Sleeping with men (or women) for money is the world’s oldest profession. When times get hard, enterprising individuals get to bed – and earn some money.
I make no judgement on this – it is an honest profession where both the prostitute and the John know what they are in for and accept it all as just part of the job.
What I can’t abide is someone who prostitutes themselves without actually coming out and saying what they’re doing – especially when that prostitution has been going on for years and has cost the taxpayer millions of dollars – or tens of millions or billions of dollars – while also hurting others.
What 2 consenting adults get up to is one thing.
What Julie Gerberding has been doing is completely different!
For years, she has been sleeping with the drug companies; enjoying those morning after smokes, getting off on the money, the power and the illicit relations. We all knew it was happening but to be polite, we would turn our heads and look the other way. Who wants to see that sort of thing in public, after all?
For instance, in regards to the simple question of, “Are vaccines related to autism?” Well, Julie said they were on TV!  But behind closed doors – she murmured very different sweet nothings into Big Pharma’s shell like! After all, she knew where the money was coming from to turn her next trick.
And Julie was very public with what she did. She was the head of the CDC, after all.  This was an Affair to Remember – but one I think we’d all rather forget.
Now finally, Merck has tried to make a more dishonest woman of her by naming Julie the head of their vaccines division. So all those years of brown-nosing and denial that vaccines cause any problems at all – in fact, they are safer than mother’s milk – have finally paid off!
Congratulations Julie! Who says you can’t sleep your way to the top (or the bottom, depending on your perspective)?