Pardon me, but your bias is showing…

As some of you may be aware, many doctors who practice natural therapies have been found dead in suspicious circumstances in the US. You can read a bit about this on the HealthNut website, but needless to say, the fact that so many have died unexpectedly in suspicious circumstances is concerning, to say the least.

That’s why, when I read a couple of days ago about a conference where 30 holistic medial doctors were poisoned in Germany, it seemed to be just a continuation of the US story and, just like the US story, there has been little to no mainstream coverage.

Below is the story as it showed up on the NZ TV website. As you can see, they took this very seriously, said that it was a poisoning and that police were investigating.







Contrast this with the treatment the Medical Observer (MO) gave to the story. The tags (keywords that indicate what a story is about to make it easier for search engines or website searches to categorise and find) Drug Abuse – implying that the drugs were taken intentionally, and Lighter Side (Is there really a lighter side to someone poisoning someone else?).

In addition, the entire thrust of the article is that this was a group of homeopaths and therefore,┬áthe ‘overdose’ (they did not use the word poisoning even once though all other media have called it that) may have been self-inflicted, somehow.

This was a crime. The police are investigating it as such. People could have died. The drug that was used on them could cause life-long disability. But because they were natural therapists, apparently, this is a ‘lighter side’ joke piece to this pro-pharma paper. For shame, Medical Observer, for shame!