Interim AVOs granted against SAVN founder and member

Today, a magistrate in Ballina granted interim Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) against Daniel Rafaelle, creator of the hate group, Stop the AVN and Dan Buzzard, an active member of the same organisation. The judge declined to grant an interim AVO against the third defendant, Peter Bowditch, but evidence will be provided and there will be another court appearance in November of this year. It is hoped that at that time, the AVO will be granted and the interim orders will be extended.
I applied for the AVOs at the suggestion of the police after enduring a vicious and unrelenting campaign of threats and harassment from SAVN members for the last 3 years. The level of these attacks have increased exponentially since the AVN’s victory in the NSW Supreme Court in April of this year.

These activities have included:

1- Phone calls threatening violence.

2- The use of pornography.

3- Threatening emails

4- Lies told about both myself and other AVN members and supporters

During the term of the AVO, Mr Buzzard and Mr Rafaelle will not be allowed to harass, abuse or threaten me. Should they continue their campaign, they will be in breach of the AVO and can be arrested.

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11 Responses to Interim AVOs granted against SAVN founder and member

  1. A Concerned Watcher says:

    Bowditch is to appear before the Lismore court January 13, 2013. If Bowditch does not attend, the AVO will be enforced and, based on the evidence in front the court, the charge can be referred for criminal prosecution. If Bowditch attends court and indicates that he will argue the AVO, court will be adjourned and referral will be made to the crown for criminal prosecution for a hearing at a later date. The rules concerning an AVO include reviewing any evidence provided by any party to support and enforce the AVO. Basically this means if you have information in any form, the information can be emailed, faxed, couriered or mailed to the Lismore Court anytime up until January 13, 2013.

    Bowditch is no doubt steaming over this. He operates under the assumption he is above the law, always right, and beyond any type of reproach. The fun part in all of this should he decide to defend the AVO, the adjournment will extend this out even further allowing Bowditch to languish in the possibility of criminal charges. Hopefully he’s consulting with equally intellectually and emotionally stunted sceptics friends and that they’re conjuring up all sorts of their usual shite that should Bowditch be his usual self in front of the court, the Magistrate will reserve Bowditch’s fate to discussion with a crown prosecutor to define the criminal scope and charges of Bowditch’s activities.

    Courts are becoming very aware and aggressive is setting examples concerning criminal activity over the internet. Cases that have a hate component to them seem to be cases where the largest fines and longest jail terms are awarded by the courts. Objective eyes on Bowditch’s activities on the internet as it concerns the AVN and Ms Dorey would conclude that they are criminal. Hope the Lismore Court will ban Bowditch from using any type of device to access the internet. In fact, there is every reason the court would want to make an example out of Bowditch to send a very strong signal to him, his co-conspirators, and the community that when the internet is used for criminal activities, the courts will swift and just in setting the stage for what and what is not acceptable on the internet.

    • Allan Fruer says:

      You appear to have gotten everything except the for Bowditch’s first appearance. It is January the 15th. If he attends it will in fact be adjourned to a future date. If he does not the AVO will be enforced.Interestingly enough, seems the was inundated with materials concerning Bowditch and unhealthy obsession with Ms Dorey. What Bowditch has to prove is that he is not a threat to Ms Dorey. Random photos of Bowditch throughout the Internet make look alcoholic, diabetic and homeless. Numerous police reports have described him as not quite right. Unless Bowditch fails to show, this will be drawn out for a few more months and Bowditch will be warned by the to cease and desist as it considers the AVO. Should Bowditch breach the courts request to behave, he will be arrested, again….

  2. Michael Andrews says:

    Delighted to see Buzzard, Raffaele and Bowditch taken on concerning their aberrant and criminal behaviour. I searched the Auslii database and sure enough found the reference to Bowditch’s criminal past: charged, convicted and incarcerated for aggravated assault. No doubt this will be referenced in his AVO hearing.

  3. Tim Bolen says:


    Take a look at my newest article “Australian Skeptics Dragged into Court over Rape, Mutilation, and Death Threats Against the Australian Vaccination Network Leadership…”

    Peter “Cupcakes in the park” Bowditch may, or may not be dangerous. I have found that Bowditch is pretty much a windbag that, frankly, can be successfully ignored. Few normal people, I think, read his website.

    Several years ago Bowditch posted a photo of himself posing in front of my private mailbox company in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Bowditch then bragged about this photo trying to show, I guess, his bravery (laugh here). What was so laughable was that the photo clearly showed, by the light shadows, that the photo was taken around 5:30 AM when no one was around but the birds who just woke up. Bowditch was on his way to an “Amazing Meeting” in Las Vegas, and I guess he needed something to make him look important in front of James Randi.

    To me Bowditch is a weakling wanna-be of dubious abilities, and certainly no mental giant.

    The others, though, Rafaelle and Buzzard, rate interest. They are, in my view, solidly in the “stalker” category. As such they deserve special attention. Make sure they get it. I’ll be glad to advise you on the proper methods and techniques in dealing with wanna-be, hide behind anonymity, mini-predators.

    Tim Bolen

  4. anonymous says:

    Ms. Dorey…you’re doing a great job…
    Unfortunate you have deal with low lifes like Buzzard, Raffaelle and Bowditch.

  5. Marsha McClelland says:

    Meryl Dorey, AVN members & all vaccine injury truth tellers are heroes & the lying zeroes pushing risky &deadly vaccines will soon be a thing of the past.

  6. anonymous says:

    Congratulations! Well done! As it concerns Bowditch, check out Auslii database. You will find that he has a criminal record and was incarcerated for aggravated assault. You may already have done so, but providing the justice with examples of Bowditch’s internet criminality might prove to helpful.

    Good luck!

    • katie B says:

      Courageous anonymous poster – please provide us with the information on which you base your slander.

      • I have also asked the anonymous poster to provide proof of their allegations. Perhaps they will post it here or perhaps they will send it to me privately? And Katie, when it comes to slander, why don’t you look to the Stop the AVN Facebook page – Dan Buzzard and Ken McLeod in particular. If you are concerned about people making baseless allegations, how about cleaning up your own page?

      • katie B says:

        So you are happy to leave libellous comments on your page? I await the proof of “anonymous’s” claims.

      • So Katie, are you happy to associate with a group of people who tell others to die in a fire, ask grieving parents how many dead babies it takes to give them an orgasm or ask the twittersphere to send pornograhic images to people whose viewpoints they oppose? And I’m still waiting for proof of Ken McLeod’s lies as well as the lies told by many others on SAVN.

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