Tug of Love – Doctor vs Parent

I carried my children in my belly for 9 long months – all the while dreaming about who they would be and thinking and planning about how to give them the best possible life. I loved them from the moment I knew I was pregnant and I know that my husband did too. Over the years, we have spent thousands of hours researching schools, health, diet, environment and everything else that might affect them either for better or for worse. We don’t begrudge one second of this time and would spend 100 times as long if it would mean that our children would be even one little bit healthier or happier. There is nothing more precious to us in this world then our kids and I know that you feel the same way about your children too.

The love a parent feels for their child is like no other love in the world. We love our parents, our siblings and our partners, but we really, really LOVE our children. It is an overwhelming, all-encompassing emotion and it would see us gladly give our lives so that they can live – I can’t think of anyone else I would die for but I would die for any one of my children without even thinking twice.

But this bond – this responsibility – is being denigrated by our government and our medical community who insist time and time again that when it comes down to it, they really love our children more than we do and if we choose to do something they don’t approve of, they will solve the ‘problem’ by taking our children away from us and doing it anyway. (Go to your room right now young lady! And no dinner, breakfast, or babies until you agree to do as we say. After all, we have your family’s best interests at heart – you don’t!)

Last night, I was interviewed by radio station 6PR in Perth about a family who was forced – against their religious, philosophical and religious beliefs – to get their newborn vaccinated against Hepatitis B because the mother was Hep B positive. The vaccination does not guarantee protection from infection nor is it 100% safe since many tens of thousands of reports of serious reactions and deaths have been reported following this shot. Two of them are in our web gallery – Lyla Rose Belkin and Robert. There are many, many more on our adverse reactions database including fit and healthy adults who took this vaccine for work and have been permanently disabled as a result.

The interviewer actually said that he felt the doctor who got the court order and the judge who made the order care more about the welfare of this baby then their parents!

It’s fine to disagree about what the best steps to take when a mother who is Hep B positive gives birth to a baby. Life is full of risks and it is a parent’s job to reduce those risks as much as possible. The problem emerges when the government, the courts and the medical system decide that they know more and care more about a particular child than their loving parents do. This is not a situation where a child is being physically or emotionally abused; where their parents are starving them to death, tying them up for 24 hours a day or not providing them with an education. This is a situation where – on the word of ONE doctor – a court has ordered that a child be vaccinated against a disease that they may or may not contract with a vaccine that may or may not protect them but which has a chance  of not only permanently injuring but killing them as well.

In a case like this, it must ALWAYS be the parent’s right to have the final say. Neither the doctor, the hospital nor the judge will be responsible for the care of this child should the worst thing happen and they become permanently injured. So it is not the right of the doctor, hospital or judge to order that this medical procedure be administered.

Public health policy in QLD states that the vaccine is to be ‘offered’ but that parents have the right to say no. So why do the courts feel that they have an option to take away that right?

Here is the interview if you want to download it and here is a link to the 6PR website where you can listen to it online and leave comments.

What do you think? Whose responsibility should it be to care for children – the parents, the courts, the government or a single doctor? Please let us know. Remember – no swearing, foul language or personal attacks will be moderated but considered comments are very welcome.

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8 Responses to Tug of Love – Doctor vs Parent

  1. Carolyn B says:

    Cat, how does a mother give birth to a baby without exposing him to her blood? THAT is where the biggest risk lies and THAT is why vaccination and immunoglobulin should be given shortly after birth. Parents DON’T have the right to expose their children to unnecessary risk of chronic disease. This is not one doctor, this is medical consensus, and it is what normal parents do when they weight up the risks and benefits.
    And Punter, go check on what the vaccine has done to rates of hepatitis related liver cancer world wide.

    • Cat says:

      Caesarian is the safest way for a Hep B positive mum to give birth without infecting their child. The baby would have to be bleeding to be in direct contact with the mother’s blood & risk contracting Hep B.There are many published peer reviewed articles on Pubmed that prove vaccines also expose people to chronic medical conditions such as autism, diabetes, autoimmune & neurological conditions. When I trained as a immuniser we were taught that a percentage of people vaccinated will be injured, yet there is no compensation. Medical professionals don’t have the right to expose people to a life time of illness & the family to a lifetime of heartache raising a vaccine injured child. I know of a thousand “normal” families in a forum I am part of that regret vaccinating their children due to the damage it has caused. There is testing that can be done to find out whether the child is likely to be injured by vaccines but most people have no idea their children are at risk, until it’s too late.

  2. Cat says:

    Hepatitis B could only be cotracted by the child from the mother if it was exposed to her body fluids such as blood & a low possibility through breastfeeding, so it could have been prevented without vaccination.
    Unfortunantly, when it comes to the government deciding what is best for the child, parents often have no rights,we found out, despite my husband & I being well informed about our children’s health needs. My children who are very much loved & cared for, were taken by DOCS in 2010 because they were on a gluten/dairy/sugar free diet & taking vitamins, (all prescribed by their Dr.for a deficiency & intolerance .) There were never any issues of neglect or abuse, just claims that they ate too much healthy organic food, which DOCS felt made our family “unusual”. DOCS wouldn’t give them back until we signed paperwork saying they were to eat foods they were intolerant to, we wouldn’t give them vitamins, take them to any natural health practitioners or make any medical decisions for 2 years. (DOCS wanted it to be five years but our QC got it down to two.) Fortunantly I had already got a medical exemption to vaccinations signed prior to this, or no doubt they would have forced that on them also. In the seven weeks the kids were gone they were introduced to as much junk food as possible, which they now request daily. My advice to other parents: find a Dr you trust, get the exemption signed & stay off the radar of govt organisations if you want to be able to make healthy choices for your family. I also recommend reading Sarah’s last wish, (sold by AVN) it is so simular to our experience & that of 100’s of other families in Australia.

  3. mum of two says:

    If love was enough to prevent the likelihood of this child developing a debilitating and potentially fatal disease, then hand the baby over to the parents stat.

    Unfortunately, for this poor kid, Hepatitis is best prevented by vaccinations administered ASAP by responsible, educated and informed medical professionals, not by love, rainbows and unicorn farts.

    If the parents care more about their ideology than they do about the health of their child, then the rights of that child outweigh the rights of the parents to subscribe to woo anti-science.

    • punter says:

      “Hepatitis is best prevented by vaccinations”. No it isn’t. Since the Hep B vaccine was introduced do you know what has happened to liver cancers in the Western world? They have shot up. Dramatically. The vaccine is a spectacular failure.

      As for “responsible, educated and informed medical professionals” I must have missed them. Every doctor I know struggles to answer a simple question – how the hell do these concoctions actually work? The one guy in Australia I assumed would have no trouble telling me (the Senior lecturer in immunology at our most esteemed medical school) told me that nobody has the slightest clue.

      But of course you will continue believing that the “science” is all on your side despite not being able to find any of it and all you will do is point at a pile of books and say “it is there somewhere I’m sure of it”.

      It is reasonable to say that the vast majority of non-vaxing parents know vastly more about these concoctions than the vast majority of physicians (although to be fair that isn’t exactly a huge hurdle).

  4. Guy says:

    Man goes to prostitute, prostitute gets pregnant takes him to court to support the child. Man claims professional incompetence on part of prostitute. Court decrees no matter how child created, parents fully RESPONSIBLE, man ordered to financially support child. True story, hmmm what of sperm bank fathers? So if penis implants sperm, male responsible. If any other method used (turkey baster) man not responsible and even financially compensated.
    Now law decrees doctor/court/judge has ultimate authority and power over but no responsability for caring for the child in the event of an adverse reaction.
    And they say the law is a “Horses Arse” and i wonder why.

  5. Liz Hempel says:

    My grandfather died of Hepatitis (B or C, I don’t quite recall) in the late nineties. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. Ironically, it is believed that he contracted it from a dirty syringe which was used to vaccinate numerous prisoners during his time in a Polish Concentration Camp. If the vaccine was proven to actually prevent this horrible disease, I’d say go for it. But because I’ve also seen the horrific side effects of the vaccine and I know that the vaccine doesn’t neccessarily prevent Hepatitis B transmission, I believe it is the parents choice to oppose this intervention. I was shocked after listening to the radio interview. When the interviewer started talking over the top of you, putting words into your mouth and stating that Hep B causes brain damage, I couldn’t listen any longer. Clearly this guy needs to do his research before he goes criticising you or others with regard to the topic of disease or vaccination. He doesn’t have a clue.

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