Vaccination During Pregnancy – Untested, Unsafe and Recommended by the CDC

By Benjamin Rush

Below is a table of vaccinations which are recommended before, during and after pregnancy for American women. The table is from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -the corrupt American Government body that has been implicated in colluding with pharmaceutical interests to cover up and suppress information on the link between vaccinations and autism (amongst other things).*

Please note that NONE of these vaccines have ever been tested for safety during pregnancy  and that since the US Government began recommending vaccines to pregnant women, the number of fetal deaths has exceeded postnatal deaths the first time ever. (Fetal and Perinatal Mortality: United States, 2013)

Australia also started to recommend vaccinations during pregnancy – even during the first trimester when moms are supposed to avoid exposure to any and all toxins and drugs.

Are millions of children being killed and permanently injured in the womb where their parents will never suspect the involvement of vaccines? Will children who are born with multiple birth defects and congenital issues or being miscarried hours or days after their mothers were vaccinated ever be counted in the official toll of vaccine victims?

If you know of someone who is currently pregnant or is thinking of getting pregnant sometime in the future, please share this information with them.

If you are a pediatrician, obstetrician or other health professional, please become informed about the risks of the procedures you recommend. Primum non nocere – Firstly, do no harm.pregnancy chart

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces which represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the nocompulsoryvaccination blog. This blog is a forum, support and information site and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice but believe that everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from the government, your health care provider and/or other medical source material to assist you in developing the knowledge required to make informed health choices.

Benjamin Rush is nocompulsoryvaccination’s USA Correspondent and the owner of the Fans of the AVN Facebook page.

Timeline to a Tragedy: Did incompetence, lies and a government cover-up lead to deaths?

The AVN has created a timeline of events surrounding the ill-fated flu vaccination campaign, from its launch in WA on the 19th of March, 2010 up to the 18th of May, 2010. It paints a disturbing picture of government incompetence; bureaucrats whose only aim seems to be avoiding having their policies questioned; lies from those responsible for protecting the health of the community; and a group of caring parents kept in the dark about the real risks of a medical procedure that caused hundreds of hospitalisations and an unknown number of deaths.George Orwell1

We have merged 3 sets of data to bring you this information:

1-    The timeline included in the Stokes Report, commissioned by the WA government to examine what went wrong with the flu vaccination campaign and make suggestions as to how to prevent the same happening again.

2-    The Right to Information (RTI) request revealing how Ashley Epapara’s death was covered up to prevent criticism of the vaccine. The correspondence in this RTI also proves that both the Chief Health Officer (Jeannette Young) and the Minister for Health were alerted within hours of Ashley dying, despite their claims to the contrary.

3-    Phone calls and emails from parents and health practitioners received by the AVN during the worst of the reactions in WA and elsewhere. Most concerning is the fact that the AVN’s information includes two reports of deaths following flu vaccine – one an infant in Perth and another a 19-year old young man near Newcastle. Neither of these has ever been reported in the media nor, to the best of our knowledge, have they been included on Australia’s national database of vaccine reactions.

The recommendations of the Stokes report have, for the most part, been ignored. What happened four years ago, can happen again. Protecting vaccination policy still appears to take precedence over alerting consumers to warning signs of an unfolding tragedy.

Our health officials are claiming there is no vaccination debate; minimising the known risks and exaggerating the unproven benefits to declare vaccines beyond question. They follow this up with an agenda of vilification against those who have the greatest stake in the issue – the parents of Australia’s children.

Timeline of WA Flu Vaccine Disaster

(Please note – all emphasis has been added by the AVN and this blog will be uploaded in 3 sections due to the large amount of information included.)

Official studiesFriday, March 19, 2010

Flu vaccination campaign launches in WA with letters being sent to all families whose children are in the target age group, urging them to be vaccinated against influenza. No information is provided to alert them to the fact that this is an experimental, untested vaccine.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A local health service in WA contacted public health to report reactions in six out of nine children who had received the flu vaccine the day before. One child was hospitalised.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A public health nurse contacted the Communicable Disease Control Directorate (CDCD, WA), telling them of flu vaccine reactions and one child who was hospitalised. Authorities reassured this nurse that “reactions are common” and asked her to report to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An immunologist working at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) contacted the Telethon Institute (the organisation being paid by pharmaceutical manufacturers to conduct a trial on flu vaccination in children) with concerns that their own child was experiencing a reaction to the Fluvax vaccine.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A senior nurse emailed CDCD to inform them of a number of calls from parents reporting vomiting and fever after receipt of flu vaccines.

Divider 1
Ashley Jade Epapara, her twin sister and her older brother received their flu shots from a local doctor. That night, all three became ill.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reports received from the nursing staff at PMH that children were presenting to the emergency department “unwell” after receiving the flu vaccine.

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Bunbury hospital called the CDCD to report that an adult had presented to their emergency department suffering a suspected reaction to the flu vaccine.

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CDCD emailed the Central Immunisation Clinic (CIC) at the WA Department of Health to confirm that they had heard of some children who were experiencing high fevers, pain and vomiting leading to hospitalisation after flu vaccinations.

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Ashley Jade
Ashley Epapara and her family

Ashley Jade Epapara was found dead in her bed at 6.30 on the morning after receiving the vaccine. Her twin sister and older brother who also received the shot are ill.

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Channel 10 News runs the following report at 5:00 PM:

Possible swine flu vaccination death – toddler dies in Brisbane

The Brisbane 5pm  Channel 10  TV News  – Friday 9th April 2010 reported  Mt Gravatt police are investigating the sudden death of  a 2 year old toddler .

The death occurred a day after the girl and most of her family had been immunised with the  Swine Flu vaccination.

The Queensland  Health Minister (Paul Lucas) said that no-one should avoid Swine Flu vaccinations.

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Samantha Keegan, A/Manager (Corporate) QLD Health, sent the following email to other QLD Health Officials:

Channel 10 have rung saying they have been informed by a very reliable source a 2-year old has died following some kind of flu vaccination.

Sounds a bit suspect as they said QPS is ‘aware’ – Police media know nothing.

Kerry White, Senior Public Affairs Advisor to QLD Health sent the following email to the Commonwealth Health Media Unit as well as to various officials with QLD Health:


Gday all, just to let you know (UNOFFICIAL) a two year old had died at Mt Gravatt, a Brisbane suburb, with “no suspicious circumstances”, we have had a TV inquiry already who says police suggested the only thing different in their lives recently was swine flu vaccination. Police seem to have left this as a possibility for post mortem investigation.

That is all we have at the moment, nothing official yet. Awaiting more detail.

Please advise total number of vaccinations in Australia, adverse events, any deaths attributed? And global?


Samantha Keegan, A/Manager (Corporate) with QLD Health wrote the following email:

Had a call from Channel 10 about a story they wanted to do on a two-year-old girl who died at Mt Gravatt this morning.

The QAS was called and police attended. There were no suspicious circumstances.

However, someone involved (think it was a police officer) told the journalise the death may have been linked with a flu vaccination given to the child 24 hours before its death, and an autopsy will be performed Monday to rule it out.

I have spoken to police media who followed up with the area to make sure no further statements of the nature were made and spoke to CH 10 News Editor about the unlikeliness of a link and the possible panic such a story could cause.

He has agreed to drop the story at this stage. No other media have called.


Email from Kerry White to Neil, Media Unit, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

Gday Neil, a police office apparently made some comment to a Channel 10 reporter abt a possible vacc connection. Samantha has spoken to police media and got them to put a stopper on that talk, and to Channel 10 who have agreed to go no further, not run anything.


Email from Neil to Kerry White:

Thanks Kerry, and thanks Samantha for setting the coppers straight.

The irony is that I provided a one-hour briefing to reps of all State and Territory Premiers and Police media units about pandemic flu in Adelaide only last week. Part of that presentation included my thoughts on how people in authority (ie. Doctors in my case) can totally undermine health programs by making silly comments about perceived safety issues.


Email from Neil to Kerry White:

Much appreciate the heads up. Please keep me posted on this one.

I’m keen to hear if this blows up. Certainly has the potential to seriously undermine the confidence in the program and I’d like to jump on it before it does blow up (if possible).


Email from Kerry White to Dr Russ Schedlich, State Health Incident Controller, Pandemic H1N1 2009:

…In QLD it seems on the latest info I can find that we have had 199 adverse events (33 hospitalised) reported from 717,167 immunisations administered. (AVN note: 717,167 vaccines may have been distributed but there is no information on how many of those were actually administered.).

To be continued tomorrow, May 23, 2014…

Nearly half of healthcare workers in California did not receive flu shots

Interesting article. I believe that the actual number of medical staff who don’t take the vaccine is much higher – but a large percentage of hospitals didn’t report their vaccination statistics – perhaps they were embarrassed by how low it was? And the article indicates that these people are unethical and placing others at risk – and interestingly, states that ‘hospital acquired’ flu is somehow more dangerous than flu that is acquired in the community. One has to wonder if that’s because hospital acquired flu is then subjected to aggressive medical treatments rather than the tried and tested fluids, bed rest supplementation and, perhaps, a nice big bowl of home made chicken soup (it worked for my grandparents and my parents and it works for my children and me 🙂

Nearly half of healthcare workers in California hospitals did not receive flu shots –

Here is my response on this page:

Instead of trying to blame the ‘ethics’ of hospital workers who refuse flu shots, we should be asking them why they aren’t taking these vaccines. And, perhaps more importantly, why when they are not getting vaccinated themselves, they are still pushing others to do what they won’t.

Recent medical surveys show that on average – only between 25 and 30% of all hospital doctors and nurses agree to receive the flu vaccine. Their reasons are:

1- A feeling that flu is not really a dangerous disease.

2- A belief that the vaccine is ineffective.

3- Concern that the vaccine is not properly tested and may not be safe.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and in this case, the goose (the medical staff) have got the right idea.

The Cochrane Collaboration, the largest medical database in the English language, did a 40-year retrospective study on the safety and effectiveness of flu vaccines. They found that in children under 2, the vaccine is completely ineffective. In healthy adults, it does nothing to reduce the length or severity of disease. And in the elderly, those most at risk from flu, it is almost completely ineffective.

Perhaps your article should be asking – why did that 50% of doctors who took a flu shot do so? Maybe they need to be better informed?

Meryl Dorey
Australian Vaccination Network

Perth Seminar, Information Suppression and Gutless Wonders

Tonight at 7:00 PM (WA time), the AVN will be presenting its Investigate Before you Vaccinate seminar at the State Library of Western Australia, Alexander Library Building, Perth Cultural Centre, 25 Francis Street in Perth.

This is the second time we have presented at this stunning venue and as many of you would know, the Library has come under an inordinate amount of pressure to cancel these events and to not allow us to book there again. To their credit, they have done what libraries have done since time immemorial – they have supported the right to freedom of information in opposition to those who would suppress it.

Presenting at tonight’s seminar will be myself and Judy Wilyman. Judy presented a great talk at our last event in June on the influenza vaccine. You can listen to the audio of that seminar by clicking here.

Tonight’s seminar will be an overview of the entire vaccination issue with Judy giving a talk to update everyone on the latest information about the Gardasil (HPV – so called ‘cervical cancer’) vaccine which has just been approved for use in boys as well as girls. I will be speaking about the other shots currently administered to children and why the information you have gotten from your doctor or council clinic leaves out so many of the details you need to know about making an informed choice.

These details include the ingredients, known side effects and effectiveness levels of these vaccines.

We had invited Professor Fiona Stanley from the Telethon Institute to present at this seminar too since we are all about encouraging public debate from both sides of this issue. Unfortunately, Professor Stanley had a prior commitment and was unable to attend.

Howard Sattler

Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from the Howard Sattler program on 6PR – a very popular Drive-Time program in Perth. They got an email from our ‘friends’ at the skeptics informing them that we were having a seminar in Perth and telling the program that we should not be allowed to hold this event. They said that we were doing this in a State Government building at the expense of the taxpayers of WA. Since we were paying for the venue just as any other group that rents this facility for their events, it is hard to understand how we could be costing the State any money at all?

I must thank the skeptics however since this email did a great job of alerting Howard Sattler to the fact that we were once again in town and, though he does not agree with the AVN on our vaccination stance, he is a strong proponent of freedom of speech and democracy so he had his producer call to get me into the studio for a discussion on our seminar.

That discussion can be heard by clicking the link below:

[buzzsprout episode=”9991″ player=”true”]

I have to thank the ‘skeptics’ for their assistance in giving us this extra publicity. I’m sure that there were many thousands of parents listening to the program and hopefully, many of them will now be going to their doctors to ask questions about this procedure and also, coming along to the seminar to hear the other side of this issue.

Those who listened to the show would have learned the following facts:

1- Vaccination is not compulsory. You can send your child to school, preschool or childcare whether you vaccinate fully, partially or not at all.

2- You cannot lose any government financial entitlements if you don’t vaccinate or don’t vaccinate fully. All you need to do is register as a conscientious objector and you will be able to get all of your entitlements. (If you listen to the program, be sure an hear how a grandmother who is caring for her 4-year old grandchild was bullied into vaccinating this child who had already been seriously injured by vaccines because she was told that government entitlements that she needed would be withheld if she stopped the shots – a complete and absolute lie!)

3- Vaccines may not be as safe or as effective as we have been told they are and doctors and the government do not give full information about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines which is why the AVN is needed to balance the government’s data and ‘fill in the blanks’ that have been left by these omissions.

4- Most reactions are not reported and they need to be.

Gutless Wonders

While I was on the show, Howard’s producer kept coming into the studio with print-outs of emails and tweets that were bouncing around in cyberspace asking people to call into the program and challenge me on what I was saying. Interestingly, though there was no filtering of callers and though people could have called in from anywhere in Australia, it seemed to be impossible to get the skeptics to actually call in because other than the last caller who was much too respectful to be one of that cadre, all of the calls were from people whose children or grandchildren had already had serious reactions or from people who were questioning vaccination. Why is it that they are so brave when they are tweeting to each other and yet, they are completely unwilling to support their stance with information?

Howard said that they (those who were so busy tweeting to ask others to call in) were gutless wonders and I have to agree with that remark.

For years now, I have had an open challenge to anyone – doctor, immunologist, government health official – to meet me in a public venue with an independent emcee – in front of a public audience – to debate the benefits and risks of vaccination. For all those years, not one person has ever accepted that challenge.

A young immunology student, Tom Sidwell, said he would accept a few months ago (you can read the entire exchange by clicking here) but when it came to the crunch, despite the fact that I was willing to negotiate the terms to his satisfaction, Tom refused a public debate, insisting on one conducted via the internet – not at all what I had asked for and he had agreed to.

Where is the Debate?

So while we are constantly hearing about this ‘vaccination debate’ that is taking place in the community, I see very little evidence that it actually exists.

Shows like Howard Sattler’s are a rare breed in that they are willing to allow their audience to access different viewpoints – even if they are not necessarily popular – and to make up their own minds. Other outlets, though they seem to thrive on political, sexual and environmental controversy, find this issue just a bit too hard to cover fairly. Perhaps they are concerned with loss of sponsorship or threats from the medical community? I’m really not sure.

In any case, if you feel that what Howard has done in allowing his listeners access to both sides of this issue is important and you would like to let him know you appreciate it, please drop him a line by clicking this link.

All I know is that there is no public vaccination debate and there needs to be.

Flu Vaccination Seminar – Perth June 1, 2010

[buzzsprout episode=”6152″ player=”true”]

For those who were unable to attend our seminar at the beginning of June, here is the full audio of both talks – mine and Judy Wilyman’s – as well as question time.

Please excuse the delay in getting this posted, but the technology had me a bit stymied. Now that I know how this works, expect more podcasts in the future 🙂

For those in Perth who would like to see one of our seminars, you are in luck! We are hosting another great event at the State Library on July 20th. To book tickets, please click here if you are booking a single ticket or click here for our special price on 2 tickets. You will also find further details on these links.

Last page of letters from AVN members to the WA State Library

My apologies for the long delay in getting these letters posted to the blog. It has been very busy here but this has been in the back of my mind to be sure and get it done before I leave for Perth so I’m happy to have been able to do that in time!

If I have missed out on anyone’s letter, please accept my apology. I have tried to make sure that every letter was not only posted to the blog but that I wrote back to everyone who sent a letter – acknowledging their contribution and thanking them. If anyone was missed out – it was not intentional.

Following is the letter that Margaret Allen, CEO of the State Library, has been sending to the Skeptic supporters who are asking to have this seminar cancelled. Despite an enormous amount of pressure – an almost unbelievable amount – Ms Allen has resisted with grace and intelligence. Of course, this is exactly what we would expect from a Librarian – since libraries have been the repositories and defenders of free access to information for millennia.

The State Library of Western Australia provides facilities and services to the community of Western Australia as a whole; inevitably from time to time this may include interest groups with views that some may find controversial.

The State Library does not make any judgment about individuals, groups or organizations, unless there is a clear breach of law, policies or procedures, in which case we may act to exclude clients.

I acknowledge your opposition to the Australian Vaccination Network but this does not provide grounds for the State Library to exclude this group from using a public facility for lawful means.


Margaret Allen

Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian

I have been given permission to allow the following letter writer’s name and details stand since she would be easy enough to identify just by the content of her letter. It is incredible that in a free society, we have to be afraid to speak our truth for fear of those who claim they are supporting freedom but instead, are open suppressing it. Here’s to brave Kate and to the homoeopathic associations in Australia and around the world that are facing serious threats from those who want to maintain their monopoly on patient care.

Dear Meryl,

I will be supporting the AVN meeting in Perth on 1st June.

I am delighted that you are now able to come over and hold an open forum about this thorny subject.

As a Health professional for over 43 years, firstly in the UK NHS as a Registered Nurse Midwife and Health Visitor for 18 years, experienced in child care in the community, and for 28 years as a registered Homeopath in the UK and Australia as a practitioner, assessor for the Homeopathic registers in both countries, and currently Vice President for the WA Australian Homeopathic Association.

I am very concerned at the side effects vaccination given before the age of 6 months can cause.

I have seen a lot of ‘side effects’ ranging from actual death, brain damage, severe epilepsy and other problems such as recurrent infections and ‘glue’ ear, gut and kidney problems as well as profound behavioural and functional difficulties.

These may well be classed as ‘anecdotal’ by a sceptical uncaring ‘scientific’ minority, but as a mother of 3 children now in their early 30’s who also experienced serious health problems after vaccination I can vouch for the effect it has on their development and the difficulties of managing these children.

I have spent many years in assisting thousands of children and their families on both the orthodox and alternative sides of the fence, and sadly, have seen the breakup of too many families due to the stress caused by this situation.

It is difficult enough bringing up a young family but to have added problems brought on by well-intentioned medical intervention is intolerable. Worse still is not to be heard and put down as a hysterical unfit mother.

Yours sincerely

Kate Diamantopoulo


AROH AHA Australia


Arnica Montana Pty Ltd

The Physician’s Prayer

From inability to let well alone,

From too much zeal for the new

And contempt for what is old;

From putting knowledge before wisdom,

Science before art, and cleverness

before common sense;

For making the cure of disease more

grievous than the endurance of the same;

Good Lord deliver us

Sir Robert Hutchison

Dear Margaret,

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in getting a venue for AVN to give their important talk.

My patients, my associates, my family and myself will be there.



Hi Margaret,

I hope you do not get too inundated with emails about the AVN seminar, but I do think it is important to support your decision to provide your venue.  This should not even be necessary really, as we live in a country of free speech and liberty, and what Meryl has to say is not quackery or irresponsible information.  It is just encouraging parents to consider all options and be aware of their choices.

As a parent, a health professional (I am a speech pathologist), and a mother, I can say that it is important that parents are able to have access to information that gives them a balanced view to make a choice.

In our chiropractic practice many of our clients are vaccinated and many are not, but I know one thing – most of them research their decisions heavily and if they do vaccinate, they do a number of things nutritionally and health-wise to ensure their child has a reduced chance of reaction.

It is vitally important that they know what both decisions involve, and if they do choose to vaccinate, that they are aware of things that can help to reduce reactions.

I have worked as a health professional for over 10 years and I have seen many children react to vaccinations … sometimes quite severely, and I know that some of these could have been prevented.

I know personally of a number of families on the Sunshine Coast here who have taken their kids to the hospital after severe fevers and febrile vomiting from H1NI to be told that they couldn’t have possibly reacted to the vaccination they just had, and the Dr refused to document any reaction.  I don’t know about you, but I would think that it is time that we did look at what is happening when our health professionals are too scared to report reactions and do their duty of care for children.

The group of people that may start targeting and pressuring you to stop the seminar are very extreme in their views, and funnily enough, more extreme than Meryl and the thousands of parents that choose to research and make decisions about their children’s health rather than blindly following the “pack”.

Given the problems that have happened recently with the under 5 flu vaccine (which was barely tested short term, let alone longitudinally on children) we need to be vigilant as parents and be responsible for our decisions.

It is no longer safe to just give our kids chemicals without researching them.  It is not the job of the drug companies to say that their products are safe.   I always come back to one thing – thalidomide was considered safe, smoking was considered safe and HRT was considered safe.  We should always research and consider what we put into our bodies (and especially the bodies of our children) very carefully.

Our country was built on freedom of speech and free communication and It would be a tragedy for this to stop.  Thank you for assuring the AVN that you will allow Meryl to speak.  I hope that you can see her present the information – I have seen her before and I was pleasantly surprised at how factual, professional, clear and objective her information is.  She is an excellent speaker and comes from an angle of support and encouragement rather than fear and propaganda.  You will probably already have realized this by her dealings with you and your library.

I suspect that you may not receive such rational communication from the group that is against her presentation.  Thank you for supporting the freedom for parents to make responsible, informed decision for their children.

Kind regards


Dear M/s Allen,

I am sure that your support for the above event will be well approved by any person wanting to do their best for the entire community (children and adults) on this freechoice scenario and debate.

This lecture must proceed with the blessings of all free thinking citizens and the blessings of many, indeed, members of the Australian Vaccination Network.



The AVN seminar on June 1st is designed to allow people to become better informed about vaccination issues at a time when there is increasing controversy and media coverage of this issue.

The AVN is not about knocking any particular belief and I never fail to be angered by the vigorous opposition to our fundamental right to make our own choices regarding health.

Meryl Dorey has stood strong in the face of the most vicious verbal attacks by uninformed persons, in order to allow free thinkers to access vital information.

Please help her and the AVN by resisting any moves to stop this enormously important event. After all, knowledge is empowering.



I am an avid supporter of informed consent.  To allow information to flow freely amongst the masses, we need to provide a spectrum of information; so then the masses are able to make choices.

It took me 2 years to decide not to vaccinate, with all the information.  I am now proud to say I do not agree with the decisions encouraged by the government.  They are now locked in and cannot move to make decisions for the best of the health of the children.

The whole program of vaccination is now out of control, and the process of engaging public health, was not set out and recorded properly in the first place.  Financial assistance to provide accurate research is tainted by the pharmaceutical companies, and there is a lot of money involved, which keeps the wheels turning, by a few decision makers who have their hand in the pot of gold.


I find the loss of free speech by those wishing to cover up truth abhorrent to me and my belief in God shaken by those who should uphold the truth and will not. That a campaign against an organisation by those who don’t like the TRUTH and are associated with businesses and believe they should control people for their own benefit by intimidation is not the Australian way.

So the seminar should be held, thank you.

It is not that the AVN is against vaccination, but is against the information given by the manufacturers that it is absolutely safe where in actual fact it is not.

An Australian virologist who worked on the vaccines himself had doubts about the Efficacy of the materials used.


Hi Margaret

I am writing in support of the AVN seminar organised for the 1st of June. Thank you in advance for allowing this seminar to be held at your venue, I thank you for doing the right thing in supporting our democratic society.


Good Morning Margaret,

I am pleased that the seminar is now taking place at the state library. I feel everyone should have the choice to hear Meryl Dorey speak on this topic of vaccinations.

I have witnessed first hand the pitfalls of mass vaccination and as a concerned parent, I urge everybody to hear both sides of the story.

You always have to ask yourself why certain groups oppose certain topics so strongly – especially in light of recent events here in Perth.

I for one will be attending to listen to the information being presented.



Good Morning Margaret

I believe that the planned Vaccination Information presentation at the State Library Of W.A. should be allowed to proceed without any fuss and that “NOBODY” has the right to impede free speech.

I personally have been reading/researching things that affect the human body from a medical perspective for years after having spent many thousands of dollars in the “Health System” to no avail.

I came across Meryl Dorey years ago and have read a raft of information provided by her organization as well as from any other source that I was able to get my hands on.

I have found the information that Meryl Dorey presents to be most Impeccably researched and backed up by scientific studies and have yet to find anything questionable.

I have met/come across a lot of people in my time and Meryl Dorey is one of a select few that I respect without hesitation. I would recommend anybody who is serious about health issues to attend any of her seminars. Meryl Dorey is a beacon of hope shining brightly among a sea of misinformation providers who all stand to gain financially from the misinformation they pedal.

As a result of my reading, I am well on my way back to good health and have a 12 year old who has never seen a doctor other than for stitches for a deep cut.

Australia Is a free country and I believe that every individual has the right to unbiased, scientifically backed information which is what Meryl Dorey prides herself on providing.



Dear Margaret,

As an early childhood nurse, I want to express my appreciation that you are having the flu vaccine seminar at the library. I so believe in parents making an informed decision when it comes to vaccination instead of just following orders. Our children are precious and their health is important. I congratulate every parent that takes these issues serious and finds out what is best for their child.

Kindest regards,


Dear Margaret,

I understand that you are the CEO and State librarian of WA and one of your facilities has been booked by the AVN for a seminar. As a librarian, you are undoubtedly involved in the dissemination of information. The AVN exists to provide a more complete view on vaccination than that provided by the government and medical association. It does not purport to be anti vaccination but believes that important information is often withheld or misconstrued. In the interests of free speech, I encourage your organisation to provide the venue for this seminar despite threats and unreasonable conduct from those with undisclosed interests who seek to oppose it.



Dear Mrs Allen,

Whilst I live in NSW and will not be attending the AVN Flu Vaccination Seminar I would urge you to please make sure the seminar goes ahead so that those who are interested in what Meryl Dorey has to say can attend. Freedom of speech and freedom of communication is still allowed in this country so please keep that in mind and not be bullied or scared into preventing the seminar from going ahead because the Australian Skeptics. I have no idea why they are so frightened of what Meryl has to say. She presents the facts and allows adults to make up their own minds after being fully informed. Please stay strong and don’t bow to pressure from a group of people with ulterior motives.

Kind regards,


Dear Ms Allen,

Thank you for providing a venue for the AVN to hold its Flu Vaccine Seminar on the 1st June 2010.

My husband and I have three healthy teenagers ranging from 18 to 13.

Throughout the past 19 years, Meryl and the AVN have been instrumental in providing information and directing us to sources regarding vaccination.

We have always been encouraged to make our own decision without judgment or expectations from the AVN. Their sole motivation has always been to simply present the facts.

We will be forever grateful for the AVN and Meryl’s work and are glad a venue is being made available so others can have the same opportunity.

Kind regards,

S & D K

Dear Margaret,

I think it is very important that people get the chance to hear about the flu vaccine and its side effects.

I am very happy that Meryl Dorey will be conducting this seminar to make people aware and therefore informed.



Hello Mrs Allen,

I would just like to say thank you for your support of freedom of speech in standing by the AVN in providing the venue for this information session in relation to the Flu Vaccination Seminar.

Their (AVN’s) help in assisting us with providing information over many years has been invaluable to our family and many friends.

It has been quite challenging and frightening to witness the events/behaviour that has transpired from those that oppose this issue and the lengths they will go to in order to prevent this event.

So thank you again,

Best regards,


Dear Margaret

I am writing in support of the AVN and the view that informed choice is a fit and proper goal for any democratic society.

As a member of the AVN for a number of years, I feel that I have been well informed and empowered by the work of the AVN. I believe that the AVN should be entitled to hold a public seminar to discuss and debate the efficacy and the dangers of vaccination.

According to Dr Carole Hungerford (Queensland), “a public debate is long overdue and should be conducted on a scientific basis without emotion”. I am very concerned with the links between vaccines, adverse reactions and childhood/adult disease.

The previous cancellation of the AVN’s seminar in Perth by the Uniting church clearly demonstrates the pressure that governments are prepared to place on organisations to prevent such a seminar taking place. What are they afraid of?

Margaret, if you are able to influence the outcome in any way, would you please ensure that this seminar is allowed to take place.

Yours faithfully


Dear Ms Allen,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to express my opinion that the Flu Vaccination Seminar on June 1st should go ahead because people have the right to hear the other side of the story. It is a question of freedom of speech and communication, and whilst I understand people’s concerns for airing their disapproval, I really believe that there are a number of things happening out there that we are not fully aware of.

Apart from that, I think it is beneficial for anyone in life to have a balanced understanding of any topic. Only by being aware of both sides to any story will we be able to exercise true freedom of choice.

I believe the issues presented and discussed by the AVN are worthy of attention.

All the best,


Dear Margaret,

I just wanted to take a moment to forward a note of my appreciation of the WA Library’s decision to host the abovementioned meeting.  At a time when any topic is hotly debated, it is equally heart warming to know we have the opportunity to discover and share information on contentious issues from various perspectives.  Being as informed as possible is the only way to arrive at conscious decisions.  By agreeing to host the event, you are giving many this opportunity and should be thanked accordingly – I hope we in Queensland are afforded the same consideration.

Kind regards


Thank-you for allowing people not only freedom of speech but more importantly freedom of an informed & educated choice,

Much appreciated & a win for common sense,


Dear Ms. Allen,

On behalf of my children, myself, my community and my country, we offer you (and your establishment) our sincere thanks and appreciation for allowing the upcoming AVN seminar to he held at your premises.

The recent ignorant and hostile attacks in relation to the AVN are nothing more than a blatant attempt to disrupt and/or censor our right to ‘freedom of speech’, which at this stage remains our democratic right. Indeed, it is our right (as Australian citizens) to receive information and make our own personal decisions on every matter, regardless of what this may be. After all it is we ourselves who must live with the consequences of our decisions, whatever they may be.

In light of this, we thank you most sincerely for standing by your word and bravely supporting our ‘right’ to information in this country we call home…Australia.

Yours Most Sincerely,

The A Family

Mrs Margaret Allen,

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for showing that free speech and informed choice are not dead in Australia.

In spite of the Uniting Church being obviously bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies and their supporters, my wife and I applaud your stance to allow another point of view to be heard and not bow to pressure from people too corrupted by money to really care about our health or that of our children.

Erin Brockovich was subjected to the same sort of condemnation from the people in power, who just wanted to shut her up.

Meryl Dorey is another such person who has gone to great lengths over the years to bring FACTS out into the open, that the pharmaceutical companies would obviously much prefer to keep under wraps. She does not have any vested interest other than seeing that the truth gets out to the people, so that they can make an INFORMED choice when it comes to vaccination.

Thank you for standing up to any pressure groups hoping to censor this event.

G & S W

Dear Ms Allen

I have been a keen follower of AVN’s doings since its inception. I admire the way AVN helps Australians make an informed choice about vaccinations and about other important life matters. I admire their standing in our Australian community as a voice to be heard, despite conjecture.

I am unable to attend the seminar – but I know there are groups in Australia who oppose free speech, freedom to think and freedom of choice, who will do their utmost to have the seminar cancelled.

I am requesting you not be influenced by the so-called pro-science thinkers and make sure the seminar goes ahead, for the good of all.



Dear Margaret

I do so hope that you continue to allow the AVN to conduct its seminar at your venue next week. I found the AVN to be an invaluable resource when my first child experienced a bad reaction to her vaccines in the first few months of her life. I truly believe that my child’s now robust health is in part due to the tireless work that this organisation performs. It is important that members of the public are free to be informed of the potential dangers of vaccines.

Kind regards


I live in Canada, originally from UK. I am always appalled by the attacks on freedom of speech in Australia, a country I have always considered to be enlightened. I do hope that pressure from certain groups will not lead you to cancel this seminar.



This seminar should definitely go ahead. If there is nothing to hide, why is it that people are so against these events? I think “THEY” (drug companies/government) make themselves look even more guilty when they try to bully “us” into cancelling these events. Cancelling them is only going to make us work harder to get the word out.

My husband and I often have family and friends who think we are bad parents for not vaccinating our children and then of course “putting everyone else at risk”. Our reply to them is, “If you believe that vaccination is everything it is cracked up to be, why are you worried? This should mean that your children are safe, shouldn’t it?????

We very rarely  get a reply to this statement and to top it off, I remind them that when chicken pox, measles etc goes around the school or children’ s centre, our children don’t get it,  but the kids that have been vaccinated do. Why is that??????????

no response to that one either

Keep up the good work AVN. People like you have changed our lives and saved our kids If only my parents knew of this info 35 years ago!!!

Regards and thanks,


I am looking forward to the AVN presentation next week – I do hope it will be going ahead. As a mother of 3 children, I am interested to hear any and all information regarding vaccination.


Mrs SF

Dear Margaret,

I am writing to support this information meeting as I feel it is most important that the community as a whole are able to  make an informed decision about what vaccines are safe and useful to their health and not only of their children.

I myself did  not know these scary facts and had a flu vaccine last Month. I wish I had known about these deadly facts beforehand.

I am not able to attend the meeting this coming Tuesday, however I have passed on the invitation and details to my close friends and family and everyone is very keen to attend. Please keep the booking as many will benefit from this most useful information evening.

Thanks and regards,

EG – an advocate for healthy and wholesome living!

Dear Margaret,

Thank you for supporting the reschedule for the Australian Vaccination Networks’ Flu vaccination seminar.

I feel it is essential in our society that we are ALL given the opportunity and unhindered access to information especially when it comes to our own health and the health of our children.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion yet when seminars or meetings are canceled due to pressure from people that do not agree with the content, then we are moving towards a restrictive society such as in communism!

Once again thank you for ensuring this seminar will take place.

Kind regards,


Dear Margaret,

I would just like to thank you for holding this important event at the Alexander Library Perth, as I am very interested in pro choice and making informed decision for my family.

Thank you for giving us this venue to hold such an important topic in today’s world.



Good Morning Margaret,

RE: Hosting the AVN Seminar in June

I have heard that the Australian Skeptics are pressuring to have the above mentioned seminar cancelled.  I would like to pass on my encouragement to stand against such pressure as we in Australia have a right to freedom of speech and we are not under a totalitarian government.

As citizens of a democratic government we need to be able to exercise this right to speak up and allowed to be heard.  As the average Australian would say, “Fair go.”

I commend the AVN and Meryl Dorey to you – this organization is giving the ‘other side of the story’ as there is another side of the story to vaccines. Meryl and her organisation are  courageous people.  Let the grassroots decide whether their message has validity.

Stand firm and give them a fair go,

Yours sincerely,


Citizen of Democratic Australia

Dear Margaret,

I believe that freedom of speech is something all Australians hold dear to their heart and it is something which makes our country the great place that it is.

To be able to provide those interested in vaccination with the information they may want and need to make an informed decision is part of their democratic right.

Thank you for upholding our right for Freedom of Speech.


Dear Mrs Allen,

I am writing to you in regards to the upcoming AVN seminar to be held

at the library.

I am a strong supporter of the AVN and their excellent work to maintain the health freedom of all Australians. I think everyone should have the right to choose to have or not have whatever medical interventions are right for them.

The AVN fights hard for us to keep those rights, which are an integral part of a truly democratic society.

Please do not bow to whatever pressure (and I imagine there is a lot) is being put upon you to cancel the upcoming flu seminar. If vaccines are so truly safe, wonderful and effective, why is it that pro-vaccinators are so very adamant that this seminar must not go ahead? What are they scared of?

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

Yours in support of health freedom,


Good evening Margaret,

I would like to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this case) to express my concern that those who are only concerned in pushing their own opinion regarding the Flu Vaccine may exert enough pressure to cause the State Library to cancel the forthcoming Vaccination Seminar.

As Australia is a democracy, I believe it is the right of both sides to put their case forward.  I know for a fact that a number of people and organisations in favour of the Flu Vacccine have been offered the opportunity to debate the issues regarding this matter with the Australian Vaccination Network face to face, and have for whatever reasons declined the chance.  It would appear that the Skeptics Society and similar organisations would rather wield covert influence and pressure to stop parents like myself hearing both sides of the story.

I put my faith in you to do what is right and not bow to the lowly methods such organisations use, and to hold this seminar so that I, as a mother, can listen to the issues being raised and make my own mind up.

Please do not cancel this seminar.


Dear Margaret,

I am someone that has been helped by the knowledge freely available from the AVN network, and I would like to see all interested WA residents being able to have the same opportunities to hear information about vaccines, as presented by the AVN.



It’s wonderful that you have the courage to stand up to the bullies who try to stop Freedom of Speech because it dares to offer evidence that differs from their dogmatic, narrow and vested views. These so called sceptics have on many occasions in the past around the world, threatened and attempted to denigrate and villify any who do not agree with their ideas. Meryl has factual scientific and legal evidence, as well as many personal testimonies to present, and this group, and their financial instigators, do not want this evidence made public.

So, I applaud and congratulate you


Dear Margaret

I am compelled to write this e-mail in support of freedom of information in regards to vaccination.  In order to make a real informed decision of whether to vaccinate or not we need to have ALL the information, not just that it’s a good idea.  No doctor told me of the risks, or what in fact any of the preservatives were in any vaccine that my eldest daughter was getting.  If I had known I would not have had her vaccinated.  The AVN has given me all the information I need to make an informed decision.  Although I do not believe vaccination to be safe at this time, I do believe you need to combine healthy living and look at other ways to boost your child’s immune system so they can fight off any disease.

Kind Regards


Hi Margaret

I am writing to express my concern that a minority voice “Australian Skeptics” are attempting to have a vaccination information seminar cancelled. Despite any evidence or opinions on either side of this debate, the fact remains that we must maintain the right to debate this issue.

Any interference in this freedom flies in the face of democracy and I question the motives of anyone attempting to do this. I hope that the truth will prevail in this situation and the seminar in question will proceed without interference.



Hello Margaret,

I am writing to firstly thank you for supporting free speech, by enabling Meryl Dorey of the AVN to hold a seminar on vaccinations at your facility.

Secondly I request that you do not cancel the event in the face of what appears to be a concerted campaign to suppress the information Meryl offers on the issues surrounding vaccinations.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mrs Allen,

Thank you for providing a safe and free environment for the WA AVN Flu Vaccination seminar to take place. It is of great importance to me and my family as Australian citizens to have access to all information available around health choices for my family. Sure there are some that disagree with the AVN, but that does not give them the right to take away my civil right to valuable scientific information provided by the AVN.

Again I thank you for your courage and support for providing freedom of information to Australian families

Yours sincerely


Dear Margaret

I believe that we as Australian Citizens should have the freedom of speech and communication.

I truly believe that we should be given ALL the information around the subject of vaccination to be able to make our own informed choice.

The seminar scheduled for 1st June in Perth is one of the ways in which citizens of Australia can achieve this.

As a midwife I strongly encourage my parents and parents to be to explore both sides of this subject to be able to make an informed decision around this important decision of whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

Take care

AB (midwife)

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for hosting Meryl & the AVN talk coming up soon. It is greatly appreciated your support of free speech – especially in the face of bullying tactics by groups e.g. skeptics.

Wishing you a wonderful night.



Hi Margaret,

Just writing to let you know how grateful we are that freedom of speech is still available as is evidenced by you booking in the AVN seminar. It is wonderful that a minority group, that is threatened for some reason by the AVN, cannot impose their own beliefs on others by restricting their access to information.

People in Australia currently have the right to research and access information on issues critical to their family’s health and to then make their own informed decisions.

It will indeed be a sad day when belligerent people shutdown our right to make our own decisions by restricting us to only their point of view.

Many thanks.


Dear Margaret,

I am writing this from my home state of NSW but feel very strongly in this information night going ahead. I would attend one myself if it was available in NSW.

I believe strongly in freedom of information and giving people a chance to make informed choices for their family.

Please allow this important subject to be openly discussed at your venue

Your Sincerely


Hello Margaret,

I am writing a short note to express my concerns about the attempted suppression of free speech with regards to the issues of vaccinations. I believe all should be allowed to express their viewpoints with out fear of repercussions. Freedom of speech is essential in democratic societies.

My parents retured from China this morning. My mother was writing an email to the family which commented upon the fear of the people in expressing their viewpoints and the tragedy of many of the poor people’s housing being bulldozed to make way for private developments. As she was writing this, the paragraph DISAPPEARED……Was deleted by people paid to read and delete information which is controversial or critical of the government.

Please do not contribute to a future like this.


Dear Ms Allen,

Thank you for providing a venue for the AVN flu presentation on 1 June.

After having two children who have suffered long-term effects from a vaccine, I am a keen supporter of the AVN and its role in providing broad information on the full effects of vaccines to the community.

It is vital that parents continue to have access to this information when making the difficult decision of whether or not to vaccinate – they can’t be fully informed otherwise.

So thank you once again for protecting our right to open venues and freedom of information.

Kind regards,


Dear Mrs. Allen,

I am writing to express my thanks and admiration to those who made the use of the State Library available for the upcoming AVN Seminar scheduled for the 1st June.

For many years, I have been an advocate for human rights, freedom of choice and speech and the preservation of open communication and understanding and was appalled at the hypocrisy and injustice displayed by the Uniting Church when they cancelled their venue with no prior notice.

The information the AVN has to impart is invaluable if parents are to receive both sides of the vaccination issue and make informed and educated decisions in relation to their family’s health.

However there are certain factions that will, I believe, do all in their power to have this newly scheduled seminar cancelled.  They proceed to denigrate, belittle and malign those with differing opinions to their own and show no compunction at resorting to methodical intimidation, through the media, emails etc. of those who are even vaguely associated with, or choose to support the pro-choice lobby in any way.  These factions are not about stopping this seminar because they believe the information that will be available on the night is a “danger to public health”; they are in fact about ensuring that their views are the only ones heard and all other points of view are silenced.

I firmly believe it is every person’s right to choose their own health care and their business associates without intimidation or coercion from anyone and that these rights should be upheld and preserved at all costs, because once they are in any way rescinded, seldom, if ever, are they returned intact.

I commend your decision to make the Library available for this seminar and sincerely hope it goes ahead without a hitch.

Thanks again,

Kind regards,


Dear Margaret,

I would like to thank you for allowing the AVN to use your rooms for their upcoming talk, after what happened last month, which I’m sure you are aware of. I live in Sydney with my family but have friends in Perth who will be attending the evening. I am myself a full-time health-care professional & feel that people have a right to hear the whole story of the vaccination issue, not just the side the officials want us to hear.

Thanks again,


Dear Mrs Allen,

I know that the AVN seminar was cancelled by the venue in WA a few weeks ago. I implore you not to give in to the troublemakers who seem to have a lot of money and influence to try and quash everything the AVN does.

I believe we all have a right to be informed, and unfortunately, it is a little too late for me and my vaccine damaged son. I only wish I had more knowledge 8 years ago before I made the decision to vaccinate.

Please ensure this event takes place next week so that many more parents can make informed choices, after all last time I checked we still lived in a democracy.

With thanks


Hi Margaret,

I am writing to show my support for freedom of speech.

The AVN’s seminar should be allowed to take place to provide information to anyone who wishes to listen. Nobody is forcing this information onto anyone, it’s up to individuals to decide on their own health choices for themselves and their families. I truly believe that any organisation which supports the informed health choices in our society should be allowed to provide the information which is supported by full medical references. Where are the health professionals? I don’t see these people providing this kind of information during their spare time.

I live in Australia, a democratic society with freedom of speech.

I hope that you don’t succumb to the pressure of these Sceptics – what positive contribution are they making?

With regards,


Dear Mrs Allen,

Thank you for having the AVN at your venue in June.

The AVN provide people with the accurate and current information about vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs and other forms of “health care” so that people are given the opportunity to make informed decisions across a whole range of health issues.  I feel that it is incredibly worrisome that there are groups who do not respect the basic right of Australians to have freedom of speech, choice and information and who try to prevent (and have succeeded) information sessions such as the AVN seminars from occurring.

I have attended two previous AVN seminars and have always found the presenters to be very respectful to all, no matter what choices people make.

With thanks,

Kind regards,


Dear Ms. Allen,

I am writing to you about the upcoming talk Meryl Dorey is to hold at your library and to ask you to please not be swayed by the pressure from the skeptics association.

If the information being provided were lies or half truths, then I could understand the skeptics wanting to stop this talk, but everything Ms. Dorey imparts is factual and can be easily verified and I believe it is imperative that people know what they are risking before they make decisions about their health. I honestly can’t understand the motives of these skeptics and my hope is that you feel the same as I do,

Yours truly,


Dear Mrs Allen,

I am writing as a concerned health professional – concerned not only for the health of children in Australia (and elsewhere) but concerned that the right to freedom of speech in Australia is never undermined. It has come to my attention that for the second time, the lecture to be presented in WA by Meryl Dorey of Australian Vaccination Network is under threat.

I sincerely hope that the State Library of WA also values the right for a dissenting opinion to be heard. As someone who has worked for more than 40 years in both orthodox and complementary medicine, I strongly believe that Australian families must have access to current research relating to vaccination. If that current research happens to undermine the orthodox dogma, it is even more important that said research is given a public voice.

In anticipation of a well-attended lecture by Meryl Dorey.

Best regards

JR, B.Pharm (Hons) Dip. Clinical Nutrition

Dear Margaret Allen,

It’s hard to fathom the thinking that would want to prohibit Meryl and AVN from giving a speech on vaccination choice in Western Australia.

Unless of course you are against freedom of speech. Which I believe is un-constitutional.

Kind Regards,


Dear Margret,

I understand there may be a campaign to stop the AVN seminar from running.

In a democratic society, we have freedom of speech and freedom of communication.

In regards to this or any seminar, it is the individual’s right to attend, listen and make their own decisions about the information given.

It is not up to some fascist group to dictate what can and can’t be listened to.

I trust that the state library would not get involved with groups who have different views and allow the individuals to make their own choice.

Yours sincerely,

SW, N.D.

Dear Margaret,

I am contacting you in support of the seminar on Vaccination scheduled for 1 June 2010.

I would like to say that the seminar is not just about vaccinations but also about the wider issue here which is our freedom of speech and freedom of communication.

Australia is a democratic country where each individual has the right to express their views on any issue without fear or favour. This is what our ancestors fought for and the Australian people enjoy this freedom which we want to continue and retain and marks the true value of a civilised society.

To cancel the seminar is a very serious attack on our Australian way of life and every single Australian who has the right to be informed about vaccinations if they choose to do so.

To cancel the seminar also tells us that you are scared and must have something to hide as there would not be any other reason for this.

Please seriously reflect on this and make a commitment that we can work together for the public good.

I urge to you allow Meryl to conduct the seminar as her only agenda is to provide the public with ALL the facts on this very important health issue.

In the time that I have known Meryl and the AVN team, I have been extremely impressed and feel privileged to know how much they care about the public’s health and welfare.

I have learnt so much from Meryl and the team – not only about vaccinations – but all health related issues of which I was very ignorant.

The information presented has always been open, professional, objective, supportive and this has allowed me to make up my own mind and decisions in health related matters. This to me is the outstanding mark of a professional organisation.

I can honestly say that it has been an honour to know Meryl and all the staff at the AVN and you cannot ask for a more supportive, professional organisation.