The last days of natural health in Australia?

Green PillsI’m writing this blog whilst sitting at my chiropractor’s office waiting for my appointment. The air is filled with the scent of lavender and soft music is playing in the background. It’s a lovely, relaxing environment. But thinking about the threats to chiropractic care – and all forms of natural therapies – is keeping me from feeling relaxed.

Those pseudo-skeptics who are reading this are thinking (and working towards the day) that chiropractic will no longer be allowed to exist in Australia. Only drug-based, toxic treatments are OK as far as they are concerned. There are two ways of doing things in their minds – their way or the wrong way. And anyone who doesn’t agree with them on health issues (or most anything else, come to think of it), should be forced to go along with their view of the world.

Bunch of schoolyard bullies, they are!

Normally, I would laugh at people like this. They are so pathetic; so immature; so wrong minded. But when they are backed by a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that not only owns the government and the media, but backs them and gives them a platform to spew their hate speech, it’s no longer a laughing matter.

So, I sit in the chiropractor’s office, knowing that it may only be a matter of a few years before chiropractic is no longer able to be practiced openly in Australia. Chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, Bowen therapies, Chinese Herbal medicine…the list goes on. All of these treatments, some of which have been safely and effectively used for thousands of years, could be in their last days here in Australia.

All because people are choosing in their hundreds of thousands to turn their backs on Western medical doctors and opt for treatments that work and are, as close as any treatment can be, harmless. A claim which cannot be made for medical any ‘treatment’. Medical drugs, procedures and errors kill between 18,000 and 54,000 Australians EVERY YEAR! Doctors have not earned the right to be trusted or listened to without question – a right which the government and the medical organisations are demanding.

It’s all about money, power and control

Government control has gone completely bonkers. Not content with trying to ban natural therapies, our diets are also under threat.

Let’s not talk about the fact that labelling of foods containing genetically modified organisms is still not mandatory – despite survey after survey showing that 90% and more of Australians say they want this (who is the government working for again?)

Or the issue of additives, colourings and preservatives that have never been shown to be safe being used in the manufacture and packaging of the foods we eat. Thousands of these additives were approved by our government without any testing or proof of safety either singly or in combination (very much like vaccines, come to think of it). Guess they really DO take their responsibility to keep us safe seriously, eh?

And let’s not forget the herbicides, pesticides, pre-emergents and fungicides used in the growth, packaging and shipment of our foods. These products are not only unsafe for human and animal consumption, but they have destroyed our already depleted soils to the point where foods grown conventionally in Australia are virtually devoid of nutrition.

So our government, sworn to protect us and our rights, has worked full time to destroy our health and take away our rights. All the while, trying its hardest to remove the forms of healthcare that WE choose to use and even the way that WE choose to eat!

I am eating a modified Paleo/ketogenic diet and have been on this for about 2 1/2 months. It’s been amazing! Apart from losing weight (bonus!), I have felt really good and have been feeling increases of energy nearly every day.

This is a diet I chose after doing a lot of research and reading – especially because of its ability to help prevent cancer. I don’t have cancer, luckily, but at nearly 60 years old, I felt it was time to get serious about my health so I read a lot and have chosen to use my diet to help me get healthier. So far, so good.

But in this ‘democracy’ of Australia, doing things differently to corporate interest’s recommendations is a sure fire path to conflict.


Chef Pete Evans is one of the top Paleo experts in Australia. Now, he does not go out and grab people off the street and say, “Ve haf vays ov making you eat Paleo!” He simply offers information, recipes and stories about people who have changed their diet and the positive effects they’ve discovered.

But this is not allowed! If too many people eat Paleo, the food pyramid will be turned upside down! Companies like Kelloggs, Sanitarium and other grain and cereal manufacturers will show a decline to their bottom lines. We can’t have that!

So, their tame front group nutrition organisations (the same ones that still push margarine, genetically-modified oils and a crazy amount of grains with too little greens) have viciously attacked Chef Evans and people like myself who eat a Paleo diet.

These companies are silent about conventional farming practices, adding all sorts of dangerous crap to the foods we and our children eat and the use of antibiotics and hormones in our food animals. But try to eat a diet that is close to nature and that makes you feel good – oh no! We can’t have that!

Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Food – they are all the same. They are all one.

They have their tentacles throughout government and the media. They control what you read, hear, see and do in ways that you – if you are like most Australians – are completely unaware of.

But step outside the box; choose to think independently about diet, healthcare or education and you will find out quickly enough how narrow those confines actually are!

Want to drink raw milk like our ancestors did for generations? No way! Much better to drink pus-filled white stuff that has had all of the nutrition boiled out of it (to kill germs that are only there because of the way in which cows live and are treated on commercial farms). Drink or sell raw milk and you face fines and/or imprisonment.

Want to feed your children a vegan diet? Well, even though a large number of people in countries like China, India and Southeast Asia live on a vegan diet with no problem, you will not be allowed and could even face removal of your children!

No tolerance, no acceptance of any differences allowed in our Australia. You follow the party line or you suffer the consequences. And the party wants to control you from the second you wake up in the morning until the moment you close your eyes at night.

So…I sit here trying to relax before I get called in for my appointment, and wondering how many more appointments I will have before my chiropractor, and your naturopath, and your neighbour’s homeopath become a distant, illegal memory. And asking myself what it will take to finally get natural therapists to work together against the common enemy trying to shut them down for good.

War against natural medicine – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Pinch me – I must be dreaming! I never thought I would read such an excellent article on the suppression of natural therapies from the ABC but here it is. Congratulations go to Sarah Schwager for doing such a great job and to the Drum for having the courage to publish an article that tells the truth even though it goes against the powerful pharmaceutical lobby!

War against natural medicine – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Why is a group of prestigious doctors and scientists who have the backing of the most profitable industry in the world according to Fortune 500 – the pharmaceutical industry – targeting a few poorly-funded natural medicine courses?

The official line of the group is that these “alternative medicines” are making Australia look bad and “trashing” the universities’ reputation. But is that really the reason? With all the countries and all the universities in the world that provide alternative medicines?

…FSM has accused what it labels as Australia’s “lesser” universities that offer alternative medicine courses of “putting the public at risk”.

However, this is a difficult notion to fathom when you compare the tiny number of injuries inflicted on natural medicine patients compared to the hundreds of thousands of deaths recorded each year due to medical errors.

WHO estimates that one in 10 hospital admissions leads to an adverse event while one in 300 admissions leads to death. WHO puts medical errors as among the top 10 killers in the world. According to the US’s Institute of Medicine, preventable medical errors kill 98,000 people in the US alone each year and injure countless more.

Magic water? The effectiveness of homeopathy

The AMA and most mainstream medical groups have a name for homeopathic remedies – they call them magic water. In their efforts to force the government to restrict access to these remedies which have never caused anyone harm and which have been used safely in both hospital and home settings for well over 200 years, these industry lobby groups have used this term to try and denigrate not only homeopathy itself – but those who administer and use these treatments.

I am not a homeopath and am not qualified to give a professional opinion on this issue. I have, however, used homeopathy myself and on both my children and my pets without any ill effects and have seen this modality work quickly on illnesses which ‘modern’ medicine has no treatment for such as whooping cough, gastroenteritis and (in my dogs) paralysis ticks. I have also read large-scale studies on the use of homeopathic remedies which have often shown them to be safer and more effective than drug-based treatments.

This was brought home to me just yesterday when I spoke with a friend whose husband has been ill and in and out of hospital for the last couple of years. This gentleman has had ongoing health issues for decades and his wife – a trained nurse who has personally used homoeopathy for years (due to her efforts to help her own family when allopathic medicine had failed them) has worked hard to keep him as healthy as possible – a job that has become much more difficult through his precipitous decline in health of late.

Recently, he was once again admitted to hospital. He expected to be back home within a short period of time but this last visit ended up lasting for 6 months! At the time of admission, he was taking one medication. As his condition deteriorated during this period, however, he went from 1 to 22 different drugs a day! With the addition of each one, his health worsened, resulting in an extremely long hospitalisation by anyone’s standards. His wife said that most of the doctors and nurses were extremely caring but none could see or accept that this man’s deteriorating health was because of his treatment, not in spite of it. After all, he was receiving the best treatment our taxes could buy.

And while this woman had tried to advise her husband to have a care and try to reduce the number drugs he was taking, like many who are trapped in the hospital system and fearful of disobeying doctors’ orders, he continued to take the ever-increased number of medications prescribed for him.

I believe it would be correct to say that there would not be any studies in the medical literature on the use of these 22 medications when administered together as to their synergistic or cumulative effects – but that lack of evidence seems to not stop doctors from using drugs in this way.

Eventually this man, unable to leave his bed and exercise appropriately, developed a hospital-acquired pneumonia. These pneumonias are tricky to treat and frequently lead to death because the bacteria associated with them are usually resistant to most, if not all antibiotics. Six weeks of oxygen and numerous oral and intravenous antibiotics did not help. Instead, this man deteriorated even further. Scans and xrays showed that his pneumonia had progressed to a plural effusion (a collection of fluid in the chest cavity around the lung) that had completely collapsed one lung and  partially collapsed the other. A needle was inserted into his chest several times to try and suck out some of the fluid but it was too thick. The radiographer reported that the effusion now appeared to be an empyema (a collection of pus around a lung). As you can imagine, this man was now very sick. He was wheezing loudly as he breathed and even though on oxygen, was still gasping for air. He was also becoming confused at times and imagining people were there when they weren’t.  Surgery was scheduled for 3 days later when an appropriate surgeon would be available. the gunk was to be removed from inside his chest and replaced with an irritant that would cause the inside of the chest wall and the outside of the lung to become inflamed and eventually stick together with scar tissue so that the lung couldn’t collapse again.

Aside from the normal risks of this or any surgical procedure (hospital-borne infection, medical error, a slip of the knife…), his wife knew that once her husband had this surgery, his body and the way it functioned would be permanently altered. 

She talked with her husband and strongly suggested he drop some of the unnecessary medicines, something he had been too anxious to do up to that point, and at the same time allow her to contact their family’s homeopath who had been treating him regularly prior to his hospital admission. He agreed. She then spoke to his doctor and asked if  the surgery could be deferred for a short period so the benefit of the homeopathic remedy could be assessed. The doctor (a respiratory specialist) said that surgery could not be deferred – his lung was so bad that it was unavoidable and that nothing short of surgery would be able to reinflate it – that they had already tried everything they could. 

This was on a Tuesday and the surgery was scheduled for Friday.

Against doctor’s orders, his wife started homeopathic treatment on Tuesday evening – with just one dose of the indicated homeopathic remedy. When she phoned to check on her husband the following morning, he told her that for the first time in ages, he had slept through the night (up until then he was mainly awake at night and sleepy throughout the day). In addition, he thought that maybe, just maybe, he was breathing a little easier. At least she couldn’t hear him wheezing as he spoke – and it seemed to her that he was gasping less and  thinking more clearly. She advised him to repeat the dose of his remedy/medicine through that day as improvement stalled or when he started to feel worse again. By Wednesday evening, his breathing had improved significantly so that he felt that he no longer needed the oxygen. By Thursday morning he decided to throw the mask away.

This couple began to ask for a second scan in the hopes of deferring the next day’s scheduled surgery. Initially, the doctors said it would be pointless and that with the state of his lungs, it was most important that the surgery go ahead. The husband persisted with his request however, saying that he was feeling much better. As the day progressed and the husband was obviously improving, the respiratory specialist, on doing his rounds, was still insistant that the surgery should take place as it was impossible for the lung to improve enough to avoid it but, because the husband was so reluctant and kept pointing out how much better he was doing, he ordered an x-ray. No long after, he was back in the room – there had been remarkable improvement and he had cancelled the surgery. 

The husband insisted and finally, one of the doctors decided to humour him and sent him for a lung scan.

As soon as the results came back, the specialist called the man and his wife and said he was cancelling the surgery because  there had been a remarkable improvment (there was still a little fluid left and they wanted to see if he could recover himself and if not, they would do the operation the following Friday. In fact, improvement continued over the next week at which time, he left the hospital. (They left against medical advice as the staff wanted to continue treatment with the other specialists – but this couple said no because they felt that the medications they kept giving him would eventually kill him)

The surgeon called the wife to ask what remedies she had given her husband and to find out what information she had on how they work. Up until this point, he had never asked to speak with her on her own – only when she happened to be in the hospital when he was visiting. She didn’t talk with him but instead, with one of his junior doctors. When she pointed out that the homeopathy had been given, they couldn’t seem to bring themselves to say the ‘h’ word or discuss it even. All they could say to her was that, yes, there had been a remarkable recovery.

The man checked out of hospital and came home, against the wishes of his doctors, and removed most of the remaining medications and replaced them with natural alternatives and homeopathy – and he is now doing better and better in spite of some serious problems that will remain and probably lead to his death in the future. In hospital, with the ‘best of care’ he just got worse and worse. He and his wife had to fight to stop the treatment and get him back home and were seen as highly irresponsible and ‘non-compliant’. There is much more to tell – this is just a small part of what happened – but it demonstates the power of the appropriate remedy. And one of the junior doctors was kind enough to place the before and after scans and xrays on a disc for them when I asked so they could be referred to in future if required.

So is it magic water or effective medicine? You decide.

Europe to ban hundreds of natural remedies in UK next year

It’s strange how you can remember exactly what you were doing when something incredibly important happens. I was only 4 when John Kennedy was shot – but I remember where I was and what I was doing. The same with when Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the moon and when the Challenger blew up.

I remember a time, just over 7 years ago, when I was driving in the car and heard a news bulletin stating that a natural therapies producer called Pan Pharmaceuticals had been forced to close and all of their products were ordered to be removed from shelves due to certain ‘irregularities’ in some of their manufacturing procedures. Pan was one of the largest manufacturers of natural therapies in the world though they did have a small number of drug based products as well. The reason for the recall in 2003 was because of  several reactions to one of these drug-based products – a travel sickness treatment called Travacalm.

Did hundreds of people die due to Travacalm? Did it cause a massive outbreak killing and permanently injuring thousands before our heroes at the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) charged in on their white horses to save us all?

Not at all.

A total of 87 Travacalm reactions were reported to the TGA (a drug remember, not a natural remedy) and 19 of those 87 required hospitalisation though there were no deaths.

Now do I think that it is acceptable to have 87 people react to a treatment? Absolutely not! Any reactions are too many as far as I’m concerned.

But whilst 19,000 Australians are known to die every year in the public hospital system alone due to adverse reactions to properly prescribed medications whilst the TGA does nothing (this is not the figure for medical error nor does it include reactions that occur in the public hospital system or from drugs that were prescribed by doctors in their surgeries), it did seem a bit over the top for them to react in this way to a situation where 87 people had reactions – 19 of them serious enough to require hospitalisation but no deaths.

But wait – it got worse! Because of the reactions to Travacalm, the TGA forced all stores and practitioners to remove any products made by Pan Pharmaceuticals from their shelves and shut the company down. Did they test the other products that Pan produced to see if there were any problems with them? No, they didn’t. Did they have a large number of adverse reactions reported to Pan’s other products – the bulk of which were natural remedies, not drugs? Again, they did not.

In fact, they had no evidence of harm at the time they used the equivalent of a nuclear bomb to wipe out an ant colony.

This action caused Pan’s shareholders to lose more than $350 million (the lawsuit against the TGA by Pan shareholders is still ongoing) and Jim Selim, Pan’s founder and CEO won an award of $55 million against the TGA in 2008 because of the wrongful closure. He might have held out for more, but he was dying of cancer at the time. No doubt the stress from having his life’s work destroyed played a role in his ill health.

It took years for the natural therapies industry to recover from this debacle that cost the government $55 million and will end up costing them much more by the time the shareholder’s cases are heard in court.

This was such an obvious stitch-up it was hard for me to imagine that everyone couldn’t see it! When the evidence of harm from Western medicine is so great and the evidence of safety for natural remedies has been established – in some cases – for thousands of years – anyone with a bit of perspective should have seen that this was not an attempt to protect the Australian population but rather, a cynical exercise in protecting the status quo of drug-based procedures which are worth tens of billions of dollars and which had been threatened by the small but growing acceptance of natural health products and procedures. After all, the last thing the drug companies want is a healthy population that doesn’t need their products!

Why do I refer to Pan now? Well as the saying goes – those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

And repeat them, it seems we have. So I wanted to put this reminder here before linking to the article below. An article that takes the Happy out of New Year because it seems that what started out on a small scale in Australia just 7 years ago is now being tested in a far bigger venue – the European Union.

The vast majority of herbal products will no longer be available for sale over the counter. I haven’t yet seen the list of what herbs will be affected, but according to the article, they will number in the hundreds. So people may no longer have the ability to go to their local health food store or chemist’s shop and purchase (for instance) Astragalus for their circulation and failing memory; or Gingko Biloba for its many benefits to the heart, circulatory system, hearing and mind. Instead, most health food stores will probably be forced to close due to the overnight loss of a huge percentage of their income and, since the practitioners who can sell these products will have to be ‘registered’ and that registration will be prohibitively expensive, this is nothing more than a back-door way to shut down the natural therapies industry.

Let’s take a step back and look at this from another angle. There are many who will say that all products must be proven through thorough testing to be both safe and effective prior to being used. I agree. But less than 20% – perhaps as little as 15% of Western medical drugs and procedures have ever been shown to be either safe or effective through independent and accurate clinical testing. So do we have a double standard whereby drugs and Western medicines are assumed to be safe and effective whilst natural therapies are assumed to be unsafe and ineffective?

How many natural products have been shown to be unsafe – findings which have led to this draconian move to restrict their sale?

Click here to view the list of natural therapy products for which warnings have been issued. There are a total of 10 in the past 2 years. Now, as I said earlier, even 1 is too many. But let’s look a bit closer. What are these products for which warnings have been issued?

These warnings seem to fall into 3 categories:

  1. Herbal ‘viagra’ products – most natural therapists would not call these herbal remedies and in fact, the reason for the withdrawl in every case that I saw was due to their containing drugs rather than herbs.
  2. Herbal slimming products – ditto what I said above for the herbal ‘viagra’
  3. Vague warnings about the dangers of sourcing herbs from overseas manufacturers which haven’t been regulated by British and European authorities.

There were no deaths reported in the UK from any of these products (one of these warnings lists one death in the US – a nation that lists over 900,000 deaths each year from adverse reactions to Western medical drugs and medical error)

Now, let’s look at the warnings for drugs and Western medical treatments and procedures which you can see by clicking here.

In the same time period when there were a total of 10 warnings against products which claimed to be natural therapies with no deaths reported, there were 443 warnings against drugs and medical procedures – many of which include multiple reports of death following their administration.

What is happening here? Are the authorities really performing their duty of care to protect the citizens of the UK against dangerous and unproven therapies or, as appears to be the case to me at least, are they simply targeting a safe, time-tested and effective range of treatments in favour of those that are neither safe, effective, nor proven?

If you are a natural therapies practitioner, what are you going to do about this? Are you going to wait until your industry has been shut down like Pan Pharmaceuticals was shut down? Or will you start taking action as of today! Will you be writing to your associations and asking them what they will be doing to protect your livelihood and the livelihood of others who practice natural medicine? Will you be speaking with your clients and customers (in the case of health food shops) to alert them to these dangers and to start asking them to take action as well?

If you are a healthcare consumer, will you be contacting your natural therapists and letting them know about these actions which may be taking place in the UK but which are slated to happen in Australia as well? Will you protect your rights and the rights of your children and grandchildren by asking your elected representatives where they stand on the issue of our right to choose natural therapies without interference from the TGA or will you wait until this is a done deal and you no longer have any rights in relation to your health?

The choice is yours. (Please see the links below the article for contact details for federal and state representatives)

Europe to ban hundreds of natural remedies in UK next year

Patients are set to lose access to hundreds of herbal medicines next year, as European regulations come into force.

Sales of all herbal remedies, except for a small number of popular products for ‘mild’ illness such as echinacea for colds, will be banned to the public from May 1.

Under the new law traditional products must be licensed or prescribed by a registered herbal practitioner.

Almost 2,500 UK qualified herbalists and Chinese medicine practitioners will  lose the right to supply a wide range of herbal medicines, because they are not signed up to the statutory regulation scheme.

Read more:

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Yet another horrible vaccine reaction reported to the AVN

I just received the following report and am trying to get more details. What I have found out is that this child was hospitalised 2 hours after receiving a vaccine or vaccines – but the hospital and doctors have not made the link between the reaction and the vaccination. How many others like this are taking place? Unless the government has the intestinal fortitude to require vaccine reaction reporting with penalties (or unless we put enough pressure on them to force them to find that intestinal fortitude) for practitioners who don’t report, we will never know. It is up to us to push this and we will be starting a campaign to get this legislation passed within a fortnight upon my return from Perth.

Hi Meryl,

I received a call today from a practitioner in Sydney wanting to help an 11month old girl. XXXXXXX who is my director suggested I contact you as it is in regards to an adverse reaction to a vaccine and we are all not up to date what the best treatment/advice is. I was hoping that you could assist me in passing onto the practitioner any assistance to the child. (I informed the person that the AVN are not practitioners and cannot provide medical advice but did put them in touch with several practitioners who specialise in the treatment of vaccine injuries).

– The child has just come out of intensive care
– Serious brain damage
– Lost suckling reflex
– Limp body and hasn’t got strength to open her eyes
– Has a twitch in one of her toes
– She is on Oxcarbazepine, clobazam & keppra. Which are all anticonvulsants. Clobazam is also an anxiolytic.

I don’t know about you out there reading this, but it is starting to make me physically ill – reading about and hearing about all these children who the government and the drug companies seem to consider to be expendable. Especially since they constantly try to sweep these reactions under the carpet and deny they have happened.

If ANYONE reading this knows of someone who became ill within a short time of a vaccine, please urge them to report it via our website – or on the phone – 1800 007 468 (number only good in Australia and only for reporting of adverse vaccine reactions).

All the best,