Vaccination During Pregnancy – Untested, Unsafe and Recommended by the CDC

By Benjamin Rush

Below is a table of vaccinations which are recommended before, during and after pregnancy for American women. The table is from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -the corrupt American Government body that has been implicated in colluding with pharmaceutical interests to cover up and suppress information on the link between vaccinations and autism (amongst other things).*

Please note that NONE of these vaccines have ever been tested for safety during pregnancy  and that since the US Government began recommending vaccines to pregnant women, the number of fetal deaths has exceeded postnatal deaths the first time ever. (Fetal and Perinatal Mortality: United States, 2013)

Australia also started to recommend vaccinations during pregnancy – even during the first trimester when moms are supposed to avoid exposure to any and all toxins and drugs.

Are millions of children being killed and permanently injured in the womb where their parents will never suspect the involvement of vaccines? Will children who are born with multiple birth defects and congenital issues or being miscarried hours or days after their mothers were vaccinated ever be counted in the official toll of vaccine victims?

If you know of someone who is currently pregnant or is thinking of getting pregnant sometime in the future, please share this information with them.

If you are a pediatrician, obstetrician or other health professional, please become informed about the risks of the procedures you recommend. Primum non nocere – Firstly, do no harm.pregnancy chart

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Benjamin Rush is nocompulsoryvaccination’s USA Correspondent and the owner of the Fans of the AVN Facebook page.

Timeline to a Tragedy: Did incompetence, lies and a government cover-up lead to deaths?

The AVN has created a timeline of events surrounding the ill-fated flu vaccination campaign, from its launch in WA on the 19th of March, 2010 up to the 18th of May, 2010. It paints a disturbing picture of government incompetence; bureaucrats whose only aim seems to be avoiding having their policies questioned; lies from those responsible for protecting the health of the community; and a group of caring parents kept in the dark about the real risks of a medical procedure that caused hundreds of hospitalisations and an unknown number of deaths.George Orwell1

We have merged 3 sets of data to bring you this information:

1-    The timeline included in the Stokes Report, commissioned by the WA government to examine what went wrong with the flu vaccination campaign and make suggestions as to how to prevent the same happening again.

2-    The Right to Information (RTI) request revealing how Ashley Epapara’s death was covered up to prevent criticism of the vaccine. The correspondence in this RTI also proves that both the Chief Health Officer (Jeannette Young) and the Minister for Health were alerted within hours of Ashley dying, despite their claims to the contrary.

3-    Phone calls and emails from parents and health practitioners received by the AVN during the worst of the reactions in WA and elsewhere. Most concerning is the fact that the AVN’s information includes two reports of deaths following flu vaccine – one an infant in Perth and another a 19-year old young man near Newcastle. Neither of these has ever been reported in the media nor, to the best of our knowledge, have they been included on Australia’s national database of vaccine reactions.

The recommendations of the Stokes report have, for the most part, been ignored. What happened four years ago, can happen again. Protecting vaccination policy still appears to take precedence over alerting consumers to warning signs of an unfolding tragedy.

Our health officials are claiming there is no vaccination debate; minimising the known risks and exaggerating the unproven benefits to declare vaccines beyond question. They follow this up with an agenda of vilification against those who have the greatest stake in the issue – the parents of Australia’s children.

Timeline of WA Flu Vaccine Disaster

(Please note – all emphasis has been added by the AVN and this blog will be uploaded in 3 sections due to the large amount of information included.)

Official studiesFriday, March 19, 2010

Flu vaccination campaign launches in WA with letters being sent to all families whose children are in the target age group, urging them to be vaccinated against influenza. No information is provided to alert them to the fact that this is an experimental, untested vaccine.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A local health service in WA contacted public health to report reactions in six out of nine children who had received the flu vaccine the day before. One child was hospitalised.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A public health nurse contacted the Communicable Disease Control Directorate (CDCD, WA), telling them of flu vaccine reactions and one child who was hospitalised. Authorities reassured this nurse that “reactions are common” and asked her to report to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An immunologist working at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) contacted the Telethon Institute (the organisation being paid by pharmaceutical manufacturers to conduct a trial on flu vaccination in children) with concerns that their own child was experiencing a reaction to the Fluvax vaccine.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A senior nurse emailed CDCD to inform them of a number of calls from parents reporting vomiting and fever after receipt of flu vaccines.

Divider 1
Ashley Jade Epapara, her twin sister and her older brother received their flu shots from a local doctor. That night, all three became ill.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reports received from the nursing staff at PMH that children were presenting to the emergency department “unwell” after receiving the flu vaccine.

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Bunbury hospital called the CDCD to report that an adult had presented to their emergency department suffering a suspected reaction to the flu vaccine.

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CDCD emailed the Central Immunisation Clinic (CIC) at the WA Department of Health to confirm that they had heard of some children who were experiencing high fevers, pain and vomiting leading to hospitalisation after flu vaccinations.

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Ashley Jade
Ashley Epapara and her family

Ashley Jade Epapara was found dead in her bed at 6.30 on the morning after receiving the vaccine. Her twin sister and older brother who also received the shot are ill.

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Channel 10 News runs the following report at 5:00 PM:

Possible swine flu vaccination death – toddler dies in Brisbane

The Brisbane 5pm  Channel 10  TV News  – Friday 9th April 2010 reported  Mt Gravatt police are investigating the sudden death of  a 2 year old toddler .

The death occurred a day after the girl and most of her family had been immunised with the  Swine Flu vaccination.

The Queensland  Health Minister (Paul Lucas) said that no-one should avoid Swine Flu vaccinations.

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Samantha Keegan, A/Manager (Corporate) QLD Health, sent the following email to other QLD Health Officials:

Channel 10 have rung saying they have been informed by a very reliable source a 2-year old has died following some kind of flu vaccination.

Sounds a bit suspect as they said QPS is ‘aware’ – Police media know nothing.

Kerry White, Senior Public Affairs Advisor to QLD Health sent the following email to the Commonwealth Health Media Unit as well as to various officials with QLD Health:


Gday all, just to let you know (UNOFFICIAL) a two year old had died at Mt Gravatt, a Brisbane suburb, with “no suspicious circumstances”, we have had a TV inquiry already who says police suggested the only thing different in their lives recently was swine flu vaccination. Police seem to have left this as a possibility for post mortem investigation.

That is all we have at the moment, nothing official yet. Awaiting more detail.

Please advise total number of vaccinations in Australia, adverse events, any deaths attributed? And global?


Samantha Keegan, A/Manager (Corporate) with QLD Health wrote the following email:

Had a call from Channel 10 about a story they wanted to do on a two-year-old girl who died at Mt Gravatt this morning.

The QAS was called and police attended. There were no suspicious circumstances.

However, someone involved (think it was a police officer) told the journalise the death may have been linked with a flu vaccination given to the child 24 hours before its death, and an autopsy will be performed Monday to rule it out.

I have spoken to police media who followed up with the area to make sure no further statements of the nature were made and spoke to CH 10 News Editor about the unlikeliness of a link and the possible panic such a story could cause.

He has agreed to drop the story at this stage. No other media have called.


Email from Kerry White to Neil, Media Unit, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

Gday Neil, a police office apparently made some comment to a Channel 10 reporter abt a possible vacc connection. Samantha has spoken to police media and got them to put a stopper on that talk, and to Channel 10 who have agreed to go no further, not run anything.


Email from Neil to Kerry White:

Thanks Kerry, and thanks Samantha for setting the coppers straight.

The irony is that I provided a one-hour briefing to reps of all State and Territory Premiers and Police media units about pandemic flu in Adelaide only last week. Part of that presentation included my thoughts on how people in authority (ie. Doctors in my case) can totally undermine health programs by making silly comments about perceived safety issues.


Email from Neil to Kerry White:

Much appreciate the heads up. Please keep me posted on this one.

I’m keen to hear if this blows up. Certainly has the potential to seriously undermine the confidence in the program and I’d like to jump on it before it does blow up (if possible).


Email from Kerry White to Dr Russ Schedlich, State Health Incident Controller, Pandemic H1N1 2009:

…In QLD it seems on the latest info I can find that we have had 199 adverse events (33 hospitalised) reported from 717,167 immunisations administered. (AVN note: 717,167 vaccines may have been distributed but there is no information on how many of those were actually administered.).

To be continued tomorrow, May 23, 2014…

1,742 Reports of Adverse Events After Children Received This Vaccine |

vaccine-adverse-events-300x225According to the leaked confidential Wyeth (Pfizer) documents and a reply from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), both the manufacturer and the agency are aware of a significantly higher number of adverse neurological events in children vaccinated with both Prevenar 13 AND Infanrix Hexa, as per the Belgian vaccination schedule at ages two months and four months.

1,742 Reports of Adverse Events After Children Received This Vaccine |

Update August 4, 2011

Autism The “It” Disease: Dr. Al of the DSM-IV Scores One for Pharma


“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Goes…about your son…” “Yes…yes? What is it doctor?”  I was ready to practically jump out of my skin with excitement.  My husband and I were holding court with the tippity-top, bestest of the best pediatric neurologists in the whole of Chicago and she was about to hand down our son’s diagnosis.  “Clearly, you already know…your son has Autism.”


“Sweet!” Simultaneous high fives, fist pumps and mid-air chest bumps ensued.  “I knew it!” My husband exclaimed!  “I am so psyched!”  We hurriedly thanked the celebrated doctor, bundled up our totally cool kid and headed for the car to start texting and facebooking the good news.  “Oh the Johnstons are going to be green with envy.” I remarked, my voice teeming with satisfaction.


“Yeah,” my husband said–“and the Smiths. Man, they think they are so great with those twin Mercedes…and that whiny kid of theirs with that annoying asthma. Always complaining, “maaahmmmy, daaaaddy, I can’t breathe.” I can’t wait for the next barbecue to show off that–what do you call it? That, IEP thing our son is going to need. Totally trumps an inhaler. That’s right Smith kid, our kid is so much better than you he get’s to go to a special school!  Bwaahahaha!”


“Oh look, babe!  He smeared his diarrhea all over the window!  Hang on…I’m gonna tweet this, the girls are going to flip!  Hey, can you hand him that strip of tin foil he likes to chew on, that screaming is driving me nuts.”


My comment:


The medical community is at its most ridiculous when dealing with (or, more accurately, NOT dealing with) issues relating to vaccine injury such as the explosion of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). This excellent article written by Lisa Goes of the Age of Autism, describes that absurdity when a doctor who is supposed to be an ‘expert’ states that parents who say their children are autistic are only doing it to bodge the system and get services they don’t deserve. He says that autism is now considered fashionable and that this is a ‘fad’ that  is all the rage in polite society. Of course, this ‘expert’ should get his head out of his posterior and take a look at what families with autistic children are dealing with on a day to day basis. There is nothing ‘fashionable’ about having a child who is in pain 24/7, who can’t process information in a neurotypical way, who doesn’t sleep, eat or behave the way we expect children to and who requires help that the medical community is incapable of giving them.


‘Can’t Afford Tuition? Sell an Organ!’ Says Scottish Academic


If you thought that selling kidneys only happens in poverty-stricken nations, here’s a heads-up: It’s now being pushed here. A high-ranking UK doctor now advocates that students sell their organs to pay for tuition. Lest it seem like a bit of a joke, note that the publisher is the so-called “prestigious” British Medical Journal!


This is disturbing enough, but the role she has played in making ethics determinations in the UK’s medical system is downright frightening. Sue Rabbitt Roff is currently a senior research fellow with the Dundee University Medical School. She is on the Investigation Committee and Registration Decision Panels for the General Medical Council of the UK. For those outside the UK, this is the same agency that took Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license to practice medicine—and the panels Roff serves on make the decisions on whether to revoke licenses.


My comment:

The absurdity of someone actually suggesting that students pay for their university education by selling their internal organs should be obvious to just about everyone. The fact that someone in Dr Roff’s position is making this suggestion – and is serious about it – is downright scary! 


Bodies of infants turned blue, say parents


Parents of Vikas and Sunita, who died after they were administered the measles vaccines on Friday, had hardly imagined the life-saving drug to turn out to be a life-taking one.


Both of them had been administered the vaccine for prevention of measles under doorstep vaccination programme in Bajna and Akhepura villages of Nagaur district on Friday.


Both of them had fever followed by diarrhoea after the vaccination and died on Saturday. The family members of both the victims claimed that their bodies turned blue.


My comment:

One of the major differences between deaths following vaccination in Australia and those following vaccination in developing countries is that in Australia, the connection is routinely denied or ignored. That said, I well remember a case about 10 years ago – also in India – where many children had died almost immediately upon receiving MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccines. The original article from the Times of India stated that the children had died from the vaccine. Luckily, I copied the entire article on my computer as did several other people who were following the story. Luckily because within a couple of hours, the original story was removed and another one put in its place saying that it was not actually the vaccine that had killed these children but the vitamin A drops that were given in conjunction with the shots. Amazing the lengths to which the medical community and media will go to prevent anyone from ever suspecting that vaccines are anything other than totally safe and incredibly efficacious!

Death following vaccination – lack of reporting

The other day, I received the following email from one of our members.


Hi Meryl

Do you have any ideas where to start?

My friend’s baby died last week, the same day that it was vaccinated.  The baby was only 6 weeks old and the parents were told it was healthy and normal, given vaccinations then died that night.  They have told the parents it is SIDS. They are none the wiser and are grieving and I do not know where to start regarding getting information to them about vaccine related death.


thank you


SIDS is defined as the sudden and unexplained death of a previously healthy child. One would expect that this would mean a child who hadn’t just received a vaccination, a panadol, antibiotics or any other treatment which is KNOWN to be associated with injury and death in an unknown number of people.


The fact that this child died the same day that it was vaccinated is not proof that the vaccine is responsible for the death. It is, however, reason for further investigations.


Claiming that this death was SIDS without reporting the fact that the child had died within a short space of time of receiving a vaccine (or any other medical treatment) is something that should not be occurring – especially after Australia’s experience with the flu vaccination in Western Australia.


Reports need to be made even if the practitioner doesn’t think that the event is related to the treatment. Here is what the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) says:


What to report?

(you do not need to be certain, just suspicious!)

ADRAC encourages the reporting of all suspected adverse reactions to medicines, including vaccines, OTC medicines, herbal, traditional or alternative remedies. ADRAC particularly requests reports of:

  • ALL suspected reactions to new drugs (see drugs of current interest)
  • ALL suspected drug interactions
  • Suspected reactions causing
    • Death
    • Admission to hospital or prolongation of hospitalisation
    • Increased investigations or treatment
    • Birth defects


It is possible that this child received a vaccine that came from an especially ‘hot lot’. It is possible that the fact that this went unreported might mean that more children would get vaccines from this lot and the connection may not be made soon enough, leading to more deaths and more serious reactions.


When the Western Australian government commissioned the Stokes Report, they did so because Australia’s reaction reporting schemes are disjointed and inadequate; they did so because doctors were not reporting reactions or, if they did report, they were not doing so in a timely manner.


It appears that the recommendations made by Mr Stokes are still not being followed.


To withhold reaction reports is to place individuals at risk. This should be considered a crime and penalised as such.


I hope that the family involved in this case will take matters into their own hands and report their child’s death either to the AVN via our website or to the TGA website and report it directly by going to this page and clicking on the menu link (left hand side) – Reporting Problems.


You may also FAX reaction reports to the TGA on 02 6232 8392 or by email to



For some more reading on this subject, you may want to check out the following links:

Position paper on the role of vaccines in SIDS by Hilary Butler

Sudden High-Pitched Scream in Infant

SIDS and Seizures by Dr Harris Coulter

And this page with citations on SIDS and Vaccination from the Whale site











Flu reaction reports in the media only the tip of the iceberg?

I received the following email from one of our members. If what this nurse says is true, the hundreds of reactions we know about may only be the very tip of the vaccine damage iceberg.

Hi Meryl,
I was speaking to a nurse who works at PMH in Perth and she told me that the numbers of children admitted to ICU after vaccination is up to 25 per day and that the situation is being severely downplayed to the public. They are vaccinating for 3 viruses at once and some GPs have given the MMR at the same time!

They have known about the problem for many weeks and the nursing staff became increasingly upset and threatened to leak the information to the public if the authorities didnt do so.

Now they have but are not telling the truth about how big the problem is!

I have been very upset by TV footage of pregnant women and babies being given the swine flu vacc and it is well known pregnant women shouldn’t be given ANY vaccinations.

As this nurse said, the side effects on those unborn babies hasnt come to light as yet. It is horrific!

I can only hope this causes more people to think and become better informed about the dangers of vaccination.

Yours sincerely,

This weekend, I also received a report of a previously healthy 19 year old dying within 3 days of getting his seasonal flu vaccine too. Coincidence? The anti-choice league would like you to think that. But I remember very clearly the days when healthy 19 year olds didn’t just die like that and if they did and if they had been given some form of treatment prior to death, that treatment would usually be linked as the cause of death. Now, untested and unproven vaccines have been given a special place in society whereby any reactions that occur after their administration are automatically judged to be totally unrelated. Is this what medical science has degenerated to? Afraid so!

Hi Meryl
I spoke to one of our son’s friends who visited the grieving parents today. The boy, 19 years old,  received the flu vaccine on Monday (this week), was admitted to hospital Wednesday night with pneumonia and died last night. He was symptomless and well on Monday.


How  many more healthy children and adults need to die or be injured because the government simply did not take its duty of care seriously and thoroughly test this and all other vaccines prior to releasing them for the euphemistically-named ‘post marketing surveillance (which isn’t surveillance at all as we have found out!)?

The Australian Vaccination Network calls for legislation to be introduced immediately to require that all reactions which are notified to practitioners within 30 days of vaccination be reported. If any health provider does NOT report these reactions, there should be penalties under the law for this lapse.

In addition, we demand representation for consumer groups like the AVN on the committees that approve vaccines and also for representation on the committees that write and institute government vaccination policy.

These committees are stacked with so-called ‘stakeholders’ which consist of pharmaceutical company representatives, members of the mainstream medical community and government bureaucrats. Parents have the largest stake in ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines and require representation on these government bodies.

Possible swine flu vaccination death – toddler dies in Brisbane

The following information comes to me from a very trustworthy source who has asked to remain anonymous. If anyone reading this has more information on this case, please do contact me.

My questions on reading this are several:

  1. Why has the Courier Mail newspaper chosen not to report this child’s death?
  2. Why are there not calls for open information about the results of the Post Mortem? If this child had died after 24 hours of sneezing and sniffling, they would have had no problems reporting this as a death from swine flu – with or without laboratory tests or a final post mortem. Why the double standard?
  3. How many other deaths have there been in children and adults within a short time of receiving this vaccine and we simply haven’t heard about it because the media “chose not to report it”?

Possible swine flu vaccination death – toddler dies in Brisbane

The Brisbane  5pm  Channel 10  TV News   Friday 9th April 2010 reported  Mt Gravatt police are investigating the sudden death of  a 2 year old toddler .

The death occurred a day after the girl and most of her family had been immunised  with the  Swine Flu vaccination.

The Queensland  Health Minister (Paul Lucas) said that no-one should avoid Swine Flu vaccinations.

I contacted Channel  10  Brisbane  on Monday to confirm the  details stated here. All correct and the newsroom guy said that a Post Mortem was going to be done on Monday.

No  press release from the Health Minister  appears to have  been released yet and no other TV or radio station  or Queensland  newspaper appears to have reported on this.

I have today, Friday 16th April about 11.30 am  contacted Janelle Miles the medical reporter for the Courier Mail, who said she was aware of the story but they (the Courier Mail) chose not to report it.

I asked why , she said there was no proof it was due to vaccination. I asked her if she knew about the Post Mortem , she said she knew a little .