They WILL Hear our voices

KittenThe sound was tiny. So small, my brother in law, Charles, wasn’t even sure he had heard it. His wife, my sister Rhonda, was profoundly deaf, so she was no help in this particular matter.

This was nearly 40 years ago. They were both on their way to work and had made their usual trip down to the parking garage in the basement of their apartment building to make the 1 1/2 hour journey to Midtown Manhattan where they worked.

Charles wasn’t even sure he’d heard anything, but there was something wrong, he knew it. He walked around the garage, listening intently and finally, stopped in front of a drain pipe in the far corner. A soft, sad sound could barely be heard above the banging of water pumps and the roar of the central heating units.

Crouching down, Charles pulled a bit of wire away from the bottom of the pipe and out plopped 4 or 5 furry little bodies – all of them unmoving except for one. A small black kitten who was so weak from hunger and illness, he could barely move or make all but the most pitifully tiny sounds.

But my brother-in-law, who had an abiding love for cats, had heard this little one’s pleas.

Domino, the name they gave the kitten – as much from his colouring (all black with a flash of white on his toes and face) as from the lucky roll of the dice that had brought him to them – was near death. My sister and Charles took him to the vet where he was treated for worms, an infection, mites in his ears and other parasites in his fur. It was touch and go for a while.

They took him home and nursed him and within a matter of weeks, he was a hale and hearty cat who reveled in affection and drove their other cat – a rather spoiled Siamese named Cinderella, to distraction with his antics.

Why am I telling you this story now? 

Perhaps I’m drawing a bit of a long bow, but I have been thinking about Domino over and over again for the past few days. How close he had come to death and how his tiny, little weak voice managed to gain the attention of Charles over all the surrounding noises and against all odds. And how that voice – weak nearly to the point of death – eventually saved his life – and a long and happy life it was too.

Our movement was been a bit like Domino.

Everywhere around us, we are surrounded by extraneous noises that threaten to cut off our access to the very people who could – literally or figuratively – save the lives of our children and ourselves. Our message is being drowned out – quite intentionally – by those who through fear, greed or hatred – believe that our message does not deserve to be heard or might be too dangerous to their bottom line should it get out into the public.

If it isn’t the government telling us they will penalise those least able to survive through No Jab, No Pay, or saying that our healthy, unvaccinated children aren’t entitled to an early childhood education via No Jab, No Play, it is corporate bullies threatening to remove sponsorship from a film festival if they don’t censor a video that tells the truth about the vaccine – autism connection.

Vaxxed Screenshot

Our movement had been seriously weakened by this constant battle. Many of our siblings – the other groups that have fought so hard and so bravely – succumbed to fatigue and fell away. But many more of us are still here, staying the course. And we have been offered a second chance.

Rising from the ashes – against all odds

We were near death – our cries for health freedom and respect for basic human rights were, for the most part, unheard.

vaccines and moneyThen, the unthinkable happened. The government and their corporate masters became so evil and repressive, through their actions, they galvinised support for health freedom – even from amongst those of us who would not normally be involved in this issue.

Through their fascist behaviour, the government has betrayed and alienated a large minority of the population. They destroyed the social contract we have always relied upon between those who govern and those who elect.

They have abused and vilified a law-abiding segment of the community and encouraged others to do so as well.

Through discriminatory legislation like No Jab, No Pay in Australia and SB-277 in California, they effectively took away the rights, the voice and the sense of community and belonging of a large and growing proportion of the population.

Instead of listening to what citizens and health professionals had to say about vaccination, the government ignored our voices. The only sounds they seemed capable of hearing were the voices of the multi-national corporations who profit from continued illness and enslavement to their products.

From great repression comes a rebirth of freedom

Vaccination-billboard-11Through their dictatorial and draconian measures, the government here and abroad has done what the entire health-freedom movement could not do in decades of trying – they have unified the broader community around a single goal – saving the rights, the freedoms and in some cases, the very lives of those who believe that when it comes to health, parents and individuals must ALWAYS have the final say about what procedures they will and won’t accept.

The people supporting these groups will never feel the same about their government or their country again. Their belief and trust in the government has been irreparably damaged.

Hundreds of ‘old’ supporters have come back on board, offering to help with their time, their money and their willing hearts. Our depression has begun to turn into cautious optimism.

Then, the real breakthrough occurred – thousands of new supporters stepped forward and amongst them, many, many people who have chosen to vaccinate their children but who wholeheartedly support our right to say no for our own families.

The parable of Domino

Though Domino has been gone for many years, his story is the one I think of when considering the state of vaccination choice in Australia and around the world today. From weakness to strength, we have come full circle and we will prevail.

Though the fight will be hard and wearying, while we have the support of such a broad base within the community, and the knowledge that our goal is a just and truthful one, a victorious outcome is assured.

Never doubt it.

by Meryl Dorey

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A Response to “Anti-Vaxxers are Stupid and Contagious” –

Vaccine SalesmanOur kids aren’t vaccinated. If yours aren’t either then I guess that makes us all “stupid and contagious,” at least according to this winner of an article in the HuffPost.Apparently, not vaccinating is akin to someone getting drunk, getting behind the wheel of a car, and killing somebody. We’re also responsible for bringing back not-so-deadly diseases that were never eradicated, and putting the “supposedly protected” vaccinated children and the immunocompromised at risk. We’ll overlook the fact that most immunocompromised children actually can be vaccinated and that those who aren’t can’t be around vaccinated children either.

Our rational for not vaccinating apparently has nothing to do with the fact that we’ve actually taken the time to read the vaccine inserts and do the research, and everything to do with Jenny McCarthy. Oops, apparently I missed researching “her” when I was busy looking up the toxicological profiles of the additives in vaccines. Then again, my higher education left me without the ability to read a vaccine insert entirely. 

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A Response to “Anti-Vaxxers are Stupid and Contagious” –

Get conflicts of interest out of health policy NOW!

The government knows that there are serious conflicts of interest involving those who make our health policies. They consistently claim that it is impossible to find qualified experts who are not already financially involved in some way with the pharmaceutical industry – as if that somehow excuses the fact that these conflicts exist. Well, they DO exist and as a result, none of us can be sure that our policies are based on good science or just a good living for the regulators.

This problem is not unique to Australia with American experts such as Dr Paul Offit making as much as $55 million from the sale of a patent he sold in a vaccine he worked on whilst he also sat on the government committee that decided what vaccines would be administered to American children!

Below is a letter and an attachment which have been sent to the Federal Human Rights Commissioner by Judy Wilyman, a PhD candidate who has been studying these issues for some time. Have a read. I know you will agree with me that this situation is shocking and must stop now if we are ever to feel confident in taking the government’s advice when it comes to our health and the health of our families.

To the Federal Human Rights Commissioner

Vaccination and chemicals injected into the human body are a human rights issue. I would therefore like to bring to your attention the selective presentation of the vaccination debate that is being presented to the public. Recently, there have been many media reports about the whooping cough vaccine that have been presented by two government officials – Professor’s Peter McIntyre (NCIRS) and Robert Booy (NCIRS). These programs have been promoting the whooping cough vaccine on anecdotal evidence (in particular ,Dana McCaffery’s death) and the mantra of ‘seeing sick babies gasping for air’.

Whilst these cases are tragic, the promotion of vaccines on anecdotal evidence is inappropriate. This is particularly the case as the government is recommending 12 vaccines before babies are one year of age – a schedule that has not been studied in controlled animal or human studies. Today, Australian society is seeing an explosion of children with autism, allergies, anaphylaxis, autoimmune diseases and cancer and it needs to be emphasised that a scientific consensus on the cause of these diseases is not obtained by ‘selecting out’ scientific arguments.

Government Conflicts of Interest:

Professor Robert Booy, the co-director of the government National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), was an investigator involved in the trial for Panvax influenza vaccine. He receives support from CSL limited and other pharmaceutical companies to attend conferences and is on the vaccine advisory board for these companies (1). He receives funding from Roche, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and Wyeth for attending and presenting at scientific meetings (1).

Professor Peter McIntyre’s National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) project for the study of pertussis vaccines for newborns was granted $1.5 million of which more than $750,000 in kind will be provided by GSK for monovalent vaccine and laboratory testing (2).

It is noted that many government officials now have conflicts of interest with industry (see attachment) and in addition, vaccine trials and advisory boards are largely funded and influenced by pharmaceutical companies. Whilst this situation is not necessarily a problem, it is important that the public is informed openly (and transparently) about funding from pharmaceutical companies and any financial ties officials have with industry.

It is also noted that health professionals and consumers are being investigated for discussing the risks and benefits of this procedure. The NSW HCCC recently retracted a false charge (after 2 years) that was made against a consumer group (the Australian Vaccination Network) for asking valid questions about the use of multiple vaccines in infants. This is compounded by media programs that do not present complete information about immunisation policies. The media is also not accountable to the Health Department for the information it provides on vaccination (3) (4).

It is everybody’s choice to use a vaccine if they believe it is beneficial, but if we a living in a society that does not ensure the information the public receives on health issues is complete and accurate, then incentives such as tax benefits for parents and payments for doctors are unethical. These measures are being increased by the government on 1 July 2012.

At present, the government has not proved that the increase in autism is not being caused by adding multiple vaccines to a developing infant before one year of age. Therefore, there is no scientific consensus that the government‘s immunisation policy is safe and it is certainly not based upon scientific -evidence.

Judy Wilyman

PhD Candidate


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