No thought allowed – We’re the health department!

Every once in a while, I get a call from someone who makes me realise that when it comes to critical thinking, many within the mainstream medical community are missing whatever area of the brain that particular ability resides in.

I just got off the phone with a parent who has 4 children – 2 of whom are close to 30 and the other 2 are 10 years old and in their late teens.

She got a call from the mother of her 10 year old’s best friend who has been home sick for over a week now. Turns out that this child has just had whooping cough confirmed by their doctor. This is the third child in that class to be diagnosed with whooping cough and guess what? All three of them are fully vaccinated. What a surprise – NOT!

The reason for the phone call was because the health department had just called the mother of this 10-year-old with whooping cough to let her know that the doctor had informed them of the diagnosis. When the she said, but my child is vaccinated, why did she get the disease? The response was – this is a new strain of whooping cough that is being spread by the unvaccinated to the vaccinated! Think about that for a minute…go ahead, take your time. Does it make any sense to you? If you said no, then you and I are on the same page. If you said yes…as Pauline Hansen would have said – Please explain!

The reason the mother of the child with whooping cough called the mother of the healthy unvaccinated child was to berate her for allowing her child to spread whooping cough in the class. That was obviously the intention of the health department in spreading that fairy story about the supposedly protected being infected by the healthy unvaccinated. Let’s face it – if you’d been pushing a preventative for over 60 years that so obviously fails to protect, you’d want to blame someone else too, right? But wait, it gets better!

The unvaccinated child had a blood test last week and even though they have never had any symptoms of whooping cough nor were they ever vaccinated against this or anything else, the tests came back positive for antibodies but negative for current infection. So just being exposed to the disease in the normal way allowed this child to develop something the fully vaccinated kids seem to have missed out on – immunity to whooping cough.

Kinda makes you think, eh?

This blog is not intended to be considered medical or legal advice. It does not necessarily represent the opinions of either Meryl Dorey or the Australian Vaccination Network, Inc. (AVN). This information is simply provided in order to encourage you to research and openly discuss the issues surrounding vaccination and health. The decisions you make after reading this information are yours and yours alone and both Meryl Dorey and the AVN always encourage everyone to access a range of information and advice prior to making any decisions regarding their health or the health of their families. We support informed choice on all issues and will work hard to ensure that these rights are never abridged or denied.

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21 Responses to No thought allowed – We’re the health department!

  1. joejoe says:

    Junk vaccines, they can have them all, very dangerous and deadly.

  2. Kate Tietje says:

    “Anti-choice” doesn’t mean “I choose to vaccinate and that’s what works for me.” It means “Everyone should vaccinate/there should be compulsory vaccinations, no way to opt out.” These are very different. I don’t vaccinate but I have no problem with people who do. I don’t like people who tell me I shouldn’t have a choice, however.

    I’m very curious if my unvaccinated children would turn up “immune” to certain illnesses I believe they’ve been exposed to or have had in the past. I’ve almost asked for a blood test a few times, as I wanted their vitamin D levels checked anyway, but haven’t done it yet.

    This nonsense about the health department doesn’t surprise me, though. Most people vaccinate based on fear, and most “professionals” recommend vaccinations based on circular logic. That’s how they work. If they didn’t use circular logic, they’d have no “logic” at all!

    (For example, anyone see the recent study that showed something about B microphages being more important in lasting immunity than the T-cells, and the T-cells more likely indicating an active infection and/or chronic inflammation? The titres they’ve been checking to ‘prove’ immunity don’t even do that! I’m probably misremembering a lot of details but I know that researchers found this very startling.)

    At any rate…nonsense. From the health department — total nonsense.

    • Sue says:

      Ms Tietje – perhaps you are referring to a study about macrophages – not microphages? The T and B classification refers to lymphocytes, not macrophages (they are a different cell line). The titres that are checked to distinguish past exposure from current infection are immunoglobulins – which are proteins, not blood cells.

      If you wish to share the reference, someone might be able to clarify the research for you.

  3. I always think of Shiv Chopra the Chief Scientist Whistleblower at Health (Sickness) Canada – industry frontmen stacked everywhere “Corrupt to the Core”. There is nothing truer and these disgraceful people put us in harm’s way. Too many fingers in too many pies, conflicts of interests, corruption, collusion, many on the boards of cdc working out the vaccine schedule for the poor trusting and gullible population have interests in vaccine companies and/or patents. Shocking and dangerous to we the people who demand choice, health rights, health rights freedom and all rights.

  4. I always think of Shiv Chopra the Chief Scientist Whistleblower at Health (Sickness) Canada – industry frontmen stacked everywhere “Corrupt to the Core”. There is nothing truer and these disgraceful people put us in harm’s way. Too many fingers in too many pies, conflicts of interests, corruption, collusion. Shocking and dangerous to we the people who demand choice, health rights, health rights freedom and all rights.

  5. evancastle says:

    You say to trust our own research.
    You encourage us to leave comments about it.
    Yet every time I do, simply because I choose to support nearly every vaccine, you refuse to allow my comments through ya gate.
    At least I can go to a provax site and say “i support the use of most vaccines, but I never get the flu vax because I don’t want to. No sciencey reason, I just simply choose not to” and they at least DISCUSS IT with me.
    Your site, however, doesn’t allow us guys a voice at all!

    • Untrue Evan and if you take a minute to look through the comments, you will see that there are plenty of anti-choice commenters. Comments are only withheld if they are abusive, harassing or for reasons such as those.

      • evancastle says:

        I choose to vaccinate, so I’m “anti” something?
        I did my research, i’ve spoken to my “health professionals” and I’ve been vaxxed my whole life, so I chose to vax my kid and keep vaccinating myself.
        So because I totally understand that vaccination DOES NOT EQUAL immune, and that vaccines simply help you recover quicker and with less scarring, and because of this I keep using certain vaccines, i’m against choice?

      • Jo Alabaster says:

        Hi Meryl,

        Would you please be able to clearly state your rules for what comments you will and will not allow to be posted here?

        I do my best to avoid posting anything you may construe as being abusive or threatening, as I would like to engage with you and with others who comment on the AVN’s blog, but I’ve had some comments that have not made it past moderation.

        If you’d be kind enough to give me some clear guidelines on what I should avoid mentioning in order to be able to participate here, it would be greatly appreciated.


      • There are no rules, Jo. I make these decisions on a case by case basis. Perhaps, if you are interested in a conversation, you would like to help organise a public debate on this issue so parents will be able to access both sides of the debate? Please contact me if this is something you would like to do.

      • Sian Morton says:

        A lot of my comments seem to fail moderation in the past week. I don’t recall harassing or abusing. Why are you indulging in such censorship of my useful and polite contributions to discussions?

      • Gee Sian – you seem to be incredibly demanding and impatient. I was away from the office for the last week and the blog comments have taken a back seat.

    • Flu vax linked to Nerve Damage says:

      Hey evencastle, me too.
      My doctor also discussed it with me.
      He told me he does not get the flu jab either, and nor does his family.
      I still wonder why though, as he gave me no reason I can recall.
      But unlike you, I choose not to get the flu jab, because of the “sciencey reason”.
      No other reason.

      • evancastle says:

        Sorry, I just get sick and tired of the “skeptic hating” here.
        One of the biggest known British Skeptic, Ben Goldacre has led an attack on the pharmaceutical industry for some bad practices, which is supported by the rest of us, yet this website continually says us Skeptics are in the pocket of Big Pharma so I thought I’d give a reason that isn’t based on science.

      • Evan, the Australian Skeptics and Stop the AVN are both hate groups. Look up the definition of hate group and you will see that is the case. Does that mean that every single one of the members of those organisations is hateful? Not at all. But the organisations themselves are. And Ben Goldacre has recently had a change of heart when it comes to Big Pharma. It will be interesting to see what other positions he takes that are different to those he held before. We are all capable of changing and growing – even the Skeptics. We just have to open our minds and start treating others with respect.

      • I’m sorry, but Ben Goldacre has not had a “change of heart” about Big Pharma – he has always been against their tactics. If you read his columns from the Guardian for the last several years you will see that. However, he is fully supportive of vaccination, and also anti- homeopathy and other alternative treatments which have been proved to not work. He is all about evidence-based medicine. And please, by calling the Australian Skeptics and SAVN “hate groups”, you immediately shut down any possibility for dialogue. And isn’t that what people want?

  6. Why can’t the heath department be held accountable for spreading this misinformation? any other body would be. It is so frustrating that people will just believe what they are told, because they are told by a person in ‘Authority” rather than research it for themselves.

    • Absolutely! I could not agree more. If we were to make such outrageous claims, we would be in court so fast it would make your head spin. But because they are the experts, even though they’re not telling the truth, they can do so with impunity.

  7. Sil says:

    It most certainly does make one think……. Thanks for the post and thanks for the Mum that rang you and shared her story. Shame on the medical “professional” who fed the infected child’s mother a load of….. misinformation. It is scary that a person of such ignorance and poor education is deemed to be an authority on the subject.

  8. leia says:

    Great post

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