Thou doth protest too much

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a ‘brave’ anonymous bully who threatened me simply because they disagree with my viewpoint on the vaccination issue. Below is their message:

meryl be warned we’re coming for you. and you will be sorry you filthy
baby killer. sharpening the knives now.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Now there is no doubt that this is a violent, threatening message – no doubt at all. And there is also no doubt that whoever has sent this does not see me or any other parent of a vaccine damaged child as a person because if they did, they would never have sent this message.

We WILL find you

Luckily, the person who sent me that message subsequently set up a Facebook account using that same email address. They used the name of Mary January to post a pornographic image onto the AVN’s Facebook page (I will not reproduce the image here – if you want to see it, search for Lemon Party but I strongly suggest that you don’t want to do that).
Why do I say it was lucky that they set up a Facebook account? Well, the email address was from Tormail – a mail server that makes it very difficult to trace because it is as close to anonymous as you can possibly get today. But because they then went onto Facebook using that same email account, they can be traced and we were able to get the already existing investigation into the activities of SAVN right onto looking into this second travesty and are hopeful of being able to bring the responsible parties to justice very soon.
This individual responsible may or may not be a member of Stop the AVN (SAVN) and they may or may not be involved with the Australian Skeptics. But whether they are or not, the fact is that SAVN is responsible for this attack against both myself and the parents who support informed choice.

Who is the real perpetrator?

Dan Buzzard, one of the SAVN members I am currently pursuing an AVO against because of his incitement to others to send violent pornographic images to me (do you see a pattern here?) and his constant threats and cyberbullying, has been very active on a forum frequented by those who say they are associated with the hacker group, Anonymous. Remember, the person who sent me these threats and who posted the pornography claims to be a member of Anonymous.
On this forum, a page was posted back in August denigrating both myself and the AVN and many of those who were posting there are members of SAVN – some used their real names – most posted anonymously. Dan Buzzard has bragged that he has been a member of this forum since 2008 and he may or may not have been the person who posted the original message. That really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that these SAVN members have encouraged those posting on this forum to harass us and obviously, that message found a willing participant in ‘Mary January’.
The fact that SAVN members may not actually have taken this final step themselves does not exonerate them. The reality is that, were they not out there constantly inciting, bullying and harassing both myself and others who support free vaccination choice, this threat and the posting of pornography would not have happened.
SAVN believes that in a scientific debate, it is perfectly OK to abuse and threaten those who hold opposing points of view. SAVN do not believe that Australian families are intelligent enough to make health choices for themselves. SAVN thinks that parents should only be provided with one side of the information on vaccination and opposes their being able to access scientific data on the risks and ineffectiveness of vaccines. SAVN do not understand that they are responsible for the way in which this debate has spiraled down into a frightening and potentially life-threatening attack against a mother whose only ‘crime’ has been caring enough to try and ensure that those who want information and support are able to find it.
It is only a matter of when – not if – someone who listens to SAVN’s hate speech is finally crazy enough to take the action these people have been asking for. If I turn up in a body bag, they may try and comfort themselves by saying that they were not the ones who actually pulled the trigger or stabbed with the knife – but they will be as guilty as if they had done so.

A long history of abusive behaviour

There are some, like Peter Bowditch, who will no doubt celebrate should I or anyone else involved in this issue die. He was so happy when Dr Hulda Clark, a supporter of natural therapies to treat and prevent cancer, passed on (of natural causes, thank goodness!) that he posted a little jingle about the ‘happy’ event:
Ding, dong the witch is dead.
Which old witch?
That Hulda bitch.
Great news, the lying bitch is dead.
Don’t forget, this is the same man who asks parents of vaccine-injured children:
I like to put two questions to anti-vaccination liars:
1) How many dead children in a pile does it take for you to have a
spontaneous orgasm?
2) When unloading the bodies of children from a truck into a mass
grave, do you prefer a pitchfork or do you just use your hands?
For some reason the child haters don’t like these questions.

Hatred backfire?

But back to Dan Buzzard. As I said, he was involved with inciting hatred against myself and the AVN on a forum comprised of known hackers. Is it any wonder then that about an hour before I received my email (quoted above), the same person wrote to Dan Buzzard (please see below)
—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, 25 September 2012 8:02 AM
Subject: meryl dorey
nice collection of docs. want me to fuckup those cunts cyber style?
they wont know what hit ’em. i can hack their website with sql injection too. plaster it with all sorts. they lose audiance who are offended by wat i post. its how we operate. i could also organize one of our many botnets to take em down with ddos.
just ask if you need help
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Buzzard must have been pretty concerned about being contacted by this nut-job. This probably was not the outcome he expected because he posted the person’s letter (and his response to them) on his website and claimed that he felt it was his ethical duty to do so. Buzzard expects me to believe that this person just selected his email address at random – that he stuck his cyber-finger into an online phone book and lo and behold, Buzzard’s name popped out. But I’m not that naive. Methinks he doth protest too much.
I think his posting this information had more to do with his fear of being implicated in this crime then it did with any ethics or caring about what happened to someone who he considers to be an ‘anti-vax liar’ as he so often likes to refer to me. But he IS implicated and so are his compatriots.
Without their incitement, none of this would have or could have happened. Because of their abusive actions – because of their lying words and because of their constant harassment, they have incited someone who is obviously non compos mentis to decide that they want to follow through on what Dan and his buddies talk about all the time – seeing the end of me and the AVN – not necessarily in that order.

It’s got to stop!

SAVN does not deserve respect. In fact, many of those who are the most active in the organisation deserve a prison sentence and / or good psychiatric treatment. They are not normal. Their activities are dangerous. They have no place in a civil society. And the fact that the government and the media is openly cooperating with them (more on this later on) to take away our rights is a sign that society has gone mad and urgently needs to be brought back to sanity and democracy.

So while I accept that there are some people who are involved with Stop the AVN who are not inciting violence, being abusive, engaging in harassment or bullying, they are the exception when it comes to those who post on that page. And by continuing their support of this obvious hate group, they will and should be tarred with the same brush.
If you want to engage in a scientific debate – we welcome you. If you want to force your will on free Australians simply because you disagree with their viewpoint, you have no place in a free society.
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19 Responses to Thou doth protest too much

  1. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    Why on earth would someone start a page, STOP another page? Speaks for itself, if they were all for educating people about benefits of vaccines, why not call themselves something positive, like Vaccines are Great? I joined this group in 2016, as I am not really pro or anti, and can not understand the relevance of those terms…. I am anti fraud, and most vaccines are fraud. Not knowing all this stuff, as posted here, I seriously could not work out if it was a satire page against or for pro vaxxers???? I was allowed to post there some references and comment, but by then I reaslised the whole page was shills………………….. apart from about 30% of the posters, the rest are names I recognised from 411staff in India…….(head office USA)….. someone pays call centre staff, Rs7000 a month, to cut paste, reply, be nasty, horrible, threatening, and they use translation software. Anyway, I got banned, seems they didn’t like my very reasonable information on the failures of Dtap vaccines….. If anyone wants the info, all on my timeline. The death threats on my mobile phone? Seeing as this person was in India and only earns $4 a day, didn’t think they would visit in a hurry. Any lawyer who wants info, email me.

  2. JPower says:

    George Washington suggested that we associate with men of good quality if we value our reputation, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

    Sian, you seriously need new friends.

  3. Sian Morton says:

    The SAVN are not a hate group. It may suit the agenda of the AVN to portray us as such but we are not. PS Chris, plenty of gut here.

    • Sian, anyone who spends even 5 minutes on the SAVN page knows that SAVN is a hate group. You’d have to be blind to not notice the bile dripping from every single post. SAVN has nothing to do with the health of children and everything to do with personal attacks, lies and just plain trying to suppress information that the current mainstream scientific community disagrees with. You have no place being involved there. You are MUCH too nice for them – I wonder why you are still part of that organisation?

      • katie B says:

        I am also an admin on SAVN, and I’ve met Sian and many others who “like” the page. You might be surprised to know we are all just as nice as Sian. The perception that SAVN is a hate group is wrong. We care very much about children’s health. I want to engage in scientific debate.

      • Katie – read through just the most recent posts on the SAVN page. How many of them are NOT attacking someone else? And how many of them are asking for active engagement in a scientific debate rather than just using puerile and baseless criticisms of others whose opinions and information differs from your own. If you don’t want SAVN to be considered a hate group, do something about it! If you are an admin, administer the group so that those who spew hate are kicked off and those who want honest and respectful debate feel protected. It is up to people like you and Sian to change the image of your group – that’s not something I can do for you.

      • Sian Morton says:

        Every time I read a claim such as this about the SAVN page I go back and read it and wonder if we are reading the same page. There are so many fabulous, informative posts there, with threads full of interesting comments and constructive dialogue. Do you simply ignore those when you visit and just focus on the minority that offend or displease you?

        As for the allegation that the SAVN are trying to suppress information – that is nonsense. If parents are to make responsible, well-informed decisions for their children they need to have access to responsible, well-researched information. Much of the information on the AVN page is simply speculation completely unsupported by evidence, and relies on the misinterpretation of data, or is poor quality opinion sourced from a few ‘rogue elephants’ in the medical and health fraternity. We simply want to ensure that parents, the general public and the media are able to recognise and understand reliable sources of information to help them with their choices in this important public health issue.

        I recently had the opportunity to meet a number of key people who participate in SAVN forums for the first time and, despite your demonisation of our group, I saw no horns, tails or tridents. Without exception they were impressive, delightful human beings and I am proud to be associated with them. Those who contribute to the SAVN page are a diverse group of people of various ages, professions and backgrounds. We disagree on many things and make take different approaches in our arguments, but we are united in our view that the AVN presents information is that is misleading, promotes unnecessary fear and concern, and does not help parents make informed decisions about vaccination. For this reason we work so hard to ensure that the public, givernment agencies and, especially, the media are aware of our assessment of the AVN activities.

        Facebook is a public forum and we cannot control the behaviour of every single poster. You and your administrators have made a number of wild claims about SAVN admins this week that I know not to be true. And I am personally disappointed that none of your Facebook posts or AVN blogs accurately reflects the truth behind some of the incidents of the past week.

      • Who are you to decide what is speculation and what is not Sian? You are trying to stop an organisation which provides information you disagree with – nothing more, nothing less. If that’s not censorship, I don’t know what is.

    • Dusty says:

      I cannot believe any normal person could read Peter Bowditch’s vile ‘ditty’ and not be repulsed by it. What do you think of it, Sian?

      • Sian Morton says:

        I do not share Peter Bowditch’s taste in poetry but we are on the same page as far as vaccination misinformation is concerned.

        As a person who knows a fair bit about SAVN activity I can assure the readers of this blog that a lot of very long bows have been drawn here. As well as some impressive leaps across fairly wide and deep canyons.

  4. Sounds like Bowditch and his crew. Psychopaths or doing their work. Well done Meryl, you must be on the right path!

  5. Chris Savage says:

    SAVN are gutless wonders. They hide…they prefer darkness…they are supporters of vaccines which are known to kill and injure babies and adults too. Thank God for Meryl Dorey and AVN….We love you..

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