I’m currently travelling back home from the beautiful Sunshine Coast of QLD after a wonderful 3-days at the Nexus Conference. This is the second time I have attended this event as a speaker and just like the last time, the experience was second to none. If you haven’t yet been to one of these conferences, you are really missing out!

The Nexus crew of Duncan Roads (Editor of Nexus) and all of the staff made sure that everything ran smoothly and the venue was just beautiful.

I would like to thank the AVN helpers who assisted me on our booth and who kept everything organised and packed and carried more boxes of books, information and other paraphernalia than you could imagine!

Over the last 3 days, I have had some great conversations with conference delegates and speakers and learned so much from them. I will be doing some longer posts over the next few days with information about vital health issues that you will not read about in the mainstream media but which really needs to be aired.

I also spoke with many people who were either hurt themselves or who have family members that were hurt by vaccines.

One woman who is almost 40 was never vaccinated because her older brother became seriously brain damaged because of a DPT vaccine. He is now living in an institution and needs 24-hour care.

Another gentleman – a few years older than me – was a Vietnam war veteran. He told me that the soldiers who went overseas were given an incredible number of vaccines – including plague which was never a licensed shot in Australia – or anywhere else that I am aware of. So the vets, once again, were used as guinea pigs for no purpose.

He developed serious skin issues and other debilitating health problems and the medical authorities didn’t want to know about it or help him. For 7 years after his return from Vietnam, he dealt with his problems thinking he was the only one with these issues.

When he went to an army base for a reunion however, he found that there were many, many of his fellow soldiers who had the same health problems or even worse illnesses.

Years of natural therapies have seen these issues resolved for him – but others were not as lucky.

He told me that 50% of all Vietnam veterans have died since the war – an incredibly high number of people who should just be leaving the prime of their lives but who – because of both mental and physical problems which were caused by medical ‘treatments’, exposure to agent orange and their experiences overseas – died way too young.

Another family brought their gorgeous little girl along to the conference. At not quite 5 years old, she is suffering from ideopathic arthritis – a condition which her parents believe was caused by her vaccines. This poor little one is currently on high levels of prednisone – causing excess hair growth across her whole body – as well as two chemotherapy agents. The medical community has no answers for why she has this condition nor do they know how to treat it or cure it. Despite this, they have threatened the family with removing the child from their care should they seek help from natural therapists.

There were so many others who shared their stories with me including two young women of 12 and 14 who were fully unvaccinated, amazingly healthy looking and so very, very smart. They were upset about the vaccines that were being given out at school. One of them said that half of the girls who took the Gardasil vaccine at her school last term were sick afterwards. Of course, none of this was reported. They said that many of these girls are terrified about having to take the next round of vaccine but their parents were insisting that they continue. They asked me for some information to give to their friends so they could pass it on to their mothers and fathers. Hopefully, these adults will listen to their children and get more information before signing that permission form. Once they are able to access both sides of the Gardasil vaccine issue, their decision will be completely up to them, of course.

I will send an update over the next few days but just wanted to write a brief message to let you all know what a great, positive and supportive time it was.