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Dear Editor,

I am a PROUD parent of an UNVACCINATED HEALTHY 7 month old boy.

My husband and I made the decision to not vaccinate after countless hours of research before my son was born, we didn’t know of the existence of the AVN until our son was 4 months old.

It amuses me nonetheless that a few months ago, the health minister admitted the whooping cough vaccine didn’t work in protecting newborns from whooping cough and was scrapping the free whooping cough vaccine for parents and care givers of vaccines yet months later, you’re putting up a story making out the vaccines work..

I think the AVN are an important group to help parents see the bigger picture but parents need to find their own research to form their own opinions.

Thank you


Dear Editor,

Your article about the Australian Vaccination Network (22/07/2012) gave the impression that medical opinion on vaccine efficacy and safety is unanimous. It isn’t. As a post graduate researcher on this issue, I have been in contact with some of the world’s most highly-regarded immunologists and vaccine safety researchers, and I could provide literally countless academic papers detailing the problems with vaccines.

Vaccine makers openly list the possible adverse reactions which in some cases are known to be severe. They also do not claim 100% efficacy. In Victoria the whooping cough vaccine is no longer available freely because ‘cocooning’ was not working. The efficacy rate of the vaccine is in some instances no better than the toss of a coin, and infection rates were increasing in vaccinated people.

Claims that vaccines are responsible for the diminishment of polio are deceptive. Polio rates had decreased by around 94% by the time vaccines were introduced, largely due to better hygiene

The Australian Vaccination Network fulfills the cornerstone of Western medicine’s concept of ‘informed choice’ by allowing people to access information about vaccine adverse reactions and efficacy rates.



Dear Sirs,

I read with interest your article on Vaccination and the Australian Vaccination Network.

As I am interested in this subject, would it be possible to interview a member of the AVN ?

I understand that it is an association of parents, who give advice on vaccinations available to children.

Could you please give me more information on this group, so that I may make an informed choice on vaccinations for my family.

Thanking you


Dear Rosie,

You are wrong to ascribe the fall in infectious diseases to vaccination ( Sunday Telegraph July 22nd, page 15). Infectious diseases were dropping steadily since 1890, & there were no routine childhood vaccine programs then. The reasons the diseases declined were the gradual social improvements: sanitation, better hygiene, refrigeration, better food storage & handling, improved food supply & better, less crowded housing. Vaccination had very little, if anything, to do with it. Medical doctors like Professor Robert Mendelsohn, Dr Baratosi, Dr Ritchie, Dr Richard Taylor & countless others have admitted this. Any medical history book will have graphs of this decline from the latter part of the nineteenth century.

You also imply that vaccines were introduced in the 1930’s, but they were not widely introduced then, or even, in some cases, discovered. Vaccines were not widely introduced until the 1950’s, & the drop ion infectious diseases had been obvious for 60 years before that.

It’s disappointing to read an article by an author who clearly has an agenda, & will not let the facts stand in her way.

At least please get your facts right & tell the truth,

Your sincerely,


Dear Editor

This will short and to the point. The AVN is a valid legal entity which works under the constructs of a free and democratically established country. Why you are entertaining the idea of changing the name and ‘smashing’ this parent led organisation is beyond me. Just a rudimentary browse through the health care industries (lets not kid our selves that it is purely a ‘service’) own literature will give you some idea of the level of fatalities and misdiagnosis present in the current system. No sane person can deny these very real and present risks.

To tell a parent that somehow they have the right to decide what type of margarine to provide for their children or what video game they can watch but then to turn around and take away their fundamental right to decide on such crucial matters as health care and vacine choices is ludicrous.

The Sunday Telegraph should be about decent journalism, freedom of speech and upholding the democratic traditions of this country, not joining in with the ‘boys club’ to help tear down those very structures. A fair and reasoned argument publishing both sides of a story is basic journalism, I hope that you are brave enough to do this despite your increasing propensity to worship the advertising dollar rather than decent common sense.

Yours in freedom,



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