Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down and have a chat with Patricia Hamilton, Editor of Conscious Living magazine and convener of the Conscious Living Expo – an event that has been running in Perth for 23 years.

Patricia has shown a true dedication to the causes of natural health, the environment and the human spirit and – though times have been hard for everyone involved in issues outside of the mainstream worldview – she believes that we are finally turning a corner and arriving at a place where the general public is starting to become aware of these issues and take a more active role in promoting and protecting their rights.

This year’s expo had a huge increase in attendees over last year’s and, in a difficult financial climate, that is a very hopeful sign. In addition, I can say without a doubt that the people I spoke with were not only very interested in learning more about the vaccination issue, but were themselves so well-informed about the current political scene where corporate-controlled government is trying to control our right to choose our own healthcare, foods and lifestyle.

Patricia has been around these issues for far longer than I have and has a perspective that is grounded in her observations of how things have changed over that time period. I think you will enjoy her take on where we are today and how far we still have to go.

She is also planning on bringing the Expo to the East Coast – perhaps as early as next year – and I truly hope she does. These events are a wonderful way to share support, information and friendship and to let people know that they are not alone in their beliefs in natural health and living.

Before leaving you to watch this interview, I just wanted to highlight Patricia’s statement in Part 2 of this video about her loss of sponsorship due to having me as a keynote speaker talking about the issues surrounding vaccination. When Patricia sent Channel 10 a media release with the list of speakers, and they saw my name on that list, they withdrew their sponsorship of the Conscious Living Expo. Aside from the fact that this is a not-so-subtle form of censorship, I want you to be aware that Patricia has foregone some much-needed sponsorship in order to allow those who attended the Expo to hear information about a subject that is taboo to mainstream media but is very, very important.

For her ethics as well as her refusal to back down in the face of severe pressure from a very powerful media outlet, I applaud Patricia and hope you will as well. As for Channel 10 – a great big thumbs down for not supporting your viewers with balanced information. I wonder if Lachlan Murdoch’s being on the Board of Channel 10 might have something to do with this since the Murdochs are also very closely aligned with at least one large multinational drug and vaccine manufacturer – Glaxo SmithKline? If anyone would like to call or write to Channel 10 and express their disappointment in this anti-democratic attitude and Channel 10’s willingness to censor public debate on a very important issue, their contact details are below:

The General Manager,
Channel 10 Perth
Cottonwood Crescent
Perth, WA 6062
PO BOX 10, Mirrabooka, WA 6941
Ph:  08 9345 1010
Fax: 08 9344 8076

You can also file a complaint against Channel 10 by clicking here if you wish.

And now, on to the interview: