How common are vaccine reactions?

We are always told that vaccines only affect 1 person in a million. Yet I almost always ask the question – how many of you know someone who has either been injured or killed by vaccinations – at my seminars and nearly everyone raises their hands. This is a very unscientific poll, but I would like to know how many of you know of someone who has either been killed or injured by their childhood or adult vaccinations. Please feel free to share this poll with others.

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22 Responses to How common are vaccine reactions?

  1. I have seen and know of too many people with bad vaccine reactions – well no wonder, a potent toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemical cocktail. Re: you the Australian Vaccination Network I say without you the people would continue to be lied to and never receive the truth of just how toxic and dangerous these cumulative poisons are and I should know, severe vaccine reaction nearly killed my only child nearly 24 years ago and he has had a lifetime of health and behavioural problems and disorders. These are dangerous chemical cocktails injected into our babies, children and adults – too many people on the vaccine industry payroll too – massive conflicts of interests – and these corrupt mongrels making money from vaccine industries can be on the ‘panels’ of the ‘health departments’ telling you what vaccines you should have. Corruption has destroyed many peoples’ faith in mainstream medicine…….

    The evil of corruption, power and greed has us under serious threat from those who are supposed to care for our health and put us in Harm’s Way.

    Don’t this Government or any Government ever try and forcibly inject me or my family – Human rights Health rights or is it true that we have lost all our freedom, rights and everything else and in a total Nazi Country ! and if vaccination was supposedly so effective, any people who have had the vaccine shouldn’t have to worry about catching the disease or should they ??????? Any people who don’t wish to be injected with your poison needle have that right – People demand the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth, they’ll never get it from the Government and all their ‘associates’ – so I say thank God for Australian Vaccination Network who have fought against filthy corruption, slander, defamation et al to try and stop AVN from giving the people the truth.

  2. Jane Wagstaff says:

    Every time I read these messages I am amazed. The skeptics and the stop the AVN people act like the AVN are the only ones on the planet talking about the dangers of vaccines. There are HUGE movements in countries world wide. And masses of information on the internet with thousands of stories from people and their own personal experiences. I have watched Senate hearings in the U.S. with professors, scientists, doctors and other professionals giving evidence damning vaccines. How can anyone with a brain think that all these people are delusional? Sureley at some point, given the overwhelming amount of information and evidence,an intelligent person would have to say ” okay, there does seem to be something here, we need to look into this more” but they just keep saying it’s all lies. They are really ridiculous people and I commend Meryl for dealing with this on a daily basis while remaining sane.

    • Thanks Jane and you make an excellent point. The Skeptics have now set up a group – stopNVIC – to try and shut down the American counterpart to the AVN and another against the group in NZ, stopIAS. It is their plan to stop all information from coming into the public domain on the risks and ineffectiveness of vaccines. Of course, they will fail. Thanks to the internet, there is no way to prevent people from accessing scientific data should they want to. SAVN just makes it a bit more difficult and shows how repressive and anti-democratic they are in the process. But in the end, they will lose because justice is natural and they are truly unjust.

  3. colmcq says:

    yes, I think there needs to be some qualification of the term ‘injured’

  4. Catherine says:

    What do you term injured?

    • What do you term injured Catherine? It seems like a pretty easily understood term. Hurt in some way.

      • Catherine says:

        I mean the level of injury. Saying ouch? Crying? High temp? Scar on arm? Coma? I’m just trying to decide if the risks might out outway the benefits. Can you give some specific types of injury that has been known to often occur?

      • Really Catherine and colmcq, give parents and doctors a LITTLE bit of credit! Nobody is concerned with minor, transitory effects – a low fever, a bit of swelling. It is the more severe, longer-lasting effects that we are talking about here. The NHMRC used to have a listing on their website but seem to have removed it for some reason? I guess it’s good enough to use the list from VAERS in the US – as a starting point. And note that some of these reactions should be reported if they occur months or even years after vaccination (this for the gentleman who seems to think that anything more than 24 hours after vaccines can’t possibly be related. Catherine, if you’re trying to decide about the risks benefits, you also need to ask what evidence there is that you or your child will be immune to a disease (and remember, immunity is forever) after vaccination. That is more important then anything else because if vaccines can’t protect you from infectious diseases, the issue of safety becomes a moot point. Decide with your brain – not your adrenal system.

      • Sian Morton says:

        This is the link to a list of definitions for serious adverse events following immunisation from the current Australian Immunisation Handbook:

        It should be noted that these are extremely rare.

      • Are they really extremely rare or is it just extremely rare that they would be reported? Less than 10% and perhaps as few as 1% of reactions are reported according to the best estimates of the federal government. I remember last year during the WA flu vaccine crisis, a GP in WA was interviewed in the West. His child had seizures immediately following the vaccine and he was asked if he reported it and he said no – he didn’t know he had to! It has been our experience that this is the level of ‘knowledge’ of the average GP in Australia and the statistics bear that out.

        Thank you for that link though Sian – that used to be up on the NHMRC website and I looked for that and couldn’t find it so assumed that it had simply been taken down. I was wrong and I’m glad to see that such an extensive list is available for parents to refer to.

      • Sian Morton says:

        I certainly agree that the reporting system for adverse reactions could be improved.

        Nevertheless, I still believe (based on personal experience and the best available evidence) that serious adverse events following immunisation are extremely rare.

      • Your belief is contradicted by the government’s own data and the experience of ADRAC and other state-run bodies that collect reactions. But you are certainly entitled to it, Sian.

      • Catherine says:

        OK, I have done some research at your suggestion. It does look pretty clear that the the benefits do greatly out weigh the risks associated with vaccination. It looks like most of the risks are greatly exaggerated by people opposed to vaccination. Thanks for helping clear that up.

      • You’re very welcome, Catherine. Perhaps while doing your extensive research on vaccine reactions (most people would have spent a bit longer before coming to any conclusion – but perhaps you’re a speed reader?), you might also like to do some research on the AVN. You see, we support your right to make an informed choice – no matter WHAT that choice may be. So congratulations on making an informed choice and I hope that the AVN has been of some assistance to you.

      • Sian Morton says:

        This link (also from the current Australian Immunisation Handbook) gives information about the management of serious adverse events following vaccination, including useful information about the reporting process. Anyone can submit a report, not just health professionals. This contact information can be found towards the end of the document.

        The weblinks in the Australian Immunisation Handbook are misbehaving so here is the online link for reporting adverse events:

      • Thank you Sian – I appreciate your drawing people’s attention to that link. People can also report reactions – if their doctors won’t – to the AVN via our website’s reaction report form and we report those reactions to the TGA on their behalf if they would prefer.

      • Catherine says:

        I didn’t use the AVN website for my research, you would have to be kidding, most of the information is easily discredited and just plain wrong. There also seems to be nothing that even suggests anything positive about vaccination. You should try and make the wesite more accurate and balanced, it comes across as anti vaccination.

      • Catherine, why did you bother coming here if you weren’t going to use our information which, by the way, is far more complete than the government’s because at least we include data from the manufacturer’s package inserts. Also, please read my response below regarding balance. You certainly don’t get any balance from the government, medical community and pharmaceutical companies. They are all anti-choice. At least the AVN links to mainstream medical and government sources. Get real!

    • Catherine says:

      No need to be rude. You suggest doing research including the AVN site, but if I don’t agree with what you think you tell me to go away. Can you tell me how that is helping an informed choice? Why don’t you start by getting rid of all the information that has been proved to be wrong and misleading, it doesn’t help your cause, in fact, it just makes you look silly. You seem to push pro-choice, just as long at is choose-not-to.

      • Have you read your response to my very polite reply to your first message? If anyone was rude Catherine, it was you. And why you sceptics feel that you have to come here and comment on things you obviously have no idea about, I really don’t understand. I feel very sorry for you. It must be hard to have to little to do.

  5. Muddie says:

    Now there is a biased poll or the pollster is totally feckless… what gives loading a poll like that?

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