No Jab No Pay Rally Talk – Meryl Dorey

33195751_sYesterday was the long-awaited second rally against the proposed no jab, no pay legislation. Held in nearly every capital city in Australia, these rallies presented a chance for parents to express their concern and anger about government discrimination, network together to share ideas about how to fight against these draconian laws (on both the state and federal level) and just meet like-minded people for friendship and support.

The organisers of these events did an amazing job – especially considering the fact that the media (for the most part) neither attended or promoted the fact that these events were taking place. The only way to get the word out was via social media and, though this is an effective way to inform others, it is not yet as widespread as mainstream media.

I, along with hundreds of others,  attended the Brisbane rally and heard some great talks by a homeopath, Greg Beattie (former President of the AVN) and a very passionate presentation by a Brisbane mum who gave a very articulate explanation for why parents must always have the final word on medical treatments for their children.

I was asked to present a talk due to the unexpected illness of one of the speakers. Below is my presentation – a bit of modern history of the movement started in Australia by the AVN to protect parental choice.

Hello everyone. Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to the organisers of today’s rally for doing such an excellent job of publicising this event without any assistance from the corporate media. In addition, thank you to everyone here who is standing strong to support their convictions that freedom to choose what goes into our bodies and the bodies of our children must never be taken away by any government or medical community. No Jab, No Pay? No way!

My name is Meryl Dorey and I am the founder and past President of the Australian Vaccination Network.

There is an old saying that goes something like – those who forget the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.

Well, we haven’t forgotten our lessons, but the government has.

About 18 years ago, when the AVN was much younger and so was I, we found out on a Friday that the Federal Parliament was trying to sneak through an amendment to the Childcare Payments Act by attaching it to Veterans Affairs legislation. The intent was to remove childcare payments from any parent who chose not to vaccinate their children.

Immediately, we at the AVN swung into action. Groups of women with their children in tow  came from the Gold Coast and Brisbane to the AVN office that was in my home. We  spent the entire weekend photocopying packages of information for every single senator and MP. We sent hundreds of copies of our book, Vaccination Roulette, down to Canberra to be distributed to all elected representatives. We called our members asking for donations to cover the airfare and costs for our 2 representatives to get us down to Canberra and back – $1,200. We found an AVN member in the ACT who would put us up in their home while we lobbied for amendments to allow unvaccinated parents to                                                                                                                                                                  access all government entitlements their vaccinated peers received.

Lynne Grimsey and I spent nearly 2 weeks in Canberra. We saw dozens of Senators and MPs and found support amongst the Greens, the Democrats and many members of the Labor Party.

Two women who knew nothing about the legislative process had a crash-course in politics and by some miracle, 3 of our amendments were proposed by Bob Brown, leader of the Greens, and 2 were passed. Those amendments enabled an entire generation of children to be registered as conscientious objectors to vaccination and still attend preschool and childcare.  They prevented a generation of families from being financially penalised because of their legal decision not to vaccinate their children.

Yet here we are today, fighting that same battle again. And just as we did more than 18 years ago, we will win this battle and the government and corporate interests will lose. Because when you have right on your side, you will always be the victor.

Vaccination is a medical procedure that carries with it real risk of harm. The AVN has collected thousands of reports of serious adverse reactions and deaths following vaccination and those reports are just the tip of the iceberg.

How many of you here either have someone in your family who was vaccine injured or know of someone who has suffered or died because of vaccines? How many of you have a child with autism or know a child with autism?

No government can require me to give my children vaccines which I do not feel are in their best interests. No government can require me to place my own life and health on the line in order to keep or access work.

My body is my own – my children are mine to care for. The government is my servant – there to represent me, even if I myself represent a minority viewpoint.

We are often told by anti-choice zealots that “the science is in” when it comes to vaccination. Well,  they are right – the science IS in. Vaccines do not protect as we have been told. They are not safe and do cause tens of thousands of permanent injuries and deaths every year worldwide. These are inconvenient facts – but facts all the same.

In the US, more than $3 billion has been paid out for injuries and deaths following vaccination – at least 83 of those payments were for vaccine-associated autism. This is a huge amount of money but it would have been much more if the government hadn’t set the bar so high and constantly moved the goalposts as parents got closer to winning compensation.

More and more cases of pharmaceutical fraud are emerging. More and more evidence of collusion between government regulators and vested interests in the drug companies.

Dr William Thompson, a top government vaccine researcher who has published many studies via his job at the Centers for Disease Control in the US has now been dubbed “The CDC Whistleblower”. At the request of his superiors at this corrupt organisation, he and his associates shredded all of the evidence from studies proving that the risk of autism was far higher in those who were vaccinated – especially when it came to black boys. Unbeknownst to those same supervisors, Dr Thompson kept the originals of those shredded pages and has given them to Congressman Bill Posey who is now calling for a Congressional Inquiry into how and why the autism-vaccination connection was covered up for over 10 years.

Two vaccine scientists who work for Merck – maker of many of our Australian vaccines including the MMR shot, have recently been granted whistleblower protection for their claims that the mumps portion of the vaccine is not as effective as Merck has claimed and that studies – conducted by the manufacturer and never checked by any independent authority – were fraudulent. If this case is won by the government, it has the power to close this drug giant down and I personally hope that it does.

Studies are being published nearly every day by top researchers worldwide, indicating that vaccine ingredients are toxic, have never been properly tested and are simply not preventing disease. In other words, we have scientifically valid reasons to question vaccination and the government, rather than trying to squash us should be thanking us for bringing this vital data to their attention, saving them money and potentially saving our children from dangerous, ineffective vaccinations.

And please keep in mind the fact that there are more than 271 new vaccines in the pipeline. Should this legislation pass unopposed, the number of vaccines we and our children will be forced to say yes to will be nearly unlimited.

Since 2002, the AVN has been asking the Health Department to use the data already contained within the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register to compare the overall health status of the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated. This simple, inexpensive test could be done at the touch of a button and has the potential of setting parent’s minds at rest regarding the safety of vaccination. But the government has consistently refused to do this. Why do you think that is? Do you think they know that this data – data we have paid for through our taxes – would show definitively that the unvaccinated are far healthier than their vaccinated peers and that would then leave the government liable to pay for vaccine injuries?

Ashley Jade Epapara, the 2 year old toddler who died following an untested flu vaccine and Saba Button, the gorgeous little 1 year old who has global brain damage from the same flu shot would still be anonymous and happy if it were not for vaccinations. And if this legislation is allowed to be enacted, their stories will become much more common as parents are forced to choose between putting food on the table and keeping their children healthy; giving their children an education or keeping them alive.

Freedom of health choice isn’t free. It is something that we must cherish and defend by our words, by our deeds and by our actions. If you haven’t yet signed the My Will letters that are available here, please make sure you do so. If you haven’t made an appointment to see your members of parliament and senators – both state and Federal – to register your opposition to this legislation, call tomorrow and bring friends or family with you for moral support if possible. Write a submission to the Senate Inquiry and submit it before the 16th of October. If you need help, talking points or information, check out the details that will be up on my blog – by tonight.

The only people threatened by healthy, unvaccinated children are those within the pharmaceutical and medical industry who are terrified that more of us will realise how healthy the unvaccinated really are. No vaccine can convey immunity. No vaccine can prevent a fully-vaccinated person from either contracting or transmitting infection to others.

I will never set my child on fire to keep your child warm nor should any moral  government ever ask me to do so.

No Jab, No Pay will fail just as previous attempts to abridge our freedom to choose have failed – because when it comes to the crunch, we are a force to be reckoned with – a force whose momentum, energy and commitment will always ensure our victory over vested interests within government, medical ignorance and drug companies using tobacco science to justify compulsion.

One thing that emerged loud and clear at the end of the day yesterday, is the necessity to band together for political power, information and support. The only reason we achieved our first goal of a Senate inquiry into the No Jab, No Pay legislation was because the AVN and a small team of dedicated individuals took the time and had the funds to fly to Canberra three times to lobby the Senators. It didn’t happen by magic. It happened through hard work. And that hard work cost a lot of money.

If you are not yet a member of the AVN, please join today. I am not on the committee nor am I anything other than a member of that organisation. But I know that our best chance of defeating this legislation is through having a strong, well-funded centralised opposition. 

Membership costs $25 a year and can be purchased by clicking here. Donations can be anything you can afford and you can donate here. Please don’t put it off. Your financial support – combined with the support of others – will guarantee victory in this battle for our freedom. How much is your freedom worth to you?

September 20, 2015 – Mark it in your calendar

by Meryl Dorey
No Jab No Pay Rally






A couple of months ago, rallies were held in many locations across Australia to protest against planned legislation that would remove a parent’s right to make basic health choices for their children. Thousands of parents came together to demonstrate against these changes – many of them having seen their own children die or become permanently injured as a result of vaccination. Some of them were even vaccine-injured themselves. Please scroll down the page for a small selection of videos covering these marches from independent media outlets. The reason I can’t share any mainstream videos or reports is because the corrupt, bought mainstream media did not attend or cover these rallies.

Parliament is still intending to pass this legislation and, even though the bill has not even been tabled yet so I cannot give you any details of what it will contain, according to the government, the plan is to remove payments from families who don’t completely vaccinate their children and also to stop them from attending childcare today – school in the future.

If the intent is anything like the bills being passed in the US (especially SB277 in the State of California), legislating against unvaccinated children is just the beginning. Debate is taking place about expanding the California legislation to prevent unvaccinated parents from volunteering in schools and forcing teachers, aides and school staff to be fully vaccinated as well or lose their jobs.

This is the thin end of the wedge, in other words.

More rallies will be held in Australia on September 20th, 2015 – less than 2 weeks from today.

We need to send a strong and unified message to the Federal and State governments – that this is an issue we are passionate about. We take our roles as parents, protectors and decision-makers seriously. We will not have those roles taken away from us.

Even if you vaccinate, you should be concerned at this attempt to interfere with parental choice. Today, it is vaccination – what will the government try to force on us tomorrow?

In addition, there are currently over 270 new vaccines in development. Many of them are being fast-tracked into approval (as Gardasil was fast-tracked with disastrous results!) and, should this legislation be allowed to go ahead, you and your children could be forced to take not just dozens of shots (as we see today), but hundreds in the near future.

Rights we are born with

The fact is that there are some rights that are inherent. These are basic human rights we are born with and that no government can or should be allowed to interfere with. The government cannot tell us what treatments or preventatives we can or can’t use in our own bodies or in the bodies of minor children who are under our protection. Despite this, they are trying to do just that.

If you believe strongly in human rights; if you want to support these families whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines (or you or your family has had a negative experience with vaccines), I urge you to set this date aside and to attend the rally nearest you.

Below is a list of the rally locations. I am waiting on information regarding any rallies in  Tasmania or other locations. If someone has any details to share, please do so in the comments section and I will update this blog post.

We MUST stand together against repressive, discriminatory government legislation as citizens of a free, democratic nation. If we don’t protect our children and ourselves, we cannot expect others to do it for us.

No Jab, No Pay? No Jab, no Play? No Way! Rallies

Please note – there have been several changes to the schedule and one addition (Tasmania). I am updating this blog post but also bookmark the No Jab No Pay NO WAY page for the most up-to-date information going forward. I hope you are ALL planning on going to the rallies in your own areas. I will be at the Brisbane rally and would love to meet you if you wouldn’t mind coming up to say hi.

Sunday, September 20th check times for the various locations below:

Brisbane, QLD – Emma Miller Place, Roma Street, Brisbane – 11:00 am to 1:30 PM click here for more information

Sydney, NSW – Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street, Sydney, Australia – 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM click here for more information

Melbourne, Victoria – Flagstaff Gardens, Corner Latrobe Street and King Street, Melbourne 11:00 AM to 2:00 PMclick here for more information

Adelaide, South Australia – Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide – 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM please click here for more information

Perth, WA – Parliament House Steps 10:30 AM – 11:30 AMPlease click here for more information

Launceston, TAS – Launceston City Park, 43 Tamar Street, Launceston – 1:00 PMPlease click here for more information


If you do nothing else today, please watch and share this video of Lissa Weckert speaking at the No Jab, No Pay rally in Brisbane on June 21, 2015. There is another march scheduled for September this year. Please be sure to subscribe to this blog as we will keep you informed of all future actions to protect health rights and prevent compulsory vaccination.

More than 1,000 people march for freedom of choice in Brisbane

A solid wall of people extended for more than 2 city blocks.
A solid wall of people extended for more than 2 city blocks.

On June 21, 2015, groups of parents marched in every capital city across Australia to support the right to make free and informed vaccination choices for their children and themselves. These events were coordinated by groups of volunteers who worked very hard to try and make sure that as many people as possible were able to attend. Unfortunately, the (mainly) Murdoch media refused to either publicise or report on these marches. In Brisbane, more than 1,000 people showed up to have their say and to hear speakers talk about why vaccinations must never be made compulsory nor should financial penalties or discrimination be government-supported. Anna-Marie Stancombe, who was present at the Brisbane march, has been kind enough to provide us with her take on this very successful day – the first of many. Please be sure to sign up for updates on this blog as we will shortly be providing you with other ways in which you and your family and friends can act to support your health rights. 

By Anna-Marie Stancombe

It was a beautiful winter’s day with Brisbane shining from the warmth of the sun, the public enjoying their Sunday of shopping and coffees. They were oblivious to what was coming. On the horizon there was a storm brewing over in the picturesque Queens Park.

A few hundred people had started to gather. The young, the old, those with children and those without. The mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, brothers and sisters. They also were enjoying the glorious weather, but they were there for a purpose – a very important purpose.

Brisbane 6

We all had one common goal – to defend our absolute God-given right to ‘valid consent’. Our right to choose medical procedures for ourselves and, most importantly, for our children. Our human rights to speak out against medical and government tyranny.

The theme of the day was ‘No Jab, No Pay, No Way’. This protest was in response to the purposely controlled and planned campaign by Rupert Murdoch’s papers of ‘No jab, No play’. This has resulted in the Government announcing legislative reform to revoke family tax benefits and child care rebates of conscientious objectors to vaccinations. There will also be no religious exemptions.

People gathered to promote freedom of choice against state-enforced measures that used lies, deception, coercion and propaganda.

Brisbane 7

By 11 am there was more than 600 peaceful protesters gathered with their placards and t-shirts. They all asked for the same result – freedom to choose. Some of the slogans said:

‘We are protesting for your democratic right’,

‘The bill contradicts valid consent, we will not be manipulated’,

‘If it comes with a risk, there must be a choice’,

‘Human rights = Health choice’,

‘Discrimination alive and well in Australia’,

‘Our child, our choice’,

‘Pro choice, Pro democracy’

‘Stop violating Human Rights’

‘Always vote no to biased media’

And of course ‘No Jab, No Pay, No way.

There were guest speakers, who bravely talked of personal experience of their children who were damaged by vaccines. There were speakers who presented the other side of the vaccination debate – the information doctors and the medical field neglect to openly talk about. The dangers and risks of vaccinations. No one was promoting not vaccinating, they were simply presenting a balanced view of the pros and cons of vaccination and the risks involved.

Brisbane 3

We even had an ex-police sergeant, Chris Savage, who passionately told of his battle to expose the incredibly heartbreaking abuse by the ‘system’ where innocent parents have been accused or worse still, charged with ‘child abuse and murder’ of their children when they have sadly and suddenly died from an adverse vaccine reaction. He lost his career and was ostracised after trying to help these innocent families.

Mainstream media was very obviously absent when more than a thousand people marched through the streets of Brisbane in solidarity. We sang in We sang in unison – ‘Where there’s risk, there must be choice. Where there’s risk, there must be choice’.

Representatives from Brisbane's own VAIS were on hand to give out information to parents and others. They have been volunteering for over 25 years on this issue.
Representatives from Brisbane’s own VAIS were on hand to give out information to parents and others. They have been volunteering for over 25 years on this issue.

Shopkeepers and shoppers both came out to look; people put down their coffees to ask what was happening. What was all the noise about, they wanted to know? Our message was loud and clear and it was getting through.

‘We are fighting for your democratic right’

‘No Jab, No Pay, No way’

Similar rallies were held all around Australia’s capital cities and were well attended. Brisbane reportedly had the biggest turn out. It must be the weather.

Photos by Anna-Marie Stancombe, Ken Dorey and VAIS 


There is nothing trendy about not vaccinating your child…

by Tasha David

Not vaccinating your child is not something you take lightly as a parent. The bombardment of vaccine propaganda is in your face everywhere you look and some are scared to even let others know that they don’t vaccinate because they don’t want their children to face the stigma of going against the crowd. Going to the doctors can be a battleground where you are berated and belittled for not conforming to the status quo.  The simple act of going to the emergency room because your child broke their arm always starts with the question “Is your child up to date on their immunisations?” and you think to yourself – here we go again!

So there really is nothing trendy about not vaccinating your child…

little-rock-segregationBut do you want to know what IS really trendy right now? It is the demonising and current witch-hunt against parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

The world has become a bully’s wonderland right now. You can harass and be hateful towards ‘anti vax’ parents and no one will even consider it to be bullying.

You can tell them how crap they are as parents!

You can tell them to go and take their disease-ridden brats away from your [fully-vaccinated] children!

You can tell them how they are stupid, selfish, moronic, irresponsible, tin foil hat wearing, rabid ‘anti vaxxers’ who are child abusers and whose children should be taken away from them!

You can even tell them that you hope that they and their children die to clean out the stupid from the gene pool!

No one will even pull you up for those cruel and despicable comments because ‘anti vaxxers’ deserve it, right?


No loving parent and especially their children, deserves to be treated like lepers and outcasts. Whether they vaccinate or not is irrelevant, and frankly I am astounded at the hate speech that has been allowed to flow freely since the Disneyland measles outbreak. (for example, Jail ‘anti-vax’ parents and Measles Can Kill, And It’s Spreading. Sue Parents Who Didn’t Vaccinate? Absolutely

You cannot shame a parent in to harming their child and yet, that is what you are asking us (especially the parents of vaccine injured children) to do.

All the bullying, vilifying, suing, incarcerating or (completely illegally) making their names and addresses publicly available to the world, will not change a thing.  By the way Joe Matthews (the author of the afore-mentioned article), the whole sticker idea to show who the outcasts of society are? That’s already been done before. The last time, they were made to wear yellow stars. I guess tyrannical minds think alike.

It also shows how very little you know about parents who choose not to vaccinate. Let’s get one thing straight. I do not choose to inject pharmaceutical products in to my children’s bodies anymore because vaccines hurt them and caused not just “a week of hell”, but a lifetime of hellish challenges.

I don’t blame others for my children’s health issues, I realise that we are all just trying to do the best we can for our children. Anyway I am too busy trying to heal my children’s bodies to run around pointing fingers.

My choice to not be informed about what I was injecting in to my babies caused them numerous health issues and robbed three of my children of ever being able to live an independent life, of being able to fall in love or able to have a family of their own and those facts will haunt me for the rest of my days.

6579263459_f7437cede5_zThere is nothing in this world you could do to me to make me forget this no matter how much I want to, because you cannot unsee the damage done to your child.

I cannot unsee having to search for my child when she absconded from my parent’s back yard and then find her running down the middle of a busy street surrounded by cars beeping their horns and yelling at her to get off the road, because she has no sense of danger.

I cannot unsee waking up in the early hours of the morning to see my other daughter covered head to toe in her own faeces that she ate while smearing it all over the walls.

I cannot unsee my son trying so hard to speak so that he could play with the other children in the playground but all he could do was scream, till they ran away.

I cannot unsee the vast difference in health between my vaccinated and unvaccinated children and not know that it is my fault.

There is nothing you could do that would ever make me vaccinate them again. I would rather die than see them be hurt. Luckily I have found that there is a better way to raise healthy children and my children have thrived because of it. It is called taking responsibility for the health of your own children. Learning how to naturally support and boost their immune systems and not expect other parents to put their healthy children at risk of injury or death just because you believe that that will protect yours.

You want to know the most important reason why I and many other parents don’t vaccinate their child? We do it because we love them, just like you love your child and no amount of legislation or shaming tactics will ever overcome that.

Please note: Blog posts are opinion pieces which represent the views of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the AVN National Committee. The AVN is a forum, support and information organisation and outlet for discussion about the relative benefits and risks of vaccinations in particular – and medical procedures in general. We do not provide medical advice but believe that everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to do their own research before making decisions for their families. The information we provide (including your personal review of the references we cite) should be taken in conjunction with a range of other data, including that obtained from government, your health care provider and/or other medical source material to assist you in developing the knowledge required to make informed health choices.

The Trouble with the ANTI “Anti-Vaccine” Movement: How They Hijack the Issue; Distort the Facts; and Totally Miss the Point – AGE OF AUTISM

This is one of the best-written, most logical articles I’ve read to date on how those who oppose free vaccination choice abuse and harass those who have made a legal decision not to vaccinate. I believe this should be required reading for every doctor, nurse, natural health practitioner, government official and vaccine policy-maker. Please share widely.

1. They believe there is an anti-vaccine movement.

This may surprise a lot of people, but there actually isn’t an “anti-vaccine movement”. Although there are definitely people who believe no vaccine is a good vaccine, the controversy has never been solely about whether or not vaccines are good or bad; it’s been about whether or not they are being used responsibly and have been properly investigated for their role in chronic health conditions.

The more appropriate term to describe people raising this important question would be consumer safety advocates, seeking informed consent, more research, product liability, and policy reform.

Only a few possibilities exist to explain why those who insist on using the “anti-vaccine” label anyway continue to do so: they erroneously assume anyone who questions a product’s safety is automatically against it; they believe vaccines already are being used as responsibly as they possibly can be and have been properly investigated; or they choose to use a red herring label like “anti-vaccine” to manipulate people.

2. Anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot.

If the first line of attack doesn’t work it will almost always be followed by an insult. Not only are people who disagree portrayed as dangerous lunatics who want to see the world explode in infectious disease, supposedly they are also “flat-earthers” who can’t accept the world is round. Certain journalists have gone so far as to suggest it’s no wonder their children have problems.

Such commentary is breathtaking in its insensitivity, entirely unnecessary, and most troublesome once again, not true. Even the CDC has recognized for years, most recently in a study on Hepatitis B uptake, that the most common demographic of a person who questions vaccine safety or refuses them is a highly educated mother with a master’s degree.

When faced with this unpleasant fact, anti “anti-vaxxers” are left with little place to go. Some have started calling these parents “superstitious”, “defenders of pseudo-science”, or “conspiracy theorist” instead.

The Trouble with the ANTI “Anti-Vaccine” Movement: How They Hijack the Issue; Distort the Facts; and Totally Miss the Point – AGE OF AUTISM.

Letters, letters and more letters

I realised this morning that the word document where I had been saving your letters was over 6,000 words long and I still probably have at least that much still to go so it’s time to post some more letters up here and as I have time through the day, I will put some more on this blog. You are all AMAZING! If you don’t yet know what all these letters are about, please click here to read about how is blaming the unvaccinated for the current outbreak of pertussis and is also trying to help get the AVN shut down. When you’re done with that, click here to read about an article in the Herald Sun (Victoria) calling for compulsory vaccination of Australia’s children. It is time to be active and vocal on this issue so we nip these threats to our health rights and freedoms in the bud!

To Tanya Plibersek:

If you were to give in to the bullying of Sue Ieraci and the Stop the AVN group, you would be doing a great disservice to families devastated by vaccine injuries, the right of free speech especially in regards to questioning vaccine safety, but foremostly to the rights of parents everywhere to make decisions in the best interests of their children.

 My family has been dramatically affected by vaccine injuries and the AVN is the only organisation that is even bothering to fight for our rights. We are told we should vaccinate our children to protect the minority that vaccines cannot protect, but is it alright to sacrifice other children in order to do this? Can someone please explain to me who gets to decide which children should live and which should die?

This is a decision no one should have to make, so that is why it is so important that parents be given the right to advocate for their own children, it is the only truly fair way to protect our children! 

I exhort you to talk to both sides of the vaccination issue before you make a decision on whether to support Sue Ieraci’s agenda.

Kind regards


To Tanya Plibersek,

I would like to say that the AVN is an organisation that is helping to keep us all informed about what we are injecting in ourselves and our children, for those that are ignorant about what the AVN is all about, perhaps you should get more knowledge for knowledge gives the power to make better choices, those that choose to vaccinate have nothing to worry about for their children if they have been immunised, after all does that not mean that they are protected from these diseases, if one chooses not to vaccinate then they should have the freedom to choose and not be penalised. Those that do choose it should mind their own business. I would like to thank AVN for all the good work that they do.

Yours sincerely


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an Australian-registered pharmacist (although not currently practising as I am living overseas with my husband) of 15 years experience and I have impartially researched very carefully the topic of vaccination. (It’s worth noting I don’t have children to add emotion to this issue for me personally.) I seek out information outside of what drug companies with clear financial interests tell me is truth – it has always seemed a reasonable and responsible way to do my job. As a healthcare professional I see my responsibility lying in remaining open-minded, providing access to all sides of a particular healthcare issue, and empowering and encouraging people to make their own informed choices – which I see as the minimum of respect and courtesy we all deserve. On the balance of available information I fall out on the side of personalised selective, reduced-schedule or no vaccination, depending on the individual. I just can’t find reliable, reasoned, non-fear-based, unbiased evidence without vested interests to support the efficacy and safety of most vaccines over and above issues of sanitation, immunosupportive nutritional measures and the implementation and longterm maintenance of other healthy lifestyle factors. And it would save me a lot of trouble and it would be so much easier for me if I could just find evidence to persuade me to fall back into line with the opinions of many of my colleagues in the medical profession and support full-schedule, mass vaccination but I just can’t find it. The multiple and complicated issues surrounding each different vaccine, each different illness or biological agent a given vaccine claims to protect against, each individual being vaccinated means that dealing in absolutes and generalisations in healthcare, in my experience, is at best irrelevant and at worst dangerous. I would like to see us move away from any idea of “mass” healthcare and advice, to a more individualised, choice-based model.

Yours sincerely,


Attention: The Editor:

I am absolutely disgusted that you can print such biased rubbish re: see below.

People have a choice and freedom of choice is a God given right! To say that unvaccinated children are risking other children without factual evidence is not only unjust it is unethical!

I have been in the disability industry for over 15 years and many hundreds of mothers and fathers have cried in my arms telling me that their children were quite normal and reaching all milestones until they were given the multiple vaccinations but now they have mild to severe disabilities!

You might say that it is okay if a few are injured for the sake of the many but let me tell you that none of you would put your hand up to be one of the few! You are hypocrites, I have seen the pain and anguish of what vaccinations can do.

Why don’t you put your money where your big mouth is and guarantee me 5 million dollars if anything happens to my child after he gets vaccinated and I will do it, how about that? Put up or shut up!

My little boy who has been immunised homoeopathically caught whooping cough from his vaccinated friend! His friend had to go on to antibiotics my boy was over it in a few days! My unvaccinated boy rarely gets ill and is tall strong healthy and intelligent. It is only when he is around vaccinated children who are sick that he gets their illness, however, not as intense as they do. My boy has not received one needle of anything and when he was born the nurses and doctors were pushing us for him to get all those shots hep b etc etc etc, I told them that they could give him all the shots that they want as long as they guarantee me in writing that it is perfectly safe, I challenged them to tell me that no harm would come to my child and they said that they could not do it. I then asked them if my child gets the shots will it stop him from contracting the disease that he is being vaccinated for, they said no it won’t and that he can still contract the disease! So I asked what reason is there that I would I want to inject my son with these drugs, you know what they told me, because it will minimise the risk of him contracting the disease! I asked them by what percentage and is this factual and if they could please put that in writing, well of course they refused, no surprise!

The fool who wrote the article below stating “Standard vaccinations are safe, and essential to protect our kids from preventable deadly diseases such as whooping cough, diphtheria and even influenza.” You ask that idiot if they are willing to guarantee that my child will not be harmed by being vaccinated with a guarantee to pay for all costs if he does and I will have my child vaccinated right in front of them!

You can stick your stupid state schools where the sun don’t shine as well as they are also incompetent in teaching the basic needs for children! And you can stick your family benefits too you unjust unfair ignoramuses.

You peddle your lies and say they are facts and say it’s okay and people believe you because people don’t research for themselves!

There is nothing wrong with being anti vaccination as you are anti anti-vaccination, what’s good enough for you is good enough for others as well!

Anyway I am sick of people like you who want to make everyone do what you think because it is right for everyone!


A concerned citizen of the world!

Dear Susie,

I was very disappointed to read the article written by you. It showed that you are someone who is willing to pass your vitriol off as a news piece. It showed a distinct lack of investigation of the issue and a comment that “Doctors are good and we should trust them without question” is not a very enlightened view. That being said, your whole premise of “doctors all agree therefore they must be right” is wrong on many counts. Not all doctors agree and, while its not a majority, there are a number of doctors that I know personally that would not vaccinate their children or would do so selectively. Doctors have been known to be on agreement on quite a number of issues that have proved to be very, very misguided or just plain wrong. Look at leeches used in the 1800’s or Thalidomide in the 1960’s or even Lipitor as recently as 2000’s. We should never presume our doctor has all the answers. They don’t.

Also in your article you state there have been no reactions to vaccines or if there are, they are minor. You perhaps need to visit and read all the information that is available and put out by the manufacturers. You will find there is quite a list of adverse events following vaccination. Telling everyone that there are no reactions to vaccines is wrong and is the kind of misinformation that you accuse others of peddling.

As for restricting parents’ access to government money because you do not agree with the medical decisions that they make, that is just ludicrous. I made the decision not to vaccinate after many, many, many hours of study, starting with the information given to me by the government when I first fell pregnant, to talking to my GP, to reading every book I could get my hands on both for and against. And funnily enough, it was the government pamphlet that first started me off on this journey.

Why would a newborn baby possibly need to be vaccinated against Hep B? A newborn is hardly likely to be a IV drug user, prostitute or engage in a homosexual sex (all the risk factors for Hep B), nor did I have Hep B or participate in any of these activities.

What research did you do when you decided to vaccinate? Did you even read the government information? Or did you just rock up to the doctor at the allotted time to get your children their dose of aluminium, formaldehyde, and other preservatives and random virus particles? How many ear infections has your child had? How many courses of antibiotics?

Of all the children I know, 4 have got whooping cough, all of them vaccinated.

Neither of my children have had antibiotics or had an ear infection (a rite of passage it seems these days). I am not saying they have been perfect I am just saying they have never been really sick. The occasional cold happens and is cleared up quite quickly with rest and good food.

Once you start looking you will soon see the gaping holes in the whole argument for vaccination and many of the modern medicine standards. Open you mind and start looking, even if you still agree with vaccination, you will at least have a better argument than “They said”, which is what your argument boils down to. No substance, no referencing, no clue.

With the small hope that you will read something outside your box and start to question the world around you.


Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to voice my support for freedom of choice in health care in Australia. Every Australian adult has the right to take responsibility for their own body, and their own health.

In this regard, it is very important that each Australian be given the opportunity to choose whether or not to vaccinate themselves and their children.

Some people will, some people won’t, but their choice is no reflection of the intelligence or morals of the individual. In addition, the concept of “herd immunity” has been disproven years ago, so please do not be swayed by arguments that state that those who don’t choose vaccination can somehow cause the rest of the population to become vulnerable. This has been shown to be impossible, even in actual herds of animals.

Any sensible adult who spends 5 minutes thinking about health will realise that there are two important factors in illness/wellness —

1. the virulence of the disease, and

2. the health of the individual’s internal ecosystem (ie, the state of their immune system).

Because the second factor is specific to the individual, no external person or group (including government) should be allowed to dictate what is right for an individual. This is a personal issue, not a political issue. The wrong decision for a particular individual could have serious longterm health ramifications.

If Australia is a free country at even the most rudimentary level, we must be allowed our freedom in this most personal of issues.

Sincerely yours,


BS Health Science

To whom it may concern,

In promoting Sue Ieraci’s agenda, you are doing a great disservice to families devastated by vaccine injuries, the right of free speech especially in regards to questioning vaccine safety, but foremostly to the rights of parents everywhere to make decisions in the best interests of their children.

My family has been dramatically affected by vaccine injuries and the AVN is the only organisation that is even bothering to fight for our rights. We are told we should vaccinate our children to protect the minority that vaccines cannot protect, but it is alright to sacrifice other children in order to do this, can someone please explain to me who gets to decide which children should live and which should die??? This is a decision no one should have to make, so that is why it is so important that parents be given the right to advocate for their own children, it is the only truly fair way to protect our children!

I exhort you to talk to both sides of the vaccination issue before you make assumptions on who is right and who is wrong…

Kind regards


Dear Herald Sun Staff

I write regarding the above article/blog post on your website.

There is no doubt to any reader that this article is one-sided. Ms O’Brien is clearly “for” vaccination, seemingly holding great contempt for the unsuspecting Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. It is unfortunate, however, that the Herald Sun is satisfied to only share Ms O’Brien’s view and not that of the families who have been negatively affected by vaccinations (for example, Or perhaps the views of qualified Medical Practitioners whom agree that the current vaccination schedule is not in the best interests of the child? Ms O’Brien may possibly deny it, but there are doctors and nurses within our community whom think the schedule is “overkill”.

Her opening statement calling for mandatory childhood vaccination is rather extreme. If we truly want to protect our children, we should also mandate that families not have a swimming pool on or near their property due to infant drowning fatalities; families should not use ANY mode of transportation due to deaths on roads, trains, ships and aircraft; families should not live in homes with windows that open due to children falling through windows (even on ground level) and dying, etc. Mandating a law in these matters, or in the area of vaccination, does not allow the individual to research for themselves regarding a subject and make a decision in the interest of their family.

It is also disappointing that Ms O’Brien believes she needs to resort to name calling, sarcasm and unkind words (within her article and to the commenter’s on the post). Her mention of “homebirthers” will not win her any friends, either, but I deduce from her writings that she does not care about the feelings of others.

A very disappointing read.



Dear Editor,

I have just read your article citing Dr. Sue Ieraci’s opinion on compulsory vaccination and the Australian Vaccination Network.

Comment is made about how unscientific the Australian Vaccination Network and home birthing is.

May I point out that it is unscientific to be afraid of unvaccinated children at school. If the rest of the school is vaccinated, there should be no fear of contamination.

It is unscientific to use invective against personalities when trying to make a valid case.

It is unscientific to make accusations and assumptions without statistical or factual back up, which I found to be totally lacking throughout the article.

Sincerely wishing for fair and honest reporting.


Dear Susie,

I ask you with deep respect to please make a thorough investigation into the contents of vaccines, the known side effects, and the overwhelming anecdotal evidence of damage. There are many esteemed publications on this subject.



Compulsory Vaccinations – don’t you dare ! –

Herald Sun –

Minister Plibersek –

To say I am a furious woman, mother, adult, intelligent human being is an understatement. Myself & my family have had serious problems with ‘sensitivities’ to toxic, neurotoxic & carcinogenic chemical cocktail in vaccinations – my son nearly killed by them – and the last flu vaccine my mother had within two days she ‘went funny’ could not tell the time, confused day and night and much more ….. see Vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (Ischemia), Chronic Illness, Disease and Death

( Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD As a medically trained Doctor, a PhD trained neuroscientist/neuropsychologist, with a Masters degree in Child/language neurodevelopment, ) so don’t any of you dare talk to me about safety of vaccines and there is that much filth and corruption in the big boys of industry and their ‘health department’ associates and people are waking up. Also see:-

Toxic/neurotoxic/carcinogenic chemical assault on the brain and body

The Military Vaccine Resource Centre

Dr. Ken Stoller 

The article from yesterday calling for compulsory vaccination and criticising women who home birthed actually WAS on the web, It had a different title – All Aussie Kids Should Be Vaccinated. The woman who wrote it, Susie O’Brien, seems to have had correspondence in the past with both the Australian Skeptics and their splinter hate group, Stop the AVN.

More and more people are relying on Groups such as AVN for the truth because they don’t get truth from Government. (the same as the FORCED fluorosilicic acid/silicofluoride poisoning of our water supplies). The people have lost all faith in mainstream science due to loss of integrity due to conflicts of interest and lost any hope because of the lack of integrity and transparency of Government.

Some of my notes:-

Those ‘minor side effects’ from these dangerous neurotoxins nearly killed my only child with the most horrendous reaction, violent jerking and convulsing, projectile vomiting, gastric, high fevers, high pitched screaming and yes, he would have been a SIDS statistic except we never left him as we noticed he stopped breathing – he has been left with a life of allergies, chemical sensitivities, behavioural disorders and conditions (and most of the reports of harm and/or death never get reported). My son had vaccine induced encephalitis. So don’t dare tell me about the minor side effects.

One size doesn’t fit all – some people don’t react badly to vaccines but ever increasing numbers do – sensible people in any case should if they have any doubt about colds, flu or anything else wear a mask until the illness has gone – my child was so damaged and his immune system weakened( from the toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogens in these chemical cocktails injected into our babies) we had to wear a mask a lot to try and stop him constantly catching infections – he was sick so much and after the vaccine developed shocking asthma, many allergies, chemical sensitivies – he was so ill and had behavioural disorders from these neurotoxins injected into him.


I have seen and know of too many people with bad vaccine reactions – well no wonder, a potent toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemical cocktail. Re: you the Australian Vaccination Network I say without you the people would continue to be lied to and never receive the truth of just how toxic and dangerous these cumulative poisons are and I should know, severe vaccine reaction nearly killed my only child nearly 24 years ago and he has had a lifetime of health and behavioural problems and disorders. These are dangerous chemical cocktails injected into our babies, children and adults – too many people on the vaccine industry payroll too – massive conflicts of interests – and these corrupt mongrels making money from vaccine industries can be on the ‘panels’ of the ‘health departments’ telling you what vaccines you should have. Corruption has destroyed many peoples’ faith in mainstream medicine…….

The evil of corruption, power and greed has us under serious threat from those who are supposed to care for our health and put us in Harm’s Way.

Don’t this Government or any Government ever try and forcibly inject me or my family – Human rights Health rights or is it true that we have lost all our freedom, rights and everything else and in a total Nazi Country ! and if vaccination was supposedly so effective, any people who have had the vaccine shouldn’t have to worry about catching the disease or should they ??????? Any people who don’t wish to be injected with your poison needle have that right – People demand the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth, they’ll never get it from the Government and all their ‘associates’ – so I say thank God for Australian Vaccination Network who have fought against filthy corruption, slander, defamation et al to try and stop AVN from giving the people the truth.


here is a short extract:-

In the wake of overhauling the FDA, lawmakers are also cracking down on conflicts of interest within the Centers for Disease Control. 

Last month, Representatives, Dr Dave Weldon (R-FL), and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), held a press conference to announce the introduction of a bill that would give responsibility for vaccine safety to an independent agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, and remove most vaccine safety research from the CDC. 

Specifically, they said on July 26, 2006, the “Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2006,” will create an independent office to address, investigate, and head off potential safety problems like the use of mercury in vaccines, in an objective and non-conflicted office whose sole purpose is vaccine safety and evaluation. 

According to Dr Weldon in a prepared statement, Federal agencies charged with overseeing vaccine safety research have failed. They have failed to provide sufficient resources for vaccine safety research. They have failed to fund extramural research and they have failed to free themselves from conflicts of interest that serve to undermine public confidence in the safety of vaccines, he said. 

”The American public deserves better,” Dr Weldon stated, “and increasingly parents and the public at large are demanding better.” 

”There’s an enormous inherent conflict of interest within the CDC,” he said, “and if we fail to move vaccine safety to a separate independent office, safety issues will remain a low priority and public confidence in vaccines will continue to erode.”

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, Chairman Burton called for reforms to crack down on conflicts of interest on the two committees. The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) makes recommendations on the approval of new vaccines. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) makes recommendations on guidelines for the administration of vaccines.

The Government Reform Committee staff report found that the majority of members of both committees have financial ties to vaccine manufacturers or hold patents on vaccines under development.****

Vaccine Conflicts of Interests

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.Posted Jun 20, 2005 12:00 AM


To whom it may concern:

I am totally opposed to compulsory vaccination and I know of children who have had violent reactions and have read enough to know that they can be harmful.

Parents have the right to choose- and if the vaccinations are so successful why are people concerned about a healthy unvaccinated child- does not make sense.


Dear Editor

There are Doctors and there are Doctors – water finds its own level.

Your article written by one of Australia’s leading Doctors (your writers words not mine) Dr Sue Ieraci is one of the most misleading and shallow pieces I have ever seen written on any medical issue.

For example, show us the evidence for this statement “ Children who are not immunised … are risking the health of all kids”. Where is the research supporting this statement?

Show us the evidence for this statement “Standard Vaccinations are safe, and essential to protect our kids from preventable diseases such as whooping cough, diphtheria and even influenza”. Show us the evidence? Were you aware that there has never been one study done to the medical standard to prove the safety of vaccines individually let alone collectively as administered in the standard childhood schedule?. That is, there has never been one double blind, placebo controlled study to show the safety of vaccines, ever!

I could go on and on but won’t even grace the turbid comments made by your paper about parents who choose not to vaccinate their children and the very well-meaning and capable and longstanding organisation the AVN.

Instead let me help your good Doctor by directing her to some research that may just help preserve the health of her family and her patients.

Beth Lambert and Victoria Kobliner, MS, RD in a “Compromised Generation” demonstrate very clearly that seemingly benign elements of our culture including vaccines are making millions of children chronically ill, disabled or dysfunctional. They are being diagnosed with illnesses such as autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes and ADHD at a breathtaking rate. Research shows that decades of pharmaceutical over-usage, toxic or nutritionally anaemic diets, exposure to environmental toxins, certain modern habits and lifestyles and excessive or improperly administered vaccines are at the root of these illnesses.

Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill in their 5 years of research document how clearly it can be shown that Mercury in various forms but as Thimerisol in Vaccines is linked to Autism. Their recently released work “The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine and a man-made epidemic” is a must read for all Doctors seriously interested in the health of their patients. Just two interesting points from their immensely detailed research Amish people who do not vaccinate their children do not suffer from Autism – the very few cases of Autism in that community have been directly traced to the forced vaccination of one child and mercury exposure from dental amalgams in the mother prenatally in the others. Tens of thousands of children whose Doctors practice among communities that do not vaccinate – the children do not suffer from Autism or Asthma. This is mathematically inexplicable otherwise than that the absence of vaccines means an absence of these states.

Good Journalism makes an effort to find the truth, please provide your readers with some on this matter or remain silent.

Kind Regards


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you as a concerned parent. The article that i recently read Regarding Compulsory Vaccination in the HearldSun has frightened and upset me to see such a one sided story. I am a first time parent to a beautiful healthy baby boy and I plan on keeping him that way. Through educating myself to be the best parent I can be. As a new parent I was confronted by many doctors and nurses about vaccinating my child, I had never really thought about any of it until i fell pregnant and even up until he was born. Then the day he arrived after having a beautiful natural drug free birth the first thing they wanted to do was jab him with a needle for Hep-B. Something deep inside of me didn’t feel right as he was the most purest form of life and here they were wanting to inject him with a virus that as a baby would be very had to contract. So i declined!

As soon as I got home i started to research for myself what exactly was in these shots… which the doctors and nurses wouldn’t explain to me at the time.. as they persisted to try and scare me with everything but the fact. I felt that if i was going to be a responsible parent & that the right thing to do would be to investigate it first… Wouldn’t You if you felt you didn’t have all the information? I was shocked to find out just how many shots they wanted to give my child in the first few years of his life.. He didn’t even have chance to try and build up his own immunity.

Still to this day i do question myself if I have made the right decision not to vaccinate its a damned if you do…. and damned if you don’t feeling, every day i am still reading different reports from doctors and stories from parents who have had children affected by being immunised but when I see how healthy and happy my little one is without the vaccination i couldn’t take the risk of him having an adverse reaction. He is the healthiest baby i know.. i have friends who have decided to vaccinate and it seems as though their children are Always sick.. one of them at not even 2 months old had her twins sent back to hospital as they caught a virus.

We as parents deserve the right to free choice and shouldn’t be slaughtered for our decisions… Would you do the same thing when it comes to religion?? NO of course not! Just because people have different beliefs doesn’t mean that they are wrong.. They have made a decision to suite their lifestyle and us as a multicultural country have to accept that… So why cant people accept that not everyone agrees to Vaccinations?? Our children shouldn’t be discriminated against when it comes to going to public pre-schools or schools… just like you wouldn’t discriminate when it comes to religion! BECAUSE EVERYONE DESERVES A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY FEEL IS BEST FOR THEM AND THEIR CHILD!



Dear Ms Plibersek,

I wish to express my concern that the democratic rights of parents with regard to freedom of choice in health issues may be under threat. My concerns relate to all health issues in general but particularly to vaccination. There is enough evidence to show that children can be at risk from some vaccines and parents must have the choice as to whether they wish to expose their children to this possibility.

Kind regards,



To whom it may concern,

I really do find it hard to know where to start and it would be all too easy to take the low grade standard of comment by Susie O’Brien and make some very outlandish, hurtful or misguided comments in response to her article.

However I will give a very brief outline of my story and would love to think that Susie or yourself would do me the courtesy of replying.. but I will not hold my breath.

I am a mother of three adult children aged between 34 and 27. I chose not to vaccinate them due to concerns of the immunisations harming their bodies based on stories of other mothers knowledge and first hand experience of vaccination reactions. I did research in alternate health/herbal remedies and paid for them to attend chiropractic, herbalist or Kinesioligy throughout their childhood. They are all healthy and except for broken bones they do not go to the doctor.

As children while I was caring for them they did each have one course of antibiotics.

Now they wish to make choices for their own children and have done their research and prefer to use an alternate health approach and not immunise.

I am tired of having to defend this ‘right to choose’ that I was able to make 34 years ago and I am full of admiration for Meryl Dorey and the information available on the AVN site. No such internet site or volumes of documentation were available back 34 years ago, yet I was able to decide and choose a different approach

I never forced my opinion on others and never judged others for the decision they made. The reason I am taking the time to tell my story is that the seriousness of this proposed action is scary to say the least. There are lots of very good comments and letters which cover very well the real issue here which is “informed choice” and “our freedom to choose” in a democratic society. The irony is that families who choose not to immunise are ready and willing to step up and take full responsibility for their family’s good health. Their children are, in my observation, very strong and healthy and they do not have to go running off to ask the “sickness industry” what to do next.

Please stop trying to beat people into submission with the “big money stick” and stop the bullying that is going on regarding the AVN. One sure way to upset a parent is to threaten to harm their child. Leave this issue where it belongs- with each individual parent and today, more than ever before, parents are well equipped to make a conscious choice.

Kind regards,


Hi There,

When I read your paper’s article on 31/1/12 titled Parents Must Ignore Conspiracies About Childhood Vaccination, I thought this is not a balanced view and I wish to bring your attention to key missing facts.

After many months of researching vaccination safety and efficacy issues my wife and I made an informed decision not to vaccinate our daughter, rather we followed a natural, proven and effective approach to protection (see Dr Isaac Golden’s Homeoprophylaxis protocol which has around 80% protection rate, similar to allopathic approaches). Our decision was based on mounting efficacy and safety concerns. For example, some babies in Australia administered the flu vaccine in April 2010 died, 60 plus were hospitalised and there was a national flu vaccine ban for little ones.

You state that Medical science is pretty united on immunisation, but are they? My sister, an experienced and popular GP in Northern Sydney & mother of three, recently advised me that she has been investigating her vaccination efficacy and safety concerns (evidenced in her work). She concluded that she would not have vaccinated her own children had she had the decision again. Specifically, her concerns are around the connection between deteriorating digestive health and food intolerances. This is substantiated by journal published research from Dr Andrew Wakefield, supported by other international Doctors.

You state that Dr Steve Hambleton from the AMA said recently, immunisation has meant two generations free from deadly diseases such as diphtheria and polio. Our protection against any disease is based solely on the capability of the immune system. Since a lot of us are better nourished than those during and after war times, (look up charts of death from diseases post 1944 and then map out when vaccination was commenced) disease deaths dropped off before mass vaccination was introduced.

You state that the best federal experts say side-effects commonly cited as being caused by immunisations are co-incidental, and not caused by vaccines at all. Yet, Governments around the world settles multi millions dollar claims from families with seemingly healthy children pre vaccination then post vaccination deteriorate seriously in health. If doctors read the vaccine inserts they would see horrendous possible side effects that inevitably some kids will experience, including, Guillain-Barre syndrome a serious disorder that occurs when the body’s defence (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that causes muscle weakness called ascending paralysis.

When you state that CHILDHOOD vaccination should be mandatory for all children. Children who are not immunised should not be allowed to attend state funded schools and preschools because they’re risking the health of all kids. What you are actually supporting is more potential injuries and more law suits.

One of my main personal concerns is the lack of long term medical studies supporting all efficacy and safety claims. If your business success and reputation relied on it, you would think that Pharmaceutical companies or Governments would conduct these studies and publish the results. Obviously, these studies would need to follow accepted protocols e.g double blind, ramdomised, placebo controlled and include vaccinated vs non vaccinated kids over a long period, say, 10 to 15 years.

You state that Like homebirthers, parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are letting their own ideological beliefs get in the way of the safety of their children — in fact, all children. I personally know of 5 families who chose not to vaccinate their kids and all, like our daughter, lead strong, healthy and vibrant life. Small sample but accurate nonetheless. I also personally know of three families in the last 6 months who have fully vaccinated kids that had whooping cough. It seems that each year more people are vaccinated (you quote 94% for Australia), so it can’t be for lack of immunisation. Maybe it’s because vaccinations aren’t totally effective or the immune systems are impeded through vaccination?

There have been many, many cases where people trusted the pharmaceutical industry paid too big a price with their lives or capabilities e.g Thalidomide and VIOXX. Pharma companies have a history of getting some things badly wrong, so can be trusted implicitly.

In your article you support a view that Kids whose parents deny them this basic right should not be mixing with the rest of us, and should not be allowed to attend state-funded schools and preschools, but on reflection with the evidence I have provided doesn’t that just simply remove our liberty without recourse?

In my view your paper supports a view without presenting all the facts. Please review the facts provided above and reconsider your position. I think it’s time for a more balanced view.


AM (BSc Hons)

The Editor

Herald Sun Newspaper

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re – Your article “Kids Need Jabs” Herald Sun 31 January 2012.

I take exception to the claims made in this article. One has to wonder how much research the journalist who wrote the article actually did. There is so much evidence available around the world to show that at the very least some children can be adversely affected by vaccinations.

The usual argument put up by pro vaccination supporters is that there will be some collateral damage but it’s for the good of the “herd” that we need to vaccinate. This is all well and good unless it’s your child whose life has been ruined.

One of the statements made in the article is that children, who have not been vaccinated, should not be allowed to attend school because they endanger other children. If vaccinations are so effective what’s the worry?

This article is typical of the type of journalism we are subjected to today, in that a journalist can take cheap shots at a group who don’t get an equal chance to respond. There are many doctors who are not in favour of vaccination but can’t speak out for fear of being punished by the AMA. Maybe your journalist should do some real investigative work and seek out and interview some of these people before printing one-sided articles.

The real issue here is about the democratic rights of parents to make informed decisions about their children’s and for that matter their own health. Freedom of choice has always been what we Australians believe is our birthright, do you really want to change this?

Your faithfully,