Mark & David versus Goliath….

The turn-around is well and truly started. First, the AVN won its case against the Health Care Complaints Commission’s (HCCC’s) decision to both investigate our organisation and to issue a warning against us. Both of those were ruled to be Ultra vires (outside of their jurisdiction and illegal) by the NSW Supreme Court.

Then, Professor John Walker-Smith, a co-author with Dr Andrew Wakefield of the 1998 case series published in the Lancet which posed the hypothetical question – can the MMR vaccine be associated with some cases of gut disease and autism – won his case against the General Medical Council (GMC) and had his license reinstated.

Now, we see that Dr Andrew Wakefield is taking Brian Deer, Dr Fiona Godlee of the British Medical Journal and the British Medical Journal itself to court in Texas (where he now lives) on charges of defamation and the defendants have already been caught it lies – they are obviously quite shaken because they felt they were untouchable – being supported by big pharma’s nearly bottomless pockets – yet now they are finding that they are not above the law after all. What a rude awakening!

In this article from Tim Bolen, we read about 2 other doctors who have been attacked by pharma-thugs and the worldwide pseudo-skeptic movement of which both The Australian Skeptics and Stop the AVN (SAVN) are a part.

Drs Mark and David Geier – a father and son medical team – have published many scientific research papers in peer-reviewed journals on the problems with vaccination and especially on the link between the vaccine-adjuvant / preservative, thiomersal which is 49.5% mercury.

As a result of this research, they have been subjected to an incredible barrage of complaints and Mark Geier has even had his license to practice medicine suspended by a medical community that is fearful of those who don’t toe the party line. The complaints against him were not from any of the patients he was treating. Just as with Andrew Wakefield, Dr Geier’s patients and their families supported him 100%. The complaints came from within the medical board who were simply neutralising a threat to themselves by getting rid of ‘competition’.

The Geiers have not taken these attacks lying down and in fact, they are winning the war against those who would try and suppress information critical of vaccine safety and effectiveness.

I believe we are currently on the cusp of some very major victories in this area and the attacks will only get worse in the near future as a result. But what we are seeing is the last gasp of a dying industry which can see quite clearly that, while they have won the battle to purchase the hearts and minds of those in government and the media – the general public are no longer for sale and have decided to shop elsewhere.