Are you a frog?

There is an old parable that goes something like this: 

If you try to put a frog into a pot of boiling water, they will jump right out, thereby saving themselves. But if you put them into a pot of cool water and slowly increase the heat, they will stay in there until they are boiled alive.

I’m not sure if this has ever been tested, but I am reminded of this story by what has been happening in Australia recently – and especially by the announcement today that Prime Minister Rupert Murdoch (sorry, I meant to say Malcolm Turnbull) is taking $28 per child per fortnight away from any family that does not comply with Australia’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ vaccination regimen.

Let’s recap.

Families who make informed and conscientious choices not to expose their children to vaccines which have never been independently tested for either safety or effectiveness and which the High Court of Ireland and the US Supreme Court have labelled as unavoidably unsafe products, have already lost:

The $726 end of year Family Tax Benefit Supplement Part A which is a tax rebate previously given to all Australian families. The government is phasing this payment out for all Australian starting with the end of this financial year and finishing on July 1, 2018.

Approximately $14,000 per child per year in childcare benefits which are no longer accessible to anyone who has refused to subject their children vaccines.

But wait, there’s more

Now, Rupert Turnbull has announced that families who don’t vaccinate (named, depending on the media report you see, as either anti-vaxxers or pig-headed – sometimes both!) will lose an additional $28 a fortnight for each unvaccinated child from their Family Tax Benefit fortnightly payments, adding approximately $530 per year per child to the hit they have already taken for making legitimate, informed health choices.

It is apparent that our gover-maceutical authorities are treating us like frogs. If we won’t do what they tell us to do, they will slowly turn the heat up until we either following their orders regarding our family’s health or agree to be boiled to death.

I don’t know about you, but the only end result of that sort of compliance is croaking – one way or another!

I’ve had enough! Have you?

So I’ve decided to stand my ground – right here and right now. That line has been drawn in the sand and they will step over it only over my dead body.

Here is my plan of action – I will be changing this as I learn more and speak with others who are far cleverer than I am about this issue:

  • I will be making yet another appointment with my member of parliament to try and educate them about why it is wrong to discriminate against citizens in a democratic nation. I am going to take with me this wonderful document put together by someone on Facebook as well as reading the information on this page put together by the AVN.
  • I will be attending the No Jab No Pay/No Play Rally in Brisbane on May 28th and urge you all to make your very best effort to go to your nearest rally (and if there isn’t one, to organise one!). Here is a page with information on all currently-planned rallies. I am also looking into chartering buses to bring people from my area to Brisbane. Maybe you want to investigate the same thing where you live?
  • Wherever possible, I will be commenting on articles and talkback radio programs that are publishing or airing lies about this issue. I will make sure that my voice is heard as many in the community have no idea that this is not so much a matter of health as it is a matter of basic human rights.

How about you? Will you join me in taking action to protect yourselves and your families or will you just stay in the hot water?




Is Rachael Dunlop a purveyor of misinformation?

Rachael Dunlop has a long history of twisting, skewing and in other ways, torturing the truth to suit her agenda which is pro-vaccination at all costs and despite any information. Judy Wilyman who is a PhD researcher in WA, has brought this misinformation to the attention of those organising a talk Ms Dunlop will be presenting in Canberra this month on inaccuracies found on social websites. We will have to wait and see if the truth can prevail before an audience of committed pseudo-skeptics. 

By the way, though I am reprinting Ms Wilyman’s letter with her permission, the title of this blog post and this text is mine alone.

Dear Mr. Le Count,

Thankyou for your reply. It seems that Ms. Dunlop continues to present misinformation on her website I can see why you have engaged her to speak on the inaccuracies that can be found on social websites. I will address these for you and hope that the audience on the 15.2.12 will be informed of the inaccuracies in her information as well as her affiliations when she presents the talk on the 15th.

  1. On her website she states ‘that I have misused the Murdoch logo’. This is untrue. As the author of this poster I am entitled to present the poster (see attached). However, if someone wishes to publish this poster they require my permission and Murdoch University’s permission. Ms. Dunlop did not get this permission and she also displayed the poster untruthfully by linking it to the AVN.
  2. Vaccination is a medical procedure and therefore if someone is promoting this procedure they need to make their qualifications and interests clear to their audience. Ms. Dunlop is not a medical doctor. She has a PhD in cell biology and she does research into heart disease. This should be made clear on her websites and at public forums when she makes comments on the topic of vaccination.
  3. Ms. Dunlop is also the vice-president of the NSW Skeptics Group. This is a group of largely non-scientists who investigate paranormal and pseudoscientific claims (not evidence-based immunization policies). The organization was founded by the American Skeptics who are linked to the major corporate lobby groups such as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
  4. Ms. Dunlop is also on the editorial board for ‘Focus on the Alternative and Complimentary Therapies’ which is also affiliated with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
  5. Ms. Dunlop’s websites and other Skeptic websites such as making derogatory comments about academics, journalists and media outlets, such as the ABC, who are presenting the valid science questioning vaccination. Please note that Ms. Dunlop and other Skeptics are not addressing the arguments that are being presented but knocking down the people and organizations that are presenting the science. This shows a lack of integrity and credibility in the information she is providing.

Please will you ensure that the audience on the 15th is made aware of these facts and affiliations. I will provide for you an accurate copy of the conference poster supported by Murdoch University that Ms. Dunlop is preventing the public from seeing. And invite you to provide the arguments against this science. Alternatively I hope that you will ensure that the information in the poster is provided to the attendees of Ms.Dunlop’s talk. Talks by the public need to be presented in the appropriate context to ensure consumers are aware of the source and credibility.

Again I will forward this to the community and the Health Department so they are aware of how the public and media is being influenced on the topic of vaccination.

Kind regards,

Judy Wilyman

PhD researcher

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The Secret Pact Between Mainstream Medicine and Big Pharma


















We read about it almost every day in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications – doctors, scientists, medical journals and government officials are all being influenced by payments from drug companies. These payments can and do affect the way in which decisions are made about what drugs we will and will not use; how your doctor will treat you when you are ill; whether or not a generic will be selected over a brand name medication; and how those who treat with natural alternatives such as herbs or homeopathy are treated. It has been a closely held secret for many years but now, this link has become so blatant and so many people are starting to ask questions about whether their doctors are doing the best for them or the best for their own back pockets, that damage control must be attempted. 

Dr Steven Hambleton, President of the AMA, appeared on the ABC’s Background Briefing programme on several days ago and, when discussing the possibility of a register that would allow patients and the public to know what doctors have been taking payments from drug companies and how much, Dr Hambleton said he was concerned that a register could jeopardise the reputations of the doctors on it! With more than 18,000 Australians dying every year in the public hospital system from adverse reactions to properly prescribed medications and medical error, one would think that Dr Hambleton would be more concerned with the health of those treated by mainstream doctors rather than their reputations.

Below is a letter sent to Health Minister Nicola Roxon by our guest blogger, Judy Wilyman, PhD researcher at the University of Wollongong, regarding the current situation regarding conflicts of interest in both medicine and the media. This information needs to be widely distributed and mainstream media will not do it. If you can forward this page to your friends and family, it would be fantastic and you may just save a life by doing so!

To the Federal Health Minister,
I am writing in response to the article ‘A Noble Cause‘ aired on Background Briefing on the ABC radio 16.10.11. In this article the President of the AMA, Dr. Steven Hambleton, made his position on the transparency of government health policies crystal clear. He stated that:
 ‘A register could jeopardise the reputations of the doctors on it’. In another words, the public interest is not a priority. The need for ‘balanced, unbiased and evidence-based science’ is clearly not a goal to be achieved by the AMA.
This statement was made with respect to the following activities of doctors and institutions:
  • doctors being paid to give presentations using pharmaceutical company slides and pharmaceutical funded research and statistics
  • doctors given free international trips and paid to give presentations for drugs
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives given large bonuses to sell a drug even after concerns were raised about the side-effects of the drugs
  • The hidden industry ties of academics in universities and similarly in government advisory boards.
  • The conflicts of interest in the media presentation of drugs and their side-effects
  • The conflicts of interest in Australia’s National Immunisation Conference presented by the Public Health of Australia (PHAA) and fully funded by the pharmaceutical companies
  • The hidden ties between industry and the chief-editors on peer-reviewed journals, who are selecting against articles with negative findings on drugs/vaccines.
  • Little research funding being provided for research in the public interest. In particular, the possibility that the chemicals in the 13 vaccines now recommended to infants under 12 months of age, are causing the steep increase in chronic illness in our children.
These activities of the health department are all occurring without an adequate surveillance system for adverse reactions to drugs and in particular to vaccines (which are for healthy people). Australia has a passive post-marketing surveillance system for adverse reactions that is not designed to determine causal relationships with the vaccine. This is a significant failing of the health system and means that chronic illness in the population will continue to increase – despite all the money that is being put into healthcare. It also means we will need to put millions of dollars into disability insurance schemes for long-term carers created by a fraudulent health system. Please contact Professor Peter Collignon (ANU) for confirmation of the inadequate surveillance system set up for determining the rates and causal links for adverse events to vaccines.
If you (as the Health Minister) are unaware of the ingredients of vaccines and if you have never used 13 vaccines in yourself in a one year time frame, can I please ask why you would be recommending that 13  should be used in a developing infant? These questions have been put to Professor Fiona Stanley and the Telethon Institute but they have not been answered. Instead the academics and scientists who are speaking out on this issue are being attacked by faceless people on twitter and blogs. The consumers are wanting this policy supported by evidence-based science but consumer organisations have become toothless as advocates and health professionals protect their jobs.
I have attached a picture for you to see the implications of the current immunisation schedule and in the words of Professor Fiona Stanley ‘many educated people are no longer vaccinating their children’.
Please could you address these issues in your department as consumers would like some accountability. I am happy to provide references for any of the claims made in this email. I will forward this email to the community.
Kind regards,
Judy Wilyman
PhD researcher
Wollongong University
For some recent articles on this issue, please click on the following links:

A seminar not to be missed

Fiona Stanley’s Telethon Institute is hosting a seminar on the flu vaccination on July 1st (that’s tomorrow night!) in Perth, WA. Interesting in that I have never heard of them putting on a seminar for the public before. But according to what has been reported, this seminar is in response to our recent sell-out evening on the flu shot. It’s a shame they didn’t accept Judy Wilyman’s request to present the other side so that those who attend will have a better idea of the questions parents need to ask before agreeing to vaccinate their children or to accept vaccination for themselves.

Whatever the case may be, if you are in the Perth area and would like to attend, please do so and you may want to consider asking some of the following questions:

  1. Why are you urging parents to get their children vaccinated against influenza when only 22% of Australian health care workers take the shots? (Seale et al. (2010) Attitudes amongst Australian hospital healthcare workers towards seasonal influenza and vaccination. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 4(1), 41-46). Do doctors know something we don’t about the safety, effectiveness and necessity of this vaccine?
  2. Why was the Telethon Institute involved in a study of the flu vaccine for children as young as 6 months of age when the Cochrane Collaboration’s 40-year retrospective review of flu vaccines showed that for children under the age of 2, the vaccine was no more effective than a placebo? Do you think this is ethical?
  3. What percentage of the Telethon Institute’s funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry? Do you think that a reliance on pharmaceutical funding might influence the outcomes of the Telethon’s research?
  4. Why weren’t the parents of WA whose children were given the flu vaccine in the recent trials, being run through the Telethon Institute and funded by CSL and Sanofi Pasteur, told that their children were part of a study of this vaccine?
  5. Do you think that thiomersal is safe for use in humans? What studies have been done to prove the safety of thiomersal?
  6. Are you aware of a 1 year old girl who is still seriously ill after receiving the recent flu vaccine? How many other children have been similarly affected? What do you say to their parents?

I’m sure there are many other excellent questions that should be asked. I am aware of many AVN members who will be attending this seminar and I wish I could go as well but I will be back in Perth on the 20th of July for another vaccination seminar and it’s just not financially feasible to go twice in one month.

If anyone is planning to attend and can tape the talk, that would be fantastic.

Below are the venue details – please do go if you can and represent the pro-choice side by your presence and your questions.