Are you a frog?

There is an old parable that goes something like this: 

If you try to put a frog into a pot of boiling water, they will jump right out, thereby saving themselves. But if you put them into a pot of cool water and slowly increase the heat, they will stay in there until they are boiled alive.

I’m not sure if this has ever been tested, but I am reminded of this story by what has been happening in Australia recently – and especially by the announcement today that Prime Minister Rupert Murdoch (sorry, I meant to say Malcolm Turnbull) is taking $28 per child per fortnight away from any family that does not comply with Australia’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ vaccination regimen.

Let’s recap.

Families who make informed and conscientious choices not to expose their children to vaccines which have never been independently tested for either safety or effectiveness and which the High Court of Ireland and the US Supreme Court have labelled as unavoidably unsafe products, have already lost:

The $726 end of year Family Tax Benefit Supplement Part A which is a tax rebate previously given to all Australian families. The government is phasing this payment out for all Australian starting with the end of this financial year and finishing on July 1, 2018.

Approximately $14,000 per child per year in childcare benefits which are no longer accessible to anyone who has refused to subject their children vaccines.

But wait, there’s more

Now, Rupert Turnbull has announced that families who don’t vaccinate (named, depending on the media report you see, as either anti-vaxxers or pig-headed – sometimes both!) will lose an additional $28 a fortnight for each unvaccinated child from their Family Tax Benefit fortnightly payments, adding approximately $530 per year per child to the hit they have already taken for making legitimate, informed health choices.

It is apparent that our gover-maceutical authorities are treating us like frogs. If we won’t do what they tell us to do, they will slowly turn the heat up until we either following their orders regarding our family’s health or agree to be boiled to death.

I don’t know about you, but the only end result of that sort of compliance is croaking – one way or another!

I’ve had enough! Have you?

So I’ve decided to stand my ground – right here and right now. That line has been drawn in the sand and they will step over it only over my dead body.

Here is my plan of action – I will be changing this as I learn more and speak with others who are far cleverer than I am about this issue:

  • I will be making yet another appointment with my member of parliament to try and educate them about why it is wrong to discriminate against citizens in a democratic nation. I am going to take with me this wonderful document put together by someone on Facebook as well as reading the information on this page put together by the AVN.
  • I will be attending the No Jab No Pay/No Play Rally in Brisbane on May 28th and urge you all to make your very best effort to go to your nearest rally (and if there isn’t one, to organise one!). Here is a page with information on all currently-planned rallies. I am also looking into chartering buses to bring people from my area to Brisbane. Maybe you want to investigate the same thing where you live?
  • Wherever possible, I will be commenting on articles and talkback radio programs that are publishing or airing lies about this issue. I will make sure that my voice is heard as many in the community have no idea that this is not so much a matter of health as it is a matter of basic human rights.

How about you? Will you join me in taking action to protect yourselves and your families or will you just stay in the hot water?




Experts in Ignorance

ignorance of expertsWe are told all the time that we are not qualified to make medical or healthcare decisions for ourselves or our children. Instead, we need to leave it up to the ‘experts’ – namely the doctors and medical specialists – whose training has supposedly made them better-qualified than any of our own research and knowledge possibly could.

This is despite the FACT that medical doctors learn very little (nothing, really) about vaccination, nutrition or most other aspects of staying healthy when they receive their medical school training. Once they leave school, much of their continuing education comes directly from the drug companies so really, I think they are not qualified to advise anyone about these topics. The only exception would be if they themselves have done research outside of their normal areas and, if they have done so and offer advice that goes against the status quo, they are threatened with deregistration or worse!

Most doctors are only qualified to advise patients about drugs, and even that qualification is not independent since, as I said earlier, their training, in large part, comes from the multinational pharmaceutical companies who test and market their own products.

Do doctors understand health?

If you feel that health does not come from a pill or a needle, I think there is very little that a doctor can offer you in the way of staying healthy.

Time and time again, doctors have demonstrated clearly that their knowledge of the basics of health and the immune system/infectious diseases is seriously lacking.

A recent example of this was the incident with Dr Richard Kidd, head of the Australian Medical Association in QLD. During a hearing into legislative changes in the QLD Parliament, Dr Kidd advised a sitting Member to ask her doctor to give her an MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine during her next pregnancy. This despite the fact that MMR is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy because the rubella portion of the shot could possibly cause congenital rubella syndrome in an unborn child.

I filed an official complaint with the QLD Health Care Complaints about Dr Kidd’s dangerous advice and was told that because Dr Kidd had said this during a hearing, it was not official advice and therefore, was not covered by their legislation! Yet, if you’d said this to your neighbour over the back fence, you could be in trouble! Double standards once again.

In the last few days, another AMA official – this one, none other than the National President – has demonstrated an incredible ignorance of something so basic, most parents would be ashamed to have made this kind of error.

AMA and PolioLuckily, Dr Julie Leask (a social scientist – not a medical doctor) picked him up on his mistake, but the fact remains that not only is the President of the AMA displaying a shocking lack of knowledge about one of the main diseases we vaccinate against, but he is comparing those of us who are better informed and better qualified than himself on this subject (e.g., most educated parents and natural therapists/holistic GPs) to Islamic terrorists!

Now, I can’t follow the link to the BBC article the @amapresident was referring to because he removed his original tweet (what is it with health officials constantly trying to rewrite history in order to cover up their numerous errors?) but the implication is obvious: If you are sharing information about vaccination that the AMA does not agree with, you are the equivalent of a terrorist.

Responsible health choices

I believe that making decisions by ONLY seeking the advice of self-proclaimed experts who make such basic errors is irresponsible. I also believe that parents should be taking responsibility for the health of their children, and this means that in addition to speaking with their doctors, they should be seeking out information from a wide range of sources, including their own reading and research and sourcing data from organisations that are critical of government vaccination policies such as the Australian Vaccination Network and the National Vaccine Information Centre (for just two examples).

To show you that this sort of institutional ignorance is nothing new, here is an interview I did on Channel 7’s Sunrise Program in 2002 with Dr Trevor Mudge, then Vice President of the AMA. While I was able to cite data from peer-reviewed medical journal sources, Dr Mudge’s only comeback was to accuse me of being Anti-Vaccine and therefore, claim that everything I said was wrong whilst not being able to back up anything he said with source material.

He admitted that we did not test vaccines here in Australia; he admitted that he had no information on the known side effects and deaths from the vaccine in question (the then unlicensed meningococcal vaccine) and he admitted that the strain covered by the shot did not match the circulating strain of the majority of cases in Australia.

Despite these admissions and despite his lack of knowledge, he still urged people to get this shot because – SCIENCE!

There’s science – and then, there are vaccines…

Science means never having to say you haven’t studied anything thoroughly. Science means always questioning, always testing and never making any absolute statements because today’s science is tomorrow’s junk.

The ignorance being displayed by those who the government claims are the experts we should be listening to without question is disturbing. It is frightening and it should not be allowed to continue.

Doctors have done nothing to earn our trust or our respect, nor have their peak bodies. Indeed, the arrogance, the ignorance and the insistence on being trusted simply because they are doctors has only led to a great deal of suspicion from the majority of the thinking public.

Some doctors have even gone so far as to say that those who disagree with them should be punished, fined or jailed for their beliefs – even if those beliefs are backed by real science! The question that needs to be asked here is – is there more than one way to stay healthy? And if the answer to that question is yes, should any one segment of society – especially one responsible for a holocaust’s worth of pain, death and suffering worldwide each year – be allowed to dictate to others?

YOU as the parent and a thinking adult are and will always be the expert on your body and on the bodies of your children. YOU should ask your doctor for advice, but YOU should only consider taking that advice after seeking out a second (and perhaps a third) opinion, doing your own research and considering your options carefully.

Any doctor who does not respect that innate right; any industry body (like the AMA) who insists on your not being allowed to make these choices, deserves to be shut down; and any government that tries to force free citizens to make medical choices which they do not feel is in their family’s best interest deserves to be charged with crimes against humanity and replaced by a truly representative body.

Vaccine Bigots

Reject BigotryPolitical correctness will be the death of us all. We’re so afraid to say what we think for fear of being judged, that we stay silent rather than starting a storm. But I say, if our words are going to create a storm, let’s make it the best and biggest storm we possibly can. Let the winds blow and the rains wash away this shameful era of world history.

Those who support No Jab / No Pay / No Play are bigots – pure and simple.

Whether they are members of parliament, media representatives or your next door neighbours – if they believe it is OK to discriminate against you and your family or to treat you with anything less than the respect all citizens of a democratic nation should expect, they are bigots.

Definition: Bigot: a person who has strong, unreasonable ideas, esp. about race or religion, and who thinks anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong.

Our government – elected and funded by US – is comprised of bigots.

Many within mainstream medicine are bigots.

And members of the hate groups, Friends of Science in Medicine, Stop the AVN and the Australian Skeptics are all bigots.

Watch this powerful short video about a woman who has decided that she is not going to put up with vaccine bigotry any longer. Like Rosa Parks did over 60 years ago when she was arrested for not moving to the back of a bus due to the colour of her skin, Sheila Ealey has decided to ‘get off the bus’. She will hopefully be joined by a lot more of us, standing in solidarity against discrimination of any kind – racial, sexual, religious or medical.

“Get off the bus!” Sheila Lewis Ealey unites Compton! from Francesca Alesse on Vimeo.

Bigotry must be stamped out. It is the sort of thing that you would have seen in many countries 50 or more years ago; the sort of thing we were taught about in school history classes as an object lesson in wrong-headedness and injustice; the sort of thing that we look back on now and think – that would never happen today!

Except that it has. And it has been government-approved.

When we see the leader of the Australian Greens party standing up in Parliament to thank people who have abused and threatened parents whose only ‘crime’ was wanting to care for their children as they feel is best – we know that vaccine bigotry has institutional support.

When we see someone who has made a name for themselves by publicly shaming or abusing those who think differently about vaccination, receiving government awards instead of jail sentences, we know that vaccine bigotry is systemic in our society.

And when we read media articles written by journalists who are functional illiterates yet feel that they have the right to tell the government how they should punish anyone who disagrees with them on scientific or medical health issues, we know that vaccine bigotry has pervaded the very fabric of Australian life today.

Let’s fight against this by first and foremost, calling these people what their words and their actions have defined them as – bigots. The language is powerful, so let’s use this weapon to defeat bigotry.

If we can be called anti-vaxxers for asking valid, scientific questions about medical procedures that are capable of killing or injuring us or our children (let’s not even think about the fact that vaccines don’t work as promised – or at all), then we can use a more appropriate name for those who are responsible for this sociopathic and discriminatory behaviour – BIGOTS.

Let’s wipe out bigotry in Australia today. By naming it. By shaming it. By not standing for it any longer.


Testimony of Greg Beattie before QLD Parliamentary Inquiry

Meryl Dorey, Brett Smith, Tasha David and Greg Beattie at QLD Parliament

Below is the testimony that Greg Beattie, past President of the AVN, would have given had he not had his time unexpectedly shortened. If you would like to read the details of how the AVN was treated at this public inquiry at QLD Parliament, please click here to read the summary.

An interesting thing to note is that in the transcript of the hearing – and please remember that a transcript is supposed to be an exact record of what someone has said – someone either on the committee or employed by them changed the way in which Greg introduced himself. He said that he was a past President of the Australian Vaccination Network and the Transcript was changed to read, “I am a past president of what was then known as the Australian Vaccination Network…”

Someone there did not like Greg saying Australian Vaccination Network, though that WAS the name of the organisation previously, so they took it upon themselves to alter an official transcript!

Without further ado, here is Greg Beattie’s testimony:

I am a past president of the Australian Vaccination Network. I am also an author of two books on the issue. But I speak today as someone who, 20 years ago, challenged a government-run childcare centre that refused to accept my unvaccinated children. The very thing that this Bill promises to protect childcare centres from.

It can’t. This is the first point I’d like to make, and it’s a very important one so I’ll take a couple of minutes to explain. It would be extremely unfortunate if this Bill were to achieve the opposite of its intention, and invite childcare centres to do something which exposed them to, rather than protected them from, liability. But in my estimation, and that of the NSW government, that’s precisely what it will do.

NSW parliament debated an amendment identical to the Bill proposed here in 2013. It didn’t pass because the government recognised that it would expose childcare centres to challenge, and that that challenge would come via the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act – the same Act I used 20 years ago.

Advice from the attorney general confirmed that such a move would place childcare centres in breach of the Act, and that their state legislation was powerless to protect them from that. I’ll quote selectively from the Hansard record of that debate:

“The Government does not support the amendment…. Allowing childcare facilities to adopt their own policies …. is not supported by the childcare industry peak bodies. Public health experts, including the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, have strong objections to such an ad hoc approach.”

“…the proposed amendment would open childcare facilities …. to claims that the facility is in breach of the Commonwealth anti-discrimination law.”

And on the capacity of the NSW public health Act to protect childcare centres from this challenge:

“Exemptions under a Commonwealth or State law apply only to actions taken in direct compliance with a prescribed law. The New South Wales Public Health Act is not a prescribed law under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act.”

And in case you’re wondering, I’ve checked and the Queensland public health Act is also not a prescribed law.

So, in a nutshell, this Bill promises something it can’t provide. It invites childcare centres to make a decision, and promises to support them in that decision, but it cannot deliver on that promise.

Childcare centres WILL get challenges. They won’t come from me. My children have flown the coop. But there are 1000’s of others out there, ready and waiting. And if you want to meet some, come downtown on Sunday week. A rally against the proposed federal laws has been organised. The last one, a couple of months ago, was attended by several thousand. These are parents who are sick and tired of being pushed around, and are prepared to act.

The second point I’d like to make is that there is no imperative to legislate in this area.

Vaccination has not produced the tremendous benefits that its marketing machine would have us believe. It didn’t save us from the high death rates of the past. Measles deaths peaked in Australia at 175 per 100,000. A century later, when we were about to introduce a vaccine for it, that figure was down to 0.1. The deaths had declined by more than 99% before we started vaccinating for it.

Whooping cough similarly declined around 90%, and diphtheria about 80%, before we started vaccinating for them. But the marketing machine has given all the credit to vaccination. And most people have swallowed that.

Also, experts frequently claim that vaccination saves 3 million lives each year. But ask for the evidence of that and you’ll find they don’t have it. Just that so-and-so said so. And if you ask so-and-so they’ll tell you the same thing. If you’re persistent, and drill down to the source, you WILL find the answer:

“We modelled it on a spreadsheet. We started with the assumption that vaccination prevents 90-odd% of deaths. So we just added up all the vaccines given out and – there’s our figure.”

That figure is of course paraded as evidence of how well vaccination works. Which in turn appears to validate the assumption in the model. It’s called a feedback loop. There IS no empirical evidence. That’s vaccine science. And they wonder why people question it! But there are many more reasons people question it, as can be seen in our submission.

With my third and final point I’d like to make a recommendation to the committee. Given that this Bill will be counter productive, why don’t we try something new? Something daring. Discussion.

Last year a Healthy Lifestyles Expo was run on the Sunshine Coast. The organisers decided to include a short forum on vaccination, since the issue was topical at the time. They approached the state’s chief health officer, Dr Jeanette Young, who you heard from earlier today, as well as our organisation, to supply speakers for a debate. We accepted. Dr Young refused. Her reason – “there’s nothing to debate”. The organisers tried elsewhere, even publicising their request, but no one could be found to speak in support of vaccination.

Unfortunately this happens all the time. Ordinary citizens organise a forum so that the competing viewpoints can be aired publicly, but the pro side refuses to participate. They’ll only turn up if the so-called anti side isn’t allowed to speak. These are classic playground antics.

And who misses out? The public. Those who are trying to make sense of the opposing stories.

Dr Young should relish the opportunity to defend and promote vaccination. In fact, she should facilitate such forums.

This government can do something in this area. It could direct the health hierarchy to promote ongoing and open discussion. Have them encourage questions, concerns, and dissenting voices. Have them provide forums where the so-called anti side is actively INVITED to debate. Have them facilitate similar on-line discussions, as well. Show the community they’re not frightened of dissent. That they’re capable of having their claims publicly scrutinised.

And organisations such as ours should be welcomed, embraced, not demonised. We represent the concerns of the community. Engage us, and address the concerns publicly and cooperatively. Don’t ignore us, or bring a big stick out. That won’t chase us away. It will only galvanise us.

In this way the public will feel secure that the emerging information is robust.

For years our organisation has been subjected to almost every form of inquiry and government sanctioned intimidation you can think of. Why? Because we question vaccination. And we demand attention to our concerns. But we’ve prevailed. And we always will prevail because the reason for our existence is still there. Dissenting voices on vaccination are still being handled with playground antics.

This government, if it were to implement this sort of approach, could be a nation leader – in fact, a world leader – in resolving the divisiveness that this issue brings to our community.

September 20, 2015 – Mark it in your calendar

by Meryl Dorey
No Jab No Pay Rally






A couple of months ago, rallies were held in many locations across Australia to protest against planned legislation that would remove a parent’s right to make basic health choices for their children. Thousands of parents came together to demonstrate against these changes – many of them having seen their own children die or become permanently injured as a result of vaccination. Some of them were even vaccine-injured themselves. Please scroll down the page for a small selection of videos covering these marches from independent media outlets. The reason I can’t share any mainstream videos or reports is because the corrupt, bought mainstream media did not attend or cover these rallies.

Parliament is still intending to pass this legislation and, even though the bill has not even been tabled yet so I cannot give you any details of what it will contain, according to the government, the plan is to remove payments from families who don’t completely vaccinate their children and also to stop them from attending childcare today – school in the future.

If the intent is anything like the bills being passed in the US (especially SB277 in the State of California), legislating against unvaccinated children is just the beginning. Debate is taking place about expanding the California legislation to prevent unvaccinated parents from volunteering in schools and forcing teachers, aides and school staff to be fully vaccinated as well or lose their jobs.

This is the thin end of the wedge, in other words.

More rallies will be held in Australia on September 20th, 2015 – less than 2 weeks from today.

We need to send a strong and unified message to the Federal and State governments – that this is an issue we are passionate about. We take our roles as parents, protectors and decision-makers seriously. We will not have those roles taken away from us.

Even if you vaccinate, you should be concerned at this attempt to interfere with parental choice. Today, it is vaccination – what will the government try to force on us tomorrow?

In addition, there are currently over 270 new vaccines in development. Many of them are being fast-tracked into approval (as Gardasil was fast-tracked with disastrous results!) and, should this legislation be allowed to go ahead, you and your children could be forced to take not just dozens of shots (as we see today), but hundreds in the near future.

Rights we are born with

The fact is that there are some rights that are inherent. These are basic human rights we are born with and that no government can or should be allowed to interfere with. The government cannot tell us what treatments or preventatives we can or can’t use in our own bodies or in the bodies of minor children who are under our protection. Despite this, they are trying to do just that.

If you believe strongly in human rights; if you want to support these families whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines (or you or your family has had a negative experience with vaccines), I urge you to set this date aside and to attend the rally nearest you.

Below is a list of the rally locations. I am waiting on information regarding any rallies in  Tasmania or other locations. If someone has any details to share, please do so in the comments section and I will update this blog post.

We MUST stand together against repressive, discriminatory government legislation as citizens of a free, democratic nation. If we don’t protect our children and ourselves, we cannot expect others to do it for us.

No Jab, No Pay? No Jab, no Play? No Way! Rallies

Please note – there have been several changes to the schedule and one addition (Tasmania). I am updating this blog post but also bookmark the No Jab No Pay NO WAY page for the most up-to-date information going forward. I hope you are ALL planning on going to the rallies in your own areas. I will be at the Brisbane rally and would love to meet you if you wouldn’t mind coming up to say hi.

Sunday, September 20th check times for the various locations below:

Brisbane, QLD – Emma Miller Place, Roma Street, Brisbane – 11:00 am to 1:30 PM click here for more information

Sydney, NSW – Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street, Sydney, Australia – 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM click here for more information

Melbourne, Victoria – Flagstaff Gardens, Corner Latrobe Street and King Street, Melbourne 11:00 AM to 2:00 PMclick here for more information

Adelaide, South Australia – Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide – 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM please click here for more information

Perth, WA – Parliament House Steps 10:30 AM – 11:30 AMPlease click here for more information

Launceston, TAS – Launceston City Park, 43 Tamar Street, Launceston – 1:00 PMPlease click here for more information


Red flag: grand experiment: the plan for a future Australia

Governments Are

Is Big Brother using Australia as his ‘testing ground’ for repressive policies? Will Australians stand idly by whilst their rights, their livelihoods and their children become nothing more than profit centres for corporate interests? The future will see what the result will be. But I am hoping that our proud Australian nation will stand up and draw a line in the sand – only this far and no further!

More than 1,000 people march for freedom of choice in Brisbane

A solid wall of people extended for more than 2 city blocks.
A solid wall of people extended for more than 2 city blocks.

On June 21, 2015, groups of parents marched in every capital city across Australia to support the right to make free and informed vaccination choices for their children and themselves. These events were coordinated by groups of volunteers who worked very hard to try and make sure that as many people as possible were able to attend. Unfortunately, the (mainly) Murdoch media refused to either publicise or report on these marches. In Brisbane, more than 1,000 people showed up to have their say and to hear speakers talk about why vaccinations must never be made compulsory nor should financial penalties or discrimination be government-supported. Anna-Marie Stancombe, who was present at the Brisbane march, has been kind enough to provide us with her take on this very successful day – the first of many. Please be sure to sign up for updates on this blog as we will shortly be providing you with other ways in which you and your family and friends can act to support your health rights. 

By Anna-Marie Stancombe

It was a beautiful winter’s day with Brisbane shining from the warmth of the sun, the public enjoying their Sunday of shopping and coffees. They were oblivious to what was coming. On the horizon there was a storm brewing over in the picturesque Queens Park.

A few hundred people had started to gather. The young, the old, those with children and those without. The mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, brothers and sisters. They also were enjoying the glorious weather, but they were there for a purpose – a very important purpose.

Brisbane 6

We all had one common goal – to defend our absolute God-given right to ‘valid consent’. Our right to choose medical procedures for ourselves and, most importantly, for our children. Our human rights to speak out against medical and government tyranny.

The theme of the day was ‘No Jab, No Pay, No Way’. This protest was in response to the purposely controlled and planned campaign by Rupert Murdoch’s papers of ‘No jab, No play’. This has resulted in the Government announcing legislative reform to revoke family tax benefits and child care rebates of conscientious objectors to vaccinations. There will also be no religious exemptions.

People gathered to promote freedom of choice against state-enforced measures that used lies, deception, coercion and propaganda.

Brisbane 7

By 11 am there was more than 600 peaceful protesters gathered with their placards and t-shirts. They all asked for the same result – freedom to choose. Some of the slogans said:

‘We are protesting for your democratic right’,

‘The bill contradicts valid consent, we will not be manipulated’,

‘If it comes with a risk, there must be a choice’,

‘Human rights = Health choice’,

‘Discrimination alive and well in Australia’,

‘Our child, our choice’,

‘Pro choice, Pro democracy’

‘Stop violating Human Rights’

‘Always vote no to biased media’

And of course ‘No Jab, No Pay, No way.

There were guest speakers, who bravely talked of personal experience of their children who were damaged by vaccines. There were speakers who presented the other side of the vaccination debate – the information doctors and the medical field neglect to openly talk about. The dangers and risks of vaccinations. No one was promoting not vaccinating, they were simply presenting a balanced view of the pros and cons of vaccination and the risks involved.

Brisbane 3

We even had an ex-police sergeant, Chris Savage, who passionately told of his battle to expose the incredibly heartbreaking abuse by the ‘system’ where innocent parents have been accused or worse still, charged with ‘child abuse and murder’ of their children when they have sadly and suddenly died from an adverse vaccine reaction. He lost his career and was ostracised after trying to help these innocent families.

Mainstream media was very obviously absent when more than a thousand people marched through the streets of Brisbane in solidarity. We sang in We sang in unison – ‘Where there’s risk, there must be choice. Where there’s risk, there must be choice’.

Representatives from Brisbane's own VAIS were on hand to give out information to parents and others. They have been volunteering for over 25 years on this issue.
Representatives from Brisbane’s own VAIS were on hand to give out information to parents and others. They have been volunteering for over 25 years on this issue.

Shopkeepers and shoppers both came out to look; people put down their coffees to ask what was happening. What was all the noise about, they wanted to know? Our message was loud and clear and it was getting through.

‘We are fighting for your democratic right’

‘No Jab, No Pay, No way’

Similar rallies were held all around Australia’s capital cities and were well attended. Brisbane reportedly had the biggest turn out. It must be the weather.

Photos by Anna-Marie Stancombe, Ken Dorey and VAIS 


Is Segregation acceptable in Australia?

by Tasha David

21532137_sThe Australian just published an article stating that Dr Paul Willis from the Royal Institute of Australia (RiAus) believes that unvaccinated children should be isolated (segregated) in not only schools, but other public facilities as well. 

Yes, that is right. In 2015, Dr Willis is calling for the segregation of children!

You can be forgiven for thinking that we are actually talking about the 1950’s when segregation of children in schools and public was commonplace, even though that policy was based on the colour of one’s skin. This time however, the focus is on one’s vaccination status.

How would this be enforced? Will there be signs stating ‘No unvaccinated allowed’ or ‘Vaccinated only’? Or will our children wear a symbol of some kind to indicate whether they are indeed now untouchables?

It is absolutely inconceivable to me that any educated person would try to bring us back to a time when segregation and discrimination plagued our society. Has nothing been learned from the end of Apartheid in South Africa or the civil rights movement in the US?

What reason would any person have for calling for such draconian measures in Australia or any other developed country?

Dr Paul Willis, who is he?

Dr Paul WillisIs he an immunologist, infectious disease expert, a GP or a medically-trained expert? According to his bio on the RiAus website, he is a vertebrate palaeontologist whose specialty is in reptile fossils, rocks and dinosaurs. Yet his view about vaccination is being held up as something to take notice of.

Meanwhile, Dr Viera Scheibner, an Australian retired senior scientist and critic of vaccination who has an extensive and well-respected scientific background in a similar speciality, micropalaeontology, and has studied well over 100,000 pages of medical research data about vaccination, has been criticised for not being properly qualified to speak about vaccination. Go figure!

So what has changed?

Fast forward to 2015 and we are greeted with headlines in major newspapers like

No jab, no play: children face lockout from childcare

RiAus director Dr Paul Willis says children whose parents refuse to vaccinate them should be isolated from others

Jail ‘anti-vax’ parents: Column

You could not be blamed for thinking that they are talking about terrorists rather than healthy children and their loving parents. The fear and hatred that these media outlets are carelessly creating is having a horrific effect on parents. There is a line being drawn and families are being divided, friendships lost and politicians looking for ways to punish parents for not complying with supposedly ‘optional’ medical interventions.

Discrimination and segregation ideals that used to be abhorred in the post-apartheid era are now being called for vehemently by everyday Australian parents and scientists against other everyday Australian parents.

Why the hate and fear towards the non-vaccinated?

The Australian vaccination rates in 1995 were around 53% for fully vaccinated children under 6 and yet there were no epidemics of Whooping Cough and certainly no parents terrified of non-vaccinated children spreading deadly diseases. Nowadays the vaccination rate in Australia is around 92-93% so they are higher than they have ever been.


Routine childhood diseases are not worse than they were in the past, with the exception of Whooping Cough which has become more prevalent. The growth in Whooping Cough cases may actually have been caused by the pertussis vaccination itself. A recent study by the University of New South Wales has shown that the Pertussis bacteria has actually evolved, not only in Australia but simultaneously in other highly vaccinated countries, to avoid being affected by the vaccine. There are also animal studies showing the acellular pertussis vaccine actually inhibits the ability of the immune system to fight a similar bacteria, parapertussis, also inflating the number of pertussis cases. And as for vaccinating ‘for the herd’, animal studies have shown that vaccinated individuals pass on the disease to others. Even the FDA, an American health authority, has warned that vaccinated individuals pose an infection risk to infants.

In the 90’s when I was raising my eldest children, no one knew or cared whether I vaccinated them (even though I did) and I didn’t know or care if other parents at school or childcare did either. There was no media-fuelled hysteria instilling fear in us about these so called deadly diseases, we knew them as childhood diseases that we all went through and that afterwards, we would have lifetime immunity.

Fear…unsubstantiated fear…

34438386_sSo the only real difference I see between the 90’s and now is that we have a media, government and a medical machine that is whipping up fear, hysteria and persecution of innocent children and their parents.

I originally wrote a blog called Anti vaxxer: the new dirty word. In it, I said that the vilification and discrimination against unvaccinated children would lead to segregation and persecution. As the headlines here in Australia and over in the United States show, my warnings are coming to fruition.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

― Malcolm X

This quote rings especially loud right now….

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces which represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the AVN National Committee. The AVN is a forum, support and information organisation and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice but believe that everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from government, your health care provider and/or other medical source material to assist you in developing the knowledge required to make informed health choices.

URGENT – NSW Parliament Legislation on Compulsory Vaccination to be Debated This Thursday

NSW Parliament to Legalise Discrimination  and ban unvaccinated children from childcare and preschool!

7945839_sDetails are still a bit sketchy, but the news has just been released that changes to the Public Health Act have just been approved by cabinet and these changes have been approved by both the Liberals and Labour.

This does not mean that the law has passed and indeed, despite calling the Premier’s office for the last two days, the AVN has been unable to get a copy of the actual legislation. We have been told that it will be introduced for debate on Thursday this week (30th May, 2013).

It does mean that if you have been sitting back waiting for someone else to write a letter or call or (preferably) visit your State Member of Parliament, you need to do it tomorrow or the next day at the latest!

Here is what little we know – more information will be released as we find it:

  • The anti-discrimination act will need to be amended in order to legalise discrimination against unvaccinated children.
  • This is a bit contradictory because, the Public Health Act is being amended to ‘allow’ preschools and childcare centres to ban or exclude unvaccinated children, but…
  • The reports then go on to say that centres will be fined $4,000 for allowing unvaccinated children in.
  • Parents with a “genuine objection” to vaccination can apply for exemptions but “genuine objections will require proof from a GP that vaccines will be likely to harm the child so your chances of obtaining one of these forms are slim to nil.
  • Religious exemptions will be available but the Premier has said that he is hoping that  parents won’t think about forming their own religion to get around the new rules. There was no mention of Christian Scientists but the Federal Legislation does specifically leave an out for members of that church. Perhaps they will soon see a huge increase in congregants?

This is all the information currently available. The AVN will be contacting Parliament tomorrow morning and will update you on what we find out.

In the meantime, if you rely on:

  • Childcare
  • Preschool
  • Day Care or Long Day Care

If you don’t vaccinate your child, you MUST take action now.

And if you run one of these facilities and don’t want to be forced to discriminate against perfectly healthy unvaccinated children or have to close down because the majority of your clients can no longer send their children to you, it is up to you to become active as well.

The ONLY reason this is happening now is because more and more parents are deciding that vaccinations are neither safe enough nor effective enough for their children. It is our right to make these decisions and the government has NO right to discriminate against its citizens. Get up, get active, get angry and get moving!

The AVN would like to recommend that everyone write to all NSW Parliamentarians (Attached is a file with all email addresses) – whether you live in NSW or not. Below is a small selection of the many letters which members have written since last night. We need hundreds of you to write and if you live in NSW, to make an urgent appointment to either visit or call your local member and tell them your feelings on this subject. Get out of your comfort zone if you find this intimidating – it will be a lot more intimidating to have to vaccinate your children against your wishes! Thanks to all who have written already and who are soon to write or call and take part in this action.


Dear Minister/To Whom It May Concern,

I am an Australian father of three children living in Italy. I was shocked recently to learn that the NSW and Australian Government might consider further moves towards mandating paediatric vaccinations. This is particularly disturbing due to the risks and dangers associated with vaccinations, especially paediatric vaccinations. These dangers are creating huge financial costs, but more so, terrible human costs. There is a level of suffering and distrust associated with vaccinations that is becoming increasingly irrefutable. I work with and have spoken to parents who have had their child permanently injured by vaccinations. Anybody advocating compulsory vaccination is surely unaware of the current state of affairs and the dangers and risks associated with vaccinations as they stand at present, as well as the known fact that safety standards concerning vaccinations are severely inadequate. This was recently brought to light not far from where I am living by judges in Rimini, north-east Italy, who awarded a family Euros174,000 after the Italian Health Ministry conceded the MMR vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son Valentino.

Any intelligent person understands quite quickly that the current paediatric vaccination schedule in Australia (and Italy) is more about business than health. Insisting on compulsory paediatric vaccinations as they are currently administered is probably the least effective health policy imaginable, especially knowing what we do today about the risks and inefficiency of the current vaccinations in use.

What’s just as dangerous though, is the vilification of intelligent people who have experienced these risks first hand. The measures to discriminate against healthy unvaccinated children currently underway in Australia is deeply concerning, to say the least. Mandating vaccinations makes little sense from any point of view and imposes all sorts of unnecessary dangers and costs, and as far as I can see, also violates basic human rights as well as the Hippocratic Oath.

I am in full support of a vital amendment needing to be added into the draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 that is currently before the Senate Inquiry.

The Council of Europe’s Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine adopted the following principle in 1997 concerning any medical intervention. I would also like to request that the following statement is added to the draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012.

‘An intervention in the health field may only be carried out after the person concerned has given free and informed consent to it’.

I hope you will consider this request seriously and in full consciousness.

I look forward to your earliest reply.

Yours Faithfully,



Dear Parliamentarians,

I ask you to please consider saying NO to the discrimination of unvaccinated children. Vaccines are not a one size fits all, parents must retain their rights to choose health choices for their families.

Forcing vaccines on children may put them at risk of vaccine damage, who will be held accountable for this? Court cases are being tried and won in many countries, with millions in compensation being paid out to vaccine damaged children. If my healthy child were to suffer from fever, seizures, encephalitis, neurological damage, ADHD, ADD, Autism, and possibly even death, at any stage following vaccines, long or short term, will you be taking responsibility for them?

If you believe vaccines work, then vaccinated children should supposedly be protected, what threat can unvaccinated children possibly pose to them?

Will you be taking blood samples from all vaccinated children to ensure their vaccines have worked, as it is known that a portion of those vaccinated don’t develop immunity, therefore these children still pose as much threat as unvaccinated children.

If vaccines were indeed as safe and effective as claimed, there would be no need to force vaccines onto people. The fact is they are not 100% safe, they are not 100% effective and the minority should not have to sacrifice the health of their children to benefit the majority, this is not democratic and it is discrimination.

Where is the study comparing the fully unvaccinated to the vaccinated in terms of health, long and short term? How can you say that vaccines are truly of benefit if you do not do this study!

If you are giving childcare and preschool centres a right to deny the unvaccinated, I expect you should also give them the choice to accept unvaccinated children if they so choose, without any ramifications or penalties.

They should also be given the right to deny entry of vaccinated children if they so choose. I’m sure there are many who would love to see vaccine free centres and schools.

Will we soon see the discrimination of certain racial and cultural groups too?

What will you do if an outbreak occurs in a childcare centre or school that has a 100% vaccine rate? This would surely prove that it is not the unvaccinated at  fault as you would have us all believe.

So please, stand up for human rights and say No to the discrimination of the unvaccinated.



Wednesday 30th May 2013

RE: Public Health Amendment Bills 2013 re vaccination of children in childcare centres

To NSW Parliamentarians,

I am deeply concerned that these Bills are on your agenda. What sort of backwards society are we living in? It’s not the Dark Ages, you know. You’re looking to cross the boundaries called Democracy and Freedom.

Just because someone is vaccinated does not mean that they cannot spread or contract an illness/disease. A vaccination is not a one-stop shop that will prevent 100% of all diseases. Being vaccinated does not mean you won’t contract a disease and not being vaccinated doesn’t mean you will contract a disease!

Funnily enough, immunity to a disease is based not on vaccination, but on your immune system (which is governed by your nervous system, the entity that controls everything in your entire body). Whether or not you have been vaccinated is irrelevant. If your body has not recognised the disease and created antibodies after a vaccination, then you’re just as susceptible as the next person. In fact, between 5% and 35% of all vaccinated people don’t seroconvert, so potentially vaccinations only work in 65-95% of cases anyway. And even if they do work, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to stop you getting ill your whole life, or dying from a ‘preventable’ illness. With some vaccinations, I would think that the risks from vaccinations are worse than the actual illness.

And Jillian Skinner, contrary to your comment “Forget the scaremongering – there is nothing to fear from vaccination” from, there are actually dangers associated with having a foreign substance injected straight into your bloodstream! Perhaps you should do your research before uttering blatant lies to the public. If I were to say such things to my patients, I would expect to be hauled before the HCCC for intentionally lying to my patients. However, being a Doctor of Chiropractic, it is not my place to advise a patient on whether or not they should vaccinate (their child). I am a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and I stand by their policy that Chiropractors should encourage their patients to make informed health care decisions and to consult their GP in relation to the risks and benefits of vaccination. If the politicians of Australia would act more like health professionals and consider that there are risks and not only benefits from vaccination before making public comments, then things would be better – and more truthful – for everyone.

With respect to the potential non-seroconversions, will there be mandatory blood tests done on all children going to childcare to see who’s actually got antibodies and who doesn’t? And then will the ‘good’ parents, who got their child vaccinated, be turned away with their non-seroconverted child because they have an immune system that rejected the vaccine? Will giving the child another one, two or even three vaccinations do the trick? I think not, given the immune system didn’t take to it the first time around! It will only add more toxins and other non-necessary chemicals that are in many of the vaccinations to their immune system and will then risk further adverse reactions. Which, in the worst case scenario, could prevent the child from going to childcare at all because they could be dead by then.

Stopping children from entering childcare who are not vaccinated is a stupid idea. There has never been a documented case of an outbreak of infectious diseases proven to have started with an unvaccinated child. But there have been outbreaks documented to have started with fully vaccinated children and adults. Rather ironic, don’t you think?

And will teachers and other preschool and childcare staff be required to get boosters (because ‘natural’ immunity is lifelong, compared to ‘fake’ vaccination which usually has a limited shelf life immunologically). What if these workers object or are susceptible to adverse reactions? Will they lose their jobs at best? And at worst, will the NSW State Government set up a fund to compensate those who are vaccine-injured or killed as a result of this new policy? And where will the money come from for such a fund and how will it be administered? There are a lot of things the NSW State Government needs to think about before even considering passing these ridiculous Bills.

I am wondering though, if you are aware of the following (Commonwealth) statistical data?

These graphs clearly show that vaccinations were not responsible for the decline in deaths from infectious diseases over the last century, so I must wonder why the Governments of Australia are pushing so very hard for vaccinations. I would hate to think that it’s because the pharmaceutical companies that make these vaccinations are secretly whispering in the ears of NSW politicians, possibly for lucrative financial deals, with complete disregard for the truth, a person’s health or a person’s rights.

My husband and I have chosen to not vaccinate our daughter. We researched well and made our decision jointly upon this. She is vibrant and healthy and developing beautifully. Am I to consider that if we ever wanted to send her to childcare, perhaps for socialisation more than anything, that she would be subjected to a mandatory blood test to see if she had any antibodies to diseases before her application would even be viewed? This sounds scarily like the movie ‘Gattaca’ to me! Will we be required to home-school her as well, perhaps have her live in a little bubble away from the rest of the state all because we chose not to vaccinate her? Where will this nonsense end?

Stop trying to force all the people of NSW to do what right-wing policy makers want them to do. Forcing people to do anything is completely undemocratic and goes against everything that Australia stands for. When the government is trying to enforce vaccination, a physical act, on

a child (of all people!), and especially when the government does not seem to understand the scientific mechanism by which it works, then it tells me that the government is not thinking clearly, that the government is highly misinformed, that the government is making a huge mistake and that based on all this reckless behaviour, the government should be stood down. I don’t think you have been voted in to act like this and I certainly didn’t vote for this!

I am extremely unimpressed that taxpayers’ money is being wasted on such impertinent ideas as these Bills, and if passed, it will be a black day indeed for all NSW people. If you, NSW Parliamentarians, do not understand how vaccination truly works, then you should not be voting at all – for or against – these Bills. In fact, these Bills should not have even made it to the Legislative Assembly!

I am fed-up reading about how vaccinations are always safe and that everyone should have them and that it’s all about the herd immunity and other such things. Everything has side-effects, even Chiropractic! To not inform people of the side-effects of vaccination, to lie blatantly to the public and to then enforce it on small, defenceless children, who have no legal voice of their own is downright dishonesty at best and deeply criminal behaviour at worst. Please think before you act, please have a heart: don’t pass this Bill in any shape or form whatsoever.

Yours in truthfulness,


Dear Sir/madam

I am really concerned about the legislation due to be debated this week in parliament.

What concerns me is that the sort of discriminative policies I have read about will cause parents to make medical & health decisions for their children based on finances & employment necessity, rather than what is in the best interests of their individual child’s health needs. This will most certainly effect the parenting decisions of poorer people more than those of more wealthy people and is completely unjust.

Your parent constituents are intelligent enough to make these difficult & carefully considered decisions when given appropriate information & respect. Backing them into a corner where they are forced to do what is convenient rather than what is best is ridiculous and downright dangerous.

Yours Sincerely



Were you aware of the following Australian Government data?

Fig6_tetanusallages Fig4_scarletmeasles Fig3_whoop Fig2_diphtheria

These graphs using Australian Govt data clearly show that vaccinations were not responsible for the decline in deaths from infectious diseases over the last century. Any person with a shred of intelligence can see the phenomenal decline before vaccination was sold to the Govt.

If you were not aware of this, you need to ask why you’ve been lied to.

If you were aware of this, we need to ask why you have lied to us.

We have had a near fatal incident at the birth of our first child which was caused by anaphylactic shock due to vaccination and as such have now spent years researching and finding data supporting our decision to postpone any further vaccinations

Please be very, very certain that you were not elected to discriminate against any Australian citizens or residents but were put into office to protect all of your constituents and I expect you to protect me and my children or neither you nor anyone else from your party will receive my support at the next election.

  • If you don’t believe you already have enough data regarding this issue just you try and find a documented case of an outbreak of infectious disease proven to have started with an unvaccinated child. You won’t find it. What you will find is that the HAVE been outbreaks documented to have started with fully vaccinated children and adults.


  • Vaccinations cannot prevent a person from spreading or contracting illnesses – even if they themselves are not infected. And a few questions for you…..


  • Are the preschools and childcare centres going to draw blood from the fully vaccinated children prior to allowing them entry? Since this policy is supposedly being put into place to protect these children and between 5 and 35% of all vaccinated people don’t seroconvert, shouldn’t they also be identified and excluded for the protection of the others at the facility?


  • Will teachers and other preschool and childcare staff also be required to get boosters? What if they object or are susceptible to adverse reactions?


  • Will the NSW State Government set up a fund to compensate those who are vaccine-injured or killed as a result of this new policy? Where will the money come from for such a fund and how will it be administered?


  • Australia seriously needs level thinking, laterally minded and forward planning parliamentarians who do not succumb to the pressures of big pharma with hidden agendas. There are no hidden agendas with freedom- of- choice advocates except that we want to see our children flourish with the least amount of risk to their health. And there is no doubt that vaccines can damage health. And the adage I’ve been taught is “when in doubt, leave it out”


  • Please do your own research and see what you come up with. Would you put your child’s hand up for a brand new, just- released new vaccine? Come on, think about it. You wouldn’t. So don’t change the law so that the rest of us have to do this with the 34+ vaccines already out there.




Dear Members of Parliament,

In relation to the amendments proposed to alter the Public Health Act to ban unvaccinated children from child care and pre-schools, I implore you to please vote against these amendments as they are undemocratic and discriminatory against parents who have decided to raise healthy unvaccinated children. The level of toxins in current vaccines is immense, and simply unethical to inject infants with these. They damage the immune system of the child, and the flip side to this is, the implementation of such vaccines make the corporate provider a lot of money. Parents who have identified this travesty in the health system have decided to not vaccine their children, and some have decided to vaccinate through safer alternative means, such as homeopathy.

Please stand against any amendments to this Act that seems designed to punish parents who are wise enough to make their own decisions. The freedom to make decisions for our own children are our basic rights, and must be upheld.





I am sending this e mail to voice my deep concern at the bill which will allow discrimination against unvaccinated children refusing them entry to child-care centres and preschools.

I am a mother of two healthy boys who are unvaccinated. I have a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters degree in Chiropractic and health is a passion and top priority in my life.

I have specifically researched and read many books on vaccination over the last ten years plus. I feel very confident in my choice not to vaccinate, and believe they only harm our children, not enhance their health.

Many people, and very educated people, agree with me.

They day the government decides it can force me to inject vaccines into my children which contain harmful ingredients including formaldehyde and aluminium, or to discriminate against my children for not being vaccinated, is the day in which basic human rights have been violated in this country.

Whether you believe vaccination to be of benefit to children or not, there is no circumstance in which coercive measures, discrimination or mandating of vaccination, which is a medical procedure, is acceptable.

Please do not support the changes that have been proposed to the Public Health Act.




Dear NSW Member,

I note with alarm and shock that the NSW Parliament is introducing for debate this Thursday 30th May, 2013 changes to the Public Health Act that will allow for the legal discrimination of unvaccinated children in child care centres and preschools!

These changes must not be allowed as not only will they have far reaching repercussions throughout all of Australia – not just NSW – but it is abhorrent to legalise ANY kind of discrimination.

Australian have fought hard for strong anti-discrimination laws and to allow these changes will fundamentally change the whole fabric of these laws and open the door for further discrimination in the future.

Minority groups should not be victimised or treated as if they have no voice. Despite what many people may think, “the majority rules” is not the basis of strong government and fair laws.

History has shown that the majority are often wrong or the information they have is wildly inaccurate and it is only through the courage and persistence of minorities that the world changes for the better, i.e. The earth was thought to be flat; electricity would never work; man weren’t meant to fly; “women belong in the kitchen and not the polling booth”; giving Thalidomide to pregnant women was a really neat idea. These are but a few of the many times where the majority “got it wrong.”

Under no circumstances should a person be forced to undertake a medical procedure against their will.

As parents, we are the ones whose right it is to make these choices for our children – NOT the government and most certainly NOT other parents.

To make these changes will be wrong on so many levels and quite frankly, Un-Australian.

I urge you to very carefully consider what it is that these changes will ultimately make if they are legalised.

Yours highly concerned,