Respecting Our Families

When it comes to the media and the so-called Skeptic community, there is a real double-standard in regards to the value of not only our children but our rights to keep them safe from harm as we see fit – whether that is the harm posed by disease or the harm posed by vaccines.

Children who have been hurt by diseases and their families are treated like saints. They are sanctified in the corridors of government (with many of them becoming unqualified consultants on government vaccination policy), in the press and amongst their fellow citizens.

Those who were harmed by vaccines, however, are told to shut up, stop their whinging and, even worse, are told that they are imagining what they saw with their own eyes. Their children are invisible, disregarded and just considered to be the sacrificial virgins thrown into the volcano to save everyone else’s children.

Worst of all, however, is the treatment that parents of unvaccinated children receive when someone in their family contracts or is harmed by one of the diseases covered by our vaccination schedule. These parents are treated like criminals, openly and gleefully abused and basically told they are getting what they deserve without any question about what actually happened.

The media and incomplete, biased coverage

Yesterday, there was a story on the ABC as well as in the Northern Star newspaper about a family whose child was near death in hospital from a tetanus infection. This young, 7-year old girl had been transferred from Lismore Base Hospital to the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane for emergency treatment and was near death. Everyone from the paediatrician who saw her in Lismore to the members of various internet hate groups to random commentators on Facebook and other social media outlets were having a go at the parents of this little girl and blaming them for her condition.

I’ve spoken with someone who knows this family well and have gotten the real story about this child’s illness and the family’s reasons for rejecting vaccines. Rather than being a story of irresponsible parenting, one could possibly make a case that this is instead a case of medical negligence based on ignorance of the symptoms of tetanus infections and potentially incorrect or incomplete cleaning of the child’s wound in the first instance.

I was told that this little girl had two members of her family who reacted badly to vaccines – one of whom nearly died from a tetanus shot. Another close relative had a serious reaction to a different vaccine which led to long-term physical problems. As a result, this family had made an informed decision not to take a risk with the tetanus vaccine. I will include more about tetanus and the vaccination at the end of this blog post.

The history of this case

On the 21st of February, a brick was dropped on this child’s toe, crushing the toe and nail badly. Her parents brought her to the local Nimbin Hospital where she was treated for this wound. They took here there once a day to get her dressing changed. The schedule later went to once every two days and then, as the wound appeared to be healing, once every few days. All this time, the child was being seen by doctors and hospital staff and was thought to be improving.

Her doctor noted that the nail would grow back crooked if she did not receive further treatment so surgery was performed on her toe to remove and reinsert the nail. This was done a couple of weeks after the initial injury took place.

Tetanus-recognised by friends and family but not by the medical staff

Lockjaw, one of the most common early symptoms of a tetanus infection, did not start to present itself until approximately 10 days later. Although she had been brought to hospital several times over this period, and her parents had asked the doctors about whether or not their daughter might have tetanus, they were always told no.

On Monday, March 13th, she was taken to a physio because of a sore back and the physio thought perhaps it was a growth spurt. That night, she woke up crying every 15 minutes so her mother slept with her and found she was waking to convulsions. She had no fever. She had weak legs and difficulty standing up. She could not open her mouth very wide and her jaw hurt when she tried to.

The parents want to make clear that they feel the medical staff did their best over this entire period and were very respectful towards them and their daughter, but no one had had any prior experience with tetanus. Regardless of this, the parents had expressed concern a number of times over their hospital visits regarding tetanus. They had pushed the point that they felt it could be tetanus and the staff had dismissed these concerns.

The child’s condition worsens

On Tuesday, March 14th at 3:30 pm, the little girl saw the local doctor who phoned a paediatrician for advice. Neither had had any experience with tetanus and felt it best she be taken to Lismore Base Hospital either that night or the next day. The parents were very concerned and rushed her in that night.

At Lismore Base Hospital, they finally diagnosed her with tetanus and gave her two vials of tetanus immunoglobulin as that was all they had. She was placed on a ventilator and rushed to The Lady Cilento children’s hospital in Brisbane. Once at Lady Cilento, they gave her more immunoglobulin. They removed the toenail to make sure the site had been cleaned correctly and no tetanus spores remained.

The girl has now stabilised and is doing well. It was thought that she would be off of the ventilator last night and was hopefully improving now after receiving the proper treatment.

The parents have said although questioned about their stance on vaccines, all staff in all three hospitals were respectful and were doing their best with the knowledge and experience they had.

What is tetanus?

To start with, for all those out there who are filled with fear by this story, I need to tell you that tetanus is not a transmissible disease. A person who has a tetanus infection cannot then give that disease to anyone else.

The infection is caused by a bacterium – clostridium tetani – which is anaerobic in nature – in other words, oxygen will kill it.

This bacteria lives quite happily and usually harmlessly in the gut of all mammals, including humans. The problem occurs when there is a deep puncture wound which (usually) does not bleed freely and is then covered, preventing oxygen from reaching the site.

A hydrogen peroxide solution is often applied to deep puncture wounds, forcing oxygen into the site and if necessary, there have been recommendations to apply pressure to the wound, forcing blood to the surface since blood is highly oxygenated. In addition, bleeding and cleaning should hopefully remove any tetanus spores which may be present.

I have heard many stories of hospital staff recommending tetanus boosters to patients who present with closed wounds (eg non-compound fractures, sprains and severe bruising without a break in the skin). From my reading, this should not be necessary since without an entry wound, tetanus should not be able to enter the body. It is also potentially unnecessary to administer a tetanus vaccine to someone who has had a wound that has no possible contamination with tetanus spores (carried in animal faeces, remember), such as someone who has cut their hand or foot on a broken glass in their kitchen or who has cut themselves with a clean knife, though I have been contacted by many people whose doctors had made this recommendation to them. Vaccines are not benign products. They carry with them real and in some cases, quantifiable risks of harm or death and their use should be limited to instances when the potential benefits outweigh any known risks.

Tetanus in Australia

Tetanus is very rare in Australia – mainly due to the fact that very few of us now live on the same land occupied by large animals such as cattle and horses who carry tetanus spores in their faeces. We are also much more likely to clean wounds thoroughly and properly when they occur, not allowing them to fester.

Each year, an average of 7-10 (mostly elderly) Australian adults will contract tetanus infections. Many of these occur in diabetics who, due to a lack of circulation to their extremities, may not be aware of their wound and as a result, may not care for it properly.

Tetanus reports Australia
Tetanus reports – Australia 1991 to 2017 to date

Most of those who have contracted this illness since widespread vaccination began during and after WW II were at least partially, if not fully, vaccinated against it. The NNDSS (National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System) has classed many of the elderly in Australia who contracted tetanus as being unvaccinated, but it is difficult to know if that means they have not received any tetanus vaccines or they had simply not received the recommended tetanus boosters and would, therefore, have been considered to be up-to-date.

The case of tetanus in this young child yesterday is only the second case in a child in Australia since 1991. The risk for an individual child is vanishingly small – though if that child happens to be yours, this statistic will be cold comfort.


The tetanus toxoid vaccine has been used in other countries, as I stated earlier, since the 1920s. The first tetanus toxoid vaccine was introduced in Australia in 1939 (mostly for use in our armed services) and was not routinely administered to children until 1953 when our modern schedule of mass vaccination began. At that time, it was combined with diphtheria and pertussis shots to form the DTP vaccine.

This article, by Dutch physician Dr Kris Gaublomme, tells a great deal about the ineffectiveness and risks of this vaccine. The tetanus vaccine has been routinely administered in combination with diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccines since early last century. Many reactions which occurred after the DTP combined shot were blamed on the pertussis component. But many of those who received the tetanus-only shot (no longer available in Australia) suffered severe and even life-threatening reactions to just that vaccine.

One of the noted reactions is something called hyperimmunisation. Tetanus boosters used to be recommended for adults every five years. It was found, however, that such frequent boosting could lead to hyperimmunisation, meaning that the vaccinated person would develop symptoms of a tetanus infection (lockjaw, severe muscle spasms, etc) without ever suffering a tetanus-prone wound.

One of the first people to contact me to report his vaccine injury to the AVN’s database in the early 1990s after the AVN first started was a local builder who had developed hyperimmunisation. As a builder, he was constantly getting injuries at work. Despite the fact that he was totally up-to-date with the government recommended schedule, every time he was admitted to hospital for treatment, he would be given a routine tetanus booster (Tet-Tox) without being asked about how long it had been since his last shot. He subsequently developed this condition, meaning that he would suffer from periods of lockjaw and extremely painful muscle spasms over and over again.

Alternatives to medical vaccination

As many of you would know, my eldest child was injured by his DTP and then MMR vaccines. My second child received DT (we left out the pertussis component – parents can no longer do that) and polio and my third child got polio only. My 4th is completely unvaccinated.

We live on a farm so we were always aware of the potential risk of tetanus. Our solution was to always have hydrogen peroxide on hand, to clean and bathe any wounds the children got (and since they always ran around barefoot, as good country children do, there were many wounds!) and to bathe the area thoroughly in this solution. We also kept (and still keep) a vial of Ledum on hand. Ledum is one of the homeopathic remedies for tetanus and we would administer that to the children should they have a wound we felt might be at risk for a tetanus infection.

I have spoken with other families who have used other strategies to prevent tetanus infections. It is probably a good idea, if you are interested in this issue, to speak with your own trusted health professional to seek their opinion. There are several books I can recommend for further reading on this and other vaccination issues as well. I will list them in the bibliography at the end of this post.


I guess the takeaway message for this article is that parents will always love their children more than anyone else will. More than the doctors; more than the government; more than the pundit wanna-be’s at SAVN; and more than anyone in the media. They will make the decisions they feel are best for their family’s health based on the information they have at the time.

Life is filled with risk

On average, 7 children under the age of 15 are killed every year in Australia and 60 are injured after being run over by cars in their own driveways. These deaths and injuries would be (for the most part) preventable through the requirement to install reversing cameras in every car, ute and truck registered in this country. Yet the government has not made this recommendation nor do these children make front page news when such tragedies occur.

Why then is the finger of blame so often and so cruelly pointed at loving families who are doing the very best they can in a very difficult situation? There is no proof that tetanus vaccination would have prevented this child’s illness and a lot of potential evidence that earlier recognition by medical staff might have saved a lot of suffering.

We all do what we can, when we can to keep our children safe, happy and healthy. When something goes wrong, that is the time for us to come together and support each other – not to play the game of ‘what if’, ‘if only’ and ‘you should have…’.

Please try to keep that in mind the next time this situation arises. Especially those of you in the media who are the biggest and most public offenders.

Until then, I wish this family and their little girl all the very best for a quick and complete recovery to full and vital wellness.

by Meryl Dorey

Suggested reading:

Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, 2nd Edition: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection

Vaccine Illusion

Dissolving Illusions

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces which represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the nocompulsoryvaccination blog. This blog is a forum, support and information site and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice but believe that everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from government, your health care provider and/or other medical source material to assist you in developing the knowledge required to make informed health choices.


The last days of natural health in Australia?

Green PillsI’m writing this blog whilst sitting at my chiropractor’s office waiting for my appointment. The air is filled with the scent of lavender and soft music is playing in the background. It’s a lovely, relaxing environment. But thinking about the threats to chiropractic care – and all forms of natural therapies – is keeping me from feeling relaxed.

Those pseudo-skeptics who are reading this are thinking (and working towards the day) that chiropractic will no longer be allowed to exist in Australia. Only drug-based, toxic treatments are OK as far as they are concerned. There are two ways of doing things in their minds – their way or the wrong way. And anyone who doesn’t agree with them on health issues (or most anything else, come to think of it), should be forced to go along with their view of the world.

Bunch of schoolyard bullies, they are!

Normally, I would laugh at people like this. They are so pathetic; so immature; so wrong minded. But when they are backed by a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that not only owns the government and the media, but backs them and gives them a platform to spew their hate speech, it’s no longer a laughing matter.

So, I sit in the chiropractor’s office, knowing that it may only be a matter of a few years before chiropractic is no longer able to be practiced openly in Australia. Chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, Bowen therapies, Chinese Herbal medicine…the list goes on. All of these treatments, some of which have been safely and effectively used for thousands of years, could be in their last days here in Australia.

All because people are choosing in their hundreds of thousands to turn their backs on Western medical doctors and opt for treatments that work and are, as close as any treatment can be, harmless. A claim which cannot be made for medical any ‘treatment’. Medical drugs, procedures and errors kill between 18,000 and 54,000 Australians EVERY YEAR! Doctors have not earned the right to be trusted or listened to without question – a right which the government and the medical organisations are demanding.

It’s all about money, power and control

Government control has gone completely bonkers. Not content with trying to ban natural therapies, our diets are also under threat.

Let’s not talk about the fact that labelling of foods containing genetically modified organisms is still not mandatory – despite survey after survey showing that 90% and more of Australians say they want this (who is the government working for again?)

Or the issue of additives, colourings and preservatives that have never been shown to be safe being used in the manufacture and packaging of the foods we eat. Thousands of these additives were approved by our government without any testing or proof of safety either singly or in combination (very much like vaccines, come to think of it). Guess they really DO take their responsibility to keep us safe seriously, eh?

And let’s not forget the herbicides, pesticides, pre-emergents and fungicides used in the growth, packaging and shipment of our foods. These products are not only unsafe for human and animal consumption, but they have destroyed our already depleted soils to the point where foods grown conventionally in Australia are virtually devoid of nutrition.

So our government, sworn to protect us and our rights, has worked full time to destroy our health and take away our rights. All the while, trying its hardest to remove the forms of healthcare that WE choose to use and even the way that WE choose to eat!

I am eating a modified Paleo/ketogenic diet and have been on this for about 2 1/2 months. It’s been amazing! Apart from losing weight (bonus!), I have felt really good and have been feeling increases of energy nearly every day.

This is a diet I chose after doing a lot of research and reading – especially because of its ability to help prevent cancer. I don’t have cancer, luckily, but at nearly 60 years old, I felt it was time to get serious about my health so I read a lot and have chosen to use my diet to help me get healthier. So far, so good.

But in this ‘democracy’ of Australia, doing things differently to corporate interest’s recommendations is a sure fire path to conflict.


Chef Pete Evans is one of the top Paleo experts in Australia. Now, he does not go out and grab people off the street and say, “Ve haf vays ov making you eat Paleo!” He simply offers information, recipes and stories about people who have changed their diet and the positive effects they’ve discovered.

But this is not allowed! If too many people eat Paleo, the food pyramid will be turned upside down! Companies like Kelloggs, Sanitarium and other grain and cereal manufacturers will show a decline to their bottom lines. We can’t have that!

So, their tame front group nutrition organisations (the same ones that still push margarine, genetically-modified oils and a crazy amount of grains with too little greens) have viciously attacked Chef Evans and people like myself who eat a Paleo diet.

These companies are silent about conventional farming practices, adding all sorts of dangerous crap to the foods we and our children eat and the use of antibiotics and hormones in our food animals. But try to eat a diet that is close to nature and that makes you feel good – oh no! We can’t have that!

Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Food – they are all the same. They are all one.

They have their tentacles throughout government and the media. They control what you read, hear, see and do in ways that you – if you are like most Australians – are completely unaware of.

But step outside the box; choose to think independently about diet, healthcare or education and you will find out quickly enough how narrow those confines actually are!

Want to drink raw milk like our ancestors did for generations? No way! Much better to drink pus-filled white stuff that has had all of the nutrition boiled out of it (to kill germs that are only there because of the way in which cows live and are treated on commercial farms). Drink or sell raw milk and you face fines and/or imprisonment.

Want to feed your children a vegan diet? Well, even though a large number of people in countries like China, India and Southeast Asia live on a vegan diet with no problem, you will not be allowed and could even face removal of your children!

No tolerance, no acceptance of any differences allowed in our Australia. You follow the party line or you suffer the consequences. And the party wants to control you from the second you wake up in the morning until the moment you close your eyes at night.

So…I sit here trying to relax before I get called in for my appointment, and wondering how many more appointments I will have before my chiropractor, and your naturopath, and your neighbour’s homeopath become a distant, illegal memory. And asking myself what it will take to finally get natural therapists to work together against the common enemy trying to shut them down for good.

If you do nothing else today, please watch and share this video of Lissa Weckert speaking at the No Jab, No Pay rally in Brisbane on June 21, 2015. There is another march scheduled for September this year. Please be sure to subscribe to this blog as we will keep you informed of all future actions to protect health rights and prevent compulsory vaccination.

No Jab, No Pay? NO WAY! Please join the protest

The following information is taken verbatim from the website No Jab, No Pay? NO WAY!

If there is a peaceful protest being held within driving distance of where you live, please plan to add your voice to the calls for health freedom. Our rights are under threat like never before and everyone needs to get involved before this draconian legislation sails through Parliament. Thank you to the organisers for taking the initiative in bringing these events together. May they be well-attended and reported on fairly.


We are a group of individuals and parents who believe in freedom of choice and the right of all parents to make their families medical choices free from coercion, manipulation and blackmail! We have a nationwide peaceful protest marches being held across Australia on Sunday 21st June 2015, Please join us and stand up for parental rights and the human rights!

Parliament House

Queens Park
11am – 1.30pm

Parliament House
12 – 1pm

Parliament House

Town Hall

Launceston City Park

Synergy Energy Park Playground, Kings Park (Near Vietnam Pavilion)
weekly Sunday gatherings to discuss ideas up until the 21st at same time, same place.

Daniel Raffaele, Founder of the Hate Group SAVN, Doesn’t want you to know this

On Tuesday, July 9th, I uploaded a post to the AVN’s Facebook Page regarding a statement the AVN’s President, Mr Greg Beattie, had made on the programme Today Tonight that evening. Part of Greg’s statement which concerned threatening phone calls from the home of SAVN’s founder to myself was censored despite assurances from the show that there would be no editing. I will paste the expanded version of the Facebook text below for you to read in its entirety in addition to a link to the programme itself.

Sometime on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning , Facebook removed the post below due to its being reported by members of Stop the AVN including Mr Daniel Raffaele. The message was reposted by one of our page administrators (since I was unaware of its removal until late last night) and was immediately removed again! Apparently, SAVN members strongly support freedom of speech – as long as it’s their right to abuse others they are protecting.

I, Meryl Dorey, currently have an apprehended violence order (AVO) against the founder of Stop the AVN (SAVN), Mr Daniel Raffaele, because 6 phone calls were made from his home to mine in August last years between approximately 2:30 AM and 3:30 AM. The NSW police positively confirmed that the calls originated from his house and the AVO was taken out at their suggestion. Despite this and despite the then 3-year history of almost daily abuse from this man, the police declined to charge him with a crime. Even though he did not admit to making these 6 calls, two of which consisted of threats against myself (Die in a Fire, and Just burn), it is my personal belief that Mr Raffaele was the perpetrator in this case. He had both the motive – his often professed overwhelming hatred of me – and the opportunity (he lives with his mother in the house where the calls originated from and has not offered any alternative explanation as to who else would have been there in the middle of the night using his phone to call me) and it would stretch credulity past breaking, in my opinion, to think that these calls came from any person other than Daniel Raffaele.

Today Tonight – 9 July, 2013


On the 9th of July, 2013, Today, Tonight interviewed Mr Greg Beattie, President of the AVN and Senator Richard Di Natale, health spokesman for the Australian Greens. Two weeks ago, Senator Di Natale put forward a resolution in the Federal Senate to demand that the AVN be disbanded.

Today, Tonight offered Senator Di Natale and Mr Beattie an opportunity to make a statement on this issue. They were told that they would each have exactly 60 seconds and that there would be absolutely no editing of their words. Unfortunately, Greg’s statement was edited. The following line was cut from the final recording (click the image above to view the entire show) – you can see the cut during Greg’s talk when the screen suddenly gets much brighter.

”The calls were recorded, and traced by the police. Di Natale named and thanked the man who made the calls, and criticised our founder for taking out an AVO. Work that out!”

“This concerned the fact that Senator Di Natale congratulated Daniel Raffaele for his ‘work’ in trying to force our group to close, and crticised the use of the Apprehended Violence Order. The Senator was either unaware of or unconcerned about the threatening and abusive calls to the AVN’s Public Officer, Meryl Dorey. These calls were traced by the police and confirmed to have originated from Raffaele’s home.”

Do we really want someone in Parliament who shakes hands with abusers and attacks their victims?

Everything Di Natale said about the AVN and those who represent our organisation was untrue. His association with a hate group should be a grave concern to anyone who cares about human rights and freedom of speech.

If you haven’t already done so, please write a letter to Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens, to ask her whether her party really does support silencing and abusing a volunteer-run parent’s support group? If you would like to read some of the letters which have already been sent, you can view them on our blog here.

What do members of the NSW Parliament know about the AVN?

NSW Coat of ArmsFor the last week, members of the NSW Parliament have been debating (if you want to call it that) the passage of a Bill (The Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2013) which will provide the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) – a government body which already has an incredible amount of power – the ability to once again ‘investigate’ the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). The language used by some of our elected representatives during this debate was bizarre and shocking. As one mother of eight – six of whom are vaccine-injured said when a member of the hate group, Stop the AVN gleefully told her to watch an online video of the parliamentary debate on this bill:

It was hard enough to read the hansard, so I think I might just give the video a miss.  All I was thinking when I was reading these scornful and derisive comments, is these people do not even care that my children and thousands of other children have been hurt by vaccines.  They are just acceptable collateral damage to them, invisible, voiceless and expendable.  Why would you take such pleasure in sharing, what to me is really just a bunch of bullies gleefully putting the boot in to parents like me and the only advocacy group that my children have in this country?  Do we not deserve to have a voice in society, or are we just supposed to shut up and tend to our children’s wounds in silence?  In a lot of ways the AVN is a victims support group, a place for victims of vaccine injuries and deaths to come and find support and comfort.  A place we can share our stories so that other families can learn from our tragedies and we can finally be heard.  Why would you want to take that away from us?

And did I say bizarre? Read this gem from the Hon Paul Green:

“… I can remember immunising my own child but my wife would not let me do any more of our children after that. It is such a cute moment when the needle goes through the fatty thighs of a two-month old child. It is like a hot knife through butter as the needle slides in so sweetly.”

And this statement by The Hon Catherine Cusack, is a typical example of how poorly-informed some of these representatives are about the AVN:

I understand that NSW Fair Trading has ordered the Australian Vaccination Network to change its name. That order has been appealed and it is now being considered by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. I wish it well. I point out to the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Minister for Health that irrespective of NSW Fair Trading’s success it will not be enough. The network will continue its activities and the Government must do whatever it can to protect the lives of our defenceless babies and small children. I call on the Health Care Complaints Commission immediately to stop the Australian Vaccination Network spreading misleading information and I ask the media as a whole not to facilitate the dissemination of such dangerous messages to vulnerable parents who are already bombarded with confusing information and who somehow believe that the network’s role in the immunisation debate is evenly balanced. It is not.

What this amendment means

At the present time, the HCCC is one of only two bodies in Australia (to the best of my knowledge) which are not subject to subpoena or freedom of information claims. In other words, they have the power to make statements, carry out investigations and take actions without having to concern themselves with the sort of public scrutiny which other government departments normally work under. After all, government is supposed to represent the people and therefore, it should be accountable to them. Not so the HCCC however, and its arrogance and lack of accountability is obvious in its actions since losing to the AVN in the Supreme Court just over 12 months ago.

You see, the HCCC didn’t just lose their case – they had to admit that when it came to citing a small community organisation representing parents, many of whom have children who had suffered as a result of actions taken by the very doctors the HCCC was supposed to protect them against, they acted outside of the law (at a cost of potentially millions of taxpayer dollars). The Supreme Court stated in its decision that the HCCC had acted in an Ultra Vires manner when investigating or citing our organisation. In other words – it acted illegally.

Instead of going back and doing what it was set up to do – protect the public from dangerous doctors – the HCCC instead appealed to parliament, asking for more power specifically to get the AVN. This is not an exaggeration. It is a simple case of sour grapes, and the debate in Parliament and the statements made by representatives of both the Minister and Shadow Minister for Health as well as the head of the HCCC over the past few months have made this apparent. If the law didn’t allow the HCCC to attack community groups, well they would simply change the law.

But why? Why would an organisation comprising just over 2,000 members and representing a group of parents, many of whom had already suffered so badly at the hands of dangerous doctors, become a target for the very body that was set up to protect them?

It’s all about control – and the AVN is not the only target

When moving the second reading of this Bill, the Hon Melinda Pavey stated that:

This important amendment will mean that, if a health service provider is acting in a way that is likely to affect the clinical management or care of a client, even if there is no identified client who has been affected, then the Health Care Complaints Commission will have jurisdiction to investigate a complaint against the health service provider.

In other words, there doesn’t need to be any harm to anyone – just a suspicion that there might be harm. You are guilty until proven innocent and since the HCCC sets the definition of innocent – anyone who supports without question their drug and vaccine-based policies. Those of us who use or practice natural health or discuss the issues surrounding the dangers of drugs or vaccines is, ipso facto, guilty and must be stopped.

The AVN is the primary target but if they manage to squash us, you are next. Every chiropractor, homeopath, naturopath, Bowen therapist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioners, herbalist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, osteopath – the list goes on and on. Oh and, of course, all of their clients. Every one of you will be next – have no doubt about it.

Just read the recent articles about how Macquarie University has been pressured into dropping their chiropractic degree and just yesterday, it was reported that the so-called ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’ (more likely the opponents of anything that isn’t mainstream or drug-based) is now pushing to get insurance companies to allow an opt-out clause so that private health cover won’t encompass natural medicine.

So what are you doing to protect your right to practice healing? What are your associations doing? The time is very short and if you are silent now, there will be no one left to speak up for you soon.

Health consumers under the gun too

And it’s not just practitioners whose rights are threatened by this bill. The definition of a health service provider is now so broad – and the lack of a need for a ‘client’ or ‘harm’ so blatant – that anyone who discusses the issues of natural health publicly can potentially be cited by the HCCC. This can mean journalists, bloggers, teachers or even parents who discuss vaccination and natural health with other parents.

We could very well be in the final days of true democracy and freedom in health in Australia – and the eyes of the world are upon us, watching to see how we will handle these threats against not only our right to make informed health choices, but our ability to have a public conversation about the information surrounding health and natural health.

The ultimate victims, should this legislation pass, will be our children and our grandchildren whose parents sat by and did nothing while their legacy was ripped away from them.

Please don’t let that happen! No matter where you live in Australia, call and write to:

The Hon. Jillian Skinner, MP
Level 31 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Phone: (02) 9228 5229
FAX: (02) 9228 5877

Dr Andrew McDonald, MP
Shop 18 Carnes Hill Marketplace
Corner Cowpasture & Kurrajong Roads
Phone: (02) 9608 8991
FAX: (02) 9608 0606

In addition, if you live in NSW, contact your local member of parliament. Go in to see them if you are able – but at the very least, call their office and ask them to vote against the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2013. Tell them that your vote for them and for their party will depend on them doing this.

Health practitioners – organise your patients to do the same thing – and contact your associations and tell them that your continued payment of fees will rely on them taking immediate action on this bill in order to protect not only the association, but your practice and livelihood as well.

You can also take 30 seconds to sign this petition that was started on Avaaz yesterday a few days ago and which has already gathered over 3,000 signatures”

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 5.39.52 AM

The AVN has stood firm for over 4 years under unrelenting attack by groups far more powerful than we are. We have done so because who we represent – the parents and children of Australia and those practitioners who are trying to help them – are too important to leave unprotected. Now, it’s our turn to ask for your protection – not just for us, but for what it will mean to everyone if the AVN were to be closed down by those who want to stop anyone who questions or is critical of drug-based medicine.

Autism World – The Upcoming Mark Geier Appeal… Part One – What’s at Stake Here?

Autism World – The Upcoming Mark Geier Appeal… Part One – What’s at Stake Here?.

There are several US cases going on right now that are significant to the Autism World, one of which is the Mark Geier versus the Maryland Medical Board, a case which is simply waiting out the required timing to be filed in a real court.  Since the Autism World situation is without doubt, a microcosm of what is happening in US, and world, health care, the case is also of importance to the North American Health Freedom Movement.

Supporters of health freedom respond to censorship

I am due to present one seminar and participating in a forum on toxicity at the Woodford Folk Festival in a bit over 2 weeks’ time. (Thursday, December 29th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM – Autism Emergency – 1 child in 38; Friday, December 30th from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM – Forum on Toxicity – both at the Blue Lotus)

Of course, Stop the AVN (SAVN) and their minions are once again trying to censor this side of the issue. Through one of their main spokespeople – a prominent character with both the Australian Skeptics and SAVN, they have started a campaign on the internet via blogs, their Facebook page and emails to the Woodford management and their sponsors. They claim that allowing information on the downside of vaccinations to be aired at this venue is dangerous and the Festival should cancel my appearances. They are also threatening to boycott the sponsors.

These are the same people who claim that allowing parents and other interested parties to access information on the risks and ineffectiveness of vaccination is going to harm all of society including those who are fully vaccinated! They feel that you are not intelligent enough, or discerning enough, to be trusted to make your own decision by being made aware of all available information. In fact, they think that it is their right to determine what you can and cannot know because as your betters and as representatives of the scientocracy that is currently governing Australia, they have decided that you have to offer up your children to vaccination for the greater good without question and without choice.

Two articles on this issue (well, an article at the bottom of the page and an update on top) have appeared on the mamamia blog which is notoriously anti-choice. The articles are rabid – the comments to these articles are toxic. The most obvious thing is that none of these people has any scientific reason for objecting to our participation at Woodford – they simply disagree with our viewpoint. As a result, they feel that nobody should be allowed to hear our side of this debate and are trying to force their censorship on the Festival. In fact, they say there IS no debate – there is only one side to the vaccination issue and only scientists and doctors should be allowed to discuss it in public and the rest of us should just shut up and do what we’ve been told!

We urgently need anyone who believes in freedom of speech and communication (no matter what your opinion is about the benefits and risks of vaccination) to send letters to the organisers and the sponsors to let them know that there is a real need in the community for information on the other side of the vaccination issue. Please take 5 minutes to write a quick letter and send it to the following addresses (please use the BCC field in your email if at all possible). As you can see from the letters below, you don’t have to write a lot – one or two sentences is fine. It is very important that you DO write however. You need to defend freedom of choice in Australia – it will take all of us working together to maintain our health freedom.

Here are some suggested points to make:

1- Why you chose not to vaccinate or to vaccinate selectively.
2- Your personal or family experience with vaccination (or non-vaccination)
3- How much research you have done on this issue.
4- How the AVN has helped you.
5- Why you support Woodford and their sponsors for allowing this issue to be aired.

Of course, feel free to include any information you’d like! I know how precious time is so just make this as long or as short as you are able – as long as you write it and write it soon!

At the bottom of this blog post are the letters which have been sent since last night. Feel free to ‘borrow’ from them for your own letters – I’m sure the author’s won’t mind!

Here are the email addresses for the Woodford Festival as well as my email to bcc your letter to:

And here are the sponsors – many of these are web comment fields so just copy and paste your emails into the forms.

Queensland Government
Brisbane Marketing
Moreton Bay Regional Council
Midell Water
Clarke Kann Lawyers
US Consulates
Skill Centred
ABC Coast FM

Thanks so much for your help with this very important issue. It is up to us to ensure that informed choice and freedom of communication are supported.

Yours in health,
Meryl Dorey

Censorship is not an Australian Custom

Vaccination is a choice. People have the right to choose. People have the right to stay informed. Censorship on this issue is un-Australian.

My Brother and my husband both had reactions in their youth and were advised by the GP not to continue with the program. This was back in the 70’s. My children having reactions on both sides had much higher risks of reactions than other kids.

Without the AVN, I would not have been able to make an informed decision. I asked the Dr’s about reactions and side affects from vaccinations and on what substances were in the injections and they were unable to answer any of my questions properly. Most seemed uninformed.

Keep the line of information open.

Thank you,


Woodford Folk Festival – Meryl Dorey AVN presentation

I am writing with regard to the Woodford Folk Festival soon to be held, where in Meryl Dorey of the AVN is scheduled to speak on the issues around vaccination.

It is my understanding that certain groups of people are trying to stop Meryl from presenting at this forum and I would like to urge you to please allow her to continue with her presentation. I have personally attended one of her presentations and found it to be extremely informative.

As a parent researching this issue I have visited multiple doctors and health nurses and could not get any satisfactory or informative answers to my questions. I got the same standard response such as ‘the Wakefield study was a fraud’ ‘Autism is merely a coincidence based on the age it presents’ and my questions were usually met with hostility. However Meryl’s presentation was not based on her own opinion, all her material was on stats, facts and information that I found to be extremely educational and assisted me in my own research into this issue and it was an opportunity to discuss the issues the doctors just cannot answer.

Parents are asking these questions and doctors don’t or rather can’t answer them. Putting your head in the sand won’t make these questions go away – These issues need to be brought out in the open so that we all can learn and do what’s best for our children.



AVN Seminars 


I just wanted to email you to see if it is true that you are considering cancelling the seminars set for Meryl Dorey of the AVN.  I implore you not to cancel these seminars if for no other reason that people have the right to both sides of the vaccination story.  For too long parents have been going along with what the Government and their doctors tell them they must do without any knowledge of the consequences.  We have the right to this important information and Meryl is the one who is willing to stick her neck out and help us parents to be informed.

I work with people and animals in my natural healing business and see probably more than most the damage caused by vaccinations.

Please support the AVN to share this important information.  Don’t cancel the seminars.

Kindest regards


Kudos to the Festival


I am just emailing to offer my support to Bill following the transcript that has been put up on the Mama Mia website (that I will now be boycotting).

Vaccination is an important issue to many people and deserves to be discussed publicly.

I commend the festival for supporting freedom of communication and I hope that the bullying tactics that often surround the vaccination issue will not deter you in continuing to support free speech on this issue.


Thank you

Dear Bill, Ingrid,

I want to thank you for putting Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) on the program this year. I realise that this is a very emotive and contentious area and that there will be many people who do not want her to speak.

It is vital that the facts about vaccination are available for everyone to make an informed choice. The AVN provides much needed information on latest research and findings about the efficacy and the risks associated with vaccines. This information is hardly ever covered by the mainstream media or the medical profession.

I have read widely on the subject of vaccinations and have found the AVN an invaluable source of information.

I am volunteering for my 9th year and Meryl is the person I am most excited about seeing this year.

Again, thank you so much for making the bold decision to allow this very courageous and determined woman to speak.




Dear Woodford Folk,

As an avid patron of your great festival I am writing to you to express my concern about the pressure you may be feeling to cancel the appearance of Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. I understand that there has been a concerted campaign to have her silenced by small but vocal group of people who believe open debate about health issues is dangerous.

I would like you to know that the AVN is fantastic volunteer organization that has helped my family enormously as we have zigzagged our way through parenting with healthy and no so healthy children. Their support and advocacy for vaccine injured children is extraordinary.

I would be very disappointed if the free, open spirit of the festival I love so much was tarnished by the organizers bowing to pressure to exclude The AVN from making a presentation.

I will definitely be there to hear Meryl speak.

Thank you,



To the organisers of woodfordia,

I would just like to voice my support for the Vaccination information session you have organised as part of Woodfordia Folk Festival this year.  Open information and education is such an important part of a healthy society, and I urge you not to be persuaded by people trying to silence Meryl and the AVN.

Each and every person should have the right to decide how to raise their own children, and open access to information is vital in allowing this to occur in the best interest of the children.  I have chosen not to vaccinate my children to date, and I have 6 very healthy kids.

However, I remain open to reviewing all information, both for and against vaccines, and I would change my position on vaccines if the evidence were to show they are either adequately safe, or adequately effective

Kind regards,


Keeping everything in balance

Meryl Dorey at your festival. It is good that you have given her theopportunity to lend some balance to this subject which has been highjacked by people with an agenda.



Meryl Dorey at Woodford


I am writing in relation to the contention that appears to be surrounding Woodford’s decision to include Meryl Dorey from the AVN in the festival program.

I would just like to say that I am so impressed that Woodford has included Meryl in the program and I sincerely hope that the actions and reactions of a few angry and misguided people won’t deter you from having her speak at the festival. I have seen the articles that have been published about this issue on the Mammamia website and I have tried making peaceful comments on the page to present the other side of the issue, however some people can be very aggressive and stubborn about this issue and they have mostly responded with a lot of unjustified anger and downright rudeness.

I am sure you have included Meryl due to your own appreciation for alternative health and natural therapies and the desire to spread awareness of alternative forms of health care. I believe it is so vital that people have access to this information, and Meryl is one of the only people with the courage to speak publicly about this issue and present the alternative side of the story. I myself have chosen not to vaccinate my own child and only came to this decision after weeks, bordering on months of research and careful deliberation. Instead I continue to work very closely with a leading (and extensively published) naturopath who has had excellent results in curing a number of conditions in people where modern medicine had written them off. He also strongly advises against vaccination and has had first hand experience witnessing the severe and life threatening reactions that children can have to them. I myself know of at least 3 families whose children have suffered scary reactions to routine immunisations.

Not only do I believe with all my heart in the benefits and power of natural medicine and the decision to avoid medical intervention such as vaccination where possible, but I have a wide circle of friends and associates who share these views. Many of these friends are musicians who have played at Woodford over the years. There is a strong culture of people who wish to follow this path, and the culture is growing rapidly. I believe Woodford is a crucial platform for supporting this culture and has been for some time.

It goes with out saying that my family and I wholeheartedly endorse Woodford’s decision to allow Meryl to enjoy her right to free speech and to offer her a platform in which to present a safe, effective and alternative model of health care for the children of today and tomorrow. I beg you not to give in to these fear-mongering people who are threatening to boycott the festival and the sponsors.

Thanks to people like Meryl, there is more positive change occuring in the field of health care than ever before. People should have the right to choose on this important issue and to consider the information this courageous woman has to present. Unlike the majority of ‘research’ on vaccination, hers isn’t funded by massive pharmaceutical corporations.

Well done Woodford, you have always been progressive and created a wonderful space for the non-conformist, creative, and radical free-thinking individuals of this world. As they say ‘any publicity is good publicity’ so enjoy creating a stir and I wish you every success for the festival and the Meryl Dorey presentation.



AVN Lectures

The Woodford Festival is one of fairness, family values and honesty – I feel that the issue of vaccination is one that many of your festival goers would be most interested in hearing about and would be impressed that you have actually stood up to Big Pharma in letting the talks by the AVN be aired.

As a health care practitioner I see so much injustice and harm done in the area of vaccination – we need proper investigation into this subject and I feel that the danger of immunisation is not being addressed properly.

I totally trust the ethics of the AVN and know that the smear campaign being waged towards it is very unreasonable and represents only a small number of radicals.  Most people I meet are only too happy to hear the other side (for a change!) and are getting so fed up with being fed the continual lies about ‘medical’ treatment.

The day when the pharmaceutical companies are no longer in charge of GP education and when GP’s are paid to report immunisation reactions, not just the fee to immunise, as is the case now, I will be very relieved and feel that honest science is back on track.

Please do not get swayed into preventing these talks by the AVN – please go and hear Meryl Dorey speak and you will be enlightened.

Thank you


Please don’t succumb to blackmail

Dear Woodford Folk Festival organisers

I am writing to you as I believe that there is a concerted effort by a small group of persons known as “Stop the AVN” who do not want to allow any debate or discussion to occur at Woodford on possible harm from vaccinations.

I believe that we still do live in a country with some democracy, even if this group does not . I hope that you do not allow this group to stop public debate on vaccinations.

While not an expert on vaccinations, I have done enough research to know that harm can and does occur. I also believe that with some particular vaccinations there is significant risk that does not balance the benefit.

I have followed the case of the 2 year child who died in Brisbane last year as a result of a swine flu vaccination and the Perth baby who is now brain damaged as a result of a flu vaccination. The parents of this child are now suing CSL

Public debate and realistic information on vaccinations is very necessary, particularly in view of the lack of any proper adverse effects monitoring in Australia. The adverse effects monitoring is done by the drug companies themselves, a case of the fox guarding the hen house.

I ask that you do not succumb to this group who want to stop debate. You might as well pack up now and not bother having a festival if important issues are not allowed to be discussed.

Yours with concern


Meryl Dorey speaking at the Woodford Folk Festival

Dear Woodford Folk Festival

It has come to my attention that there is some push to have the Woodford Folk Festival rescind its invitation to have Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network speak at the festival.

I would like to say that both personally and in my professional standing I feel this would be a tragic mistake.

All people deserve to make a well educated choice on the issue of vaccination and that can only be done where people have access to both sides of an issue.

I have researched this issue to the best of my ability for some 15 years now and I am completely and utterly convinced of the importance of the public having access to the possible down side of vaccination, as it is a very real downside. Those who wish to protect the current vaccine paradigm will do whatever they can to stop this, including where ever possible preventing freedom of speech.  People are not stupid, contrary to what the drug companies would have us believe, and having been given enough information are perfectly capable of making their own decisions as to what is best for their families – whatever that will be.

We must not lose the AVN.  It has been an invaluable source of information for myself and hundreds of people I have throughout the last decade sent to them for help.  I have never had reason to regret sending anyone to them or their web site for information.  It is imperative that their message not be stopped and I plead with you to not allow pressure that is being brought to bear allow you to stop Ms Dorey from speaking.

I have always loved the Woodford Fold Festival and it’s very existence and its longevity are proof that there is room in this world for all types of people with all tastes and belief systems.  Let’s not allow that to change now.

Remember “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ” – Edmund Burke

I am afraid you are now in that unenviable position.  I pray you make the right choice.

Warm regards,


Woodford Festival

To the organisers of the 2011 Woodford Festival,

I am deeply concerned to learn that there is a campaign afoot by members of the SAVN and Australian Skeptics to have Meryl Dorey of the AVN removed from the program at Woodford Festival this year.

My husband and I are both well educated on vaccination.

We spent many months intensely researching both sides of the issue / debate when our first child was born.

Our sources were doctors, medical journals, books written by highly respected doctors and research scientists and symposiums.

One of the most glaring and disturbing realisations of the entire process was the lack of facts provided to the public of which we have the right to know.

Vaccines are not 100% effective nor are they 100% safe (far more people have died from vaccines or left dreadfully debilitated than are reported) and parents – and individuals – have the right to be fully informed before they make the choice to vaccinate or not – or in many cases : vaccinate by a ‘safer’ schedule which allows for the immune system to recover before being assaulted with another round.

The AVN and Meryl Dorey play a very important role.

I have known Meryl Dorey for almost 20 years. In that time she has never pressured or cajoled us to not vaccinate.

She and the AVN have been an organization that has provided factual information to families to aid them in their decision and she continues to support them no matter what they decide. The AVN is pro-choice and pro-information – which is more than I can say for our Health Department, that only provides selective and limited information in glossed-over and vague language.

It is the AVN that researches and provides factual and statistic backed studies and reports.

It is essential that Meryl be allowed to present at the Woodford Festival – without interference. She has incredible integrity, inner strength and grace.

Please do all you can to ensure she remains on your program.

Thanking you,



I would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the Jagera people and Yerongpan clan  in Forestdale, on whose land I walk, work and live.  I would also like to pay respects to Elders past, present & future.

I support Meryl Dorey at Woodford!

Dear Bill and Ingrid,

I understand that you have been contacted by an organisation to cancel Meryl Dorey’s opportunities to speak at Woodford this year. I am not normally a vocal person on the issue of immunization because I believe that people need to make their own decisions, as I have done for my family as a result of extensive research. However, this view pre-supposes free speech which I believe is under threat in this instance. The organisation that has contacted you is trying to stop any debate or discussion in the area of immunization choice. Individual choice on this issue is not being promoted, despite the growing medical data that shows that immunizations can do harm to otherwise healthy children. Information provision to enable choices to be made is part of a healthy, free society. I urge you to keep Meryl on the bill in the spirit of your festival.

Kind regards


Please let the Meryl Dorey and the AVN participate in the festival! 

To whom it may concern,

I have just heard that certain people are trying to get you to not allow Meryl Dorey to speak on the down sides of vaccination.  This really upsets me, I am a mother of 8 children, 6 of whom were vaccinated and 2 who were not.  Out of the 6, 3 have been diagnosed with Autism and Developmental delays, 1 with ADHD, 1 with a severe language disorder and the last one has severe mood swings and food allergies.  They also suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, Eczema, Asthma, Psoriasis, Urinary tract infections, ear infections, food allergies, chemical sensitivities.  My two youngest and unvaccinated children have none of their siblings disorders.  There is no history of Autism spectrum disorders in my or my husband’s family history, and we had genetic testing done and there were no abnormalities found, the only difference between our children is their vaccination status.

If only someone could have told me before I vaccinated my first 6 children that there were risks of serious adverse reactions, then I might have been able to recognise the symptoms in my children sooner, I might have been able to spare some of my children the monumental challenges that they now face.  My doctor had only warned me of the possibility of a slight bump at the injection site and a temperature, he never told me that they can suffer serious allergic reactions, convulsions, encephalitis and even death!  I took my children in to get their shots blindly believing that they would be fine and my children paid the price for my ignorance.

That it is why it is so important that both the pros and the cons of vaccination be able to be discussed by the people who are taking all the risks.  It is our families that are taking the risks, should we not be even allowed to discuss a medical procedure that ultimately affects our families?

I have now spent the last 6 years researching studies, attending forums, talks, seminars, reading books on vaccination, looking up statistical data and I have found that the lack of information provided on the risks of vaccination to the public by medical professionals is at the very best negligent.  When you go in to see a surgeon, they tell you ALL the risks that come with having a particular surgery yet when it is vaccination they just tell you about the most minor, why is this?

Parents should be entitled to know all the information in order to make a truly informed decision, and that is what Meryl Dorey is trying to do, provide information that is not being given to parents.  What parents decide to do with that information is up to them as it so rightly should be, because in the end it is up to them to decide what is best for their family and how can you do this without all the facts?

The other part of all this that disturbs me is the attempt to curtail freedom of speech, is there a law against discussing vaccination in public, the last time I looked there wasn’t so how can these people be allowed to get away with their bullying and censorship?!?

Lastly I would like to encourage you to not give in to the bullying and threats of these deniers of free speech, and make the festival what it was always intended to be a place for the community to come together and share ideas unburdened by outside interests and agendas.

I would also like to give my full support to you and to your sponsors for being courageous enough to allow freedom of speech a place in your festival.

Kind regards


Woodford Folk Festival

Hi there,

I have been reading about the Woodford Folk Festival and also that you plan to have Meryl Dorey give a presentation from the AVN.   I just want to commend you and thank you for giving this side of the vaccination debate a hearing.

More than the “for or against” argument of this whole debate, what I find really ugly and unaustralian, are the vicious attempts by one side to silence the other.

I am so glad that the AVN has avenues to present information calmly and clearly  so that parents and families can learn more about both sides of vaccinations, instead of the singular one side that we constantly get fed by so called “experts”.

I have been very grateful in the past for huge events like the Conscious Living Expo here in Perth, that advocate freedom of choice and allow Meryl to present her information freely without bowing to the heavy handed censorship or gag attempts by the SAVN and other parties paid for by medical corporations.

I know that you and your organizers must be coming under fire at this time, as these groups pull out all stops to prevent or ruin Meryl’s speech at your event.   This really saddens me.  But i saw them do the same thing here in my home town, when she came for a visit, taking out huge adverts in the papers and trying to blacken her and the AVN in the eyes of the public.  These are really just bullying tactics.     I hope you can stand firm in your decisions to allow her to share the information she has, as I can honestly say it is VERY important information that really must be made available for parents so that they CAN make an informed choice.

I am not necessarily anti-vaccination, but I am PRO choice!  The reasons I am so passionate about us having the choice, is that many years ago, I blindly took my first two daughters for their vaccinations, because I was told by the medical profession this was the right thing to do.   I did not realize I had a choice.   My first daughter had severe reactions but I was told this was “normal”.  Fortunately for her, she had no lasting side effects, though many years later, behind my back, her doctor convinced her to have the Gardisil injection which has left her with ongoing health problems every since.

My second daughter however was not so fortunate.   From the night of her vaccination at four months, she went from a happy, healthy baby, who slept through the night, to a brain damaged distressed child who did not sleep for over two years.   She did not walk till she was four or talk till she was seven.   She is basically autistic with mental age about eight years of age.   At the current age of 24, she has cost, not only her family, but the community/taxpayers a massive amount of money to assist her through schooling and development and therapy.   Hers is not an isolated case.   Can you imagine how many others there are like her out there, or how, in the years ahead, as more and more children receive more and more vaccinations before even school age, there will be a major increase in chronic disease across our population? I cannot begin to tell you what this experience has taught me, but that is minor in comparison with what it has put my daughter through, and what she will have to endure for the rest of her life.

Me?  I now choose.   And I fight for my choice.  You see, I did not vaccinate my third and fourth children.   Because I would rather take my chances with Mother nature.   She neither profits or loses when it comes to my children’s wellbeing.   Pharmaceutical companies are there to make money first, and I don’t believe they even consider the health of our future generations in their drive for profit.   I know that as grim as it sounds, if I had the choice, I would rather one of my children got sick and died from a natural disease, than watch a healthy child receive a vaccination and then get sick or die from that.

So you see, choice is everything.

And I am very grateful that you do not bow to the bullies and let them silence one side of the vaccination debate.

Thank you.   I wish you every success with your festival and hope you all have a wonderful event!



AVN’s participation at Woodford

Good evening everybody

I’m up working late and I’ve noticed that there’s an email from the AVN in my inbox. Meryl is letting her members know that some groups that fear freedom of information are petitioning you to get a couple of segments that they are holding at your Festival cancelled.

My initial thought was not too worry as the folks who run the Woodford Folk Festival would not be the sort of people who would buy into censorship of information. The people who frequent the Festival are certainly not that type of person. I’ve been a number of times. To me the Festival is all about life, people, relationships, music, living with spirit, and the sharing of information.

But I’d thought I’d better send something, just in case. 

I’m  a member of the AVN and find their information factual, balanced, and extremely important. They offer an education on the subject of vaccination so parents are able to make an informed choice. And it’s always the parent’s choice and that is always made clear. But at least they have some impartial information to help them. You won’t find a more balanced representation of the subject of vaccination than the AVN.

What they offer is a perfect fit for the Woodford Folk Festival. The Festival and any sponsors that are associated with it, will benefit from the supporting the AVN in the eyes of anyone who attends.

The fact that there is an organisation who has been setup to specifically harass the AVN should tell you that what the AVN has to say is very close to the mark. It’s important, and you are doing a service to the community by hosting them at your event.

Here’s to a great Festival!



Support for Woodford organisers re Freedom of Communication

To whom it may concern,

I wish to express my support for Woodford Festival organisers and sponsors in allowing the issue of vaccination to be aired as I feel there is a real need in the community for information on both sides of the vaccination issue. When people are made aware of the choices and options available in regard to vaccination they’re able to make informed decisions from an empowered position rather than acting out of fear like I did as a young mum. I’ve been researching health and vaccination for several years and now believe my health and the health of my children has been compromised as a result of receiving childhood vaccinations. I’ve discovered I’m sensitive to heavy metals and my body does not get rid of them very well which increases my susceptibility to adverse reactions from vaccinations. After reading much information and watching DVD’s I recently attended an enlightening talk by Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network about Childhood Vaccination. The information Meryl presented was easy to understand and answered many questions for me such as:

  • Why do vaccinated children contract the very diseases they are vaccinated against?
  • Why don’t vaccinations guarantee immunity like I was lead to believe?
  • Why has the number of vaccines gone from 18 just 23 years ago to over 50 by the time a child starts school including over 23 within the first year of life?
  • What options do I have to immunise my child other than vaccination and what are the immunity rates compared to vaccination?
  • Where do I find a GP who will support me if I choose an alternative way to immunise my child?

I am very grateful to the AVN for working to help parents like me take back the right to free and informed choice by allowing them to see the less publicised side of this important issue before making a decision.

Thank you again for allowing and encouraging freedom of communication at the Woodford FestivalJ

Warm regards,


Bunbury WA 6231

Freedom of thought, Freedom of choice to vaccinate or not

Hello there Woodford family,

I am writing to express my support of Meryl Dorey from the AVN and gratitude that Woodford Folk Festival has her presenting this year. I feel it is a wonderful choice to have her insight and talk at the Woodford Folk Festival on vaccination. It makes me feel good to know that there is places like the Folkie honouring and supporting our freedom of choice as individuals and the different aspects or sides to a story, and in turn allows one to honestly look inside ourself and think outside the circle we are so conditioned to think, feel, act out by society. To always challenge the other side of thought, to whatever degree, is a necessary process in the life venture of self truth and self growth. It allows oneself to come to an honest conclusion for the greater good for themselves and those who are around them.

Living in a world where mass production is prevalent, i feel the importance to challenge these mass practices because we are all individual and therefore have individual needs, and mass practice certainly does not cater for this individuality. I am appalled at the righteous and ignorant stance/attitude of the SAVN and other anti-choice organisations toward AVN and what it stands for as brings suspicion to mind that they have something to hide, and a blatant care-less attitude toward the choice of the individual; and when it comes down to it that means they care-less about “me” and “my” freedom of choice. So i applaud you for believing in “me” and “my” freedom of choice and for choosing the very best life for my children, by having Meryl on behalf of AVN speak about. Because it is not about the political and righteous quest of who is right from the SAVN, it is about our precious children and about the diligent and tough decision as a parent to make the best choice for their life and health. Whoa, it’s a huge decision to make for another being and i don’t know many parents, or if any, that don’t pause to think it over somewhat, to any degree.

I have grown up with the Folkie being apart of my life since it was in Maleny…it has been one of those strong hold practices in my life where I could always go and find peace in allowing my true self to unfold naturally and with loving support of the environment and people around. It gave me insight into the choices of different material & information available. I LOVED that Woodford Folkie has been there for me as a positive example of community and a place for me to express my truth or myself as i know it with others who are open, caring and sharing. For this i thank you!!

I am sure you have some kind of agreeance as you have Meryl speaking at the Festival, I just wanted to say this incase you were thinking that it may not be such a great idea, from the pressures from the SAVN and sponsors. It doesn’t seem right that they think it is their right to make this decision for me. Please keep Meryl on the Festival programme.

Kindest Regards,


Vaccination Choice

Dear Organisers

I am writing in relation to recent blogs on the Mamamia website.  I don’t normally read this website as personally I am not interested in Mia Freedman or anything she has to say, I have seen her from time to time when I have watched commercial television and normally this is when I choose to either change the channel or get myself a cup of tea.

I believe we live in a society where choice is available for all as is the choice to either listen or to walk away, just as I have a choice to change a channel if I don’t want to watch something.  We also have the freedom of choice in this country to vaccinate or not vaccinate.

The main demographic that chooses not to vaccinate are people just like me – tertiary educated often with more than one degree, intelligent career people, older age parents.  All of the people I know, including myself have done extensive research into the pros and cons of vaccination, I have utilised the resources of the AVN – purchased many books on the topic written by doctors, professionals with PHD’s and other such qualifications.  What qualifications does Mia Freedman have in this field?  I have also carried out my own investigations with overseas entities as well.  It is an informed choice I have made not to immunise my children as it is for many others that I know of.  Others that I know that do not immunise have chosen not to because their first child was injured as a result of immunisation so subsequent children have not been immunised.  The media all too often only report one side of a story, I know this from experience during my 20 year career in the legal field.  In relation to the Dana McCaffrey tragedy, although I didn’t watch Mia Freedmans’ interview I did watch the segment on 60 minutes some time ago.  There were a lot of questions that were not asked by the interviewer such as whether the family were immunised against pertussis and when they were immunised, again a one sided media report focussed on frightening the public into immunising.  Interestingly you rarely see a live interview on such topics as it doesn’t enable certain material to end up on the cutting room floor.  This is how the media work, I also know this from experience having worked closely with someone who formerly directed 60 minutes for many years.

Without the AVN and the work Meryl does I believe this country would be without choice.  Recently the government announced that it would penalise parents financially via the parental payment if they didn’t immunise their children.  Only 10% of Australia’s child population are not immunised so really one has to wonder why the government is pushing this so hard for a minority population and what is behind it.  The AVN are in the process of obtaining legal advice as to whether this contravenes our constitution.  The AVN are also lobying government to implement a register of disease outbreaks amongst our population of the people infected and the percentages of these infected people that were immunised.  Other countries have this in place and it is an accurate indicator of whether vaccines are effective or not.  In Australia we would have no idea as no such register is in place.  One has to wonder why our government is not in favour of such a register.

There is so much media hype and advertising in support of vaccination, of course there would be as pharmaceutical companies have plenty of money to support this.

I live Queensland and support Woodford.  I believe it is important for people like Meryl to be able to appear at such public events.  What sort of country are we if we shut down and exclude people from talking about topics that 100% of the population may not necessarily have an opinion on or not believe in.  Everyone is different and entitled to their opinions and beliefs.  We don’t shut down other religions or cultures in Australia, we try to embrace them.  Australia needs to remain a place for freedom of speech and choice.

Thankyou for your time.

Yours sincerely


Brisbane QLD

In support of freedom


I just want to congratulate you on your support for  the right of all of us to have access to different information, so that we can make informed choices, by inviting this controversial speaker on childhood vaccination to present her research at your festival.

For your information on the vaccine debate, there are many medical doctors who do not support the industry-promulgated view – and show good reasons and research for it.

Here is one example:

Yours sincerely,


I support you having AVN spokesperson at Woodford Festival 

Hello Bill, Ingrid and all members of the Organising Committee,

I decided 34 years ago when our first child was born not to vaccinate her because a friend knew a little boy who had recently reacted to a vaccination and was brain damaged.

There was a little information and I found support from alternate health sources, chiropractic, herbalist, naturopath and osteopath.  I took responsibility for good health choices and learned to become aware of how certain foods can assist good health when illness did occur.  I relied on herbs and vitamin supplements as well as the alternate health practioners.

We had three children and they are now starting their own families and want to have the option to follow the same alternate health practices.

They have needed to access the wealth of resources and information available from the AVN to present information to their partners so together they can make informed decisions regarding Immunisations for their children.

Having together reached the decision not to vaccinate, they have now also felt supported not just by the information and resources but also glad to have the AVN as a forum of support from other people who are increasingly questioning the effects of so many vaccinations on newborn babies.

I am so glad you are providing a space in your festival to allow such debate as has been going on within our families over the past 3-4 years.

My kids started to realise the strong immunity they had developed due to alternate health practices and self-knowledge, when their teenage friends would comment “How come you never get sick and have to go to the doctor”?

It wasn’t luck, it was information and good choices.

I support AVN as do my adult kids for several reasons.

One major reason is that AVN is fighting (because they have to) for the rights of families to choose a health option for their children, because like me, they have genuine concerns regarding the safety and effectiveness, OR the number of vaccines being given, OR the option to only have certain vaccines, OR the desire to spread the vaccines over a different time frame.

There is much to debate here.

This is the “INFORMATION AGE” so why is this information not discussed?


Our society like never before has embraced & accepted freedom of choice:-

  • Freedom from discrimination regarding sexual preference and practice.
  • Freedom OF religion and indeed freedom FROM religious dogma.
  • Freedom to protest on any number of environmental issues eg;
  • logging, mining, wood chipping, coal seam gas etc.

Never has there been so much information and medical reports about the effects and damage done to children due to vaccines.

Surely the freeom of choice for parents concerned about their children is just as important.


Choices at Woodford

Hello Bill and Ingrid,

I just wanted to show my support for Meryl Dorey speaking at the Woodford Folk Festival.  As a parent that is trying to make an informed decision about their child’s health, I’ve found it very hard to find enough balanced discussions about the pro’s and con’s of vaccinating.  As a citizen it concerns me that there aren’t enough platforms encouraging healthy debate.  With biased media and powerful vested interests it is in our community gatherings such as your folk festival where we can hope to have freedom to voice and to hear alternative points of view’s.  I hope you will be persuaded by the love that Meryl brings to her work and not the hate of those who cannot stand reason and balance.

With love and full support of your wonderful festival,




My name is MH and it has come to my attention that certain very vindictive parties are waging a war against freedom of choice at Woodford this year.  While Meryl Dorey probably has other things she could be doing in the holidays with her family, she has given up this special time to spend time providing a much needed alternative view on vaccination.

My personal experience with vaccination is that my eldest daughter was vaccine damaged at 3 months.  Just hours after her second injection she was covered with a violent rash this rash has plagued my daughter throughout her childhood and teenage years.  When I went to report this to the doctor, I was told this was just co-incidence….  I know now having spoken to many other parents of vaccine damaged kids that I am not alone.  People need to be given complete information so they can make informed decisions.

I have spent many hours researching the subject of vaccination over many years – in the early days it wasn’t so easy, today the internet provides many reliable sources of documentation on the subject of vaccination.

The Australian Vaccination Network helped me in many ways, providing assistance with information, practitioners and how to go about conscientious objection as we didn’t want the same thing to happen to my second daughter. I also discovered a network of friends who, after 15 years are still my closest friends.

Woodford has been recognised as a outlet for free thinking, and this is an issue that really needs to be given some fair air play

Thanks for giving this a hearing

Best wishes for woodford


Vaccination Choice


It has come to my notice that certain bodies are trying to prevent debate on the vaccination issue by bringing pressure to bear on the organisers and sponsors of the Woodford Folk Festival to cancel talks given by Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network.

I wish to express my deep concern that such bodies can have enough influence to prevent freedom of speech and robust debate on issues that are important to all parents. Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with vaccination it is important that the issue is out in the open and the facts are presented to people so that they can make up their minds after considering both sides of the discussion.

I strongly urge the organisers and sponsors of the Woodford Folk Festival  to resist this push to cancel Meryl Dorey’s talks and to uphold what we in Australia cherish as a national right to have freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

Yours faithfully


Concerned Citizen

AVN appearance at festival

Hi there,

I was alarmed to hear that Stop the AVN (SAVN) is once again trying to censure free speech and have started a campaign of cyber bullying via blogs and threats to boycott sponsors of the festival. It is alarming because we live in a country where not everyone agrees on every subject but where, when not in agreement we can debate the issue, get all evidence of the message across and either agree or agree to disagree. In this case once again they think there is no debate and there is only one side of the story which is so alarmingly false that is almost laughable except that it is a deadly serious subject.

I have done years of research on the subject of vaccination and I myself would make them look silly if we debated the subject.  I have come to the conclusion that any sane person who injects known poisons and toxins into children is either evil or totally ignorant. As i’m sure it is mostly ignorance because we have always been known to trust our doctors advice and of course the oh so trustworthy Pharma companies and government who are all out to only help.  I started researching the subject as I was having a child and someone close I know who has an autistic child told me that not only did she KNOW her child started showing signs of autism right after the vaccinations but that her doctor also told her that was the case. Now as i’m sure the doctor won’t go on the record and say that as he will lose his medical license, I also found out she has a friend with 2 out of 3 kids with autism and she says exactly the same thing. So the SAVN can tell me, with their obviously limited knowledge on vaccines, as much as they like that vaccines don’t cause autism but i think i’ll believe all the parents over the doctors any day.

One thing I heard a lot before I had my child was from parents of unvaccinated children who they said were rarely ever sick and rarely go to the doctors. (gee that must hurt the industry if no one is actually going to the doctors because they are actually healthy) And lo and behold my unvaccinated child is rarely sick and has been to the doctors maybe 4 times in her young 2 and half years. (Same thing with my brothers unvaccinated kids by the way). Whilst all around me the vaccinated kids are sick almost every other day and spend more time at the doctors than playing and learning. Oh and also she is said to be 8 months more advanced with her speech and learning capabilities. Coincidence…. oh i’m sure the SAVN will tell you it is, but i’m here to tell you it’s not. This is getting beyond a joke and although it hurts to watch all my friends and others around us vaccinate their children without doing a single hour of research on the subject, just blindly following government protocol, I understand that it is THEIR CHOICE and I feel strongly that we are all capable of making our own decisions based on how we raise our children. And for you to not allow the AVN to show their evidence and get their INFORMED point across would be unfair, unjust and quite frankly evil.

By the way if you or anyone at the SAVN have any doubts that vaccinations are in any way linked to autism maybe you should just watch this clip which is a interview with the head of the CDC at the time Julie Gerberding ADMITTING vaccines can trigger autism.

just copy and paste

Oh and by the way Julie went on after working as the head of the CDC to working at Merck the giant Pharma company. Conflict of interest. The SAVN will say Of course not

Again we all have the right to use information as we want but that shouldn’t stop the evidence from being put forth. As more and more people are waking up to this and who knows, maybe even you could learn a few thing form this information. It certainly wouldn’t hurt. And if you decide that the information is wrong and that it’s fine to pump neurotoxins into your children then that’s fine. I won’t hold it against you as you shouldn’t against me if I decide not to vaccinate. Rhetorical….

Thanks for listening and please let the information by the AVN be spoken.


Woodford Festival

Just want to say thank you for having Meryl Dorey as a speaker and I appreciate how difficult it must be with pressure from some to have her taken off the speaker list.

Free speech and access to medical data always needs to be preserved in a free and civilised society

I have personally known Meryl for over 14 years. She has always been the utmost professional, soley committed to keeping children and adults fully informed about health choices and ensuring medical products are fairly scrutinised. If we supress an individual like this, what does that say about our society? I researched my decision on vaccines for my children from worldwide research, and the AVN was just one of my sources. Every country has a vaccine safety lobby group like the AVN.

I myself have a university degree and a background in writing and research, but many people do not have skills like this, so there is a great need for people like Meryl to bring the current medical data on vaccination and related issues to them. We need other sources of information other than the Health Department or we are not a free society. Thank you for your continued support of Meryl Dorey and free speech.



free speech at Woodford

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my support for freedom of expression at Woodford.

It has been brought to my attention that a vaccination lobby group has requested that Meryl Dorey be removed from the programme this year.

If this this were to be done, it would be a sad day for democracy in this country. To think that even at Woodford, the interests of multinational drug companies could override the basic right for people to say what they believe in a public forum, would be very troubling indeed.

Regardless of an individual’s stance on any topic, we should always honour the right to open debate. We should constantly strive to maintain respect for the fact that there are two sides to every argument.

I am a parent who has chosen not to vaccinate my children.

Having once been a staunch supporter of vaccination, it has been though 10 years of inquiry and personal experience that I made this decision.

Having studied medical sciences at university, I believe that I have the intellect and understanding required to make sound judgement on the issue.

I believe that we all should have access to information, and be able to make our own choices, based on careful examination of the facts.

People like Meryl Dorey should be applauded for her courage in continuing to bring information to the wider public, so that they can make an informed choice, despite the threats she receives.

I encourage you to support freedom of speech and allow Ms. Dorey to remain on the programme.

Many thanks,


Keeping Meryl at Woodford

Dear Mr Hauritz

I would like to thank you for allowing Meryl Dorey to speak at Woodford, a group of us are very much looking forward to her speech and looking forward to meeting her.  Without Meryl there would be little information regarding vaccination choice and injury.  I have a 5 year old boy who was vaccine injured at 11 months old and has since been diagnosed with autism.  If it wasn’t for the information of the AVN I would not have been aware there were choices and not aware of the massive scope of vaccine related injuries.

My mother and I are long followers of the AVN and we are attending the festival solely to see Meryl.  Thank you for the opportunity.






Support from the International Medical Council on Vaccination

Today, the International Medical Council on Vaccination (IMCV) sent a letter to Australian media outlets in support of the AVN’s right to speak and write freely about the vaccination issue. They represent doctors and health professionals from many countries around the world and their strong support of the AVN is very much appreciated. Let’s see what response the media of Australia will have in the days to come to this letter and the evidence that a growing body of doctors and other practitioners strongly support free and informed medical choice.

July 23rd, 2010

To: Australian government agencies and media outlets

The International Medical Council on Vaccination and its affiliated doctors, scientists and concerned organizations would like to convey our strong support for the work of the Australian Vaccination Network
(AVN) and condemn the attempts an Australian government body is making to censor and suppress their work. The AVN seems to be the target of Australia’s New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC). Our understanding is the HCCC has asserted that “AVN provides information that is solely anti-vaccination, ” that “AVN’s website contains information that is incorrect and misleading,” and that “AVN quotes selectively from research to suggest that vaccination is dangerous.”

We further understand that the HCCC has ordered the AVN to place a disclaimer on its website stating that information provided by the AVN should not be read as medical advice and that a parent’s decision about whether or not to vaccinate should be made in consultation with a health care provider.

International Medical Council on Vaccination, having knowledge of the AVN, strongly defends the AVN against the HCCC’s claims. It is absurd that the HCCC would suggest that the AVN has any obligation to convey information whatsoever to “balance” AVN’s own research and activities. Organizations operating in free societies must never be held to forced expectations such as these. IMCV condemns any censoring of information – or even opinion – AVN wishes to convey whatsoever.

International Medical Council on Vaccination implores the HCCC and the Australian media to support free and open information and desist bullying of those organizations and individuals who provide it. This situation is of keen international interest. Our intent is to bring wide publicity to this censorship if not immediately corrected. We are confident HCCC will do the right thing.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter.


Harold Buttram, MD
Suzanne Humphries, MD
Alexander Kotok, MD, PhD
Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez, MD
Sherri Tenpenny, DO


Françoise Berthoud, MD
Robert Davidson, MD, PhD
Carolyn F. A. Dean, MD, ND
Todd Elsner, DC
James Jackson, PhD, MT
Sue McIntosh, MD
Dave Mihalovic, ND
Gabriele Milani, CRNA, RN
Pat Rattigan, ND
Andrew Saul, PhD
Penelope Shar, MD
Christopher Shaw, PhD
Mark Starr, MD
KP Stoller, MD, FACHM
Rene Tocco, DC


Autism Today Online
Israel Vaccine Information Center
Moms Against Mercury
People Advocating Vaccine Education
21st Century Pain and Sports Medicine
Vaccine Information Coalition


Evelyn Pringle, journalist
Catherine J Frompovich, published health researcher
Mary Tocco, independent vaccine researcher
Judy Wilyman, PhD Candidate, Murdoch University
Nicholas Haas, IMCV President

International Medical Council on Vaccination
Medical Voices Vaccine Information Center
Nicholas Haas