You have just over 2 weeks to protect your family’s rights

by Meryl Dorey

Family FreedomThe Federal Government is planning to introduce an amendment to current legislation that will remove a parent’s right to register as a conscientious objector to vaccination. As a result, in order to receive approximately $14,000 per year per child in entitlements, children will have to receive the full regimen of vaccines and any new vaccines that are introduced to the schedule – a virtually unlimited number since there are over 270 new vaccines currently being ‘tested’.

Thanks to the hard work of the AVN – the same group that successfully lobbied for the introduction of a Conscientious Objector clause nearly 18 years ago – the Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs has agreed to hold a public inquiry into the legality of passing this legislation.

This is an opportunity that can help convince our legislators not to discriminate against the unvaccinated – but the opportunity comes with a very tight deadline.

The Committee has required that all submissions be received no later than the 16th of October – just over 2 weeks from now!

I am asking – begging – each and every one of you to please send in a submission prior to the deadline.

You don’t need to write War and Peace. Your submissions need be no more than a couple of paragraphs (though if you are so moved, feel free to make it longer and to include supporting documents and references) but whatever you do, please do it in a timely manner and share this information with everyone you know who believes that parents must always be allowed to make health choices for their minor children without fear of coercion, financial penalties, bullying or discrimination.

On social media, I have seen several groups of people getting together to write group submissions. This is a great idea if you feel uncomfortable with the data or simply want to support and be supported by other like-minded people.

Whatever you do, once you have completed your submission, please follow the instructions below (provided by the AVN) to submit them. Do not share your submissions online, but if you would like to send me a copy by clicking this link, I would love to have that information to keep track of the reasons people are providing to the Committee for why this law should never be passed.

Tomorrow, I will be posting some more details that have been compiled by Joe Guy that will hopefully give you some great ideas for your submissions. In the meantime, please read the details below.

I contacted the Secretariat of the Committee for general information about your submissions. Please read below for further details:

Q – What are the terms of reference of this Inquiry?

A – Because this is an inquiry about a Bill, anything contained within the Bill will be in the terms of reference so submissions should be focusing on what is in the Bill itself. You can download a copy of the Bill by clicking this link.

Q – Can people publish their submissions in advance of the hearing?

A- They can, but they will no longer be covered by Parliamentary Privilege. Once the committee publishes them, we are free to do whatever we want, but until then – your submissions should not be shared publicly.

Q- what about templates for people to sign or use as their own letter?

A- Templates are like petitions – the committee will not take them seriously and in fact, they may choose one representative template letter to publish and just publish the names of the other people who sent in the same or similar templates. Instead, people should read through the information provided below and choose from a list of topics to cover – in their own words.

Q- If you want to keep your submission – or a section of your submission private – how do you go about that?

A- You must inform the committee at the time of sending in your submission of your wishes in that regard. They will do their best to abide by your wishes.

Q- What is the best way to send your submission?

A- The committee MUCH prefers submissions using their online form by clicking this link. Next is emailing your submission to this link, and last and not preferred at all is hard copy to the following address:

Committee Secretary
Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 2 6277 3515
Fax: +61 2 6277 5829

I asked about large submissions and was told that it would probably be best for me – or anyone – not to put too much information in my submission. I was told that the  Senators are often on several different committees and their time to read is very limited. The Secretariat will read every word and summarise the submissions for the Senators, but if we want the Senators themselves to read these submissions, we need to keep them short. If we do make them longer (and mine will be a bit on the long side – I can’t help it!) including our own summaries will probably be best.

Remember that submissions must be received no later than October 16th so if you are mailing your submission, send it at least 2 or 3 days earlier. Emailed submissions can be sent by the close of business on the 16th.

The AVN makes the following suggestions:

Everyone is invited to make a submission to this Inquiry. The more submissions the Inquiry receives, the greater impact it will have.

To make a submission, all you need to do is write a letter listing the reasons why the Bill should not be passed. Your letter will be more powerful if you base this on your own personal experiences and circumstances, or those of people you know.

You may find that using headings is a useful way to structure and organise your thoughts and reasons/arguments.

Your submission may be as short or as long as you like. It may contain facts, opinions, arguments or recommendations.

Supporting documents may be attached.

The most important thing is to present your reasons in a consistent and clear way that can be easily understood. You don’t need to make legal arguments.

What to include at the start of your submission

Committee Secretary
Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 2 6277 3515
Fax: +61 2 6277 5829


Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015

What to include at the end of your submission

Yours sincerely

(you do not need to sign your submission)

Your full name

Your phone number

Your postal address

How to send your submission


The following links may assist you in learning more.

1) The Bill;fileType=application%2Fpdf#search=%22legislation/bills/r5540_first-reps/0000%22

2) The Explanatory Memorandum, which includes the Statement of Compatibility With Human Rights;fileType=application%2Fpdf

3) Minister’s Second Reading Speech;fileType=application%2Fpdf

Of most relevance is the Explanatory Memorandum because it purports to present why the Bill is justified. In particular, the Statement of Compatibility at the end of the Explanatory memorandum aims to account for why human rights breaches are justified.

Australia has agreed to be bound by 7 key Human Rights treaties, listed here:

The most relevant Human Rights treaties in relation to this Bill are numbers
1 to 3, all of which are referenced in the Statement of Compatibility in the Explanatory Memorandum

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Convention on the Rights of the Child

No Jab No Pay Rally Talk – Meryl Dorey

33195751_sYesterday was the long-awaited second rally against the proposed no jab, no pay legislation. Held in nearly every capital city in Australia, these rallies presented a chance for parents to express their concern and anger about government discrimination, network together to share ideas about how to fight against these draconian laws (on both the state and federal level) and just meet like-minded people for friendship and support.

The organisers of these events did an amazing job – especially considering the fact that the media (for the most part) neither attended or promoted the fact that these events were taking place. The only way to get the word out was via social media and, though this is an effective way to inform others, it is not yet as widespread as mainstream media.

I, along with hundreds of others,  attended the Brisbane rally and heard some great talks by a homeopath, Greg Beattie (former President of the AVN) and a very passionate presentation by a Brisbane mum who gave a very articulate explanation for why parents must always have the final word on medical treatments for their children.

I was asked to present a talk due to the unexpected illness of one of the speakers. Below is my presentation – a bit of modern history of the movement started in Australia by the AVN to protect parental choice.

Hello everyone. Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to the organisers of today’s rally for doing such an excellent job of publicising this event without any assistance from the corporate media. In addition, thank you to everyone here who is standing strong to support their convictions that freedom to choose what goes into our bodies and the bodies of our children must never be taken away by any government or medical community. No Jab, No Pay? No way!

My name is Meryl Dorey and I am the founder and past President of the Australian Vaccination Network.

There is an old saying that goes something like – those who forget the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.

Well, we haven’t forgotten our lessons, but the government has.

About 18 years ago, when the AVN was much younger and so was I, we found out on a Friday that the Federal Parliament was trying to sneak through an amendment to the Childcare Payments Act by attaching it to Veterans Affairs legislation. The intent was to remove childcare payments from any parent who chose not to vaccinate their children.

Immediately, we at the AVN swung into action. Groups of women with their children in tow  came from the Gold Coast and Brisbane to the AVN office that was in my home. We  spent the entire weekend photocopying packages of information for every single senator and MP. We sent hundreds of copies of our book, Vaccination Roulette, down to Canberra to be distributed to all elected representatives. We called our members asking for donations to cover the airfare and costs for our 2 representatives to get us down to Canberra and back – $1,200. We found an AVN member in the ACT who would put us up in their home while we lobbied for amendments to allow unvaccinated parents to                                                                                                                                                                  access all government entitlements their vaccinated peers received.

Lynne Grimsey and I spent nearly 2 weeks in Canberra. We saw dozens of Senators and MPs and found support amongst the Greens, the Democrats and many members of the Labor Party.

Two women who knew nothing about the legislative process had a crash-course in politics and by some miracle, 3 of our amendments were proposed by Bob Brown, leader of the Greens, and 2 were passed. Those amendments enabled an entire generation of children to be registered as conscientious objectors to vaccination and still attend preschool and childcare.  They prevented a generation of families from being financially penalised because of their legal decision not to vaccinate their children.

Yet here we are today, fighting that same battle again. And just as we did more than 18 years ago, we will win this battle and the government and corporate interests will lose. Because when you have right on your side, you will always be the victor.

Vaccination is a medical procedure that carries with it real risk of harm. The AVN has collected thousands of reports of serious adverse reactions and deaths following vaccination and those reports are just the tip of the iceberg.

How many of you here either have someone in your family who was vaccine injured or know of someone who has suffered or died because of vaccines? How many of you have a child with autism or know a child with autism?

No government can require me to give my children vaccines which I do not feel are in their best interests. No government can require me to place my own life and health on the line in order to keep or access work.

My body is my own – my children are mine to care for. The government is my servant – there to represent me, even if I myself represent a minority viewpoint.

We are often told by anti-choice zealots that “the science is in” when it comes to vaccination. Well,  they are right – the science IS in. Vaccines do not protect as we have been told. They are not safe and do cause tens of thousands of permanent injuries and deaths every year worldwide. These are inconvenient facts – but facts all the same.

In the US, more than $3 billion has been paid out for injuries and deaths following vaccination – at least 83 of those payments were for vaccine-associated autism. This is a huge amount of money but it would have been much more if the government hadn’t set the bar so high and constantly moved the goalposts as parents got closer to winning compensation.

More and more cases of pharmaceutical fraud are emerging. More and more evidence of collusion between government regulators and vested interests in the drug companies.

Dr William Thompson, a top government vaccine researcher who has published many studies via his job at the Centers for Disease Control in the US has now been dubbed “The CDC Whistleblower”. At the request of his superiors at this corrupt organisation, he and his associates shredded all of the evidence from studies proving that the risk of autism was far higher in those who were vaccinated – especially when it came to black boys. Unbeknownst to those same supervisors, Dr Thompson kept the originals of those shredded pages and has given them to Congressman Bill Posey who is now calling for a Congressional Inquiry into how and why the autism-vaccination connection was covered up for over 10 years.

Two vaccine scientists who work for Merck – maker of many of our Australian vaccines including the MMR shot, have recently been granted whistleblower protection for their claims that the mumps portion of the vaccine is not as effective as Merck has claimed and that studies – conducted by the manufacturer and never checked by any independent authority – were fraudulent. If this case is won by the government, it has the power to close this drug giant down and I personally hope that it does.

Studies are being published nearly every day by top researchers worldwide, indicating that vaccine ingredients are toxic, have never been properly tested and are simply not preventing disease. In other words, we have scientifically valid reasons to question vaccination and the government, rather than trying to squash us should be thanking us for bringing this vital data to their attention, saving them money and potentially saving our children from dangerous, ineffective vaccinations.

And please keep in mind the fact that there are more than 271 new vaccines in the pipeline. Should this legislation pass unopposed, the number of vaccines we and our children will be forced to say yes to will be nearly unlimited.

Since 2002, the AVN has been asking the Health Department to use the data already contained within the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register to compare the overall health status of the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated. This simple, inexpensive test could be done at the touch of a button and has the potential of setting parent’s minds at rest regarding the safety of vaccination. But the government has consistently refused to do this. Why do you think that is? Do you think they know that this data – data we have paid for through our taxes – would show definitively that the unvaccinated are far healthier than their vaccinated peers and that would then leave the government liable to pay for vaccine injuries?

Ashley Jade Epapara, the 2 year old toddler who died following an untested flu vaccine and Saba Button, the gorgeous little 1 year old who has global brain damage from the same flu shot would still be anonymous and happy if it were not for vaccinations. And if this legislation is allowed to be enacted, their stories will become much more common as parents are forced to choose between putting food on the table and keeping their children healthy; giving their children an education or keeping them alive.

Freedom of health choice isn’t free. It is something that we must cherish and defend by our words, by our deeds and by our actions. If you haven’t yet signed the My Will letters that are available here, please make sure you do so. If you haven’t made an appointment to see your members of parliament and senators – both state and Federal – to register your opposition to this legislation, call tomorrow and bring friends or family with you for moral support if possible. Write a submission to the Senate Inquiry and submit it before the 16th of October. If you need help, talking points or information, check out the details that will be up on my blog – by tonight.

The only people threatened by healthy, unvaccinated children are those within the pharmaceutical and medical industry who are terrified that more of us will realise how healthy the unvaccinated really are. No vaccine can convey immunity. No vaccine can prevent a fully-vaccinated person from either contracting or transmitting infection to others.

I will never set my child on fire to keep your child warm nor should any moral  government ever ask me to do so.

No Jab, No Pay will fail just as previous attempts to abridge our freedom to choose have failed – because when it comes to the crunch, we are a force to be reckoned with – a force whose momentum, energy and commitment will always ensure our victory over vested interests within government, medical ignorance and drug companies using tobacco science to justify compulsion.

One thing that emerged loud and clear at the end of the day yesterday, is the necessity to band together for political power, information and support. The only reason we achieved our first goal of a Senate inquiry into the No Jab, No Pay legislation was because the AVN and a small team of dedicated individuals took the time and had the funds to fly to Canberra three times to lobby the Senators. It didn’t happen by magic. It happened through hard work. And that hard work cost a lot of money.

If you are not yet a member of the AVN, please join today. I am not on the committee nor am I anything other than a member of that organisation. But I know that our best chance of defeating this legislation is through having a strong, well-funded centralised opposition. 

Membership costs $25 a year and can be purchased by clicking here. Donations can be anything you can afford and you can donate here. Please don’t put it off. Your financial support – combined with the support of others – will guarantee victory in this battle for our freedom. How much is your freedom worth to you?

Why isn’t the Health Care Complaints Committee’s inquiry transparent?

by Meryl Dorey

11074700_sIf you have been following this blog for any length of time at all, you would remember that we have been covering an issue of vital importance to everyone living in NSW specifically and Australia as a whole. That is the issue of an attempt by the NSW Health Care Complaints committee to grant yet more unprecedented powers to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC).

Many of our members and supporters have sent written submissions to this committee explaining their objections to these proposals.You can see the page on the NSW Parliament website which will provide you with information on this inquiry – The Promotion of False or Misleading Health-Related Information or Practices.

Originally, the time period for submissions was supposed to end in December, 2013. It was then extended until the 7th of February 2014.

I personally know of more than 50 submissions to this inquiry made by AVN members. There would be many more.

In my experience, whenever a parliamentary inquiry has called for submissions, those submissions are published on the website as they are received or within a matter of days of receipt. In this instance, however, no submissions have been made publicly available and in fact, most people who submitted to this inquiry have not even received a confirmation that their submission was received.

At the end of February, 2014, I contacted Mr Jason Arditi, the Committee Manager, to ask why none of the submissions had been uploaded to the committee website even though submissions had been closed by, at that point in time, a couple of weeks.

I was told that the committee had not yet considered any of the submissions but that they would be meeting in mid-March and would consider them at that time and they would be published by the end of March.

The end of March came and went and again, no submissions were uploaded.

I contacted Mr Arditi in early April and at that time, I was told that the Committee had indeed met in March but had not considered any of the submissions. They were due to be considered at the meeting being held in mid-April and the submissions would be uploaded by the end of that month.

I asked if it was normal procedure to not publish submissions until they had been considered and Mr Arditi informed me that it was neither normal nor abnormal to proceed in this way. Whilst most committees do publish on receipt, this particular committee had chosen to do things differently.

The end of April came and went with no submissions on the committee website.

I contacted Mr Arditi on May 1st to ask why, once again, no submissions had been uploaded to the website. He told me that the committee had, in fact, considered the submissions during their April meeting and that they would be uploaded. It’s just that some of them were defamatory in nature so they would need to have sections blacked out before they were made public. He assured me that this would be done and they would be there by Friday, May 9th. Today, in fact.

I  asked for a firm publication date during my last conversation with Mr Arditi and he gave me his assurance that these submissions would be online by today but disappointingly, they are not there. Won’t they make the slightest attempt to appear transparent by abiding by their promise to publish these submissions?

A less trusting person than myself would be starting to wonder if the committee was trying to hide something? Why this ongoing failure to inform the public of the reasons why those in the community oppose their intended power grab?

Maybe one of you will have better luck getting an answer than I have? If you’d like to contact Mr Arditi, his details are below. Please let me know if you do get a result. We have a right to see this information and to consider what the committee has considered.

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces which represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the AVN National Committee. The AVN is a forum, support and information organisation and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice but believe that everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from government, your health care provider and/or other medical source material to assist you in developing the knowledge required to make informed health choices.

Greens confirm anti-choice stance


Greens confirm they will remove parents’ choice

– Greg Beattie

A letter written by a staffer from Greens Senator Richard Di Natale’s office has confirmed the party’s intention to pursue the removal of parental choice from vaccination:

 “The Greens do not support compulsory vaccination. We do however support the government’s recently announced amendments to Family Tax Benefit system… Parents will still be able to decide not to vaccinate their children, but this choice will have a financial impact.”

iStock_000013256542XSmallThis can be taken to mean: “The Greens do not support hunting, holding down, and vaccinating children by force”. (And that’s just as well because it would mean the violation of just about every human right in existence.) “We do however support penalties for those who won’t submit peacefully.” Gotcha.

The letter was received by an AVN supporter just yesterday, a full nine weeks after her request for clarification was received by his office! We can now be certain Di Natale’s recent repeated announcements that the party does not support compulsion was nothing but a deceptive ploy to avoid losing disapproving voters on the eve of tomorrow’s election.

We can also be certain, from its recent actions, that the Greens are now the most anti-choice political force in the land. In NSW Parliament this year they argued vigorously to have all parental choice removed from the ‘No jab, no play’ legislation. They introduced two separate amendments. The first was a blanket attempt to remove all conscientious and religious exemptions. That was voted down. The second was a ‘Plan-B’ attempt to sneak around opposition by suggesting pre-schools could ‘choose’ whether they wanted to accept the children of conscientious and religious objectors. That was also voted down.

It was not long after that Di Natale delivered his error-laden and mischievous address to Federal Parliament, calling for the disbanding of AVN. Was this a burst of frustration?

One thing is clear: a vote for the Greens tomorrow is a vote for medical fundamentalism. If they are given political power we can kiss goodbye our freedom of choice with vaccines. And once this happens it will be virtually impossible to reverse.

The party that once stood for integrity, social justice, and the environment, has just tacked mass-medication onto the list. And like an aggressive cancer it has the potential to kill the host if not removed. It has already paralysed its leaders.

If you value what the Greens once stood for please don’t vote for them tomorrow. Instead send them a clear message that you will not tolerate voter deception being condoned to cover up the party’s intentions. And you will certainly not tolerate your cherished party being infiltrated by industry.