court records.

The $1 billion “would be worse than many people are expecting,” said Navid Malik, an analyst at Matrix Corporate Capital in London. “I don’t think this is within the boundaries of current assumptions for analysts.”

There is nobody watching the watchers

The Associated Press: GAO: FDA fails to follow up on unproven drugs

The FDA is supposed to be the government watchdog, making sure that the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry does more harm than good. But who is watching the watchers? And is there actually a government in the US or is the government nothing more than a bunch of high-paid puppets whose strings are being pulled by pharmaceutical and other big business vested interests? Everyone who has lost a loved one to drugs which were supposed to have cured but instead, killed, should be up in arms and calling for immediate transparency and the heads of those like Sibelius and Gerberdering who have allowed this travesty to continue.