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Jane Hansen and the Daily Telegraph-Stop the Smear Campaign and Tell Australian parents the truth for once!

I was prompted to write this blog by an email I received from Jane Hansen, a ‘journalist’ at the Daily Telegraph and other News Ltd (Murdoch) papers.

Luke was a perfectly healthy 18 month old who died 10 days after receiving a measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination. His doctor tearfully admitted to his mother that the vaccine had killed her child but later changed his story and threatened her with committal to an asylum should she tell anyone that vaccines were responsible for her child's death. It was only years later that she found the courage to contact the AVN and report her story.
Luke was a perfectly healthy 18 month old who died 10 days after receiving a measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination. His doctor tearfully admitted to his mother that the vaccine had killed her child but later changed his story and threatened her with involuntary committal to an asylum should she tell anyone that vaccines were responsible for her child’s death. It was only years later that she found the courage to contact the AVN and report her story.

She has asked me some leading questions which she obviously thinks the paper’s readers would be interested in knowing the answers to whilst completely ignoring the real burning questions about the safety and effectiveness of Australia’s current vaccination schedule. The questions she asked have nothing to do with the work the AVN has been doing for nearly 20 years to  try and protect the rights of Australian families to continue to make free and informed vaccination decisions for their children. Rights which Jane Hansen would like to see ripped away from us. Her questions also had nothing whatsoever to do with what is happening in the world of vaccine science today – including peer-reviewed research which questions whether:

we are using too many vaccines too soon;

  • if our vaccines have been properly or independently tested;

  • if vaccination itself could be the cause of epidemics of infectious diseases which are now sweeping the world in record numbers; or

  • if vaccines could be blamed for the tragic explosion in the incidence of chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, autistm, ADD, ADHD, childhood cancers and more.

Jane has asked me some questions which are completely irrelevant to these important issues which she mistakenly thinks the readers of News Ltds papers are clamouring to know. The AVN, on the other hand, thinks that News Ltd’s readership would find it refreshing and even surprising to read – for once – about the truth of the vaccination issue in Australia and around the world. But will they ever see the truth printed in the Daily Telegraph or the stable of other newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd?

For instance, wouldn’t they love to know that:

  • A recent study published in Poland (a country which refused to give in to the pharmaceutical hype about ‘swine flu’ and did not buy or administer vaccines against this illesses to their population with the result that they had fewer cases of influenza that year than normal.) reviewed the medical literature on the safety of vaccination. This paper, entitled Neurologic Adverse Events Following Vaccination (which can be downloaded for free by clicking here) states:

“Reports in many Polish and foreign medical journals lead us to conclude that postvaccinal complications among children can be observed in sporadic cases and that they are disproportionate to the benefits of vaccination in the elimination of dangerous diseases in childhood.”

Don’t you think that the readers of the Daily Telegraph – and all other media in Australia – would be fascinated to know that, according to reviews of the current medical literature, any potential benefits of vaccination may be far outweighed by their risk to the developing brain of our children? For those who are interested, a plain-English overview of this study can be found at Gaia Health’s website and at the website of The Refusers.

  • For years, the Australian government and mainstream media have tried their hardest to convince parents that vaccines absolutely don’t and never have been linked with autism. They want everyone to believe that – aside from one lone-wolf British researcher – not a single other scientist had ever even suspected that injecting babies full of vaccines containing known neurotoxins (substances which have been proven to be poisonous to and kill brain cells) could in any way affect
    Laura descended into autism less than 24 hours after receiving a single Hib vaccine at the age of 2. Her parents and grandparents had to fight to have her reaction acknowledged and today, Now in her 20s, Laura requires round-the-clock supervision and will for the rest of her life.
    Laura descended into autism less than 24 hours after receiving a single Hib vaccine at the age of 2. Her parents and grandparents had to fight to have her reaction acknowledged.  Now in her 20s, Laura requires round-the-clock supervision and will for the rest of her life.

    their brains. Dr Andrew Wakefield, who had already published over 120 peer-reviewed studies prior to the article in question being released in the Lancet in 1998, dared to suggest that perhaps more study needed to be done on the safety of the MMR vaccine. He never said that vaccination caused autism nor did he call on parents to stop vaccinating despite the many media lies to that effect. Instead, after listening to (shock-horror!) a group of parents who claimed that their children’s health and behaviour changed following receipt of MMR, and conducting laboratory tests on these children along with a team of 12 other eminent scientists, he said that the government should study this possible relationship for the protection of future generations. Instead of applauding him for his good work, he was vilified, deregistered and slandered by the same media which is today slandering parents whose children have been so badly affected by vaccines. Since the time of Wakefield’s initial publication, more and more evidence has emerged and the link between vaccines and autism can’t be buried any longer. In fact, surveys conducted both in Australia and in the US have both found that despite the cover-up by some members of the media and the medical community, a significant minority of parents (up to 40% depending on the survey) believe that vaccines can cause autism. And the evidence is mounting. An Italian court recently awarded compensation to the family of a child who became autistic after being vaccinated. Not only that, but the Ministry of Health stated that the vaccine was the direct cause. Funny that we haven’t seen this in the Telegraph. Maybe we missed it? But then again, we haven’t read about the cases of autism which the American vaccine court has awarded compensation for, stating that the child’s autism was a result of their vaccination. If a story falls in the forest of trees cut down to produce your daily Murdoch rag, will it still make a sound?

  • And hey, when we are talking about autism, it’s important to realise that the link between vaccines and what we now refer to as ASDs (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) predated Dr Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 study by well over 80 years – only back then, it was referred to as post-vaccinal encephalitis. And since his study was published, a swathe of other articles have been released in peer-reviewed journals which support Wakefield’s hypothesis that there is a common link between autism and severe gastrointestinal complications. Moreover, as evidence that pharmaceutical companies have no shame, they have actually begun work to find a vaccine to help autistic children deal with the very gastrointestinal complications that Wakefield was pilloried for saying that they had! And since I know that Jane Hansen must be far too busy digging up dirt on consumer advocates to do any research on actual issues, here is a list of just some of these articles confirming Wakefield’s findings for her – all ignored by the Telegraph and her sister papers, for some strange reason.* Must have been an oversight.

◦                     The Journal of Pediatrics November 1999; 135(5):559-63

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*List sourced from Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield

  • Jessica's parents found this bright, bubbly teenager dead on the bathroom floor 2 days after she received her third dose of Garadasil HPV vaccine.
    Jessica’s parents found this bright, bubbly teenager dead on the bathroom floor 2 days after she received her third dose of Garadasil HPV vaccine.

    No lesser source than the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported last week that public health authorities are not necessarily basing their decisions about the need for influenza vaccination on the best available science. Instead, they are giving in to a seductive (and lucrative) marketing campaign being run by drug companies which makes all of us ‘at risk’ of injury and death from influenza without a skerrick of evidence to show that there is any danger at all for the majority. Entitled Influenza: Marketing vaccine by marketing disease, it is one of those rare articles in mainstream medical journals which are completely independent of vested interests – and it shows. You can read the article for free by clicking here. In amongst the Tele’s strident demands that we must all get flu vaccines or face dying and killing others, did anyone happen to see this report mentioned? Maybe I didn’t get the paper that day.

I almost forgot that I started writing this because of my email from Jane Hansen. Well, I will get to her shortly. I have a few more important things to say first.

The government and media are completely out of touch-and it shows

This last week has seen an escalation by certain parliamentarians and the Murdoch media of the campaign to vilify and punish those who have chosen not to vaccinate or to vaccinate selectively. The opposition is becoming ever-more desperate because their message is literally sickening – even to those who believe strongly in the benefits of vaccines. All Australians are appalled by hate speech. All Australians can see that the arguments being made by those involved in this campaign are thin enough to read through and are not based on anything even approaching the smell of an oily petrie dish. Science doesn’t get a look-in because real science doesn’t suit the fear-mongering agenda of these bodies.

So, while politicians are receiving hundreds of letters from constituents telling them in no uncertain terms that they will not be re-elected if they vote for discrimination against fellow Australian families (and I still plan on uploading these letters – my apologies for not having done so as of yet); and when internet polls promoted by major media outlets are virtually ignored while opposing polls put forward by tiny community groups are well-supported; there is only one road left for those running these fear campaigns to tread – the road of personal attacks, character smears and lies.

Enter Jane Hansen

And tread it they will. It appears that some prominent media representatives have a moral compass which is not only broken – it was been sent overseas for repairs where it was lost years ago. At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. At the base of the Mariana Trench. Where no light will ever find it. Get the picture?

For those of you who are unaware of Jane Hansen, let me explain that she is a ‘journalist’ for the Murdoch media and has been running her own private vilification campaign for many years against anyone who chooses to research their vaccination decision rather than just listening to their doctor.

She has penned such memorable fear-mongering hate pieces such as:

Vaccination refusals high as babies die

Sorry flower children: rainbows and unicorns won’t stop polio

Doctors warn parents to keep newborns at home as whooping cough epidemic escalates

Several days ago, I received an email from Ms Hansen which read as follows:

Hello Meryl

We are running a story this weekend about the experiences of the McCaffery family and other bereaved parents and their treatment at the hands of members of the AVN, or regular bloggers on your site. I am putting these questions to you for your right of reply.

I had no intention of responding directly to Ms Hansen though I did provide her with a link to my blog posts about the family of Dana McCaffery (see below) – links which, of course, she ignored. Going on previous experience, I would not have expected a fair hearing from her nor could I trust in any way that she would honestly report what I said.

Instead of responding to her in private therefore, I have decided to respond to her publicly and expose the incredible desperation being displayed by those in power who can’t seem to get the public to believe them no matter how hard they lie.

Q- Why did you ring Paul Corben and ask for test results for Dana McCaffery on March 12, 2009?

You wrote in your defence of this action you had a right to, but do you concede the move was an invasion of the family’s grief?

Was it disrespectful of Dana?

Why would you post your vaccination paraphernalia on Dana’s website? Was that insensitive in the extreme? 

The answers to these and all other questions concerning the McCaffery’s can be found at:

Why I did what I did – why I do what I do

A Grieving Family and Baseless Accusations

AVN Response to Sydney Morning Herald Article – 27/7/10 (you see, it isn’t just the Murdoch media that is at fault – the ‘love’ has been shared around!)

Q- What is your response to the criticism that you ‘orchestrate’ complaints to media outlets and even tell members what to write?

Was it that group which orchestrates complaints about us that told you that? You know the one… SAVN or “Stop the AVN”? As for your question, gee, I’ve never heard of an activist group which starts letter-writing campaigns with suggested topics for those who support certain issues to discuss with their elected representatives or media outlets. That really IS subversive! Who’d have thought?

Q- Is Bernice London, a regular on your site, a real person? If so is she a member of the AVN.?

No idea. Never heard of her before. Do you think she is a real person?

Q- What responsibility does the AVN take for vile and insensitive comments that have been made about the McCaffery’s.

Not having ever made vile or insensitive comments about anyone including the McCafferys – nor do I know of anyone who is associated with the AVN who could have or would have done such a thing, I’m afraid I can’t comment. Now, a question for you, Jane: What responsibility does the Daily Telegraph or Rupert Murdoch take for the vile, insensitive and harassing comments you have made about parents who are making educated choices for their children’s health? Two words for you – “Leveson Inquiry”. Oh, I almost forgot, a few more words – “GlaxoSmithKline”, “Brian Deer” and “Sunday Times

Q- Did you ring Chris Kokegei, the father of the boy who died of chicken pox, and tell him your views on vaccination?

Q- Was this necessary?

Since I’ve never heard of him, I can honestly say that I never called him. And if anyone wants my views on vaccination, they are available in almost 20 years of magazines, newsletters and website posts. Oh, and for your second question, was this necessary, great use of the loaded question fallacy, Jane. You are obviously a pro at this slander thing.

Q- He feels you, or someone from the AVN told him that he was doing society a disservice by discussing vaccination, is this true?

Sometimes when I’m sleeping, I feel as though the media and the government have somehow found a conscience. But then I wake up and I realise how silly that feeling is. How can someone possibly claim to feel that they were contacted by another person. Either they were or they weren’t. If they were, they should be able to say who the person was and what they said. If they can’t provide this evidence, then why are you even asking me these questions? Is it a slow news week, Jane?

Q- Did you threaten to take out an AVO against Cecily Johnson because she attended you talks on vaccination?

Considering the fact that I have no idea who Cecily Johnson is nor do I remember anyone by that name attending any of my seminars (though of course, there have been lots of people who have attended my seminars and I can’t possibly remember all of their names) I can answer by stating that I have not taken out an AVO against her nor have I threatened to do so since I don’t know her nor, to the best of my knowledge, have I ever had contact with her. I’m curious though. Why are you asking this question? Have you taken out an AVO against Cecily Johnson? How’d that go for you, Jane?

Avoiding the REAL issues

Now that I’ve answered your ‘insightful’ and ‘important’ questions, perhaps you will return the favour.

Q- Jane Hansen, when are you going to stop abusing families who have made decisions you don’t understand and start doing what journalists are supposed to do – investigate both sides of the issue without any preconceived notions and write an honest, unbiased research piece?

Q- Since you obviously think that science is important, will you support the Australian Vaccination Network in our campaign to get the Australian government to finally fund and conduct an independent study comparing the overall health of the fully vaccinated vs the fully unvaccinated? After all, since you believe that vaccines convey health, both you and the government should be anxious to do such a study to set the minds of parents at ease and increase our already record-high rates of vaccination. The results of this study could do just that.

Baby Ian was hospitalised immediately following receipt of a Hep B vaccine. He died in terrible pain less than 2 weeks later of multiple organ failure caused by vaccination.
Baby Ian was hospitalised immediately following receipt of a Hep B vaccine. He died in terrible pain less than 2 weeks later of multiple organ failure caused by vaccination.

Every single day in Australia and around the world, children are injured by vaccines because their parents were convinced by articles they read in the Murdoch media – many of them written by you – that vaccination is a one-size-fits-all safe and effective procedure even though an unknown minority of those who are vaccinated can and do suffer permanent damage and even die from their vaccines. Because of your refusal to report fairly, they don’t feel a need to become better-informed on both sides of this issue to learn about their own family’s particular susceptibilities prior to agreeing to have their children vaccinated. Perhaps even worse, parents of children who have already had serious vaccine reactions continue to allow the administration of more and more shots because neither their doctors nor, apparently, you will inform them that accelerating reactions are a real and present danger and contraindications do exist which they should be made aware of before continuing to vaccinate. While we have gone from 1 child in 20,000 to 1 child in 50 with autism (and before you say it – let me stop you! This has nothing to do with better diagnosis since these are all diagnosed as per the guidelines in the DSM IV) you and your colleagues have continued to claim that there is no evidence linking vaccination with autism, neurological or behavioural disorders – leading to more and more children being diagnosed with this condition which mainstream medicine has no cure for. So Jane, when are you going to step down off of your high horse and acknowledge the harm that your suppression of scientific evidence has caused within the Australian community? I await your response with great interest – as do the readers of the Murdoch media.

Keep in mind when looking at this table that Australia administers at least 23 vaccines by the time a child reaches the age of 12 months.
Keep in mind when looking at this table that Australia administers at least 23 vaccines by the time a child reaches the age of 12 months. Some of the information in this table was sourced from – – The Table itself comes from


Discrimination against the unvaccinated spreads across Australia – Your help urgently needed to stop it!

The following letter was sent today to every member of the NSW Parliament. I have removed the list of signatures though they would be publicly accessible, I expect. I have also left the petition up and open for signatures. If you would like to forward this letter and the petition link – to friends, family, workmates, anyone, that would be great. It would also be wonderful if you would consider writing your own letters to members of parliament in NSW – even if you do not live in NSW. And to contact your own members of parliament. The Health Minister in WA has already said that he wants to introduce similar legislation in that state and SA has said they are waiting to see what will happen in NSW but fully support the discrimination against the unvaccinated.

Attached is a file with the email addresses for every parliamentarian in NSW. If someone on this list would like to make up a similar document with the emails for every state and federal parliament (probably an easy thing to do – I just don’t have the time right now), I will get this out to all of our lists.

Now is not the time to remain silent. Now is the time to speak up for your rights and the rights of your children. If you don’t, those rights will quickly and permanently be lost.

All the best,
PS – I fully expect the Skeptics, Stop the AVN  and their minions to motivate their forces and to get their bots in motion to artificially boost the number of signatories on the petition started by the Daily Telegraph. So below are two screenshots. One of our petition right now – the other, of their petition. Just so we know…

Dear Member of the NSW Parliament,

Attached, please find a list of 6,163 names of individuals who are asking you to stop the vilification of those who have chosen not to vaccinate or to continue vaccinating their children. Many of these are people whose children have been killed or injured by vaccines. Many of them have vaccinated their own families and wholeheartedly support vaccination but also believe that it would be immoral and unethical to try and force anyone to submit to a medical procedure which carries with it known risks including the risk of permanent injury and death.

Australia currently has the highest level of vaccination on record. Despite this, we are seeing increasing numbers of fully-vaccinated children and adults succumbing to diseases vaccines have not protected them against. To blame the healthy unvaccinated for disease in the vaccinated but unprotected is neither scientifically correct, socially responsible or morally justifiable.

I would like to make a positive suggestion that may help to increase vaccination rates. Instead of trying to oppress those who have made choices you disagree with, perhaps you should use your power to conduct a publicly-funded independent study comparing the overall health of the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated. Many of those who are currently concerned about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines would have their fears allayed should the government, which is currently promoting vaccines as safe and effective, finally do the basic research to justify such statements.

Please vote with your conscience when bills come before you which specifically target individuals making legal and evidence-based decisions for their beloved children. Do not allow your position as an elected representative of ALL the people of NSW to be co-opted by those with vested interests in ensuring that information is kept from families and the right to make personal choices about private health matters is abridged or taken away.

Please note – The Daily Telegraph, who instigated this campaign of vilification, also uploaded a petition which started a full week earlier than my own. Despite their constant promotion and requests for the public to sign in support of discrimination and vilification, they have only achieved approximately 60% of the number of signatories that I have. It is obvious that the general public do not support discrimination and vilification. Neither should you as an elected representative of the people of this State.

Kind regards,
Meryl Dorey

NSW Government to punish unvaccinated children-Coming soon to a State near you

Legislation to ban unvaccinated children

Today, the Opposition Leader in NSW Parliament will be introducing a bill which aims to openly discriminate against your children and mine. He will most likely gain bipartisan support for this piece of legislation which, without any scientific evidence whatsoever, will effectively set up a ghetto for the healthy unvaccinated – separating them from their fully vaccinated yet somehow still unprotected peers. Keep in mind that there has NEVER been a demonstrated case of an outbreak started by children who were unvaccinated and the majority of those who contract infectious diseases in NSW and Australia were fully vaccinated against them.

Preschools and childcare centres are the target today, but will tomorrow’s targets be schools, playgrounds, universities and the workplace? If such intemperate language, as has been in evidence over the last two weeks of this campaign goes unopposed, will there be a limit to what the government will be prepared to do to segregate healthy unvaccinated children from the rest?

And what is happening here in Australia is being noted overseas as well with newsletters being issued by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, the Greater Good Movie, and other very popular alternative news sources. The eyes of the world are upon us.

Here in Australia, Leon Pittard of FairDinkum Radio interviewed Tasha David, mother of 8 children – 6 of whom are vaccine injured – for her take on the current vilification campaign. This is highly recommended for both listening and sharing with others – perhaps add this link into your emails to government officials and the media?

Informed choice vs fear and ignorance

The NSW Parliament doesn’t like parents who don’t vaccinate. It doesn’t matter if you have a tertiary education, a medical degree, have researched this issue for years and based your decision on the best available science or if your child was killed or seriously injured by vaccines you had given them in the past. If you choose not to vaccinate, stop vaccinating or vaccinate selectively, the Parliament doesn’t want your healthy unvaccinated children near their fully-vaccinated kids. End of story.

Today in that bastion of vilification and group-speak, the Daily Telegraph, Opposition Leader Mr John Robertson, added his two cents:

“Mums and dads who vaccinate their child against diseases like measles, chicken pox or whooping cough are doing the right thing. The problem comes when your child has to sit in a reading circle or play in the sandpit with another tot who has not been immunised.”

Tell me something, Mr Robertson. If little Victor Vaccinated is playing in the sandpit with Ursula Unvaccinated and Victor is still at risk, why blame Ursula for the ineffectiveness of his vaccines?

Mr Robertson states in an almost panic-stricken manner that the vaccination rates in Sydney are “just 92 per cent” without mentioning that this is the highest rate of overall vaccination compliance ever. And it coincides with the highest rate of whooping cough infection since mass vaccination began in 1953. So how can the unvaccinated be to blame?

According to the government’s own figures, 75% of those aged one to four who get whooping cough are fully vaccinated against it; a further 14% are partially vaccinated; and only 11% unvaccinated. This is not evidence of vaccine effectiveness. This is a clear indication that we need to rethink the value of vaccinating against whooping cough – especially in the face of the growing worldwide epidemic in those who are fully vaccinated yet unprotected.


There are other NSW Parliamentarians who have spoken out in equally bizarre ways.

Take this gem from The Hon Catherine Cusack:

“The zeal and success of the Australian Vaccination Network accumulating scientific fact and truth about immunisations is, sadly, having deadly effects.”

Well, if scientific facts and truth are having deadly effects on the push to vaccinate, surely it’s time to re-evaluate what we’re doing. Surely it’s time to open the forum and have a mature discussion about the concerns parents have. Acknowledging that science and truth, if allowed to be publicised, may erode vaccination programs, is step one. After that we need to decide our response. Do we bury the science and truth, and introduce laws to force parents to comply? Or do we embrace the science and truth and openly discuss the way forward, re-evaluating our policy on vaccines as we go, and showing respect to all parties concerned.

Even those within the medical community think these actions are heavy-handed

Australian Doctor Weekly published an article yesterday quoting an expert on vaccines as stating that:

“…the move has been described as heavy-handed and unnecessary by Associate Professor Julie Leask (pictured), of the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (NCIRS).Professor Leask told Australian Doctor that giving childcare centres the power to ban unvaccinated children would stigmatise families, segregate children and encourage polarisation of views.”It’s unnecessarily heavy-handed and it would be more productive to enforce underused provisions that are already in place,” she said.

…The reality was that Australia had “high and stable” vaccination rates of about 93%, she said.”

And a medical doctor wrote in a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on this issue:

Labor’s Vaccination Ban Unethical

NSW Labor’s bill banning “anti-vax” kids from pre-schools is political opportunism and would enshrine discrimination, bordering on vilification, of parents based on their vaccination choice (“Vaccine fears could lead to ‘epidemic'”, May 20).

It is simply unethical to coerce parents into agreeing to any medical procedure, including vaccination, for their child. Threatening removal of an essential service such as pre-school and childcare is coercion.

What is the problem for the vaccinated children? They are protected by the vaccines they have received, obviously, so they are not at risk of catching a “vaccine-preventable” disease. If the parents are worried about catching childhood diseases, they should line up for their own vaccinations as currently recommended.

Just in passing, unvaccinated children are sent home at times of infection so that they do not catch the infection, not as punishment for causing it.

My own experience is these types of strategies backfire terribly, and may even worsen vaccination rates. It is time for a different, more inclusive approach to this divisive problem.

Dr Mark Donohoe Mosman

We can stop this – but we need to act now!

These discriminatory efforts can be successfully stopped, but our response must be strong, it must be vocal and it must be immediate!

Many of you have been writing letters. Those letters have made ua all so proud to be associated with you. In the last two weeks, we have received several hundred letters which have been sent to NSW Parliamentarians and, in some cases, to the Federal Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek and the Federal Shadow Minister, Peter Dutton, as well (since the Federal Government is currently considering financial penalties for the parents of unvaccinated children). But it will take much more to get through the wall of lies and deceit built up by the media and those with vested interests in ensuring complete vaccination.

Make an appointment to see your local member of parliament. Take friends and family with you as support. If you have a vaccine-injured child or family member, take their picture and a short letter (just a couple of paragraphs) describing the reaction. Tell your parliamentarian that all Australians are entitled to the same respect and protection and if they do not agree, you will not be voting for them or their party again.

In addition to making this appointment, please continue to write to NSW parliamentarians with your views on this issue. I have already posted some of your letters here and will be posting more of them today if time allows. Here is a list – email list-nsw parliament – containing the email addresses of all NSW members of parliament. Thank you to our wonderful members for putting these emails into an easy-to-use format for us. You can copy and paste these into your email program (please use the BCC field if possible) in one go and your letter will automatically be sent to all of them. Remember, tell your own story in your own words if possible but if not, feel free to copy from any of the letters which have been uploaded onto our blog.

A Voice for the Vaccine Injured

In many cases, those who have been injured by vaccines (and all those who have been killed by shots) are voiceless – unable to speak for themselves and tell their stories.

I will be starting a series of interviews with the parents and families of vaccine-injured children. We must put a human face on this issue – it is far too easy to disregard or ignore the faceless, nameless thousands out there who are suffering because of vaccination, but it is much more difficult to turn your back on or abuse real families, real children, real pain.

If you would like to participate – all interviews will be conducted using your computer and a headset so you don’t need to leave your home to take part – please contact me by clicking here.

Just one more day to sign our petition

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition and share this link with everyone and anyone you know – both inside and outside of Australia. It doesn’t matter if they vaccinate or not – this is all about deploring the vilification of those who have made an informed choice or whose children have suffered from vaccine-injury. Only the most uncaring members of our society would believe that it was OK to attack loving families in this way.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 6.25.41 AM

I will be forwarding the petition to members of parliament and the Editor of the Daily Telegraph tomorrow so we only have 24 hours left to gather more signatures. It would be great to get over 7,000 to sign – your help would be appreciated.

What do members of the NSW Parliament know about the AVN?

NSW Coat of ArmsFor the last week, members of the NSW Parliament have been debating (if you want to call it that) the passage of a Bill (The Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2013) which will provide the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) – a government body which already has an incredible amount of power – the ability to once again ‘investigate’ the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). The language used by some of our elected representatives during this debate was bizarre and shocking. As one mother of eight – six of whom are vaccine-injured said when a member of the hate group, Stop the AVN gleefully told her to watch an online video of the parliamentary debate on this bill:

It was hard enough to read the hansard, so I think I might just give the video a miss.  All I was thinking when I was reading these scornful and derisive comments, is these people do not even care that my children and thousands of other children have been hurt by vaccines.  They are just acceptable collateral damage to them, invisible, voiceless and expendable.  Why would you take such pleasure in sharing, what to me is really just a bunch of bullies gleefully putting the boot in to parents like me and the only advocacy group that my children have in this country?  Do we not deserve to have a voice in society, or are we just supposed to shut up and tend to our children’s wounds in silence?  In a lot of ways the AVN is a victims support group, a place for victims of vaccine injuries and deaths to come and find support and comfort.  A place we can share our stories so that other families can learn from our tragedies and we can finally be heard.  Why would you want to take that away from us?

And did I say bizarre? Read this gem from the Hon Paul Green:

“… I can remember immunising my own child but my wife would not let me do any more of our children after that. It is such a cute moment when the needle goes through the fatty thighs of a two-month old child. It is like a hot knife through butter as the needle slides in so sweetly.”

And this statement by The Hon Catherine Cusack, is a typical example of how poorly-informed some of these representatives are about the AVN:

I understand that NSW Fair Trading has ordered the Australian Vaccination Network to change its name. That order has been appealed and it is now being considered by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. I wish it well. I point out to the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Minister for Health that irrespective of NSW Fair Trading’s success it will not be enough. The network will continue its activities and the Government must do whatever it can to protect the lives of our defenceless babies and small children. I call on the Health Care Complaints Commission immediately to stop the Australian Vaccination Network spreading misleading information and I ask the media as a whole not to facilitate the dissemination of such dangerous messages to vulnerable parents who are already bombarded with confusing information and who somehow believe that the network’s role in the immunisation debate is evenly balanced. It is not.

What this amendment means

At the present time, the HCCC is one of only two bodies in Australia (to the best of my knowledge) which are not subject to subpoena or freedom of information claims. In other words, they have the power to make statements, carry out investigations and take actions without having to concern themselves with the sort of public scrutiny which other government departments normally work under. After all, government is supposed to represent the people and therefore, it should be accountable to them. Not so the HCCC however, and its arrogance and lack of accountability is obvious in its actions since losing to the AVN in the Supreme Court just over 12 months ago.

You see, the HCCC didn’t just lose their case – they had to admit that when it came to citing a small community organisation representing parents, many of whom have children who had suffered as a result of actions taken by the very doctors the HCCC was supposed to protect them against, they acted outside of the law (at a cost of potentially millions of taxpayer dollars). The Supreme Court stated in its decision that the HCCC had acted in an Ultra Vires manner when investigating or citing our organisation. In other words – it acted illegally.

Instead of going back and doing what it was set up to do – protect the public from dangerous doctors – the HCCC instead appealed to parliament, asking for more power specifically to get the AVN. This is not an exaggeration. It is a simple case of sour grapes, and the debate in Parliament and the statements made by representatives of both the Minister and Shadow Minister for Health as well as the head of the HCCC over the past few months have made this apparent. If the law didn’t allow the HCCC to attack community groups, well they would simply change the law.

But why? Why would an organisation comprising just over 2,000 members and representing a group of parents, many of whom had already suffered so badly at the hands of dangerous doctors, become a target for the very body that was set up to protect them?

It’s all about control – and the AVN is not the only target

When moving the second reading of this Bill, the Hon Melinda Pavey stated that:

This important amendment will mean that, if a health service provider is acting in a way that is likely to affect the clinical management or care of a client, even if there is no identified client who has been affected, then the Health Care Complaints Commission will have jurisdiction to investigate a complaint against the health service provider.

In other words, there doesn’t need to be any harm to anyone – just a suspicion that there might be harm. You are guilty until proven innocent and since the HCCC sets the definition of innocent – anyone who supports without question their drug and vaccine-based policies. Those of us who use or practice natural health or discuss the issues surrounding the dangers of drugs or vaccines is, ipso facto, guilty and must be stopped.

The AVN is the primary target but if they manage to squash us, you are next. Every chiropractor, homeopath, naturopath, Bowen therapist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioners, herbalist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, osteopath – the list goes on and on. Oh and, of course, all of their clients. Every one of you will be next – have no doubt about it.

Just read the recent articles about how Macquarie University has been pressured into dropping their chiropractic degree and just yesterday, it was reported that the so-called ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’ (more likely the opponents of anything that isn’t mainstream or drug-based) is now pushing to get insurance companies to allow an opt-out clause so that private health cover won’t encompass natural medicine.

So what are you doing to protect your right to practice healing? What are your associations doing? The time is very short and if you are silent now, there will be no one left to speak up for you soon.

Health consumers under the gun too

And it’s not just practitioners whose rights are threatened by this bill. The definition of a health service provider is now so broad – and the lack of a need for a ‘client’ or ‘harm’ so blatant – that anyone who discusses the issues of natural health publicly can potentially be cited by the HCCC. This can mean journalists, bloggers, teachers or even parents who discuss vaccination and natural health with other parents.

We could very well be in the final days of true democracy and freedom in health in Australia – and the eyes of the world are upon us, watching to see how we will handle these threats against not only our right to make informed health choices, but our ability to have a public conversation about the information surrounding health and natural health.

The ultimate victims, should this legislation pass, will be our children and our grandchildren whose parents sat by and did nothing while their legacy was ripped away from them.

Please don’t let that happen! No matter where you live in Australia, call and write to:

The Hon. Jillian Skinner, MP
Level 31 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Phone: (02) 9228 5229
FAX: (02) 9228 5877

Dr Andrew McDonald, MP
Shop 18 Carnes Hill Marketplace
Corner Cowpasture & Kurrajong Roads
Phone: (02) 9608 8991
FAX: (02) 9608 0606

In addition, if you live in NSW, contact your local member of parliament. Go in to see them if you are able – but at the very least, call their office and ask them to vote against the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2013. Tell them that your vote for them and for their party will depend on them doing this.

Health practitioners – organise your patients to do the same thing – and contact your associations and tell them that your continued payment of fees will rely on them taking immediate action on this bill in order to protect not only the association, but your practice and livelihood as well.

You can also take 30 seconds to sign this petition that was started on Avaaz yesterday a few days ago and which has already gathered over 3,000 signatures”

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 5.39.52 AM

The AVN has stood firm for over 4 years under unrelenting attack by groups far more powerful than we are. We have done so because who we represent – the parents and children of Australia and those practitioners who are trying to help them – are too important to leave unprotected. Now, it’s our turn to ask for your protection – not just for us, but for what it will mean to everyone if the AVN were to be closed down by those who want to stop anyone who questions or is critical of drug-based medicine.

Wakey, Wakey – You MUST take action now!

16039428_sA couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you about the fact that human rights legislation was being considered in Parliament. This legislation could potentially block our basic rights to speak about and make decisions regarding our health. (I will be providing an update on this situation tomorrow)

Many, many of you wrote letters to Parliamentarians and some have even had responses indicating that the concerns expressed would be seriously considered. People power in action!

Now, on a related matter, an Australian homeopath, Fran Sheffield, is being taken to court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for having the temerity to upload a page on her business website, Homeopathy Plus, referencing studies which indicate that the whooping cough vaccine could be less effective than we’ve been told. To make matters even worse, this page also states that people might want to investigate the homeopathic option for disease prevention!

Make no mistake – this action by the ACCC could be seen by some as an attempt by a government department to suppress debate on the vaccination issue. It might also the first step in restricting the practice of homeopathy in Australia – especially when considering this action in combination with the current inquiry (or should that be inquisition?) into natural therapies in Australia.

So much hinges on this case!

If this case were to be lost in the Federal Court, the results could be disastrous for all of us

There is the potential for a precedent to be set whereby the federal government could use a negative decision as a bludgeoning tool to prevent the AVN, health professionals or anyone else from openly discussing information critical of current vaccination policies (or any other natural healthcare option such as chiropractic, naturopathy, herbs, etc.). The internet and the media could then be censored further and people could be left with no option but to use mainstream medical doctors and drug-based therapies even if that would not normally be their first choice.

So though it might appear on the surface that this court case is only concerned with one practitioner in one particular modality, in actuality, this is an important battlefront in the wider war we are currently fighting to protect our rights to free speech and informed choice.

It is vital, therefore, that we join with Fran and Homeopathy Plus in opposing these efforts to tell us what we can and cannot discuss. If we don’t and the case is lost, an extremely dangerous precedent will be set.

A bit of history

Early last year, Ms Sheffield was first contacted by the ACCC because she had an article on her website which discussed the failure of the whooping cough vaccine to prevent an outbreak of whooping cough that has been raging through highly-vaccinated populations worldwide. She also provided information on homeopathic treatment and prevention. The ACCC said that she needed to remove the article or face potential prosecution. At that time, Fran told the ACCC she would remove the article to fact check it but if she found it to be correct, it would go back online. Her contact at the ACCC told her they would be watching and if the same or similar ‘claims’ were reinstated, legal proceedings could commence.

The article was checked, found to be factual and returned to the website in a slightly revised version. Because of ongoing complaints about a range of articles by people seemingly intent on suppressing information about homeopathy, Fran decided to start a private members-only area on her website for any information that could be considered contentious. Those who were interested would still be able to access the information they wanted while those upset by homeopathy would no longer be troubled. This section is where the new article was placed.

In contravention to the terms and conditions of the Homeopathy Plus website which they signed and agreed to, the ACCC entered the member’s area and copied and removed the revised articles and laid charges against Fran, her husband and Homeopathy Plus.

A few things are important to note:

  • The information in the article on the Homeopathy Plus website was correct. It was referenced and it is the same information that can be found on literally hundreds if not thousands of other websites across the internet, in newspapers, scholarly journals, magazines and on television sets.
  • This information was not controversial. It is well-known within the scientific community that the whooping cough vaccine is not working well nor does it protect for long if any protection is conveyed at all. There is evidence which indicates that the current vaccine may make people more susceptible to other bacteria which cause clinically indistinguishable illnesses (b. parapertussis) and that the shot may have caused a more severe form of the disease which is more likely to kill infants and children.
  • It is a fact, based on government figures, that we are seeing higher numbers of cases today with our close to 95% vaccination compliance than we did 50 years ago with very low levels of vaccination. These facts cannot be disputed – they are just not supposed to be told to the public, apparently.
  • The ACCC is not saying that Ms Sheffield or Homeopathy Plus have hurt or defrauded anyone – nor has anyone lodged a complaint to say they have. They are saying that they disagree with what she has said on her website and based on that disagreement, she has to stop saying it. They appear to be claiming that those who make statements the government does not like are not allowed to speak. Think about the implications of this abuse of power for a little while…

In their more recent correspondence with Ms Sheffield, the ACCC stated that according to their opinion, the page on her website which discusses whooping cough:

“…contain[s] representations which convey the impression that the current vaccine is ineffective in protecting against whooping cough and that homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective alternative approach for the prevention and/or treatment, of whooping cough.

“The ACCC considers the above pages to contain potentially misleading and deceptive

statements, which potentially create a false or misleading representation that: the whooping cough vaccine is of a particular standard or quality; and that homeopathic remedies for whooping cough are of a particular standard or quality and/or have a use or benefit.

“Consequently, the ACCC intends to institute proceedings against Homeopathy Plus! Australia Pty Ltd for alleged contraventions of sections 18, 29(1 )(a), 29(1)(b) and 29(1)(g) of the Australian Consumer Law.

“The ACCC will be seeking orders for declarations, injunctions (including an interlocutory injunction), pecuniary penalties and costs.”

Rights? What Rights?

Here, just as with the AVN, we see government departments making politically-charged decisions about what a person can and cannot say about the safety or effectiveness of a drug or vaccine. In other words, because the government supports full vaccination and opposes our right to use alternatives, none of us is allowed to discuss those alternatives without being subject to legal action. But are these really the actions of a properly constituted democracy? Should people living in a free land be afraid to speak their mind about issues they feel passionate about? Does the government really think it is appropriate to censor public debate on health issues? And lastly, should the ACCC which is meant to protect consumers against fraudulent businesses really be involved with protecting the government by revoking the rights of consumers to communicate freely on such a vital issue?

Ms Sheffield is not backing down – but she can’t do this alone!

Ms Sheffield attended court in Sydney on March 1st for a directions hearing. Her seriously ill husband, who is also a respondent in this case, was unable to go due to poor health.

The email notifying of them of the charges arrived late in the afternoon on Wednesday, February 20th, leaving them only 8 days to find representation and prepare. All of the court papers which were served on her were stamped “Fast Tracked” – something which is normally only done in emergency cases such as when a person’s life or health is at risk. Ms Sheffield felt that she was being treated like one of Australia’s Most Wanted for simply stating verifiable information which can be freely found in many locations.

Fran is totally unfunded and, had a barrister not come forward at the last minute to help, she intended to represent herself because she simply couldn’t afford to pay for legal help.

Throughout this process, she has tried hard to work with the ACCC and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that she complied with the law without giving in to restrictive and anti-democratic demands from government operatives. Now however, she has now reached the point where she has been pushed as far as she can go and feels it is time to stand up for her rights and the rights of all Australians.

Will you help?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

The court date has been set for August 26th, 2013, but Fran must find and retain a solicitor to instruct the barrister by early this week. In addition, due to the importance of this case for anyone concerned with freedom and rights, Fran is actively seeking the assistance of a QC as part of her legal team. Conservative estimates are that she will need at least $50,000 to pay for legal and court costs – an incredible amount of money in one lump – but not so much if you split it up.

There are at least 600 homeopaths in Australia. Fran isn’t fighting for her company, Homeopathy Plus – she is fighting for the rights of all homeopaths and natural therapies as well as for those who choose to use natural therapies as part of their healthcare options. If every homeopath reading this were to deposit $50 into the fighting fund that has been started – and everyone can afford $50 – that would add up to $30,000 right there! Not a big ask – but a very big result.

There have to be at least that many people reading this who regularly use homeopathy (or other natural therapies which are likewise under threat). And remember, this matter goes well beyond what can and can’t be said by natural therapists but whether we have the right to question government information on vaccines. Can you spare $50 to help protect your right to free expression and choice?

Can every chiropractor, naturopath, osteopath, Bowen therapist, Chinese herbalist (the list goes on and on) donate $50 to this very worthwhile and important cause? Can you do it this week? Can you let your patients, friends and families know and ask them to make a donation as well – no matter how small?

You MUST act today!

Make no mistake: by citing Ms Sheffield for making statements that the government disagrees with, the ACCC appears to be openly saying that Australians are not allowed to dissent from accepted opinion.

Not only that, but if the court decrees that a government department can punish Ms Sheffield for information held in a private, member’s-only section of her website, no association, business or group will be safe. This could set a precedent that can and will affect everyone in Australia. Criticise the government (or the medical cartel or any powerful interest group) at your peril.

This situation is outrageous and not what we expect from a democracy such as Australia. It is time to say “Stop!”

Please send your support today and post this information onto your Facebook pages; Tweet about it; put it up on Pinterest or on other social media sites. Send this to any email lists you may be involved with. Help spread the word in any way you can. Whatever you do, please DO get involved as without your immediate action and assistance … the rights we value will be taken away.

Send what you can – $10, $15, $50, $100 or more to the Fran Sheffield Fighting Fund’s to stop this dangerous precedent in its tracks.

You can pay in any of the following ways:

FAX your credit card details and the amount you want to give to 02 4044 0153 (international faxes: +612 4044 0153)

Make a paypal payment to

Direct deposit funds into the following designated account – be sure to email Ms Sheffield at to let her know about your payment so she can send you a receipt.

Westpac Account: Fighting Fund

BSB: 032 627

Account: 198475

The legal team representing this important issue is still being put together. If you area solicitor, barrister or Queens Counsel and are as concerned as we are about this case and would like to help, please send an email to Fran at

The Australian Vaccination Network Must Go: Sayeth the GovernmentGaia Health

Freedom-of-Speech-Lost-by-Ahdieh-AshrafiFreedom of speech is being squashed in Australia. If what you have to say runs counter to what mainstream medicine and its lackey, the government, want promulgated, then dissenting views are being suppressed.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), an organization that promotes actually thinking about the issue of vaccines, was recently ordered by the Australian government to change its name. They claim that it’s “misleading”.

Click the link below to read the entire article:

The Australian Vaccination Network Must Go: Sayeth the GovernmentGaia Health.

Kim Stagliano: Autism Sucks and Then We Die

Kim Stagliano: Autism Sucks and Then We Die.

The reality – Kim Stagliano has 3 girls – all of them with severe autism. She has just filled in a probate form so she can continue to make medical and life decisions for her eldest child when she turns 18 because her daughter will never make those decisions for herself. This was a child who could count and read before the age of two! What changed? What changes with so many of the 1 in 88 children with autism – the 1 in 54 boys.

We need to stop suppressing information on the link between the autism epidemic and the explosion in the number of doses our children are receiving.

Mia and Mom!

False balance or suppression of a scientific debate?

Last night, ABC’s Media Watch program, presented a hatchet job piece called False Balance Leads to Confusion, attacking WIN Television for presenting both sides of the vaccination issue in a recent report on a measles outbreak in NSW. Because the interview contained information from both a medical community spokesperson and myself, representing the Australian Vaccination Network, Inc. (AVN), Media Watch called it a “false balance”. They called the AVN’s information “baloney” and said that the AVN’s data, much of which is  sourced from peer-reviewed medical journals, is “bulldust”

To WIN Television’s credit, their spokesperson said:

The story presented was accurate, fair and balanced and presented the views of the medical practitioners and of the choice groups.
— Shirley Brown, Group Business Director, 4th September, 2012

What proof did Jonathan Holmes, the current host of Media Watch, provide for his assertions about the quality and veracity of the AVN’s information? Absolutely none.

Did he reference any of the peer-reviewed articles linking vaccines with autism and minimal brain damage or mention the cases where courts listened to expert testimony and paid compensation to families whose children developed autism as a result of vaccination? No.

In fact, I submit that this program has breached the ABC’s own Charter and Code of Practice. This program represents reporting of the lowest standard since it attacks a group providing scientific information without providing any evidence that this information is in any way incorrect. In addition, against all tenets of responsible journalism, it openly asks for one side of a scientific debate to be censored.

It is not the role of the ABC or any other media outlet to tell people what they can and cannot know about a scientific issue. One might have thought that a program such as Media Watch would have supported open access to information. One could be excused for believing that they would have supported healthcare consumers in their search for balanced information.

The AVN has never asked for a stifling or suppression of any information in this nearly 250-year old debate. In fact, we have openly asked for more public debate, leaving the final choice up to those who are the real stakeholders in this issue – the parents of Australia’s children. To knowingly withhold information on an issue of science which is far from proven (since vaccines are never scientifically tested using real control groups and true placebos – the gold-standard of medical testing) is not only wrong – it is unscientific. The medical community itself considers vaccination to be a controversial issue with tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide questioning the evidence base for vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Organisations such as the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the International Medical Council on Vaccination and other doctor and specialist-based bodies around the world say that the jury is still out on the safety and effectiveness of current government mass-vaccination policies.

Media Watch is wrong. There is no such thing as false balance in this debate. There is only the ABC’s obligation to enable its viewers to access and question all available information. Contrast that with Media Watch’s evident desire to censor and suppress a reasonable and valid viewpoint in a scientific debate and you must wonder what they are trying to achieve and who will benefit from this censorship?

It’s time to break the silence and not just allow but encourage the debate. Pharmaceutical interests are frightened of consumers becoming better-informed about their family’s health rights. What role does the ABC play in supporting their attempts at censorship?

Please comment on the Media Watch page that hosts this story (and read the story transcript if you didn’t view the program yourself) by clicking here. And if at all possible, please send an email (click on Ms Brown’s name below) or letter of support to:

Shirley Brown, Group Business Director
Locked Bag 8800
Wollongong NSW 2500

Be sure to include me in the CC or BCC field on your emails – Meryl Dorey

PS – you may have noted that I have a different email address on this posting. That is because the AVN’s website was overwhelmed with people seeking information after last night’s media watch program. I have checked with our web host and they have confirmed that this was not a DDoS attack but a genuine surge of people trying to get information from the website. We have updated our hosting plan and are being moved to a larger server to ensure that the demand won’t take our website down again. Please bear with us – this move should not take more than 24 hours. I hope the ABC are watching what is occurring. If their audience is this interested in both sides of the vaccination issue, who is Jonathan Holmes to say they can’t access it?

‘Anti Vaxxer’ the new dirty word?


The author of this guest-blog has asked to remain anonymous due to her fear of being targeted by the Australian Skeptics and Stop the AVN. She is the parent of vaccine-damaged children – some of whom are on the autistic spectrum. She found Peter Bowditch’s assaults against families of vaccine-injured children to be incredibly disturbing. As a result, she chose to write about her fears regarding where society is headed when parents who love and cherish their children can be abused because of their health choices. If you agree that nobody has the right to treat another individual in this way, please make a supportive comment on this blog page. It doesn’t matter whether you are pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine or somewhere in the middle – any decent human being would have to accept that harassment, abuse and discrimination are never justified. Oppose Peter Bowditch and the incredibly vile comments of those who support him by speaking up for the right to make our own choices on this and all health issues. If you are on Twitter, please use the hashtag #DumpBowditch on your tweets to encourage Mia Freedman of Mamamia and other venues where this man publishes his hate-speech to no longer allow him an opportunity for abuse. Feel free to drop them a line as well, telling them how you feel about this issue.

Our history is full of people using terms to incite hostility, fear and resentment against other groups, and now is the age of the ‘Anti Vaxxer’ – the title given to people who question the safety and in some cases the necessity of vaccinations.

If you look in the newspapers or on the internet, you will see that people who question vaccine safety are ridiculed, condemned and discriminated against on quite a regular basis.  You might think, “Surely this behaviour is not promoted by supposedly intelligent, rational beings in this day and age?”, but unfortunately you would be wrong.

Just look at this list of recent quotes from newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and blogs and articles from around the world…

“Parents who dodge vaccinating their kids are pocketing thousands of dollars”[1]

“…babies die because of the antivaccination movement.”[2]

“Bill Gates Says Anti-Vaccine Autism Groups “Kill Children” — And He’s Right”[3]

“NSW paediatrician Dr Chris Ingall added this: “We’re appalled at how many kids are getting whooping cough because the chardonnay set and the alternatives don’t vaccinate their children.”[4]

When did raising your child with love, respect, a healthy diet, plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise, while limiting their exposure to toxins become a crime?

If you listen to what these people are saying, anyone who does not vaccinate their child is a money grabbing, disease causing, child killer.

So who are these supposed child killers’?

Many are parents who have vaccine injured/killed children; some are educated and health-conscious individuals who want a more natural approach to good health; and some are alternative practitioners, doctors or scientists. Do any of these groups sound like child killers to you? What they all have in common is something that most of us take for granted: the belief that everyone deserves the right to decide what the best health choices are for themselves and their families

I find the hostile attitude towards parents of vaccine injured children particularly astounding, as parents of children that have been killed or disabled have always been treated with an outpouring of compassion, understanding and empathy. If the death or injury have been caused by a vaccine however, they are somehow no longer worthy of these basic human emotions.

Instead, we get open hostility and contempt as seen in the case of Peter Bowditch who asks vaccine-injured parents if they get sexual pleasure from seeing dead babies!

And how does our society respond to a man who can say such vile things?  Well, apparently it is no big deal, as he still continues to write articles for the popular women’s and children’s website Mamamia!  Is this the kind of individual who should be writing about women and children’s health?

Another very disturbing aspect to come out of this portrayal of ‘anti vaxxers’ is that the media, government and medical vaccine advocates are working together in promoting an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality. These groups are actively condoning discrimination and in turn, persecution of the Australian Vaccination Network, it’s founder Meryl Dorey and anyone associated with them.  Is this what our true Aussie spirit is about now?  Be there for your mate but only if he vaccinates.


1. To oppress or harass with ill-treatment, especially because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs.

2. To annoy persistently; bother.


1. (Sociology) unfair treatment of a person, racial group, minority, etc.; action based on prejudice


a. A racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part.

b. A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society.

We as a society believe that discrimination, harassment and persecution against minorities or any law-abiding citizen is unconscionable. Now however, it seems that it is acceptable if the minority or individual in question does not vaccinate to a government approved schedule.

What these harassers of ‘anti-vaxxers’ do not realise (or maybe they do) is that they are laying the foundation for persecution and repression of people that are just trying to raise their families in the healthiest way possible.

The path to repression begins with many small steps. It starts with the gradual wearing away of someone else’s rights through restriction of employment, public education, and government entitlements. Then comes ostracism whilst creating fear, hostility and resentment towards the group in question from the rest of society.  Not too soon after that, segregation comes in to the mix.

You may think that this is an unlikely scenario, but I cannot tell you how many times everyday mums and dads have told me to keep my children out of schools with vaccinated children; to stay out of public places where vaccinated people may be exposed to our disease-causing germs; some have even wished that all people who don’t vaccinate could be murdered or expressed a wish for their children to die from disease!

Countless times in history we have seen that ugliness in human nature breeds more ugliness.  Intolerance, discrimination, persecution, repression are all formed through fear and hatred.  Have we learned nothing from the past, or are we just so insecure that we always have to look for someone to oppress in order to make ourselves feel powerful and dominant?

If this type of hostility continues towards people who just want the right to make choices for their own families, what do we have to look forward to in the future?










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